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2. The Cincinnati Spin

Crime, Drama, Mystery | Pre-production

A Young Female Reporter, Recently Divorced, And Down On Her Luck, Gets A Chance To Write An Article For The Cover Of Time Magazine, In Which She Finds Herself, Becoming The Very Story.

Director: Rudy Roopchan | Stars: Vanessa Angel, Eric Roberts, Vas Blackwood, Eva-Marie Kung

3. Blackbird (X)

90 min | Romance | Post-production

Troubled secret agent "Blackbird" abruptly retires from service and opens a luxurious nightclub in the Caribbean to escape the dark shadows of his past. An old flame arrives and reignites love in his life but she brings danger with her.

Director: Michael Flatley | Stars: Eric Roberts, Patrick Bergin, Ian Beattie, Rachel Warren

4. Bleach

Drama, Horror, Thriller | Post-production

A man goes through extreme measures to attempt to stop the ghosts of the girls he murdered in a snuff film from haunting while trying to keep the authorities off his back as well.

Director: Michael Edmonds | Stars: Tara Reid, Eric Roberts, Lorenzo Lamas, Mindy Robinson

7. Amazon Lost

Adventure, Family | Pre-production

A 14 year old Asian-American computer nerd embarks on a whirlwind adventure through the Amazon in search for his long, lost father who went missing during a scientific expedition in Peru.

Director: Hugo Pallete | Stars: Denise Richards, Eric Roberts, Will Yun Lee, Albert Tsai

8. 6 Rounds of Chloë

Drama | Completed

11 year old Chloe, gets hostaged by her mother, when she finds out that she has been secretly accompanying her estranged father to his chemotherapy sessions.

Director: Trisha Ray | Stars: Eric Roberts, Kamala Lopez, Jana Lee Hamblin, Kellie Harper Hay

9. Dust Nuggets

Drama | Post-production

KK took the Dust Nuggets rock band from the garage to the stadium and is now in a coma from a drug overdose, reviewing her out-of-control life.

Director: Andrew Pochan | Stars: Linnea Sage, Robert Picardo, Eric Roberts, Sabina Houck

10. Jessie: The Golden Heart

92 min | Drama, History, Romance | Completed

When a Scottish servant girl falls in love with her master, it not only turns her world upside down, but potentially all of Stratton Castle.

Directors: Zelie Dember-Slack, Peggy Roger | Stars: Kat Fairaway, Eric Roberts, Charlie Clark, Lize Johnston

11. The Arrangement (V)

Horror, Thriller | Post-production

Two lonely detectives investigate a series of mysterious midnight deaths. The first victim has a picture of her with the next, and with each death the picture changes to show the next ... See full summary »

Director: Jake Hunsicker | Stars: Eric Roberts, Deborah Twiss, Britney Amber, Kleio Valentien

12. Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Crime, Mystery, Thriller | Pre-production

Christopher Bennett, a police detective from Phoenix, Arizona, is struggling from memories of a case from his past, and after a heated altercation with his wife Elizabeth,he decides to go ... See full summary »

Director: Colten Dietz | Stars: Eric Roberts, Dante Basco, Vic Mignogna, Daniel Curtis Lee

13. Alter Ego (III)

Crime, Mystery, Thriller | Post-production

This is a story of a reclusive paranoia genius author who spends a night in his isolated mansion waiting for his creation to come and destroy him.

Director: Ezio Massa | Stars: Eric Roberts, Dylan Walsh, Deborah Twiss, Bettina Bilger

15. Welcome Home (X)

90 min | Drama | Completed

A journey into the mind of an Afghanistan War vet as he struggles with P.T.S.D. and white supremacists attempting to force him from his home.

Directors: Dave Lugo, Matt Schwartz | Stars: Jordan Tisdale, Chloe Hurst, Eric Roberts, Gore Abrams

16. The Epidemic

95 min | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | Filming

After a meteor crashes into the Earth's crust causing extreme devastation, an unexplained plague decimates a town's population turning people into zombies. The town's few survivors seek ... See full summary »

Director: Nigel Hartwell | Stars: Eric Roberts, Chris Owen, Kurt Angle, Dakota House

17. Juvie (II)

86 min | Drama | Completed

One night in New York City a young teenager steals a gun and sets out to kill his father's mistress. The boy's two best friends try to stop him.

Director: George LaVoo | Stars: Eric Roberts, Jared Gilman, Nina Wisner, Lois Robbins

18. Greatland

Sci-Fi | Post-production

Trapped in a world of perpetual fun and inter-species love, a teenage boy crosses the forbidden frontier to save his childhood sweetheart as an absurd election leads to chaos and violence.

Director: Dana Ziyasheva | Stars: Eric Roberts, Nick Moran, Chloe Ray Warmoth, Bill Oberst Jr.

19. Sarogeto

Drama, Romance | Post-production

Post production is underway on Nico Santucci's feature film "Sarogeto" starring Eric Roberts, Winsor Harmon, Aki Aleong, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Ruby Park, Koji Niiya, Angelica Bridges, Pol Atteu... See full summary »

Director: Nico Santucci | Stars: Eric Roberts, Winsor Harmon, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Ruby Park

20. @asst

Short, Comedy | Post-production

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Directors: Richard Keith Quintero, Craig Robert Young | Stars: Lorynn York, Jorge Diaz, Kassia Conway, Jay Lee

21. Stringer (II)

Horror, Mystery | Filming

A team of independent news stringers. Is hired by a network to Cover the story of a closedown psychiatric hospital known as Residential Hills located in northern Arizona. When the group ... See full summary »

Director: Colten Dietz | Stars: Eric Roberts, Vic Mignogna, Julie Anne Prescott, Drew Moore

23. Burnt

Comedy, Crime | Pre-production

A couple of hit-men on the verge-of-retirement from the UK go on vacation, and they unexpectedly end up in Cleveland. While a few of average locals find themselves making a career change. 'BURNT' is an ensemble, dark comedy/caper.

Stars: Eric Roberts, Masuimi Max, Paul J. Alessi, Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini

24. The Mermaid

Drama, Fantasy | Announced

An elusive mermaid pursued by an illegal treasure hunter finds herself caught in a star crossed love affair, which threatens her survival in a town fueled by blackmail and secrets hidden in the sea, in her quest of newfound freedom.

Stars: Natalie Paige Bentley, Stephen Preston, Maria Conchita Alonso, Eric Roberts

25. The Ventures: Stars on Guitars

Documentary, Music | Post-production

Documentary film on the #1 instrumental rock group in the world, The Ventures. The story of their rise to fame in the 1960s right up to now, as they celebrate their 60th anniversary of playing the best guitar-rock of all time.

Director: Staci Layne Wilson | Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Eric Roberts, Lalo Schifrin, Jimmy Page

27. Dark Cupid

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | Post-production

Kit is a young, easy going girl who is destined to find love, only for it to be ruined by the dark Cupid herself.

Director: Khu | Stars: Khu, Eric Roberts, Deanna Grace Congo, Mikki Padilla

28. Pontius Pilate

Drama | Pre-production

The story of Lucius Pontius Pilate from his early days in Rome to the time he assists in the crucifying of Jesus.

Directors: George Pan Andreas, Johnny Fontane | Stars: Eric Roberts, Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza, Stephen Chang, Johnny Fontane

29. The Wind Walker

Adventure | Post-production

A famous writer reluctantly travels back to the site of his father's mysterious death - only to find himself in a supernatural battle spanning generations.

Director: Tom Chaney | Stars: Eric Roberts, Lauren Mae Shafer, Tim Lovelace, Louie Kurtzman

31. The Fusion

15 min | Short, Sci-Fi | Post-production

The ancient Sumerian belief coincides with the scientific research, about the hidden DNA sequence in chromosome two. According to the Sumerians, the alien Gods left a hidden DNA sequence ... See full summary »

Director: Blerim Gjoci | Stars: Eric Roberts, Eliza Roberts, Charlotte Beckett, Katherine Ko

32. Presenting Geraldine Page

Documentary | Post-production

Experience the astonishing journey of actress Geraldine Page who became one of the most dazzling phenomenons of the 20th Century. This stunning documentary reveals the remarkable story a ... See full summary »

Stars: F. Murray Abraham, Ellen Burstyn, Edward Albee, Elizabeth Ashley

34. Running with Fear

Horror | Post-production

A road trip is only fun as long as the car keeps moving. When a group of friends run into car trouble, they believe that they have found shelter at a nearby camp. Little do they know that they will soon be running for their lives.

Director: Brian Farmer | Stars: Shelley Regner, Eric Roberts, Helene Udy, Monette Moio

35. Brutality (I)

Horror | Completed

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Director: Demetrius Navarro | Stars: Eric Roberts, Demetrius Navarro, Erlinda Navarro

36. Tainted Love

Action, Adventure, Drama | Announced

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Stars: Eric Roberts, Orlando Jones, Snoop Dogg

37. La Sirena

Crime, Drama, Fantasy | Announced

A female Federal NOAA investigator discovers an elusive siren near a mysterious vortex in the Gulf of Mexico. In a race against time and the corruption of a small Florida Keys port town, she must unearth a life altering ocean discovery.

Stars: Eric Roberts, Maria Conchita Alonso, Richard Tyson, Natalie Paige Bentley

38. Nite

Short, Comedy | Post-production

Nite - Three mismatched friends find themselves unwittingly thrown into the crazy world of fetishes, fame, crime, politics, big bucks and flat out hilarious situations. Down on her luck, ... See full summary »

Director: Leah Danielle | Stars: Eric Roberts, Rosie Mercado, Dylan Brown, Justin C. Schilling

39. The Family (III)

Drama | Announced

A seemingly perfect family is exposed as an evil cult run ruthlessly by a monster, Anne Hamilton-Byrne. After Byrne flees, police and the FBI launch an international manhunt to bring the deranged cult leader to justice.

Star: Eric Roberts

40. Untitled Gary Sheffield Project

Documentary | Announced

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Star: Eric Roberts

41. Untitled Michael Andretti Project

Documentary, Sport | Announced

Untitled Michael Andretti project about Michael Andretti.

Star: Eric Roberts

42. The Mermaid
Episode: Black Moon Rising

Drama, Fantasy

A mysterious woman taking refuge in a quiet beach town, finds herself entangled in a missing person investigation with an illegal treasure hunter, forcing her to flee into a world beneath the sea, while fighting to keep her past a secret.

Stars: Natalie Paige Bentley, Stephen Preston, Maria Conchita Alonso, Eric Roberts

43. Scrutiny - The Original Hustlers (2019– )
Episode: Family

Drama | Post-production

Beautiful talks to Roxy about being confused. Lola suffers through detox. Roxy convinces Butterfly to deal with confrontation.

Director: Phillip Penza | Stars: Eric Roberts, Noel Gugliemi, Audrey Beth, Phillip Penza

44. Memoirs of a Fighter (2021)

Drama | Pre-production

A tragic accident leads a man to the aid of his closest friend. The war against PTSD, matched with the battles of marriage are obstacles they must face. One will fight in the cage, the other will fight for his daughter.

Director: Nicholas Nathaniel | Stars: Tara Reid, Eric Roberts, Walter Jones, Vernon Wells

45. bUMS (2020)

Drama | Pre-production

After spending decades surviving on the streets of Los Angeles, a group of six homeless men and women join an ambitious new program funded by the government, in the hopes of regaining their very lives.

Director: Jason Raphael | Stars: Debra Wilson, Eric Roberts, Corey Feldman, Tatum O'Neal

46. Reboot Camp (2020)

Comedy | Post-production

After finding out that his wife has blown their life savings on self-help gurus, Seymour teams up with his brother Danny, a filmmaker, to document how easy it is to start a fake self-help ... See full summary »

Director: Ivo Raza | Stars: David Lipper, David Koechner, Keli Price, Ed Begley Jr.

47. Exposure (2020)

Crime, Mystery, Thriller | Pre-production

A former Las Vegas Detective turned Private Investigator is tasked by a old friend to look into money that went missing from the casinos. At the same time he is attempting to get over pain ... See full summary »

Director: Colten Dietz | Stars: Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Julie Anne Prescott, Debra Lamb

48. Dirty Fears (2020)

Horror | Post-production

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Director: Carlo Fusco | Stars: Sokol Martin Pepkolaj, Ieva Lykos, Melina Arena, Eric Roberts

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