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1. So Much So Fast (2006)

Not Rated | 87 min | Documentary

79 Metascore

A man suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease deals with the woman falling for him and a brother who becomes obsessed with finding a cure.

Directors: Steven Ascher, Jeanne Jordan | Stars: Jesse Abbott-Dallamora, Robert Bonazoli, Tyler DiVittorio, Benjamin Heywood

Votes: 208 | Gross: $0.02M

2. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Kill/Capture (2011)

TV-PG | 54 min | Documentary

From PBS and Frontline - Behind the strike that killed Osama bin Laden was one of the U.S. military's best-kept secrets: a covert campaign that officials have credited with taking out ... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Edge | Stars: Stephen Grey, Will Lyman, Arun Rath, Martin Smith

Votes: 9

3. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Post Mortem (2011)

TV-PG | 54 min | Documentary

From PBS and Frontline - Every day, nearly 7,000 people die in America. And when these deaths happen suddenly, or under suspicious circumstances, we assume there will be a thorough ... See full summary »

Stars: Robin Allen, Lowell Bergman, Tim Brown, Vincent DiMaio

Votes: 36

4. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Wounded Platoon (2010)

TV-14 | 86 min | Documentary

Frontline investigates the violence, depression, and stress exhibited by a platoon of Iraq War veterans whose members who have committed murder, assault, and suicide.

Director: Daniel Edge | Stars: Robert Alvarez, Jose Barco, Bruce Bastien, George Brandt

Votes: 31

5. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (2010)

TV-14 | 52 min | Documentary

In Afghanistan many hundreds of boys, often as young as ten, are being lured off the streets on the promise of a new life.

Director: Mike Healy | Stars: Najibullah Quraishi, Arun Rath

Votes: 108

6. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Choice 2004 (2004)

TV-MA | 120 min | Documentary

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Director: Martin Smith | Star: Will Lyman

Votes: 5

7. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Madoff Affair (2009)

TV-PG | 56 min | Documentary

Bernie Madoff was responsible foe the largest financial fraud in history. Frontline correspondent Martin Smith investigates how he managed to steal $65 billion dollars from investors.

Director: Marcela Gaviria | Stars: Gary Ackerman, Michael Bienes, Katherine Burton, Rich Caputo

Votes: 73

8. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Facing Death (2010)

TV-PG | 54 min | Documentary

Frontline investigates the complex and often agonizing end-of-life choices that are made by physicians and families.

Directors: Miri Navasky, Karen O'Connor | Stars: Albert Alberti, Deborah Alberti, Jerome Groopman, Celia Grosskreutz

Votes: 32

9. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Behind Taliban Lines (2010)

TV-PG | 55 min | Documentary

Frontline followers a reporter who is embedded with Hezb-e-Islami who are group of insurgents allied with the Taliban.

Stars: Will Lyman, Najibullah Quraishi

Votes: 27

10. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Ghosts of Rwanda (2004)

TV-MA | 120 min | Documentary

Ghosts of Rwanda marks the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide with a documentary chronicling one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century. In addition to interviews with key ... See full synopsis »

Director: Greg Barker | Stars: Madeleine Albright, Gromo Alex, Kofi Annan, Henry Anyidoho

Votes: 188

11. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Bush's War: Part I (2008)

TV-MA | 150 min | Documentary

Frontline examines the war in Iraq and offers an inside look at a number controversies surrounding the war including September 11, al-Qaida, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraid, WMDs, and Fallujah.

Director: Michael Kirk | Stars: Richard Armitage, Rick Baccus, Dan Balz, James Bamford

Votes: 93

12. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: House of Saud (2004)

TV-MA | 120 min | Documentary

A Special History of Saudi Arabia, it's troubled relationship with America, and the challenges confronting a nation where tradition an modernity are in violent collision.

Director: Jihan El-Tahri | Star: Will Lyman

Votes: 44

13. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Merchants of Cool (2001)

TV-MA | 55 min | Documentary

How businesses market to American teenagers, and the effect they have together on popular culture.

Director: Barak Goodman | Stars: Douglas Rushkoff, Christina Aguilera, Greg Berlanti, Bob Bibb

Votes: 252

14. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Rumsfeld's War (2004)

TV-MA | 60 min | Documentary

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Director: Michael Kirk | Stars: Will Lyman, Bob Woodward

Votes: 19

15. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians - Part 1 (1998)

TV-PG | 120 min | Documentary

The story of the rise of Christianity.

Director: William Cran | Stars: William Cran, Gil Edgeley, Paula Fredriksen, Vince Hadley

Votes: 102

16. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Card Game (2009)

TV-PG | 57 min | Documentary

Frontline examines how banks and credit card companies are reacting to new government regulations on how Americans obtain credit.

Stars: Lowell Bergman, Elizabeth Blascruz, Don Bollinger, Ben Collins

Votes: 39

17. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Dangerous Prescriptions (2003)

TV-MA | 60 min | Documentary

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Director: Andrew Liebman | Star: Will Lyman

18. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Israel's Next War (2005)

TV-MA | 55 min | Documentary

A shocking documentary about the growing number of Jewish extremists in Israel.

Director: Dan Setton | Stars: Yitzhak Dar, Shlomo Dvir, Noam Federman, Mike Guzofsky

Votes: 21

21. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Growing Up Online (2008)

TV-MA | 57 min | Documentary

Frontline investigates the the first generation to grow up with access to the Internet. It examines the risks and realities of teens and their online existence.

Directors: Rachel Dretzin, John Maggio | Stars: Greg Abbott, Parry Aftab, Danah Boyd, Anne Bukata

Votes: 44

22. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Storm Over Everest (2008)

TV-MA | Documentary

David Breashears relives the rescue effort to save climbers who were stranded near the summit of Mount Everest during a ferocious storm on May 10, 1996.

Director: David Breashears | Stars: Neal Beidleman, David Breashears, Guy Cotter, Charlotte Fox

Votes: 128

23. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Digital Nation (2010)

TV-PG | 124 min | Documentary

Frontline explores how the Internet and digital media have completely transformed contemporary life.

Director: Rachel Dretzin | Stars: Daniel Ackerman, Jared Auchey, Jeremy Bailenson, Mark Bauerlein

Votes: 69

25. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Lost in Detention (2011)

TV-PG | 54 min | Documentary

More than one million immigrants have been deported since President Obama took office. Frontline investigates Obama's enforcement strategies and journeys into the secretive world of ... See full summary »

Director: Rick Young | Stars: Kari Barber, Andrew Becker, Meredith Bennett-Smith, Michael Blain

Votes: 6

26. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Meth Epidemic (2006)

TV-MA | 60 min | Documentary

An investigation into how and why meth use spiraled out of control and became the fastest-growing drug abuse problem in America.

Votes: 50

27. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Hugo Chavez Show (2008)

TV-PG | 85 min | Documentary

Frontline examines Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez chronicling his rise to power and offering insights into his personality, policies and his shrewd use of the media.

Director: Ofra Bikel | Stars: Jon Lee Anderson, Alberto Barrera, Humberto Berti, Robert Burke

Votes: 31

28. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Private Warriors (2005)

TV-MA | 60 min | Documentary

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Votes: 7

30. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Diamond Empire (1994)

TV-MA | Documentary

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Votes: 19

31. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Other Drug War (2003)

TV-MA | 57 min | Documentary

America's war over prescription drugs has dragged on for over twenty years. Why are medications so expensive? And can prices be controlled without jeopardizing innovation in the pharmaceuticals industry?

Directors: Barbara Moran, Jon Palfreman | Stars: Will Lyman, Dorothy Searles, Ray Searles, Carleen Simpson

Votes: 6

32. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Man Who Knew (2002)

TV-MA | 90 min | Documentary

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Director: Michael Kirk | Stars: Richard Clarke, Louis Freeh, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld

Votes: 47

33. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: A Death in Tehran (2009)

TV-PG | 42 min | Documentary

Frontline examines the death of Neda Agha-Soltan and the protests against the controversial 2009 Iranian presidential election.

Stars: Neda Agha-Soltan, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Faranak Amidi, Paul Carlin

Votes: 28

34. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Plea (2004)

TV-MA | 90 min | Documentary

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Director: Ofra Bikel | Star: Will Lyman

Votes: 12

35. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Pot Republic (2011)

TV-PG | 54 min | Documentary

From PBS and Frontline - FRONTLINE's primetime monthly newsmagazine returns with three new stories, leading with a timely report from the frontlines of marijuana legalization in California.

Director: Robert Rosenthal | Stars: Andrew Becker, Michael Montgomery

Votes: 7

36. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Are We Safer? (2011)

TV-PG | 54 min | Documentary

From PBS and Frontline - FRONTLINE launches its new monthly magazine program with three reports, led by "Are We Safer?" In this first story, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Kirk | Stars: William Arkin, Peter Berkrot, Peter Haydu, Charles Linshaw

Votes: 6

37. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Revolution in Cairo (2011)

TV-PG | 54 min | Documentary

In "Revolution in Cairo", Frontline follows the founders of the April 6th Movement as they use social networking in an effort to bring down Hosni Mubarak. In "The Brotherhood", Charles Sennott the changing face of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Stars: Mohammed Abbas, Wael Abbas, Mohamed Adel, Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Votes: 14

38. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Soldier's Heart (2005)

TV-MA | Documentary

An examination of the long-lasting psychological effects on soldiers fighting in Iraq.

Directors: Raney Aronson, Miri Navasky | Star: Will Lyman

41. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Rules of Engagement (2008)

TV-MA | Documentary

Frontline investigates the Haditha incident in which a group of Marines are accused of murdering 24 men, women and children in Iraq.

Stars: Khalid Jamal Aiad Ahmed, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, Peter Berkrot, Thomas Betro

Votes: 24

42. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Young & Restless in China (2008)

TV-MA | 104 min | Documentary

YOUNG & RESTLESS IN CHINA tracks the lives of nine Chinese Gen X'ers over four years as they scramble to keep pace with a society changing faster than any in history. Raised under communism... See full summary »

Director: Sue Williams | Stars: Will Lyman, Chris Cook, Eric Forman, Tim Hopper

Votes: 37

43. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Medicated Child (2008)

TV-MA | Documentary

Frontline investigates the medical practice of prescribing behavior-modifying drugs to children. It interviews

Director: Marcela Gaviria | Stars: David Axelson, Patrick Bacon, Joseph Biederman, Daniel Carlat

Votes: 44

44. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Released (2009)

TV-PG | 57 min | Documentary

Frontline examines the lives of mentally ill repeat offender who are struggling to make a life for themselves outside of prison.

Directors: Miri Navasky, Karen O'Connor | Stars: Bennie Anthony, Gary Brown, Jacqueline Edmondson, Michael Grissett

Votes: 28

46. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: The Spill (2010)

TV-MA | Documentary

Frontline investigates BP's record of safety violations and accidents in the years leading up to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf.

Stars: Gordon Aaker, Martin Anderson, T.J. Aulds, James Baker III

Votes: 30

47. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Secret History of the Credit Card (2004)

TV-MA | Documentary

The credit industry generates more consumer complaints than any other industry in the United States. This program explains the reasons; industry polices that consumers don't understand, ... See full summary »

Director: David Rummel | Stars: Lowell Bergman, Will Lyman, Chris Dodd, Ben Stein

Votes: 32

48. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Is Wal-Mart Good for America? (2004)

TV-MA | 60 min | Documentary

Walmart is Rolling Back Prices, Rolling back the competition and also rolling all the jobs over-seas.

Director: Rick Young

Votes: 65

49. Frontline (1983– )
Episode: Spying on the Home Front (2007)

TV-MA | 60 min | Documentary

A Story on post 9/11 spying on domestic soil. Narus, Nora and Total Information Awareness. There is even a domestic spying program operated by the NSA in San Francisco which is uncovered by Mark Klein of ATT.

Directors: Hedrick Smith, Rick Young | Star: Hedrick Smith

Votes: 16

50. Much Ado About Something (2001)

70 min | Documentary, Mystery