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1. Catatan Akhir Sekolah (2005)

109 min | Comedy, Drama

A journey of three students for making a short documentary movie about their school as a last farewell tribute to every single thing of their memories in High School.

Director: Hanung Bramantyo | Stars: Joanna Alexandra, Vino G. Bastian, Marcel Chandrawinata, Rabzki Muzy

Votes: 418

2. The Raid: Redemption (2011)

R | 101 min | Action, Thriller

73 Metascore

A S.W.A.T. team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a ruthless mobster and his army of killers and thugs.

Director: Gareth Evans | Stars: Iko Uwais, Ananda George, Ray Sahetapy, Donny Alamsyah

Votes: 181,378 | Gross: $4.11M

3. The Raid 2 (2014)

R | 150 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

71 Metascore

Only a short time after the first raid, Rama goes undercover with the thugs of Jakarta and plans to bring down the syndicate and uncover the corruption within his police force.

Director: Gareth Evans | Stars: Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, Arifin Putra, Oka Antara

Votes: 108,237 | Gross: $2.63M

4. The Forbidden Door (2009)

115 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The life of a successful sculptor named is turned upside down when he began receiving mysterious messages from someone who asked for his help.

Director: Joko Anwar | Stars: Fachry Albar, Marsha Timothy, Ario Bayu, Tio Pakusadewo

Votes: 1,697

5. Laskar Pelangi (2008)

124 min | Adventure, Drama

In the 1970s, a group of 10 students struggles with poverty and develop hopes for the future in Gantong Village on the farming and tin mining island of Belitung off the east coast of Sumatra.

Director: Riri Riza | Stars: Cut Mini Theo, Ikranagara, Tora Sudiro, Slamet Rahardjo

Votes: 1,938

6. The Sinking of Van Der Wijck (2013)

164 min | Drama, Romance

Adapted from a classic novel with the same title, the movie tells a love story between Zainuddin, Hayati, and Aziz. With the difference in social background lead Zainuddin and Hayati's true love to a tragedy on sailing Van Der Wijck ship.

Director: Sunil Soraya | Stars: Herjunot Ali, Pevita Pearce, Reza Rahadian, Randy Nidji

Votes: 977

7. What's Up with Love? (2002)

112 min | Drama, Romance

A popular girl has to choose whether she wants to stay as a part of her clique or fall for the brooding literature-loving boy in her school.

Director: Rudy Soedjarwo | Stars: Dian Sastrowardoyo, Nicholas Saputra, Ladya Cheryl, Titi Kamal

Votes: 2,333

8. Filosofi Kopi (2015)

117 min | Drama

A coffee shop struggling to pay their debts, while at the same time maintaining their principles.

Director: Angga Dwimas Sasongko | Stars: Rio Dewanto, Julie Estelle, Chicco Jerikho, Melissa Karim

Votes: 554

9. 20 Forever (2017)

110 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A 70-year old fussy grandma finds out that her family will send her to a nursing home. In her deeply saddens and devastates, she mysteriously regains her physical appearance from the age of 20.

Director: Ody C. Harahap | Stars: Tatjana Saphira, Morgan Oey, Niniek L. Karim, Slamet Rahardjo

Votes: 258

10. Macabre (II) (2009)

Not Rated | 95 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

Two newly weds Adjie and Astrid, along with 3 of their best friends decided to have an interstate road trip as a last attempt to reconcile Adjie with his estranged little sister Ladya. ... See full summary »

Directors: Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto | Stars: Shareefa Daanish, Julie Estelle, Ario Bayu, Sigi Wimala

Votes: 2,738

11. Sherina's Adventure (2000)

112 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Adventure of a little girl who just moved to a new town and meet a new friends

Director: Riri Riza | Stars: Sherina Munaf, Derby Romero, Didi Petet, Ucy Nurul

Votes: 593

13. When Will You Get Married? (2015)

115 min | Comedy, Romance

A successful Hotel Manager tired being bullied by her parents because she's single and didn't have a plan to get married soon. She then took an extreme move hired an eccentric actor to pretend to become her boyfriend while visiting them.

Director: Ody C. Harahap | Stars: Ellis Alisha, Febby Febiola, Firman Ferdiansyah, Adi Kurdi

Votes: 195

14. Talak 3 (2016)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

Bagas and Risa just divorced recently. But the job demands them to be together all the time, so they found the love that they once had and decide to be back together again. But it is not that easy because Bagas has given "Talak 3" to Risa.

Directors: Ismail Basbeth, Hanung Bramantyo | Stars: Laudya Cynthia Bella, Reza Rahadian, Vino G. Bastian, Sitoresmi Prabuningrat

Votes: 75

15. Dead Time (2007)

102 min | Crime, Fantasy, Thriller

A jaded cop. A narcoleptic journalist. A nation divided. A Fantasy you'd wish never come true.

Director: Joko Anwar | Stars: Donny Alamsyah, Fachry Albar, Ario Bayu, Fahrani

Votes: 840

16. The Gathering (2003)

129 min | Comedy, Drama

Friendship and principles are put to a test in the circle of Jakarta's social elite which can be as turbulent as the city's slums.

Director: Nia Di Nata | Stars: Cut Mini Theo, Tora Sudiro, Aida Nurmala, Surya Saputra

Votes: 737

17. Lovely Man (2011)

76 min | Drama

Cahaya (Raihaanun) travels to Jakarta, Indonesia, to search for her father and discovers that he is a prostitute for men.

Director: Teddy Soeriaatmadja | Stars: Donny Damara, Raihaanun Soeriaatmadja, Yayu A.W. Unru, Ari Syarif

Votes: 200

18. Tanah Surga... Katanya (2012)

91 min | Drama

Tanah Surga Katanya is movie about a nationalism of patriot that still alive in frontier between Indonesia and Malaysia, his son is choose to living in Malaysia than to live in Indonesia ... See full summary »

Director: Herwin Novianto | Stars: Osa Aji Santoso, Norman R. Akyuwen, Andre Dimas Apri, Tissa Biani Azzahra

Votes: 99

19. Fiksi. (2008)

90 min | Thriller

Alisha (Ladya Cheryl) never feel comfortable staying in her cool and spacious home until one day she meets Bari (Donny Alamsyah) who introduces her the meaning of love.

Director: Mouly Surya | Stars: Ladya Cheryl, Donny Alamsyah, Aty Cancer, Egy Fedly

Votes: 275

20. How Funny (This Country Is) (2010)

104 min | Comedy

Three freshly graduated adults try to educate young beggars to become street vendors, but are opposed by their fathers.

Director: Deddy Mizwar | Stars: Reza Rahadian, Tika Bravani, Asrul Dahlan, Deddy Mizwar

Votes: 223

21. Naga Bonar Jadi 2 (2007)

118 min | Comedy

This movie is a sequel to the 1986 movie called "Nagabonar". The story about the relationship between Nagabonar, a pickpocket who became a self-proclaimed general during Indonesia's war of independence and his only son Bonaga.

Director: Deddy Mizwar | Stars: Deddy Mizwar, Tora Sudiro, Wulan Guritno, Mike Lucock

Votes: 394

22. Jomblo (2006)

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Four college best friends with their funny lifestyle about college. Met a girl who taught them about love and betrayals, and their life would never be the same again.

Director: Hanung Bramantyo | Stars: Dennis Adhiswara, Rianti Cartwright, Rizky Hanggono, Karenina Maria

Votes: 298

23. Tanda Tanya (2011)

100 min | Drama

A story of interconnecting lives in modern day Semarang, all struggling with the differences of their faiths.

Director: Hanung Bramantyo | Stars: Reza Rahadian, Revalina S. Temat, Agus Kuncoro, Endhita

Votes: 178

25. Keramat (2009)

80 min | Horror

A behind-the-scenes story of a group of filmmakers that turns into a terrifying journey to the other "world" to save their mythically missing actress, Migi, by a supernatural power.

Director: Monty Tiwa | Stars: Poppy Sovia, Migi Parahita, Sadha Triyudha, Miea Kusuma

Votes: 250

27. Posesif (I) (2017)

102 min | Drama, Romance

Lala is a platform diving athlete in her final year of high school when she meets Yudhis, a transfer student. The initial romance blossoms, but something about Yudhis is unfolding one by one.

Director: Edwin | Stars: Putri Marino, Adipati Dolken, Griselda Agatha, Chicco Kurniawan

Votes: 668

28. Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

93 min | Drama, Thriller, Western

77 Metascore

Marlina lives quietly in Sumba until one day a man named Markus and his gang try to rob her house and she kills him. Eventually, she is haunted by Markus, and her life turns in 180 degrees.

Director: Mouly Surya | Stars: Marsha Timothy, Egy Fedly, Tumpal Tampubolon, Yoga Pratama

Votes: 2,101 | Gross: $0.02M

29. Love for Sale (2018)

100 min | Drama, Romance

A mature single man is challenged by his friends to bring a girlfriend to his wedding. He doesn't want to be embarrassed and forced to use the dating site which then brings him to a girl that can accompany him to the wedding.

Director: Andibachtiar Yusuf | Stars: Gading Marten, Della Dartyan, Verdi Solaiman, Adriano Qalbi

Votes: 671

30. Kafir: A Deal with the Devil (2018)

97 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

A family is being haunted by some strange happenings after the death of the father.

Director: Azhar Kinoi Lubis | Stars: Putri Ayudya, Sujiwo Tejo, Indah Permatasari, Rangga Azof

Votes: 320

31. Aruna & Her Palate (2018)

106 min | Drama

An epidemiologist tried to satisfy her obsession with food when she was assigned to investigate a bird flu case.

Director: Edwin | Stars: Dian Sastrowardoyo, Nicholas Saputra, Hannah Al Rashid, Oka Antara

Votes: 384

33. The Night Comes for Us (2018)

TV-MA | 121 min | Action, Thriller

69 Metascore

Ito (Joe Taslim), a gangland enforcer, caught amidst a treacherous and violent insurrection within his Triad crime family upon his return home from a stint abroad.

Director: Timo Tjahjanto | Stars: Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim, Julie Estelle, Dian Sastrowardoyo

Votes: 17,344

34. Keluarga Cemara (2018)

110 min | Drama, Family

After the bankruptcy, Abah loses his house and all of his treasures. He also loses his case in the court, hence his family is threatened to live in poverty forever. Abah then had to get used to his new life along with his little family.

Director: Yandy Laurens | Stars: Nirina Zubir, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Adhisty Zara, Widuri Sasono

Votes: 492

35. Ghost Writer (II) (2019)

97 min | Comedy, Drama, Horror

An old diary containing dark secrets found by Naya, a novelist who has out of ideas for 3 years. This book is a good material for her latest novel, but something unexpected starts to happen.

Director: Bene Dion Rajagukguk | Stars: Tatjana Saphira, Ge Pamungkas, Deva Mahenra, Ernest Prakasa

Votes: 214

36. Koki-Koki Cilik (2018)

91 min | Drama

Bima, a child from an underprivileged family, managed to take part in the Cooking Camp, a very prestigious and expensive camping program. With all its shortcomings, Bima must challenge the ... See full summary »

Director: Ifa Isfansyah | Stars: Morgan Oey, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Faras Fatik, Adi Kurdi

Votes: 30

37. Two Blue Stripes (2019)

113 min | Drama, Family

A young couple violated the boundary without knowing the consequences. They try to take responsibility for their choices and their innocence was tested when families who really loved them knew, then forced into their chosen journey.

Director: Ginatri S. Noer | Stars: Adhisty Zara, Angga Yunanda, Cut Mini Theo, Arswendy Bening Swara

Votes: 593

38. Love for Share (2006)

120 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

This is the story of women those are live in polygamy life. It's about their consequence to accept the status as other wife.

Director: Nia Di Nata | Stars: Jajang C. Noer, Shanty, Dominique Agisca Diyose, El Manik

Votes: 368

39. 27 Steps of May (2019)

112 min | Drama

Following a horrible experience, May has isolated herself and stopped talking. Her father blames himself and tries to live by May's conditions year after year. But one day a hole appears in the wall and through it May discovers a magician.

Director: Ravi L. Bharwani | Stars: Raihaanun Soeriaatmadja, Lukman Sardi, Ario Bayu, Norman R. Akyuwen

Votes: 212

40. Memories of My Body (2018)

105 min | Drama

A pre-teen boy who abandoned by his father joins a Lengger dance center where men assume feminine appearances, but the political and social upheaval in Indonesia forces him to move away and meet with remarkable people on his journey.

Director: Garin Nugroho | Stars: Muhammad Khan, Raditya Evandra, Rianto, Sujiwo Tejo

Votes: 262

41. Susi Susanti: Love All (2019)

96 min | Biography, Drama, Sport

Susi Susanti rises through the rank to become Indonesia's most beloved athlete. In time of economic turmoil, Susi seizes the opportunity to show her country and the world that heroism is measured by the depth of one's sacrifice.

Director: Sim F. | Stars: Laura Basuki, Dion Wiyoko, Jenny Chang, Lukman Sardi

Votes: 129

42. Love for Sale 2 (2019)

92 min | Drama, Romance

Tired of matchmaking by his mother, Ican bring a girl from dating application and introduced her to Ros. Their family became warmed thanks to Arini and Ican started likes her.

Director: Andibachtiar Yusuf | Stars: Della Dartyan, Adipati Dolken, Ratna Riantiarno, Ariyo Wahab

Votes: 182

43. The Queen of Black Magic (2019)

99 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Families were terrorized at the orphanage. Someone wants them dead, apparently with black magic that is very deadly. She has a grudge and she was also born because of the sins of the orphans who formed her into the Queen of Black Magic.

Director: Kimo Stamboel | Stars: Ario Bayu, Hannah Al Rashid, Adhisty Zara, Muzakki Ramdhan

Votes: 299

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