#FoundFootage: Luminaires

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1. Bruce Conner

Director | A Class Picture of the CCAC Film Class of '65 Actually Taught by Bruce Conner in the Tradition of Lumière

Bruce Conner was born in McPherson, Kansas, in 1933 and studied art at Wichita University, the University of Nebraska, the Brooklyn Art School, and the University of Colorado. Moving to San Francisco in 1957, Conner became involved with the Beatniks. He continued to live and work in San Francisco, ...

2. Joseph Cornell

Director | The Children's Jury

Joseph Cornell was born on December 24, 1903 in Nyack, New York, USA. He was a director and writer, known for The Children's Jury (1938), The Midnight Party (1969) and Bookstalls (1938). He died on December 29, 1972 in Queens, New York City, New York.

3. Esfir Shub

Editor | K.S.E. - Komsomol Shef Elektrifikatsii

Esfir Shub was born into a family of landowners. She studied literature in Moscow, but after Revolution she began to attend the classes at the Institute for Women's Higher Education and then got a job as a 'theater officer' at the State Commissariat of Education. In the theatre she worked in ...

4. Ken Jacobs

Director | New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903

Ken Jacobs was born on May 25, 1933 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. He is a director and editor, known for New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903 (2007), Return to the Scene of the Crime (2008) and Star Spangled to Death (2004). He is married to Flo Jacobs. They have two children.

5. Bill Morrison

Director | The Village Detective

Bill Morrison was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is a director and editor, known for Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016), The Great Flood (2013), The Miners' Hymns (2011), Spark of Being (2010), Light Is Calling (2004) and Decasia (2002). Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016) won a Critics' Choice Award ...

6. Craig Baldwin

Director | Spectres of the Spectrum

Craig Baldwin attended lectures by the experimental film-maker Bruce Conner during his studies at San Francisco State University. He also studied the work of Dziga Vertov, John Heartfield, Robert Nelson, Paul Sharits and other artists who use found images. Baldwin is also active in performance, ...

7. Jay Rosenblatt

Director | Human Remains

Jay Rosenblatt is an internationally recognized artist who has been working as an independent filmmaker since 1980 and has completed over twenty-five films. His work explores our emotional and psychological cores. They are personal in their content yet universal in their appeal. Jay's films have ...

8. Harun Farocki

Director | Memories

The German film director, screenwriter and media artist Harun Farocki was born on the 9th January 1944 in Nový Jicín [Neutitschein], at that time a part of Czechoslovakia annexed by the Third Reich. He was the son of an immigrated Indian doctor and a German woman. Farocki first studied Theatre, ...

9. Jean-Luc Godard

Director | Pierrot le Fou

Jean-Luc Godard was born in Paris on December 3, 1930, the second of four children in a bourgeois Franco-Swiss family. His father was a doctor who owned a private clinic, and his mother came from a preeminent family of Swiss bankers. During World War II Godard became a naturalized citizen of ...

10. Gustav Deutsch

Director | Shirley: Visions of Reality

Born Vienna 1952, Drawings since 1962, Music since 1964, Photography since 1967, Architecture since 1970, Videos since 1977, Films since 1981, Sounds since 1981, Performances since 1983 in Austria, France, Germany, Luxemburg, England, Marocco, Greece and Turkey

11. Arthur Lipsett

Director | N-Zone

Arthur Lipsett was born on May 13, 1936 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was a director and editor, known for N-Zone (1970), A Trip Down Memory Lane (1965) and Free Fall (1964). He died in 1986 in Montreal.

12. Charlie Lyne

Producer | Beyond Clueless

Charlie Lyne is a producer and director, known for Beyond Clueless (2014), Fear Itself (2015) and Fish Story (2017).

13. Nicolas Provost

Director | Stardust

Nicolas Provost is a director and producer, known for Stardust (2010), The Invader (2011) and Tokyo Giants (2013).

14. Yervant Gianikian

Director | Pays barbare

Yervant Gianikian was born in 1942 in Merano, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. He is a director and editor, known for Babaric Land (2013), From the Pole to the Equator (1987) and Oh! Man (2004).

15. Angela Ricci Lucchi

Director | Pays barbare

Angela Ricci Lucchi was born in 1942 in Lugo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. She was a director and editor, known for Babaric Land (2013), From the Pole to the Equator (1987) and Oh! Man (2004). She died on February 28, 2018 in Milan, Italy.

16. Martin Arnold

Director | Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy

Born 1959 in Vienna. Studied Psychology and History of Art at Vienna University. Free-lance film maker since 1987. Founding member of Sixpack Film. Organisor of several avant-garde film festivals in Vienna. Presentation of a selection of Austrian avant-garde films at American cinematheques in 1990....

17. Christian Marclay

Producer | The Clock

Christian Marclay is a producer and director, known for The Clock (2010), Telephones (1995) and George Maciunas: Duet for Full Bottle and Wine Glass Performed by Hannah Kemp-Welch (2015).

18. Susana de Sousa Dias

Director | 48

Susana de Sousa Dias is a director and editor, known for 48 (2010), Fordlandia Malaise (2019) and Luz Obscura (2017).

19. Peter Tscherkassky

Director | Outer Space

Born in 1958 in Vienna. 1979 - 84 stay in Berlin. Filmmaker since 1979. Studied philosophy. Doctoral thesis: ^ÓFilm as Art. Towards a critical aesthetics of cinematography^Ô (1985/86). 1989 National Art Award for Film. Teaches filmmaking at the Academy of Art, Linz. Founding member of Sixpack Film....

20. Mark Rappaport

Director | From the Journals of Jean Seberg

Mark Rappaport is a director and editor, known for From the Journals of Jean Seberg (1995), The Scenic Route (1978) and Impostors (1979).

21. Peter Delpeut

Director | The Forbidden Quest

Peter Delpeut was born on July 12, 1956 in Vianen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. He is a director and writer, known for The Forbidden Quest (1993), Felice... Felice... (1998) and Lyrisch nitraat (1991).

22. Virgil Widrich

Director | Fast Film

Virgil Widrich was born in Salzburg on 16th of May, 1967, the son of Gerheid and Hans Widrich. Started working with film at the age of 12, producing a number of Super 8 movies. In 1990, he became a director's assistant for John Bailey in Hollywood ("The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe" ...

23. Adam Curtis

Director | The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

Adam Curtis was born on May 26, 1955 in Dartford, Kent, England as Kevin Adam Curtis. He is a director and producer, known for The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear (2004), Pandora's Box (1992) and HyperNormalisation (2016).

25. Thom Andersen

Director | Los Angeles Plays Itself

Thom Andersen was born in 1943 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

26. Sergey Loznitsa

Director | Donbass

Sergei Loznitsa, Ukrainian film maker, was born on September, 5th 1964 in Baranovichi, USSR. He grew up in Kiev, and in 1987 graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic with a degree in Applied Mathematics. In 1987-1991 Sergei worked as a scientist at the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics, specializing in ...

27. Johan Grimonprez

Director | Shadow World

Johan Grimonprez (Belgium, 1962) studied at the School of Visual Arts and attended the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York.

Grimonprez's work dances on the borders of practice and theory, art and cinema, documentary and fiction, demanding a double take on the part of the viewer. ...

28. Mikhail Romm

Director | Chelovek No. 217

Mikhail Romm was born in 1901, into a Russian-Jewish family, in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, Russia. He served in the Red Army in 1918-21 as an Inspector of the Special Forces for Food Supplies. He was in charge of confiscations of bread and food from the wealthier farmers (kulaks) in Central ...

29. Jonas Mekas

Director | The Brig

Jonas Mekas, born December 24, 1922, Semeniskiai, Birzai, Lithuania, is a director, cinematographer, editor, writer, actor, poet, artist and publicist. More than 60 years of tireless work in film, arts and media has earned him the epithet "The Godfather of American Avant-Garde Cinema". In 1944 ...

30. Hollis Frampton

Director | Information

Hollis Frampton was born on March 11, 1936 in Ohio, USA. He was a director and producer, known for Information (1966), The Birth of Magellan: Cadenza XIV (1980) and The Birth of Magellan: Mindfall I (1980). He died on March 30, 1984 in New York, USA.

31. Stan Brakhage

Director | The Loom

Stan Brakhage was born on January 14, 1933 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA as Robert Sanders. He was a director and cinematographer, known for The Loom (1986), The God of Day Had Gone Down Upon Him (2000) and Persian Series (2001). He was married to Marilyn Jull and Jane Brakhage. He died on March 9,...

33. Kogonada

Director | Columbus

Kogonada is a director and writer, known for Columbus (2017).

36. Eduardo Escorel

Director | Lição de Amor

Eduardo Escorel was born in 1945 in São Paulo, Brazil as Eduardo Escorel de Morais. He is an editor and director, known for Love Lesson (1975), Act of Violence (1981) and Santiago (2007).

37. Silvio Tendler

Director | Jango

Silvio Tendler was born in 1950 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a director and writer, known for Jango (1984), The JK Years: A Political Trajectory (1981) and Glauber o Filme, Labirinto do Brasil (2003).

38. Jack Haley Jr.

Producer | Hollywood and the Stars

Jack Haley Jr. was born on October 25, 1933 in Los Angeles, California, USA as John Joseph Haley Jr. He was a producer and director, known for Hollywood and the Stars (1963), Movin' with Nancy (1967) and 100 Years of the Hollywood Western (1994). He was married to Liza Minnelli. He died on April 21...

39. Robert Youngson

Director | World of Kids

Robert Youngson was born on November 27, 1917 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. He was a director and writer, known for World of Kids (1951), This Mechanical Age (1954) and The Golden Age of Comedy (1957). He was married to Jeanne Youngson. He died on April 8, 1974 in New York City.

40. Lowell Thomas

Director | With Allenby in Palestine and Lawrence in Arabia

Lowell Thomas filmed Major T.E. Lawrence and his Arab army fighting the Ottoman Turks in the deserts of Palestine in early 1917 during WWI. It was he who coined the phrase "Lawrence of Arabia"' and with his film and the following publicity made Lawrence perhaps the greatest legend of the Twentieth ...

41. Patrick Rotman

Writer | L'ennemi intime

Patrick Rotman was born on February 17, 1949. He is a writer and director, known for L'ennemi intime (2007), A Wall in Berlin (2009) and Irresistible. He has been married to Florence Pernel since July 2005. They have two children.

42. Vicki Bennett

Director | We Are Not Amused

Vicki Bennett is a director and editor, known for We Are Not Amused (2013) and Nothing Can Turn Into a Void: An Art Apart: People Like Us (2015).

47. Raphael Montañez Ortiz

Director | Couch Destruction: Angel Release

Raphael Montañez Ortíz was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1934. He began his studies in architecture and then moved to the field of fine art. He received both his BFA and MFA from Pratt Institute. After earning his MFA in 1964, he continued his education at the Teachers College of Columbia ...

49. Al Razutis

Director | Amerika

Al Razutis was born on April 28, 1946 in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany. He is a director and producer, known for Amerika (1983), Excerpt from MS: The Beast (1981) and 2 x 2 (1967).

50. Stan Vanderbeek

Director | A La Mode

Stan Vanderbeek was born on January 6, 1927 as Edward Van Der Beek. He is known for his work on A La Mode (1959), Cine Dreams: Future Cinema of the Mind (1972) and Pastorale (1965). He died on September 19, 1984 in Columbia, Maryland, USA.

51. Johann Lurf


Born 1982 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna graduating from Harun Farocki's class in 2009. The artist and filmmaker uses the moving image to analyze and restructure space and film. His practice involves documentary strategies and found footage to reflect on cinematic language itself....

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