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1. Heartbeat (1938)

Passed | 160 min | Comedy

Meeting a movie team on location near his house, a young man saw a lots of encouragment for his dreaming carreer as a movie star in what was only sarcasm from the members of the team. (This... See full summary »

Director: Marcel Pagnol | Stars: Fernandel, Orane Demazis, Fernand Charpin, Léon Belières

Votes: 628

2. Harvest (1937)

127 min | Drama, Romance

He rebirth of a dead village and the love of the last inhabitant for a wandering girl.

Director: Marcel Pagnol | Stars: Gabriel Gabrio, Orane Demazis, Fernandel, Marguerite Moreno

Votes: 344

3. The Sheep Has Five Legs (1954)

104 min | Comedy

A small town seeking publicity tries to bring together the quintuplet grandsons of the town's oldest inhabitant. The old man and all five grandsons are played by the great Fernandel.

Director: Henri Verneuil | Stars: Fernandel, Françoise Arnoul, Andrex, Michel Ardan

Votes: 478

4. The Well-Digger's Daughter (1940)

Approved | 142 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A rural maiden's two suitors go off to war, leaving her pregnant.

Director: Marcel Pagnol | Stars: Raimu, Fernandel, Josette Day, Line Noro

Votes: 409

5. The Red Inn (1951)

Not Rated | 98 min | Comedy, Crime

A group of travelers, including a monk, stay in a lonely inn in the mountains. The host confesses the monk his habit of serving a soporific soup to the guests, to rob their possessions and ... See full summary »

Director: Claude Autant-Lara | Stars: Fernandel, Françoise Rosay, Marie-Claire Olivia, Jean-Roger Caussimon

Votes: 1,232

6. French Touch (1952)

Approved | 87 min | Comedy

Mario (Fernandel), a bumptious sheep-shearer, discovers he has a inimtable touch that makes women, as well as sheep, swoon at his professional caress. He is soon the most sought-after ... See full summary »

Director: Jean Boyer | Stars: Fernandel, Renée Devillers, Arlette Poirier, Georges Chamarat

Votes: 178

7. The Cupboard Was Bare (1948)

Approved | 82 min | Comedy, Crime

The aunt of Alfred Puc, a meek tax-collector in Paris, dies while riding in a moving van. The driver, not wishing to be bothered by a police interrogation, hides her corpse in a cupboard ... See full summary »

Director: Carlo Rim | Stars: Fernandel, Berthe Bovy, Germaine Kerjean, Albert Dinan

Votes: 189

8. Francis the First (1937)

Approved | 90 min | Comedy

Honorin (Fernandel) is the simple and naive stage manager of a traveling theatre troupe, whose one ambition is to once play the role of the cavalier in the opera "Francis I, or the Loves of... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, Mona Goya, Alexandre Rignault, Henri Bosc

Votes: 202

9. Happy He Who Like Ulysses (1970)

90 min | Comedy

For 25 years now, under the Provence sun, Antonin, a farmhand, has shared his work and everyday life with a horse named Ulysse. What a shock when Pascal, the farmer, tells him he has ... See full summary »

Director: Henri Colpi | Stars: Fernandel, Rellys, Mireille Audibert, Gilberte Rivet

Votes: 288

10. Un chapeau de paille d'Italie (1941)

85 min | Comedy

Fadinard is going through the woods on his horse en route to his wedding. Unfortunately, his horse eats the straw hat of a married woman who is having a secret rendezvous with her lover. In... See full summary »

Director: Maurice Cammage | Stars: Fernandel, Fernand Charpin, Édouard Delmont, Jacqueline Laurent

Votes: 34

11. Les gaîtés de l'escadron (1932)

85 min | Comedy

The life of disorderly soldiers in the barracks dealing with daily routines.

Director: Maurice Tourneur | Stars: Raimu, Jean Gabin, Fernandel, René Donnio

Votes: 147

12. Topaze (1951)

136 min | Comedy

Albert Topaze, sincere schoolteacher addicted to "rote" morality, works at a private school run by supremely money-grubbing M. Muche, whose daughter, also a teacher, makes cynical use of ... See full summary »

Director: Marcel Pagnol | Stars: Fernandel, Hélène Perdrière, Jacqueline Pagnol, Marcel Vallée

Votes: 291

13. The Law Is the Law (1958)

95 min | Comedy

Assola is an imaginary village on the border between Italy and France and the borderline crosses the village itself. The French customs agent Ferdinand is always trying to catch the Italian... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Totò, Fernandel, Nino Besozzi, Noël Roquevert

Votes: 772

14. Assassin in the Phonebook (1962)

98 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Fernandel plays Albert, the unhappy brunt of jokes by his fellow office-workers who goes from the frying pan into the fire. Albert gets caught up in a robbery that also goes from bad to ... See full summary »

Director: Léo Joannon | Stars: Fernandel, Georges Chamarat, Henri Crémieux, Robert Dalban

Votes: 59

15. Fric-Frac (1939)

92 min | Comedy

Marcel works as assistant to a jeweller whose bossy daughter Renée keeps hitting on him. When he meets lovely Loulou and her lazy friend Jo, he is fascinated by the girl and somehow ... See full summary »

Directors: Maurice Lehmann, Claude Autant-Lara | Stars: Fernandel, Michel Simon, Arletty, Hélène Robert

Votes: 352

17. The Sleepwalker (1951)

86 min | Comedy

Victor Boniface's life is not exactly a rest cure. Just imagine : Victor is both a store detective and a - shoplifter (only when he walks in his sleep, mind you). And falling in love while ... See full summary »

Director: Maurice Labro | Stars: Fernandel, Andrex, Gaby André, André Roanne

Votes: 112

18. The Cow and I (1959)

TV-PG | 118 min | Comedy

In 1942, a French prisoner of war in Germany decides to escape to France using a cow held by a lunge as a decoy. He crosses all Germany in this way.

Director: Henri Verneuil | Stars: Fernandel, Pierre-Louis, Ellen Schwiers, Ingeborg Schöner

Votes: 1,245

19. Sénéchal the Magnificent (1957)

78 min | Comedy

Sénéchal, an actor touring the provinces with the "Tournées Carlini" does not meet the success he thinks he deserves. One night in Dreux, he finds himself without his luggage and dressed up... See full summary »

Director: Jean Boyer | Stars: Fernandel, Nadia Gray, Madeleine Barbulée, Simone Paris

Votes: 134

20. The Most Wanted Man (1953)

Unrated | 85 min | Comedy

Joe Calvert (Fernandel) is a nearsighted, friendly man who works as a clerk in a large department store, who gets into embarrassing situations when he isn't wearing his glasses. Since Joe ... See full summary »

Director: Henri Verneuil | Stars: Fernandel, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Louis Seigner, David Opatoshu

Votes: 241

21. Un de la légion (1936)

91 min | Adventure, Comedy

Fernand Espitalion is miserable as totally whipped husband of a dragon 'passed on' -like cloths- by his late cousin. She often leaves him waiting outside like a dog when she does business. ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, Robert Le Vigan, Daniel Mendaille, Arthur Devère

Votes: 77

24. Easiest Profession (1957)

92 min | Comedy

Tistin (Fernandel) is the only unemployed of Clochemerle. This provoques animosity amongst the village given that he frequents regularly Zozote (Ginette Leclerc), the only "respectable" one... See full summary »

Director: Jean Boyer | Stars: Fernandel, Maria Mauban, Rellys, Ginette Leclerc

Votes: 89

25. Fernandel the Dressmaker (1956)

95 min | Comedy

A modest taylor the women found irresistible inherit a Maison de couture in financial difficulty. Decided to save it he prepare a great collection. But when his wife discovered his ... See full summary »

Director: Jean Boyer | Stars: Fernandel, Suzy Delair, Fred Pasquali, Françoise Fabian

Votes: 161

27. That Tender Age (1964)

95 min | Comedy

Two students, Antoine, the son of a Southern pedal boat renter, and Marie, the daughter of a Paris railway executive, have got engaged in secret. They are now willing to clarify the ... See full summary »

Director: Gilles Grangier | Stars: Jean Gabin, Fernandel, Marie Dubois, Paulette Dubost

Votes: 186

29. The Little World of Don Camillo (1952)

107 min | Comedy

A determined priest and a Communist mayor develop a grudging friendship in spite of their official rivalry.

Director: Julien Duvivier | Stars: Fernandel, Gino Cervi, Vera Talchi, Franco Interlenghi

Votes: 3,742

30. The Return of Don Camillo (1953)

115 min | Comedy

Energetic priest Don Camillo returns to the town of Brescello for more political and personal duels with Communist mayor Peppone.

Director: Julien Duvivier | Stars: Fernandel, Gino Cervi, Arturo Bragaglia, Édouard Delmont

Votes: 2,138

32. The Devil and the Ten Commandments (1962)

126 min | Comedy, Drama

1) Jerôme Chambard, a retired man, taken in by nuns in a convent, swears like a trooper. 2) Françoise takes a lover because he has promised her a diamond necklace. 3) Denis, a seminarist, ... See full summary »

Director: Julien Duvivier | Stars: Michel Simon, Lucien Baroux, Claude Nollier, Françoise Arnoul

Votes: 672

33. Father's Trip (1966)

90 min | Drama

Quantin lives with his family in a village near the Swiss border. He is increasingly anxious that he has received no news from his eldest daughter, Marie-Louise, who went to Lyon to find work as a hairdresser.

Director: Denys de La Patellière | Stars: Fernandel, Lilli Palmer, Laurent Terzieff, Philippe Noiret

Votes: 87

34. Three Feet in a Bed (1950)

Not Rated | 87 min | Comedy

In spite of his failures as a peddler, Casimir guaranteed his fiance that this time the vacuum cleaners will work for good. But he's still unsuccessful until he go to the appartment of ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Pottier | Stars: Fernandel, Germaine Montero, Bernard Lajarrige, Jacqueline Duc

Votes: 106

35. Village Feud (1951)

92 min | Comedy

In Cantagrel, Urbain Coindet, a farmer and town councilor in his forties, finds his wife hanging from a beam in the barn. Aurélie Coindet has committed suicide but but not everybody is ... See full summary »

Director: Henri Verneuil | Stars: Fernandel, Maria Mauban, Andrex, Antonin Berval

Votes: 105

37. Croesus (1960)

100 min | Comedy

This story is set in a little mountain community lost in the French mountains in the early years after World War II. Jules [Fernandel] is a lonely shepherd, gently going about his daily ... See full synopsis »

Director: Jean Giono | Stars: Fernandel, Marcelle Ranson-Hervé, Rellys, René Génin

Votes: 249

38. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1954)

92 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Rich oriental lord Cassim's cheeky servant Ali Baba was sent to buy a meaty girl-slave, but brings dancer Morgiane, whom he is enamored with. When he's part of a caravan robbed by Abdel's ... See full summary »

Director: Jacques Becker | Stars: Fernandel, Samia Gamal, Dieter Borsche, Henri Vilbert

Votes: 942

39. The Wild Oat (1953)

103 min | Comedy

A small village is torn apart by a quarrel between the baker and the italian grocery tenant, mother of a pregnant young girl. She accuses the baker's son, doing his military service in ... See full summary »

Director: Henri Verneuil | Stars: Fernandel, Madeleine Sylvain, Georges Chamarat, Pierrette Bruno

Votes: 205

41. Ernest the Rebel (1938)

92 min | Comedy, Western

Adventures and misadventures of Ernest, the professional accordionist on a liner.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, Pierre Alcover, Mona Goya, Arthur Devère

Votes: 72

42. I'm in the Revue (1950)

80 min | Comedy

Good-natured and devout, a French house painter takes the train to Rome, where he has decided to go on a pilgrimage. There he meets a scatterbrained dresser who has been assigned by a music... See full summary »

Director: Mario Soldati | Stars: Nino Taranto, Isa Barzizza, Irasema Dilián, Louis Armstrong

Votes: 34

43. Oh No, Mam'zelle (1954)

90 min | Comedy

Denise discovered that Celestin leads a double life: he composes operetta night for his mistress, a young singer named Corinne.

Director: Yves Allégret | Stars: Fernandel, Pier Angeli, Jean Debucourt, Georges Chamarat

Votes: 97

44. Christine (1937)

144 min | Drama

Christine, newly widowed and consumed by the memory of a ball she attended age 16, decides to track down the men she danced with that night and discover their fates.

Director: Julien Duvivier | Stars: Marie Bell, Françoise Rosay, Louis Jouvet, Harry Baur

Votes: 514

45. Baby's Laxative (1931)

46 min | Comedy

Porcelain maker invites a guest to sell him chamber pots, however family problems cause interruptions.

Director: Jean Renoir | Stars: Marguerite Pierry, Jacques Louvigny, Michel Simon, Olga Valéry

Votes: 287

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