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1. Afrika (2002)

112 min | Drama, Action

4 young, South Korean women have come to a dead-end in their lives and go on a road trip together. 2 guns are found in the borrowed car and they decide to play hardened criminals, soon having police and gangsters chasing them.

Director: Seung-Soo Shin | Stars: Yo-won Lee, Gyu-ri Kim, Eun-ji Jo, Yeong-jin Lee

Votes: 130


2. Kiss Me Much (2001)

100 min | Drama

A married South Korean man with 4 kids gets fired for being honest. Same day the family's house etc. is frozen due to having guaranteed his brother's defaulted loan. The family changes during the month given to pay the debt.

Director: Yun-su Jeon | Stars: Kwang-ryul Jun, Mi-sook Lee, Myeong-gu Han, Su-hui Hong

Votes: 69


3. Chow Bella (1998)


A frustrated crime reporter is given the job of food critic by his editor and when he writes a bad review of a mob owned restaurant, he must face the consequences.

Director: Gavin Grazer | Stars: Caroleen Feeney, Paulie DiCocco, Sam Adamo, James Paul

Votes: 20


4. Dybt vand (1999 TV Movie)

160 min | Thriller

A deputy mayor bends the rules and becomes involved in a number of crimes. His actions prove to have terrible consequences and he starts a domino effect of accidents, lies, blackmail and ... See full summary »

Director: Ole Bornedal | Stars: Jens Jørn Spottag, Lotte Andersen, Henning Moritzen, Søren Sætter-Lassen

Votes: 244


5. Emmanuelle Forever (1993 TV Movie)

86 min | Drama, Romance

While aboard a long distance flight, both young and old Emmanuelle regale a businessman with tales of their sexual prowess.

Director: Francis Leroi | Stars: Marcela Walerstein, George Lazenby, Sylvia Kristel, Joel Bui

Votes: 194

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6. Count Axel (2001)

86 min | Comedy

"Count Axel" is a comedy that takes place somewhere in the nordic countries in 1783. It's a classic comedy about mixed identities, with strong elements of contemporary humour and satire. ... See full summary »

Director: Søren Fauli | Stars: Peter Frödin, Sofie Gråbøl, Tomas Villum Jensen, Egon Holmquist

Votes: 636


7. Enemy's Enemy (1990–1991)

398 min | Thriller

Someone is killing off Swedish military officers and making it look like the works of Soviet agents. Hamilton has to crack the case before all hell breaks loose and there is a full scale ... See full summary »

Stars: Peter Haber, Maria Grip, Sture Djerf, Bernt Lindqvist

Votes: 506


8. Rebounce (2011)

92 min | Drama

Louise's mother, Susan was in prison and that's why she lives with her gran. But now her mum has been released. She thinks her mum is just great. Seen through the eyes of this teenager, ... See full summary »

Director: Heidi Maria Faisst | Stars: Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Anne Sofie Espersen, Kirsten Olesen, Niels Skousen

Votes: 276


9. Huset på Christianshavn (1970–1977)

30 min | Comedy, Family

A comedy about the tenants of a small, old apartment building in Christianshavn, Copenhagen.

Stars: Poul Reichhardt, Arthur Jensen, Helle Virkner, Paul Hagen

Votes: 660

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10. A Perfect Match (2002)

PG-13 | 101 min | Comedy, Romance

A South Korean woman, working at a dating agency, is having problems finding a man herself. She ends up having to deal a lot with a problematic client, a computer programmer, and somewhere along the line they fall for each other.

Director: Ji-eun Mo | Stars: Eun-Kyung Shin, Jun-ho Jeong, Hyeong-jin Kong, Yeo-jin Kim

Votes: 188


11. Tough Guys of the Prairie (1970)

99 min | Comedy, Western

A sheriff is on the hunt for a bunch of bandits with an Indian girl in tow.

Director: Carl Ottosen | Stars: Dirch Passer, Preben Kaas, Paul Hagen, Willy Rathnov

Votes: 345


12. My New Partner (1984)

R | 107 min | Comedy, Crime

Rene is a "ripou", a rotten cop who makes ends meet by accepting bribes, presents and free drinks from the people he should be putting in jail. When his partner retires, he must team up ... See full summary »

Director: Claude Zidi | Stars: Philippe Noiret, Thierry Lhermitte, Régine, Grâce de Capitani

Votes: 3,778


13. Run=Dim (2001– )


It's a future Japan, partially flooded due to global warming raising the sea level. It's a time when nuclear waste is dumped in space and battles are fought in space with giant robots. We follow the men and women piloting them.

Stars: Moyu Arishima, Kôki Miyata, Kazuya Nakai


14. See You at the Campground (1995)

104 min | Romance

A wedding planner wants to promote outdoor wedding and honeymoon but has it's first canceled days before. One of the two women in charge decides to step in and get married instead. Things don't go as planned - primarily due to one man.

Director: Akiyoshi Kimata | Stars: Kumiko Goto, Eugene Nomura, Anna Nakagawa, Minori Terada

Votes: 6


15. Strike First Freddy (1965)

100 min | Comedy

A sales agent of prank items, a real prankster, is returning to Denmark by ferry, when his bag is exchanged with a secret agent's bag. He ends up as a not so secret agent - bringing fun into the otherwise serious spy business.

Director: Erik Balling | Stars: Morten Grunwald, Ove Sprogøe, Poul Bundgaard, Essy Persson

Votes: 660

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16. The Monkees: Live Summer Tour (2002 Video)

Not Rated | Music

This concert is basically a 2001 live concert given by the 1960s rock group The Monkees. Everyone is here except for Michael Nesmith. They go through all their classics and more!

Director: Michael A. Joseph | Stars: Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Jerry Renino

Votes: 24

Monkees: Live Summer Tour, The 2002 - DVD

17. The Escape (2009)

114 min | Drama, Thriller

A Danish journalist is taken hostage in Afghanistan by a terror group that threatens to kill her if Denmark does not withdraw their troops from the country.

Director: Kathrine Windfeld | Stars: Iben Hjejle, Lars Mikkelsen, Faegh Zamani, Henrik Prip

Votes: 660

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18. Go (2001)

122 min | Drama

Sugihara, born in Japan but with North Korean parents, falls in love with a Japanese girl after changing from a North Korean school to a Japanese school. His boxer dad teaches him boxing - skills used a lot.

Director: Isao Yukisada | Stars: Yôsuke Kubozuka, Ko Shibasaki, Shinobu Ôtake, Tsutomu Yamazaki

Votes: 2,465

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19. The New Adventures of Lucky Luke (2001– )

30 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Every hero must have a villain - and Lucky Luke has 4 - the Dalton brothers. Fortunately, he's faster to draw his revolver than his own shadow and he has a loyal friend in his horse.

Stars: Antoine de Caunes, Eric Legrand, Francis Perrin, Bernard Alane

Votes: 339

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20. The Black Madonna (2007)

Not Rated | 88 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

When Maria's farther sends her a priceless painting he's stolen, she must decide whether to collect the reward or protect the farther that walked out on her.

Director: Lasse Spang Olsen | Stars: Anders W. Berthelsen, Tuva Novotny, Nicolas Bro, Ole Thestrup

Votes: 887

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21. Taxa (1997–1999)

45 min | Crime, Drama

Two rival cab companies in the danish capital of Copenhagen.

Stars: Pernille Højmark, Zlatko Buric, Pia Vieth, Jesper Lohmann

Votes: 583

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22. My Name Is Petersen (1947)

71 min | Drama

John Petersen and other American soldiers have leave in his birth town, Copenhagen. He visits his uncle Jens, who does pharmaceutical research and hopes to become a professor. John also meets Aase, his cute, communist, feminist cousin.

Director: Christen Jul | Stars: Poul Reichhardt, Helle Virkner, Gunnar Lauring, Asbjørn Andersen

Votes: 18


23. Familien Olsen (1940)

91 min | Family

Greengrocer Olsen is called for jury duty in a case against a CEO. It burdens him extra finding out his son stole DKK500 from the CEO's company and his daughter is secretly dating the CEO's son.

Directors: Lau Lauritzen, Alice O'Fredericks | Stars: Osvald Helmuth, Maria Garland, Berthe Qvistgaard, Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt

Votes: 17


24. Alarm (1938)

104 min | Family

A writer starts working for Danish Rescue Corps as research for his next novel. His wife forces their servant to join him and the comedy continues. The different functions of the corps is shown with action and suspense.

Directors: Lau Lauritzen, Alice O'Fredericks | Stars: Lau Lauritzen, Betty Söderberg, Victor Borge, Johannes Meyer

Votes: 26


25. That One Summer (2005 Video)

84 min | Family

Otis Garner was in his fifties when he walked out on his wife and kids. During a bittersweet reunion with his son Ted thirty years later, Otis hears a story about one special summer when ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Brauer | Stars: Ernest Borgnine, Mike Sullivan, Debra Rich, Kevin Bulmann

Votes: 11


26. Det begyndte ombord (1937)

86 min | Family

2 writers returning to Denmark are both in love with Else, daughter of the publisher having a novel competition. The 2 bet if Fritz can write a novel before the competition deadline 6 days later and win it. The comedy continues.

Director: Arne Weel | Stars: Henrik Bentzon, Gull-Maj Norin, Peter Malberg, Aage Schmidt

Votes: 27


27. Charlie Butterfly (2002)

100 min

A firefighter chief wants his son to follow in his footsteps. After causing his wife's death in a car accident and later his own blindness from drunk at work, the son returns to look after his father. Performing music unites them.

Director: Dariusz Steiness | Stars: Baard Owe, Allan Vegenfeldt, Vigga Bro, Diana Axelsen

Votes: 30


29. The Red Phone: Manhunt (2002 TV Movie)

192 min | Action, Drama

When the red phone rings, the AT 2000 goes into action. Covertly created and financed by an international consortium of governments and wide-ranging private interests, AT 2000 represents ... See full summary »

Director: Jerry Jameson | Stars: Michael Ironside, Joe Penny, Arnold Vosloo, Gregor Törzs

Votes: 118


30. The Price of Heaven (1997 TV Movie)

120 min | Drama

A man is greeted as a war hero in his hometown due to a photo from Korea of Marilyn Monroe and him in LIFE magazine. He ends collecting insurance payments - basically conning poor people. He befriends a cute rich girl and a poor old woman.

Director: Peter Bogdanovich | Stars: Grant Show, Cicely Tyson, Lori Loughlin, George Wendt

Votes: 103


31. Ihaka: Blunt Instrument (2001 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 95 min | Crime, Drama

Cop Ihaka's arrest with a bat in Auckland, NZ, "earns" him a 2 week int'l cop symposium in Sydney. A training program of a 3 y.o. old rape and murder case is taken seriously by Ihaka - to his cute cop partner's dismay. Action follows.

Director: Peter Fisk | Stars: Temuera Morrison, Rebecca Gibney, Linal Haft, Olivia Pigeot

Votes: 126

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32. Skovridergaarden (1957)

77 min | Family

Finn and Claus are BFFs and both have a thing for their cute friend Eva. They both go to Copenhagen to study law but Claus would rather study music/piano and takes private lessons and Finn isn't the academic type. Who gets Eva?

Director: Ole Mynster | Stars: Ghita Nørby, Karen Marie Løwert, Mimi Heinrich, Ilselil Larsen

Votes: 33

1218 gallery

35. Saa til søs (1933)

99 min | Comedy, Family

In the small fishing village Fjordby, in a modest cottage, the three old fishermen Ole, Jens and Peter lives.

Director: Emanuel Gregers | Stars: Marguerite Viby, Christian Arhoff, Axel Frische, Aage Foss

Votes: 23

36. Ung kærlighed (1958)

74 min | Drama, Romance

A young girl (Bech) is taken to the operation room in a hospital after she has had an illegal abortion. Will she survive? And why didn't she get proper help by the child's father (Pagh), ... See full summary »

Director: André Rodriguez | Stars: Suzanne Bech, Klaus Pagh, Annie Birgit Garde, Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen

Votes: 6

37. Elly Petersen (1944)

100 min | Drama

Elly Petersen (Bodil Kjer) is one of the thousands of young girls every year to arrive from the country to Copenhagen city with high hopes about a new future. Reality is more complicated and dangers are plenty, Elly is soon to find out.

Directors: Jon Iversen, Alice O'Fredericks | Stars: Bodil Kjer, Poul Reichhardt, Lilian Ellis, Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt

Votes: 28

40. Les menteurs (1996)

107 min | Drama, Romance

Daisy uses 'All About Eve' tactics to lie her way into the circle of friends of director Zac. But Zac has been missing for months. When he finally resurfaces, he and Daisy start writing a ... See full summary »

Director: Élie Chouraqui | Stars: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Lorraine Bracco, Sami Frey

Votes: 80

41. The Beatles Story (1996)

Documentary, Musical

From humble origins in the British seaside town of Liverpool, The Beatles rose to become the biggest group in the history of popular music, establishing England as one of rock roll's great ... See full summary »

Director: Nigel Turner | Stars: Jane Asher, The Beatles, Pete Best, Jenny Boyd

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