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1. Knights of the Queen (1954)

79 min

A new adventure of the Dumas musketeers who this time must save the Infanta of Spain by the intrigues of the Prince of Condé who wants to take the throne at any cost.

Directors: Mauro Bolognini, Joseph Lerner | Stars: Jeffrey Stone, Paul Campbell, Sebastian Cabot, Domenico Modugno

2. Beowulf: Prince of the Geats (2007)


An adventurer travels to Denmark to fight an unstoppable creature before becoming king of a viking nation.

Director: Scott Wegener | Stars: Joe Thomas, Burt McCollom, Eric Feliciano, Lisa Baldwin

Votes: 38

7. The Avengers (1950)

Approved | 90 min | Adventure

The attractive Argentine Don Careless is an adventurer and an excellent swordsman. Don is in love with Maria Moreno, since he had to emerge her jewels and had thereby to kill a shark. Don ... See full summary »

Director: John H. Auer | Stars: John Carroll, Adele Mara, Mona Maris, Roberto Airaldi

Votes: 22

8. Count of Bragelonne (1954)

95 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

Raoul De Bragelonne ,one of the musketeers' son,tries to thwart Mazarin"s ominous plan.

Director: Fernando Cerchio | Stars: Georges Marchal, Dawn Addams, Jacques Dumesnil, Franco Silva

Votes: 49

9. The Man in the Iron Mask (1923)

Cardinal Richelieu gives the order that the twin brother of France's King Louis XIV should be removed from the court and taken to the country. There he is educated, without knowledge of his true ancestry, and kept as a prisoner.

Director: Max Glass | Stars: Albert Bassermann, Bruno Decarli, Vladimir Gajdarov, Helga Molander

Votes: 36

10. The Great Cattle War (1920)

86 min | Drama

A power struggle between mountain peasants who have been raising milk cows on common land and a village bailiff trying to gain power driving them off the land. Both have a ducal documents that states the opposite.

Director: Franz Osten | Stars: Thea Steinbrecher, Viktor Gehring, Ernst Rückert, Fritz Greiner

Votes: 43

12. William Tell (1913)

An early silent film about William Tell who is known for being the great archer that lead a rebellion in Switzerland against tyranny.

Director: Friedrich Feher | Stars: Karl Kienlechner, Friedrich Feher, Margarete Wilkens, Ilse von Tasso-Lind

13. Taras Bulba, il cosacco (1962)

96 min | Adventure, Drama

Cossack chief Taras Bulba, aiming to conquer neighboring Poland and her Tartar allies, sends his sons Ostap and Andrei to study in the Polish city Dubno to learn more about Polish customs ... See full summary »

Director: Ferdinando Baldi | Stars: Vladimir Medar, Jean-François Poron, George Reich, Hugo Santana

Votes: 17

15. Mathias Sandorf (1963)

105 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

In 19th century Europe, Mathias Sandorf, a former rebel turned rich doctor with a new name, decides to track down and kill the informants who sold his comrades out to the government decade ago. His daughter falls for one of them.

Director: Georges Lampin | Stars: Louis Jourdan, Renaud Mary, Francisco Rabal, Serena Vergano

Votes: 56

17. El conde de Monte Carlo (1955)

Action, Family, Fantasy

Steeped with suspense, excitement and thrills never before seen in a single movie.

Director: Cesar Gallardo | Stars: Rogelio de la Rosa, Cynthia Zamora, Corazon Rivas, Jose Romulo

18. Gaspard le bandit (2006 TV Movie)

95 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

Gaspard de Besse and his gang of highwaymen escaped the law for years in old monsieur de Morières's jurisdiction in rural, Ancient Régime France. When Gaspard is badly injured trough ... See full summary »

Director: Benoît Jacquot | Stars: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Natacha Régnier, Jean-Pierre Jorris, Vladimir Consigny

Votes: 44

21. Götz von Berlichingen zubenannt mit der eisernen Hand (1925)


Adaptation of Goethe's historical play "Götz von Berlichingen and the Iron Hand", set in the Holy Roman Empire.

Director: Hubert Moest | Stars: Eugen Klöpfer, Friedrich Kühne, Paul Hartmann, Theodor Loos

Votes: 8

26. The Sack of Rome (1920)

75 min | History

This film is about the 1527 Sack of Rome, where the mutiny us troops of Charles V of the Hapsburg Empire marched into Rome to pillage the city and capture Pope Clement XVII. The 189 in the ... See full summary »

Directors: Enrico Guazzoni, Giulio Aristide Sartorio | Stars: Pio Boscaini, Attilio Boschi, Beppo Corradi, Tullio Ferri

28. Killian's Chronicle: The Magic Stone (1995)

95 min | Adventure

One thousand years ago, the vikings were lost to a mysterious coast in the Northe Antlantic.Kilian, the Irish slave,stole the navigating stone,fortunately original people of Americath rescued him and helped him how to living on there.

Director: Pamela Berger | Stars: Amelia G. Bingham, Robert Mason Ham, Christopher Johnson, Eva Kim

Votes: 18

30. The Gorgon (1942)

85 min | Drama, History

1017 AD. The Republic of Pisa is organizing a fleet to drive out the Saracens who are infesting the Mediterranean. While the forces are away "The Gorgon," the young daughter of a Pisan ... See full summary »

Director: Guido Brignone | Stars: Mariella Lotti, Rossano Brazzi, Camillo Pilotto, Piero Carnabuci

32. Prisoner in the Tower of Fire (1952)

92 min | History

Italy, 15th century: Marco and Cesco, two youths from rival families are friends but become enemies when they both fall in love with the same girl, Germana, who is kept prisoner by Cesco's ... See full summary »

Director: Giorgio Walter Chili | Stars: Carlo Giustini, Milly Vitale, Oscar Andriani, Rossano Brazzi

33. La regina di Sparta (1931)


According to the 1931 National Board of Review Magazine, this concerns an OLD Italian movie, now refitted with sound.

Director: Manfred Noa | Stars: Antonio Moray, Viola LaRosa, Franco Faris, Bernardo Camilli

35. Le fils de Tarass Boulba (1964)

96 min | Action, Adventure, War

Despite the disagreement of their mother, the sons of old Taras Bulba are taken to the Dnieper camp on their return from a Kiev seminary, to teach them how to become real Cossacks.

Director: Henri Zaphiratos | Stars: Jean-François Poron, Vladimir Medar, George Reich, Huc Santana

Votes: 6

38. Il figlio di d'Artagnan (1950)

86 min | Comedy

D'Artagnan, the famous musketeer, has a son who does not feel like following in his father's steps. For the time being he is a novice in a monastery. But when a King's courier, pursued by a... See full summary »

Director: Riccardo Freda | Stars: Carlo Ninchi, Gianna Maria Canale, Franca Marzi, Peter Trent

40. Njálssaga (2003 TV Movie)

52 min | Action, Adventure, Biography

Tv movie frome the first chapters of the Icelandic Brennu-Njáls saga

Director: Björn Br. Björnsson | Stars: Anna Kristín Arngrímsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Benedikt Erlingsson, Bergur Þór Ingólfsson

Votes: 43

42. The Corsican Brothers (1985 TV Movie)

100 min | Adventure

In the 18th century were born two siamese brothers on Corsica who paradoxically carry different feelings of hate and reconciliation in their blood.

Director: Ian Sharp | Stars: Trevor Eve, Geraldine Chaplin, Olivia Hussey, Nicholas Clay

Votes: 149

47. Taras Bulba (1924)