Triple Oscar Nominee Behind-the-Camera Hat Tricks

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An ice hockey hat trick occurs when a player scores three goals in a single game. It is celebrated with fans throwing hats onto the ice from the stands.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, hat tricks in other fields are likewise "three successes of the same kind, especially consecutive ones within a limited period". Hat tricks from other fields can be found in competitions, as varied as, Cricket, Marbles, Darts and Scrabble. The Oscar hat trick is similarly a rare and extraordinary feat, when an individual is thrice recognized for a single film by Academy voters.

Only six people, Stanley Kubrick, James Cameron, David Lean, Alfonso Cuarón, Ethan Coen and Joel Coen , in seven films have achieved a rare Oscars triple or better by three or more behind-the-camera nominations for the same film, not of the Writer-Director-Producer variety. In x other instances, The Coen Brother "unofficially" secured a quadruple due solely to guild movie credit policies.

Which person Oscar nominated three or more times for same film behind-the-camera roles, including one other than writer, director, or producer, has the most impressive combined effort?

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