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i haven't seen any of their films but i want to (in order of Desire)

1. Theodoros Angelopoulos

Director | Topio stin omihli

Theo Angelopoulos began to study law in Athens but broke up his studies to go to the Sorbonne in Paris in order to study literature. When he had finished his studies, he wanted to attend the School of Cinema at Paris but decided instead to go back to Greece. There he worked as a journalist and ...

O thiasos (1975) Topio stin omihli (1988) To vlemma tou Odyssea (1995) Mia aioniotita kai mia mera (1998) Trilogia: To livadi pou dakryzei (2004) Oi kynigoi (1977) O Megalexandros (1980) Taxidi sta Kythira (1984) To meteoro vima tou pelargou (1991)

2. D.W. Griffith

Director | The Birth of a Nation

David Wark Griffith was born in rural Kentucky to Jacob "Roaring Jake" Griffith, a former Confederate Army colonel and Civil War veteran. Young Griffith grew up with his father's romantic war stories and melodramatic nineteenth-century literature that were to eventually shape his movies. In 1897 ...

Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916) Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl (1919) The Birth of a Nation (1915) True Heart Susie (1919) The Unchanging Sea (1910) A Corner in Wheat (1909) The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912) The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' (1914) The Struggle (1931) Orphans of the Storm (1921) Way Down East (1920) Isn't Life Wonderful (1924)

3. Preston Sturges

Writer | The Great McGinty

Preston Sturges' own life is as unlikely as some of the plots of his best work. He was born into a wealthy family. As a boy he helped out on stage productions for his mother's friend, Isadora Duncan (the scarf that strangled her was made by his mother's company, Maison Desti). He served in the U.S....

The Lady Eve (1941) Sullivan's Travels (1941) The Palm Beach Story (1942) Christmas in July (1940) The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1943) Unfaithfully Yours (1948) Hail the Conquering Hero (1944)

4. Merian C. Cooper

Writer | King Kong

In 1920, Merian C. Cooper was a member of volunteer of the American Kosciuszko Squadron that supported the Polish army in the war with Soviet Russia, where he met best friend and producing partner Ernest B. Schoedsack. On 26 July 1920, his plane was shot down, and he spent nearly nine months in the...

(and Ernest B. Schoedsack) King Kong (1933) Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927) Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life (1925)

5. Paul Verhoeven

Director | Zwartboek

Paul Verhoeven graduated from the University of Leiden, with a degree in math and physics. He entered the Royal Netherlands Navy, where he began his film career by making documentaries for the Navy and later for TV. In 1969, he directed the popular Dutch TV series, Floris (1969), about a medieval ...

Showgirls (1995) Starship Troopers (1997) RoboCop (1987) Basic Instinct (1992) Elle (2016) Zwartboek (2006) Turks fruit (1973) Total Recall (1990) De vierde man (1983)

6. Josef von Sternberg

Director | The Devil Is a Woman

Josef von Sternberg split his childhood between Vienna and New York City. His father, a former soldier in the Austro-Hungarian army, could not support his family in either city; Sternberg remembered him only as "an enormously strong man who often used his strength on me." Forced by poverty to drop ...

Anatahan (1953) The Scarlet Empress (1934) Der blaue Engel (1930) The Docks of New York (1928) Morocco (1930) Shanghai Express (1932) The Devil Is a Woman (1935) The Shanghai Gesture (1941) Blonde Venus (1932) An American Tragedy (1931) Thunderbolt (1929) Dishonored (1931) The Last Command (1928) It (1927) Underworld (1927) Jet Pilot (1957)

7. Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Writer | Gabbeh

Mohsen Makhmalbaf is known as one of the most influential filmmakers and founders of the new wave of Iranian cinema in the world today.

Many of his films like Salam Cinema, A Moment Of Innocence, Gabbeh, Kandahar and The President have been widely well received across the globe and have brought him ...

Nun va Goldoon (1996) Gabbeh (1996) Salaam Cinema (1995) Dastforoush (1987) Arousi-ye Khouban (1989) Safar e Ghandehar (2001)

8. Henri-Georges Clouzot

Writer | Le salaire de la peur

Beginning his film career as a screenwriter, Henri-Georges Clouzot switched over to directing and in 1943 had the distinction of having his film Le Corbeau (1943) banned by both the German forces occupying France and the Free French forces fighting them, but for different reasons. He shot to ...

Le salaire de la peur (1953) Les diaboliques (1955) Quai des Orfèvres (1947) Le corbeau (1943) La vérité (1960) Les espions (1957) La prisonnière (1968) Le mystère Picasso (1956)

9. Andrzej Wajda

Director | Katyn

Andrzej Wajda is an Academy Award-wining director. He is the most prominent filmmaker in Poland known for The Promised Land (1975), Man of Iron (1981), and Katyn (2007).

He was Born on March 6, 1926, in Suwalki, Poland. His mother, Aniela Wajda, was a teacher at a Ukrainian school. His father, Jakub...

Popiól i diament (1958) Czlowiek z marmuru (1977) Ziemia obiecana (1975) Kanal (1957) Danton (1983)

10. Robert J. Flaherty

Director | Louisiana Story

Robert J. Flaherty was born on February 16, 1884 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, USA as Robert Joseph Flaherty. He was a director and writer, known for Louisiana Story (1948), Man of Aran (1934) and Elephant Boy (1937). He was married to Frances H. Flaherty. He died on July 23, 1951 in Brattleboro, ...

Nanook of the North (1922) Man of Aran (1934) Louisiana Story (1948) Moana (1926)

11. Abel Gance

Writer | La dame aux camélias

Born an illegitimate son of a wealthy physician, Abel Flamant, and a working class mother, Francoise Perethon. He was raised by his mother and her boyfriend, who later became her husband, Adolphe Gance. Pressured by his parents, he began his working career as a lawyer's clerk in hopes of achieving ...

Napoléon vu par Abel Gance (1927) La roue (1923) J'accuse (1919)

12. Samuel Fuller

Writer | Shock Corridor

At age 17, Samuel Fuller was the youngest reporter ever to be in charge of the events section of the New York Journal. After having participated in the European battle theater in World War II, he directed some minor action productions for which he mostly wrote the scripts himself and which he also ...

Shock Corridor (1963) Pickup on South Street (1953) The Big Red One (1980) Forty Guns (1957) The Naked Kiss (1964) White Dog (1982) The Steel Helmet (1951) Park Row (1952) Run of the Arrow (1957) Street of No Return (1989)

13. Ritwik Ghatak

Director | Meghe Dhaka Tara

Ritwik Ghatak was born on November 4, 1925 in Dacca, Bengal Presidency, British India as Ritwik Kumar Ghatak. He was a director and writer, known for The Cloud-Capped Star (1960), Madhumati (1958) and Reason, Debate and a Story (1974). He was married to Surama Ghatak. He died on February 6, 1976 in...

Meghe Dhaka Tara (1960) Jukti, Takko Aar Gappo (1974) Subarnarekha (1965) Titas Ekti Nodir Naam (1973) Ajantrik (1958) Komal Gandhar (1961)

14. Peter Watkins

Director | The War Game

Peter Watkins began his career in advertising as an assistant producer and turned to amateur filmmaking in the late 1950s. In the mid-'60s he was commissioned by BBC-TV to make two feature-length docudramas incorporating a quasi-newsreel style and nonprofessional actors. The second of these, The ...

Edvard Munch (1974) La commune (Paris, 1871) (2000) The War Game (1965) Culloden (1964) Privilege (1967) Punishment Park (1971)

15. Maurice Pialat

Director | À nos amours

Maurice Pialat was born on August 31, 1925 in Cunlhat, Puy-de-Dôme, France. He was a director and writer, known for À Nos Amours (1983), Under the Sun of Satan (1987) and Van Gogh (1991). He was married to Sylvie Pialat. He died on January 11, 2003 in Paris, France.

À nos amours (1983) Van Gogh (1991) L'enfance nue (1968) La gueule ouverte (1974) Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble (1972) Loulou (1980) La maison des bois (1971)

16. George A. Romero

Writer | Land of the Dead

George A. Romero never set out to become a Hollywood figure; by all indications, though, he was very successful. The director of the groundbreaking "Living Dead" films was born February 4, 1940 ,in New York City to Ann (Dvorsky) and Jorge Romero. His father was born in Spain and raised in Cuba, and...

Night of the Living Dead (1968) Dawn of the Dead (1978) Day of the Dead (1985) Martin (1978)

17. Miklós Jancsó

Director | Csillagosok, katonák

Miklos Jancsó was born in 1921 in Vac, Hungary. His mother Angela Poparada was Romanian and his father Sandor Jancsó Hungarian. Jancsó received a degree in Law from the University of Cluj-Napoca in 1944. After fighting in WWII and a brief period as a POW, he chose to join the Film and Theater ...

Szegénylegények (1966) Csillagosok, katonák (1967) Még kér a nép (1972) Szerelmem, Elektra (1974) Így jöttem (1965)

18. Robert Wiene

Director | Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari

Robert Wiene was born on April 24, 1873 in Breslau, Silesia, Germany. He was a writer and director, known for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), The Hands of Orlac (1924) and L'autre (1930). He died on July 17, 1938 in Paris, France.

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (1920) Raskolnikow (1923)

19. Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Director | Komödianten

Georg Wilhelm Pabst is considered by many to be the greatest director of German cinema, in his era. He was especially appreciated by actors and actresses for the humane way in which he treated them. This was in contrast to some of his contemporaries, such as Arnold Fanck, who have been ...

Die Büchse der Pandora (1929) Tagebuch einer Verlorenen (1929) Die 3 Groschen-Oper (1931) Kameradschaft (1931) Die freudlose Gasse (1925) Westfront 1918: Vier von der Infanterie (1930)

20. Wojciech Has

Director | Pozegnania

Born in Kraków, Poland, in 1925. Feature film director. Graduated in 1946 from Cracow Film Institute, also studied painting. From 1947 to 1957 made a number of documentary shorts and educational films. Feature film debut: _The Noose_ (Petla, 1958, co-scr.). Other films: _Farewells_ (Pozegnania, ...

Rekopis znaleziony w Saragossie (1965) Sanatorium pod Klepsydra (1973)

21. Ki-duk Kim

Writer | Bin-jip

He studied fine arts in Paris in 1990-1992. In 1993 he won the award for Best Screenplay from the Educational Institute of Screenwriting with "A Painter and A Criminal Condemned to Death". After two more screenplay awards, he made his directorial debut with Crocodile (1996). Then he went on to ...

Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom (2003) Bin-jip (2004) Seom (2000) Pieta (2012)

22. Kazuo Hara

Director | Yuki yukite, shingun

Kazuo Hara was born on June 8, 1945 in Yamaguchi, Japan. He is a director and cinematographer, known for The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (1987), A Dedicated Life (1994) and Goodbye CP (1972).

Yuki yukite, shingun (1987) Gokushiteki erosu: Renka 1974 (1974)

23. Lindsay Anderson

Director | If....

Lindsay Anderson was born on April 17, 1923 in Bangalore, Kingdom of Mysore, British India as Lindsay Gordon Anderson. He was a director and actor, known for If.... (1968), Britannia Hospital (1982) and This Sporting Life (1963). He died on August 30, 1994 in Angoulême, Charente, France.

If.... (1968) O Lucky Man! (1973) This Sporting Life (1963)

24. Atom Egoyan

Director | The Sweet Hereafter

Born in Egypt to Armenian parents, he was raised in Western Canada. Both his parents were painters, and he planned to be a playwright, but after making a short film, he became hooked on telling stories visually. Returned to ethnic "homeland" when he filmed Calendar (1993) in Armenia. Won attention ...

Exotica (1994) The Sweet Hereafter (1997) Calendar (1993) Next of Kin (1984) Citadel (2006) Chloe (2009)

25. Jean-Pierre Dardenne

Producer | Deux jours, une nuit

After studying drama in the arts institute, Jean Pierre Dardenne and his brother Luc made some videos about the rough life in blue-collar small towns in the Wallonie. After their meeting with filmmaker Armad Gatti and cinematographer Ned Burgess, they decided to enter in the movie business.

In 1978 ...

(and Luc Dardenne) Rosetta (1999) Le fils (2002) L'enfant (2005) La promesse (1996) Le gamin au vélo (2011) Deux jours, une nuit (2014)

26. Abderrahmane Sissako

Director | Timbuktu

Abderrahmane Sissako was born on October 13, 1961 in Kiffa, Mauritania. He is a director and writer, known for Timbuktu (2014), Life on Earth (1998) and Waiting for Happiness (2002).

Heremakono (2002) Bamako (2006) Timbuktu (2014)

27. Kaige Chen

Director | Ba wang bie ji

Kaige Chen was born on August 12, 1952 in Beijing, China. He is a director and writer, known for Farewell My Concubine (1993), Yellow Earth (1984) and Together with You (2002). He has been married to Hong Chen since 1996. They have two children.

Huang tu di (1984) Ba wang bie ji (1993) Hai zi wang (1987)

28. Sally Potter

Director | Orlando

Sally Potter made her first 8mm film aged fourteen. She has since written and directed seven feature films, as well as many short films (including THRILLER and PLAY) and a television series, and has directed opera (Carmen for the ENO in 2007) and other live work. Her background is in choreography, ...

Orlando (1992) Yes (2004) The Gold Diggers (1983)

29. Russ Meyer

Director | Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens

Russell Albion Meyer was born in San Leandro, California, to Lydia Lucinda (Hauck), a nurse, and William Arthur Meyer, a police officer, who divorced during his childhood. His parents were both of German descent. Meyer began winning prizes at 15 with his amateur films. He spent World War II in ...

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979) Up! (1976) Supervixens (1975) Vixen! (1968)

30. Manoel de Oliveira

Director | Os Canibais

Manoel de Oliveira was born on December 11, 1908 in Oporto, Portugal as Manoel Candido Pinto de Oliveira. He was a director and writer, known for Os Canibais (1988), I'm Going Home (2001) and The Convent (1995). He was married to Maria Isabel Brandão de Meneses de Almeida Carvalhais. He died on ...

Vale Abraão (1993) Viagem ao Princípio do Mundo (1997) Inquietude (1998) Amor de Perdição: Memórias de uma Família (1978) Je rentre à la maison (2001) Benilde ou a Virgem Mãe (1975) 'Non', ou A Vã Glória de Mandar (1990) Porto da Minha Infância (2001) Francisca (1981) Os Canibais (1988) Acto da Primavera (1963) O Estranho Caso de Angélica (2010) Mon cas (1986)

31. Bob Fosse

Director | Cabaret

Bob Fosse was born on June 23, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Robert Louis Fosse. He is known for his work on Cabaret (1972), All That Jazz (1979) and Lenny (1974). He was married to Gwen Verdon, Joan McCracken and Mary Ann Niles. He died on September 23, 1987 in Washington, District of Columbia...

Cabaret (1972) All That Jazz (1979)

32. Guru Dutt

Actor | Pyaasa

Considered to be a man ahead of his time, Guru Dutt was one of the greatest icons of commercial Indian cinema. Although he made less than fifty films, they are believed to be the best to come from Bollywood's Golden Age, known both for their ability to reach out to the common man and for their ...

Pyaasa (1957) Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959)

33. Robert Aldrich

Director | What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Robert Aldrich entered the film industry in 1941 when he got a job as a production clerk at RKO Pictures. He soon worked his way up to script clerk, then became an assistant director, a production manager and an associate producer. He began writing and directing for TV series in the early 1950s, ...

Kiss Me Deadly (1955) What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) Ulzana's Raid (1972) Vera Cruz (1954) Autumn Leaves (1956) Emperor of the North Pole (1973)

34. Louis Malle

Director | Au revoir les enfants

Louis Malle, the descendant of a French nobleman who made a fortune in beet sugar during the Napoleonic Wars, created films that explored life and its meaning. Malle's family discouraged his early interest in film but, in 1950, allowed him to enter the Institute of Advanced Cinematographic Studies ...

Au revoir les enfants (1987) Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (1958) Black Moon (1975) Zazie dans le métro (1960) Atlantic City, USA (1980) Lacombe Lucien (1974) Le feu follet (1963) Le souffle au coeur (1971) Vanya on 42nd Street (1994) Les amants (1958) My Dinner with Andre (1981) L'Inde fantôme (1969)

35. Paul Morrissey

Director | Mixed Blood

Born in New York City in 1938, Paul Morrissey studied literature at Fordham University. In the early 1960s, following a stint in the Army and jobs in insurance and as a social worker, he began directing short independent films.

In 1965, he was introduced to Andy Warhol, who asked him to contribute ...

Chelsea Girls (1966) Trash (1970) Blood for Dracula (1974) Heat (1972) Mixed Blood (1984) Flesh (1968) Flesh for Frankenstein (1973)

36. Andy Warhol

Director | Blue Movie

Andrew Warhol's father, Ondrej, came from the Austria-Hungary Empire (now Slovakia) in 1912, and sent for his mother, Julia Zavackyová Warholová, in 1921. His father worked as a construction worker and later as a coal miner. Around some time, the family moved to Pittsburgh. During his teenage years...

Chelsea Girls (1966) Vinyl (1965) Blue Movie (1969) My Hustler (1965) Outer and Inner Space (1966) Blow Job (1963) Empire (1965)

37. Gaspar Noé

Director | Climax

Gaspar Noé was born on December 27, 1963 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a director and producer, known for Climax (2018), Irréversible (2002) and Enter the Void (2009).

Irréversible (2002) Enter the Void (2009) Seul contre tous (1998) Climax (2018)

38. Larisa Shepitko

Director | Voskhozhdenie

Larisa Shepitko was born on January 6, 1938 in Artyomovsk, Ukrainian SSR, USSR as Larisa Yefimovna Shepitko. She was a director and writer, known for The Ascent (1977), Heat (1963) and You and Me (1971). She was married to Elem Klimov. She died on July 2, 1979.

Voskhozhdenie (1977) Krylya (1966)

39. Aleksey German

Director | Khrustalyov, mashinu!

Aleksey German was born on July 20, 1938 in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, USSR as Aleksei Yuryevich German. He was an actor and director, known for Khrustalyov, My Car! (1998), Hard to Be a God (2013) and My Friend Ivan Lapshin (1985). He was married to Svetlana Karmalita. He died on February 21, 2013 ...

Moy drug Ivan Lapshin (1985) Trudno byt bogom (2013) Khrustalyov, mashinu! (1998)

40. Joseph Losey

Director | The Servant

Belonging to an important family clan in Wisconsin, Joseph Losey studied philosophy but was always interested in theater and thus worked together with Bertolt Brecht. After directing some shorts for MGM, he made his first important film, The Boy with Green Hair (1948), for RKO. While he was filming ...

The Servant (1963) The Go-Between (1971) The Damned (1962) Accident (1967) Mr. Klein (1976) Time Without Pity (1957) Modesty Blaise (1966) The Boy with Green Hair (1948)

41. Derek Jarman

Director | Caravaggio

Derek Jarman was born on January 31, 1942 in London, England as Michael Derek Elworthy Jarman. He was a director and cinematographer, known for Caravaggio (1986), Edward II (1991) and Wittgenstein (1993). He died on February 19, 1994 in London.

Blue (1993) Jubilee (1978) The Last of England (1987) Caravaggio (1986) Edward II (1991) The Angelic Conversation (1985) Sebastiane (1976) The Garden (1990) Wittgenstein (1993)

42. Edgar G. Ulmer

Director | The Naked Dawn

Edgar G. Ulmer was born on September 17, 1904 in Olmütz, Moravia, Austria-Hungary as Edgar George Ulmer. He was a director and writer, known for The Naked Dawn (1955), The Black Cat (1934) and Isle of Forgotten Sins (1943). He was married to Shirley Ulmer and Joan Warner. He died on September 30, ...

Detour (1945) The Black Cat (1934) Menschen am Sonntag (1930)

43. Jerry Lewis

Actor | The Nutty Professor

Jerry Lewis (born March 16, 1926) was an American comedian, actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter and film director. He is known for his slapstick humor in film, television, stage and radio. He was originally paired up with Dean Martin in 1946, forming the famed comedy team of Martin and Lewis...

The Ladies Man (1961) The Nutty Professor (1963) Smorgasbord (1983) The Bellboy (1960) Hardly Working (1980)

44. Nelson Pereira dos Santos

Director | O Amuleto de Ogum

Nelson Pereira dos Santos was born on October 22, 1928 in São Paulo, Brazil. He was a director and writer, known for O Amuleto de Ogum (1974), Memórias do Cárcere (1984) and Tenda dos Milagres (1977). He was married to Ivelise Ferreira. He died on April 21, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, ...

Vidas Secas (1963) Como Era Gostoso o Meu Francês (1971) Rio, 40 Graus (1955) Quem é Beta? (1972)

45. Harmony Korine

Director | Gummo

Harmony Korine was born in 1973 in Bolinas, California. His family moved to the east coast of the United States when he was five, and he spent his early years in Nashville, Tennessee, and New York. At the age of nineteen, he wrote the critically acclaimed screenplay Kids (1995) for director Larry ...

Gummo (1997) Julien Donkey-Boy (1999) Spring Breakers (2012)

46. Mario Bava

Cinematographer | Ecologia del delitto

Italian director Mario Bava was born on July 31, 1914 in the coastal northern Italian town of San Remo. His father, Eugenio Bava (1886-1966), was a cinematographer in the early days of the Italian film industry. Bava was trained as a painter, and when he eventually followed his father into film ...

Operazione paura (1966) La maschera del demonio (1960) 6 donne per l'assassino (1964) Terrore nello spazio (1965) Ecologia del delitto (1971) La frusta e il corpo (1963) I tre volti della paura (1963) Diabolik (1968) Lisa e il diavolo (1973) Cani arrabbiati (1974) Ercole al centro della Terra (1961)

47. Elaine May

Actress | Small Time Crooks

Elaine May was born on April 21, 1932 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Elaine Iva Berlin. She is an actress and writer, known for Small Time Crooks (2000), A New Leaf (1971) and Primary Colors (1998). She was previously married to David L. Rubinfine, Sheldon Harnick and Marvin May.

A New Leaf (1971) Mikey and Nicky (1976) Ishtar (1987) The Heartbreak Kid (1972)

48. João César Monteiro

Actor | Recordações da Casa Amarela

Born in Figueira da Foz, a cosmopolitan beach resort, moved to Lisbon at the age of 15. In 1963 studies cinema at London School of Technique and starts his first movie at 1965 only concluded five years later. "Silvestre" from Portuguese short stories was presented at Venice Film Festival, where he ...

Vai~E~Vem (2003) A Comédia de Deus (1995) Recordações da Casa Amarela (1989) Veredas (1978) Silvestre (1981) As Bodas de Deus (1999) Le bassin de J.W. (1997) À Flor do Mar (1986) Branca de Neve (2000) Passeio com Johnny Guitar (1996)

49. Bruce Robinson

Writer | Withnail & I

Such is the mythology that has sprung up around Bruce Robinson's first film, the openly autobiographical Withnail & I (1987), that it's often hard to separate fact from fiction. But the facts appear to be these: trained as an actor at London's Central School of Speech and Drama, he got off to a...

Withnail & I (1987) How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989)

50. Ermanno Olmi

Director | L'albero degli zoccoli

Ermanno Olmi was born on July 24, 1931 in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy. He was a director and writer, known for The Tree of Wooden Clogs (1978), The Legend of the Holy Drinker (1988) and The Profession of Arms (2001). He was married to Loredana Detto. He died on May 5, 2018 in Asiago, Veneto, Italy.

L'albero degli zoccoli (1978) Il posto (1961) I fidanzati (1963)

51. Otto Preminger

Director | Anatomy of a Murder

Otto Ludwig Preminger was born in Wiznitz, Bukovina, Austria-Hungary. His father was a prosecutor, and Otto originally intended to follow his father into a law career; however, he fell in love with the theater in his 20's and became one of the most imaginative stage producers and directors. He was ...

Laura (1944) Anatomy of a Murder (1959) Bonjour tristesse (1958) Angel Face (1953) The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) River of No Return (1954) Daisy Kenyon (1947) Saint Joan (1957) Skidoo (1968) Such Good Friends (1971) Advise & Consent (1962) Carmen Jones (1954)

52. Shane Carruth

Composer | Primer

Writer-director Shane Carruth, a former software engineer, burst onto the independent movie scene with his extremely low-budget science-fiction film Primer (2004) in 2004. Carruth also played one of the two leads in the film and composed its music. "Primer" won the Grand Jury Prize and the Alfred P...

Upstream Color (2013) Primer (2004)

53. Todd Solondz

Director | Welcome to the Dollhouse

Todd Solondz was born in Newark, New Jersey. One of his earliest jobs in the film industry was when, as a young man, he worked as a messenger for the Writers' Guild of America. During this time, he wrote several screenplays.

Solondz's first color film with sync sound was the short "Schatt's Last ...

Happiness (1998) Palindromes (2004) Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995) Life During Wartime (2009)

54. Melvin Van Peebles

Actor | The Shining

Melvin Van Peebles was born on August 21, 1932 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for The Shining (1997), Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971) and Bellyful (2000).

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971) La permission (1968) Watermelon Man (1970)

55. Kon Ichikawa

Director | Inugami-ke no ichizoku

Kon Ichikawa has been influenced by artists as diverse as Walt Disney and Jean Renoir, and his films cover a wide spectrum of moods, from the comic to the overwhelmingly ironic and even the perverse. Ichikawa began his career as a cartoonist, and this influence is apparent in his skillful use of ...

Yukinojô henge (1963) Biruma no tategoto (1956) Nobi (1959) Tôkyô orinpikku (1965) Sasameyuki (1983)

56. Jafar Panahi

Director | Taxi

Jafar Panahi (Born 11 July 1960) is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, and film editor, commonly identified with the Iranian New Wave film movement. After several years of making short films and working as an assistant director for fellow Iranian film-maker Abbas Kiarostami, Panahi achieved ...

Talaye sorkh (2003) Dayereh (2000) In film nist (2011) Badkonake sefid (1995) Offside (2006) Pardé (2013) Taxi (2015) Se rokh (2018)

57. Volker Schlöndorff

Director | Die Blechtrommel

Has studied economy and political sciences as well as at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinematographique (IDHEC) in Paris, France. Worked as an assistant director with Louis Malle, Jean-Pierre Melville and Alain Resnais. Founded his own production company Bioskop Film together with Reinhard Hauff ...

Die Blechtrommel (1979) Der Fangschuß (1976) Baal (1970) Die Fälschung (1981)

58. Frederick Wiseman

Director | Ex Libris: The New York Public Library

Born in 1930, Wiseman is a Cambridge, Massachusetts resident and member of the Massachusetts Bar Association who turned to filmmaking in 1967, after years as an instructor and/or researcher at Boston University, Brandeis University, and Harvard. In 1970 he founded Zipporah Films, Inc., which ...

Titicut Follies (1967) Primate (1974) Welfare (1975) High School (1968) Hospital (1970) Public Housing (1997) Near Death (1989) Boxing Gym (2010) Juvenile Court (1973)

59. Andrey Zvyagintsev

Director | Nelyubov

Andrei Zvyagintsev is a Russian filmmaker and was born on Feb.6, 1964 in the siberian city of Novisibirsk. He graduated from the Novosibirsk Actors School in 1984 and started to act on stage in provincial theatres. In the early 1990s he came to Moscow - the centre of the Russian film industry - ...

Vozvrashchenie (2003) Leviafan (2014) Nelyubov (2017)

60. John Frankenheimer

Director | The Manchurian Candidate

Born in New York and raised in Queens, John Frankenheimer wanted to become a professional tennis player. He loved movies and his favorite actor was Robert Mitchum. He decided he wanted to be an actor but then he applied for and was accepted in the Motion Picture Squadron of the Air Force where he ...

The Manchurian Candidate (1962) Seconds (1966)

61. Bruno Dumont

Writer | P'tit Quinquin

Bruno Dumont was born on March 14, 1958 in Bailleul, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. He is a writer and director, known for Li'l Quinquin (2014), The Life of Jesus (1997) and Camille Claudel 1915 (2013).

L'humanité (1999) Twentynine Palms (2003) La vie de Jésus (1997) P'tit Quinquin (2014) Flandres (2006)

62. Victor Sjöström

Actor | Smultronstället

Victor Sjöström was born on September 20, 1879, and is the undisputed father of Swedish film, ranking as one of the masters of world cinema. His influence lives on in the work of Ingmar Bergman and all those directors, both Swedish and international, influenced by his work and the works of ...

The Wind (1928) Körkarlen (1921) Berg-Ejvind och hans hustru (1918) Terje Vigen (1917) The Scarlet Letter (1926) He Who Gets Slapped (1924) Klostret i Sendomir (1920)

63. Werner Schroeter

Director | Eika Katappa

The key person of the New German Cinema of the '70s. His works, mostly shot in 16mm, combine an intense interest and knowledge of German history and personal dramatic and emotional investigations. Malina (1991) which stars Isabelle Huppert is one of the great classics of modern cinema and deals ...

Der Tod der Maria Malibran (1972) Der Rosenkönig (1986) Eika Katappa (1969)

64. Zhuangzhuang Tian

Director | Lan feng zheng

Tian is a former cameraman and graduate of the Beijing Film Academy. Due to controvery caused by some of his films, post-production on The Blue Kite (1993) had to be completed outside his homeland China.

Dao ma zei (1986) Lan feng zheng (1993) Xiao cheng zhi chun (2002) Cha ma gu dao xi lie (2004)

65. Stanley Kwan

Director | Lan Yu

Stanley Kwan was born on October 9, 1957 in Hong Kong as Jinpang Guan. He is a director and producer, known for Lan Yu (2001), Hold You Tight (1998) and Rouge (1987).

Ruan Lingyu (1991) Yan zhi kou (1987) Naamsaang-neuiseung (1998)

66. William A. Wellman

Director | A Star Is Born

William Wellman, the Oscar-winning screenwriter-director of the original A Star Is Born (1937), was called "Wild Bill" during his World War I service as an aviator, a nickname that persisted in Hollywood due to his larger-than-life personality and lifestyle.

A leap-year baby born in 1896 on the 29th...

Track of the Cat (1954) The Ox-Bow Incident (1942) The Public Enemy (1931)

67. Jean Grémillon

Director | Pattes blanches

An educated man,Jean Grémillon (b.1898) should almost be mentioned in the same breath as the big five of the golden age of the French cinema (Carné,Renoir,Duvivier, Feyder and Clair).Some of his plans never came to anything:for instance ,after WW2 ,only three movies, which is too few,for such a man.


Gueule d'amour (1937) Lumière d'été (1943) Le ciel est à vous (1944)

68. Frank Borzage

Director | No Greater Glory

Frank Borzage was born on April 23, 1894 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. He was an actor and director, known for No Greater Glory (1934), 7th Heaven (1927) and Bad Girl (1931). He was married to Juanita Scott, Edna Skelton and Rena Rogers. He died on June 19, 1962 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, ...

7th Heaven (1927) The Mortal Storm (1940) Man's Castle (1933) Moonrise (1948)

69. Pál Fejös

Director | Man och kvinna

Budapest-born director Paul Fejos first called attention to himself in Kecskemét, Hungary, as a student actor. During World War I he was a soldier in the army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and after the war he became a student of chemistry. His artistic inclination, however, drew him to the ...

Lonesome (1928) Tavaszi zápor (1932)

70. Anthony Mann

Director | El Cid

Anthony Mann was born on June 30, 1906 in San Diego, California, USA as Emil Anton Bundesmann. He was a director and writer, known for El Cid (1961), Men in War (1957) and The Glenn Miller Story (1954). He was married to Anna; 1 child Nicholas Anthony Mann, Sara Montiel and Mildred Mann. He died on...

The Naked Spur (1953) Man of the West (1958) The Tall Target (1951) Winchester '73 (1950) The Man from Laramie (1955) Bend of the River (1952) The Far Country (1954) Reign of Terror (1949) El Cid (1961) Raw Deal (1948) Side Street (1950)

71. Yasuzô Masumura

Director | Daichi no komoriuta

Born in Yamanashi, Japan, Yasuzô Masumura would become known as a maverick director whose main legacy was films portraying and promoting individualism, which was the opposite of the norm in Japanese society. He earned a law degree towards the end of World War II from Tokyo University, yet joined ...

Tsuma wa kokuhaku suru (1961) Akai tenshi (1966) Nise daigakusei (1960) Kuchizuke (1957) Kyojin to gangu (1958) Manji (1964) Môjû (1969) Sekkusu chekku: Daini no sei (1968) Daichi no komoriuta (1976) Heitai yakuza (1965) Irezumi (1966) Chijin no ai (1967) Hanaoka Seishû no tsuma (1967) Sonezaki shinju (1978) Kuro no tesuto kâ (1962) Aozora musume (1957) Rikugun Nakano gakko (1966)

72. Kira Muratova

Director | Nastroyshchik

Kira Muratova was born on November 5, 1934 in Soroca, Romania as Kira Georgiyevna Korotkova. She was a director and writer, known for The Tuner (2004), Second Class Citizens (2001) and Melody for a Street Organ (2009). She was married to Yevgeni Golubenko and Aleksandr Muratov. She died on June 6, ...

Astenicheskiy sindrom (1990) Chekhovskie motivy (2002) Tri istorii (1997) Uvlecheniya (1994) Poznavaya belyy svet (1980) Peremena uchasti (1987) Dolgie provody (1971) Nastroyshchik (2004)

73. John Woo

Director | Ying hung boon sik

Born in southern China, John Woo grew up in Hong Kong, where he began his film career as an assistant director in 1969, working for Shaw Brothers Studios. He directed his first feature in 1973 and has been a prolific director ever since, working in a wide variety of genres before A Better Tomorrow ...

Dip huet seung hung (1989) Lat sau san taam (1992) Ying hung boon sik (1986) Face/Off (1997)

74. Jack Arnold

Director | The Incredible Shrinking Man

Jack Arnold reigns supreme as one of the great directors of 1950s science-fiction features. His films are distinguished by moody black and white cinematography, solid acting, smart, thoughtful scripts, snappy pacing, a genuine heartfelt enthusiasm for the genre and plenty of eerie atmosphere.


The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) It Came from Outer Space (1953)

75. Don Siegel

Director | Dirty Harry

Don Siegel was educated at Cambridge University, England. In Hollywood from the mid-'30s, he began his career as an editor and second unit director. In 1945 he directed two shorts (Hitler Lives (1945) and Star in the Night (1945)) which both won Academy Awards. His first feature as a director was ...

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) Dirty Harry (1971) Charley Varrick (1973) The Beguiled (1971)

76. Youssef Chahine

Director | Iskanderija... lih?

Youssef Chahine (born in Alexandria, Egypt, 1926) started studying in a friars' school, and then turned to English College until the High School Certificate. After one year in the University of Alexandria, he moved to the U.S. and spent two years at the Pasadena Play House, taking courses on film ...

Bab el hadid (1958) Al-massir (1997) Skoot hansawwar (2001)

77. Yoshishige Yoshida

Director | Ningen no yakusoku

Yoshishige Yoshida was born on February 16, 1933 in Fukui, Japan. He is a director and writer, known for A Promise (1986), Wuthering Heights (1988) and Farewell to the Summer Light (1968). He has been married to Okada, Mariko since 1964.

Erosu purasu gyakusatsu (1969) Kokuhakuteki joyûron (1971) Rengoku eroica (1970) Onna no mizûmi (1966) Saraba natsu no hikari (1968) Juhyô no yoromeki (1968) Kaigenrei (1973) Mizu de kakareta monogatari (1965) Jôen (1967) Arashi ga oka (1988)

78. Eduardo Coutinho

Director | Edifício Master

Eduardo Coutinho was born on May 11, 1933 in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil as Eduardo de Oliveira Coutinho. He was a director and writer, known for Edifício Master (2002), The Mighty Spirit (1999) and Babilônia 2000 (1999). He was married to Maria das Dores de Oliveira. He died on ...

Cabra Marcado Para Morrer (1984) Jogo de Cena (2007)

79. Radley Metzger

Director | The Opening of Misty Beethoven

One of the pioneers of American adult cinema, Radley Metzger was born in New York. He first made a name in erotic cinema by importing and distributing European erotic films, including the Danish sex film I, a Woman (1965). At around the same time Metzger decided to direct his own features, which ...

The Lickerish Quartet (1970) Score (1974)

80. Fernando E. Solanas

Producer | El exilio de Gardel: Tangos

Fernando E. Solanas was born on February 16, 1936 in Olivos, Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina as Fernando Ezequiel Solanas. He is a producer and director, known for Tangos, the Exile of Gardel (1985), The Journey (1992) and Clouds (1998). He is married to Ángela Correa.

(and Octavio Getino) La hora de los hornos: Notas y testimonios sobre el neocolonialismo, la violencia y la liberación (1968)

81. Michael Mann

Producer | The Insider

A student of London's International Film School, Michael Mann began his career in the late 70s, writing for TV shows like Starsky and Hutch (1975). He directed his first film, the award-winning prison drama The Jericho Mile (1979), in 1979. He followed that in 1981 with his first theatrical release,...

Heat (1995) The Insider (1999) The Last of the Mohicans (1992) Manhunter (1986) Thief (1981) Miami Vice (2006)

82. George Roy Hill

Director | The Sting

George Roy Hill was never able to 'hit it off' with the critics despite the fact that 2 of his films - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), and The Sting (1973) - had remained among the top 10 box office hits by 1976. His work was frequently derided as 'impersonal' or lacking in stylistic ...

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) The Sting (1973) The World According to Garp (1982)

83. Pawel Pawlikowski

Director | Zimna wojna

A literature and philosophy graduate, with extensive post-graduate work at Oxford on German literature, Polish-born Pawel Pawlikowski started as a documentary filmmaker in British television.

His second feature, Last Resort (2000), earned him international critical acclaim at numerous festivals, ...

Ida (2013) Zimna wojna (2018)

84. Arnaud Desplechin

Writer | Rois et reine

Arnaud Desplechin was born on October 31, 1960 in Roubaix, Nord, France. He is a writer and director, known for Kings & Queen (2004), La vie des morts (1991) and La sentinelle (1992).

Rois et reine (2004) Un conte de Noël (2008) Comment je me suis disputé... (ma vie sexuelle) (1996)

85. Gregory La Cava

Director | Stage Door

A former cartoonist, Gregory La Cava entered films during WWI as an animator for Walter Lantz on such animated films as "The Katzenjammer Kids" series. Hired by the Hearst Corp. as the editor-in-chief for its International Comic Films division, La Cava switched to live-action films in the 1920s and...

Stage Door (1937) My Man Godfrey (1936)

86. Mark Rappaport

Director | From the Journals of Jean Seberg

Mark Rappaport is a director and editor, known for From the Journals of Jean Seberg (1995), The Scenic Route (1978) and Impostors (1979).

The Scenic Route (1978) From the Journals of Jean Seberg (1995) Exterior Night (1993) Local Color (1977) Rock Hudson's Home Movies (1992) Impostors (1979) Postcards (1990) Chain Letters (1985) Mozart in Love (1975)

87. Elia Suleiman

Director | Yadon ilaheyya

Elia Suleiman was born on July 28, 1960 in Nazareth, Israel. He is a director and writer, known for Divine Intervention (2002), It Must Be Heaven (2019) and The Time That Remains (2009). He is married to Yasmine Hamdan.

Yadon ilaheyya (2002) Chronicle of a Disappearance (1996)

88. Abel Ferrara

Director | Bad Lieutenant

Born in the Bronx, Ferrara started making amateur films on Super 8 in his teens before making his debut with violent exploitation films such as 'Driller Killer' and 'Ms.45'. Good reviews for the latter helped create his cult reputation, leading to larger budgets, studio funding and 'name' actors (...

The Addiction (1995) New Rose Hotel (1998) Bad Lieutenant (1992) Ms .45 (1981) King of New York (1990) The Driller Killer (1979) Snake Eyes (1993)

89. Sara Driver

Writer | Broken Flowers

Sara Driver was born on December 15, 1955 in Westfield, New Jersey, USA. She is an actress and director, known for Broken Flowers (2005), Sleepwalk (1986) and Stranger Than Paradise (1984).

You Are Not I (1981) Sleepwalk (1986) When Pigs Fly (1993)

90. Luc Moullet

Director | La comédie du travail

Luc Moullet was born on October 14, 1937 in Paris, France. He is a director and actor, known for The Comedy of Work (1988), The Smugglers (1968) and Le système Zsygmondy (2000).

Genèse d'un repas (1979) Anatomie d'un rapport (1976) Brigitte et Brigitte (1966) Les contrebandières (1968) Essai d'ouverture (1988) Barres (1984) La cabale des oursins (1992) Une aventure de Billy le Kid (1971) Les sièges de l'Alcazar (1989) Un steack trop cuit (1960) Ma première brasse (1981) La comédie du travail (1988) Le ventre de l'Amérique (1996)

91. Sam Raimi

Director | Spider-Man

Highly inventive U.S. film director/producer/writer/actor Sam Raimi first came to the attention of film fans with the savage, yet darkly humorous, low-budget horror film, The Evil Dead (1981). From his childhood, Raimi was a fan of the cinema and, before he was ten-years-old, he was out making ...

Evil Dead II (1987) The Evil Dead (1981)

92. Alex Cox

Director | Repo Man

Throughout his years in the industry, Alex Cox, an English writer-director, has not only proven his loyalty and integrity to cult cinema, but also his love for it. This all began in 1977, when Cox dropped out of Oxford University to study Radio, Film & TV at Bristol until graduating in 1977. Seeing...

Walker (1987) Repo Man (1984) El patrullero (1991) Sid and Nancy (1986)

93. John Sayles

Writer | Lone Star

A bright child, John Sayles began reading novels before age 9. A Williams grad in 1972, he shunned a corporate career to work various blue-collar jobs, moving to east Boston to take a factory job. He wrote stories and submitted them to various magazines, and the Atlantic Monthly gave him the idea ...

Lone Star (1996) The Brother from Another Planet (1984) Matewan (1987) Honeydripper (2007) Sunshine State (2002)

94. Nikos Nikolaidis

Writer | Proini peripolos

Nikos Nikolaidis was born on October 25, 1939 in Athens, Greece. He was a writer and director, known for Morning Patrol (1987), Singapore Sling (1990) and The Thrushes Are Still Singing (1979). He died on September 5, 2007 in Athens.

Singapore sling: O anthropos pou agapise ena ptoma (1990) Evridiki BA 2037 (1975) Proini peripolos (1987) Glykia symmoria (1983) Ta kourelia tragoudane akoma... (1979) Tha se do stin Kolasi, agapi mou (1999) The Zero Years (2005)

95. Warren Beatty

Actor | Reds

Since starring in his first film, Splendor in the Grass (1961), Warren Beatty has been said to have demonstrated a greater longevity in movies than any actor of his generation. Few people have taken so many responsibilities for all phases of the production of films as producer, director, writer, ...

Bulworth (1998) Reds (1981)

96. Albert Brooks

Actor | Drive

Albert Brooks was born on July 22, 1947 in Beverly Hills, California, USA as Albert Lawrence Einstein. He is an actor and writer, known for Drive (2011), Broadcast News (1987) and Defending Your Life (1991). He has been married to Kimberly Shlain since March 15, 1997. They have two children.

Real Life (1979) Defending Your Life (1991) Modern Romance (1981) Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (2005) Lost in America (1985)

97. Costa-Gavras

Director | Missing

Costa-Gavras was born on February 12, 1933 in Loutra-Iraias, Greece as Konstantinos Gavras. He is a director and writer, known for Missing (1982), Amen. (2002) and Z (1969). He has been married to Michèle Ray-Gavras since 1968. They have two children.

Z (1969) Missing (1982) L'aveu (1970)

98. Kwon-taek Im

Director | Chunhyangdyun

Born in Changsong, Cheollanam-do, 2 May 1936. He grew up in the southern city Kwangju, where he completed senior high school. His family suffered considerable hardships and losses in the Korean War, so he had to move to Pusan in search of work: he was a labourer before trying to start a business ...

Gaebyeok (1991) Mandala (1981) Seopyeonje (1993) Chunhyangdyun (2000) Chihwaseon (2002)

99. William Klein

Director | Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?

William Klein was born on April 19, 1928 in New York City, New York, USA. He is a director and writer, known for Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? (1966), The Model Couple (1977) and Mr. Freedom (1968).

Le couple témoin (1977) Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo? (1966) Mr. Freedom (1968) The Little Richard Story (1980) Muhammad Ali, the Greatest (1969) Broadway by Light (1958)

100. Juraj Herz

Director | Panna a netvor

Juraj Herz was born on September 4, 1934 in Kezmarok, Czechoslovakia. He was a director and actor, known for Beauty and the Beast (1978), Habermann (2010) and Cremator (1969). He was married to Therese Herz. He died on April 8, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Spalovac mrtvol (1969) Morgiana (1972)

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