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Very hard to find,

Looking for them,

Limited to 200, no particular order.

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1. A Wager Between Two Magicians, or, Jealous of Myself (1904)


A magician divides himself into two people. The doubles perform tricks before transforming back into one person.

Director: Georges Méliès | Star: Georges Méliès

Votes: 12

3. Dante's Inferno (1924)

Passed | 60 min | Drama, Horror, Romance

The tactics of a vicious slumlord and greedy businessman finally drive a distraught man to commit suicide. The businessman is tried for murder and executed, and is afterward taken by demons... See full summary »

Director: Henry Otto | Stars: Ralph Lewis, Winifred Landis, William Scott, Pauline Starke

Votes: 92 | Gross: $0.26M

4. The Wizard of Oz (1933)

9 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A storybook opens to depict little Dorothy on the grey Kansas prairies, when suddenly a cyclone comes up, turns her world to color, and she lands on a Scarecrow, who promptly gets up and ... See full summary »

Director: Ted Eshbaugh

Votes: 302

5. The Last Billionaire (1934)

90 min | Comedy

On the verge of revolution, the bankrupt kingdom of Casinaria begs the richest man in the world to pay a visit and offer financial advice. Upon his arrival our hero is accidentally hit on ... See full summary »

Director: René Clair | Stars: Max Dearly, Sinoël, Paul Ollivier, Marthe Mellot

Votes: 159

6. Gift of Gab (1934)

Passed | 70 min | Comedy, Music, Romance

Conceited radio announcer irritates everyone else at the station.

Director: Karl Freund | Stars: Edmund Lowe, Ruth Etting, Gloria Stuart, Phil Baker

Votes: 89

7. The Countess of Monte Cristo (1934)

Passed | 78 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

A light-hearted comedy when a bit player in a musical tries to convince her friends that she is a countess.

Director: Karl Freund | Stars: Fay Wray, Paul Lukas, Reginald Owen, Patsy Kelly

Votes: 19

10. Job (1936 TV Short)

25 min | Short, Musical

Televised Ballet based on Blake's vision of the Book of Job.

Stars: Maurice Brook, Joy Newton, Robert Helpmann, William Chappell

11. Magda (1938)

98 min | Drama

1885. For the opera festival it has organized, the small town of Imlingen has invited a famous singer, Maddalena Dall'Orto, who will not only sing at the local opera but will also perform ... See full summary »

Director: Carl Froelich | Stars: Zarah Leander, Heinrich George, Ruth Hellberg, Lina Carstens

Votes: 108

12. Das indische Grabmal (1938)

94 min | Drama

Back in India after what happened at first part Der Tiger von Eschnapur, Maharadscha Chandra is ready to carry on his well-planned vengeance, in which German architect Peter Fürbringer, his... See full summary »

Director: Richard Eichberg | Stars: Philip Dorn, Kitty Jantzen, La Jana, Theo Lingen

Votes: 82

13. Nostradamus (1938)

Approved | 11 min | Short, History

This initial entry in a series of several MGM shorts on Nostradamus starts with a short biography of the seer into the future. His early predictions concern European monarchs. His ... See full summary »

Director: David Miller | Stars: Carey Wilson, Barbara Bedford, Egon Brecher, John Burton

Votes: 44

14. Hay que educar a Niní (1940)

95 min | Comedy

Niní is an unemployed actress hired by two lawyers to pretend to be the daughter of a man of money. Lawyers try to blackmail him by inventing him an unrecognized daughter of a past affair. ... See full summary »

Director: Luis César Amadori | Stars: Niní Marshall, Francisco Álvarez, Pablo Palitos, Nuri Montsé

Votes: 59

15. Zalim Saudagar (1941)


A rich merchant, Antonio is depressed for no good reason, until his good friend Bassanio comes to tell him how he's in love with Portia. Portia's father has died and left a very strange ... See full summary »

Director: J.J. Madan

16. Swamp Water (1941)

Approved | 88 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Attempting to find his lost dog in a vast Georgia swamp, Ben Ragan stumbles upon wanted murderer Tom Keefer who convinces Ben he was framed for the murder by the real killer.

Directors: Jean Renoir, Irving Pichel | Stars: Walter Brennan, Walter Huston, Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews

Votes: 1,444

17. Ordet (1943)

108 min | Drama

A drama about mental disease, faith and doubt.

Director: Gustaf Molander | Stars: Victor Sjöström, Holger Löwenadler, Rune Lindström, Stig Olin

Votes: 83

18. Sudan (1945)

Passed | 76 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

Young, lovely Naila becomes queen of the ancient Egyptian kingdom of Khemis when her father is killed in a slave revolt. Continuing her penchant for going incognito among the people, she ... See full summary »

Director: John Rawlins | Stars: Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Turhan Bey, Andy Devine

Votes: 127

20. Peeks at Hollywood (1946)

9 min | Short, Comedy

Two young beautiful starlets use the Griffith Observatory telescope to find stars in Hollywood.

Director: Irving Applebaum | Stars: Knox Manning, Earl Carroll, Errol Flynn, Claire James

Votes: 16

21. Going to Glory... Come to Jesus (1946)

Approved | 90 min | Drama, Music

Outside the church a young woman, Ethel, is chatting with the reverend when her old friend Bessie appears. Bessie is a wild girl, interested in drinking, men and dancing.

Director: T. Meyer | Stars: Irene Harper, Lloyd Howlett, Stella Van Derzee, Charles A. Freeman

22. La fe (1947)

102 min

Father Luis Lastra is a young and pious priest who does his job in the village of Peñascosa. There he meets Marta, a beautiful parishioner very interested in religious matters. So much so ... See full summary »

Director: Rafael Gil | Stars: Amparo Rivelles, Rafael Durán, Guillermo Marín, Juan Espantaleón

Votes: 30

23. Tarzan and the Huntress (1947)

Passed | 72 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

To equip the American zoos with as many animals as possible, a cruel trio of big-game hunters team up with an unexpected ally, threatening the African fauna. Will Tarzan allow the fiendish huntress to pillage the jungle?

Director: Kurt Neumann | Stars: Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield, Patricia Morison

Votes: 1,935

24. El retrato (1947)

75 min | Comedy, Fantasy

A repressed woman, unable to give love, is possessed by the spirit of his lewd grandmother.

Director: Carlos Schlieper | Stars: Francisco Barletta, Alberto Bello, Héctor Calcaño, Alberto de Mendoza

Votes: 30

26. The Countess of Monte Cristo (1948)

Approved | 77 min | Comedy, Romance

This musical tells the tales of two movie extras who abscond to an expensive resort with their costumes and pretend to be aristocrats. Included in the film are ice skating numbers and songs.

Director: Frederick De Cordova | Stars: Sonja Henie, Olga San Juan, Dorothy Hart, Michael Kirby

Votes: 67

27. Pecos Bill (1948)

23 min | Animation, Short, Western

The life of the legendary Texas cowboy with his horse, Widowmaker, and how his romance with Slue Foot Sue disrupted it.

Director: Clyde Geronimi | Stars: Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan, Luana Patten

Votes: 291

28. Studio One in Hollywood (1948–1958)
Episode: The Dybbuk (1949)

60 min | Drama

In a Polish shtetl, two young men who have grown up together betroth their unborn children, ignoring the advice of a mysterious traveler not to pledge the lives of future generations. Soon ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Nickell | Stars: Mary Sinclair, James Lanphier, Arnold Moss, Betty Furness

30. The Blue Lagoon (1949)

Not Rated | 101 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

In the Victorian period, two children are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the South Pacific and fall in love while growing up together.

Director: Frank Launder | Stars: Jean Simmons, Donald Houston, Susan Stranks, Peter Rudolph Jones

Votes: 436

33. Genghis Khan (1950)

88 min | Action

Temujin, who later became Genghis Khan is wise, or sometimes cunning. He goes through several heroic episodes; competing at the Man of Men contest, falling in love with the enemy ... See full summary »

Director: Manuel Conde | Stars: Manuel Conde, Elvira Reyes, Inday Jalandoni, Jose Villafranca

Votes: 34

34. The Golden Horde (1951)

Approved | 77 min | Action, Adventure

The princess of Samarkand and an English knight confront the armies of Genghis Khan.

Director: George Sherman | Stars: Ann Blyth, David Farrar, George Macready, Henry Brandon

Votes: 144

36. Leonardo da Vinci (1952)

Not Rated | 70 min | Documentary

The story of the brilliant Italian artist, sculptor, architect and engineer is told in this informative program. Leonardo's legacy to the world came in so many forms; in the breathtaking ... See full summary »

Directors: Luciano Emmer, Enrico Gras | Star: Albert Dekker

Votes: 16

37. Tales of Tomorrow (1951–1953)
Episode: The Evil Within (1953)

TV-G | 30 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

Scientist perfects a chemical unleashing the beast within, but before he can create an antidote, his neglected wife accidentally is dosed when he has to rush a batch home to keep it ... See full summary »

Director: Don Medford | Stars: James Dean, Margaret Phillips, Rod Steiger

Votes: 69

38. Le marchand de Venise (1953)

102 min | Drama

A rich merchant, Antonio is depressed for no good reason, until his good friend Bassanio comes to tell him how he's in love with Portia. Portia's father has died and left a very strange ... See full summary »

Director: Pierre Billon | Stars: Michel Simon, Andrée Debar, Massimo Serato, Armando Francioli

Votes: 12

39. Nagin (1954)

139 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

Lovers from two warring snake-charming tribes face life-threatening challenges.

Director: Nandlal Jaswantlal | Stars: Vyjayanthimala, Pradeep Kumar, Jeevan, Mubarak

Votes: 53

40. A Woman of Evil (1954)

106 min | Drama

Two riders ride to Paris carrying a message for their respective lords. One is a faithful servant of Henry of Navarre, the other of the Duke of Guise.

Director: Jean Dréville | Stars: Jeanne Moreau, Armando Francioli, Robert Porte, Henri Génès

Votes: 152

41. The Queen of Babylon (1954)

Approved | 98 min | Action, Drama

Beautiful goatherd helps Chaldean rebel fight evil king in ancient Babylon.

Director: Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia | Stars: Rhonda Fleming, Ricardo Montalban, Roldano Lupi, Carlo Ninchi

Votes: 103

46. Oedipus Rex (1957)

Approved | 87 min | Drama