The Outer Limits

by Bored_Dragon | created - 03 Dec 2018 | updated - 02 Feb 2019 | Public
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1. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Sandkings (1995)

TV-PG | 93 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

In his own garage, a discredited scientist creates intelligent, insect-like creatures that were yielded by soil samples from Mars.

Director: Stuart Gillard | Stars: Beau Bridges, Helen Shaver, Dylan Bridges, Kim Coates

Votes: 740

Downfall of the Martian God

The pilot episode of "The Outer Limits" TV series is an adaptation of G.R.R. Martin's novel from 1979. The series does not have unique story-line, but it is an anthology of short SF / Fantasy / Horror films, and the "Sandkings", with its duration of one and a half hours, has all the qualities of a feature film.

The eggs are found in a sample of a Martian soil and Beau Bridges plays the scientist who manages to restore the race of alien insects and, in an attempt to prove that these beings possess reason, he gradually loses his own. Production is at a satisfactory level for a series of that time, the acting is ok, and the story is interesting and quite tense. It was massively bashed by viewers who read Martin's story, but it kept my attention all the time and definitely lured me to continue with this series.

"Increasingly, modern science pursues powers traditionally reserved for the almighty, but those who encroach upon the province of the gods realize too late that the price for entrance is destruction."


2. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Valerie 23 (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A disabled man is offered a prototype android companion in the form of the beautiful Valerie. But when he begins a romance with his physical therapist, his robot develops feelings of jealousy.

Director: Timothy Bond | Stars: William Sadler, Sofia Shinas, Tom Butler, Nancy Allen

Votes: 565

Life is defined by the fear of death

The series "The Outer Limits" in the second episode again tells the story of scientists who are playing gods. This time, they developed an android, which by its appearance and behavior perfectly imitates a person, and even does not work on electricity, but eats and lubricates by extraction of oil from food. The prototype is a perfect woman, intended for a companion to handicapped men who can not find a partner. One of them takes her home for a week to test her before releasing into mass production.

Although interesting and deals with controversial issues about which people will probably never agree, the story is totally unoriginal, haste and undeveloped. If it was made as a feature film, like the pilot episode, it would leave time for the story to be developed gradually and more thoroughly, and for convincing characterization as well, so the film, although unoriginal, might have left some distinct mark on the already seen story. This way, we can see only hints of its unexploited potential and the episode is bland and unimpressive. The acting is mediocre and the only impressionable thing in this film is the fully naked body of breathtaking Sofia Shinas.


3. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Blood Brothers (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Medical researcher Dr Spencer Deighton has discovered a formula which apparently gives a human being eternal life. When he shares his discovery with his brother Michael, who co-owns their ... See full summary »

Director: Tibor Takács | Stars: Charles Martin Smith, Kate Vernon, George Touliatos, Tom Cavanagh

Votes: 348


Two brothers inherit a pharmaceutical company. One is a scientist who thinks he has discovered a universal cure for all diseases and a means of multiple prolongation of human life and who wants to share this discovery with the world. The other is a businessman who is aware that a universal medicine means death for the pharmaceutical industry and he justifies his greed with the planet's overpopulation and the possible negative consequences of this drug.

Technically and visually, the episode is mediocre at best, but addresses some universal questions worthy of attention. While it is too short and not sufficiently developed to deal with them seriously, at least it drives us on our own thinking, so I'll give it little slack.


4. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: The Second Soul (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

When an alien race makes first contact with the Earth, they request only one thing: Earth's dead. It seems the alien beings exist in a gaseous state that will come to an end if they are not... See full summary »

Director: Paul Lynch | Stars: D.W. Moffett, Rae Dawn Chong, Richard Grove, Mykelti Williamson

Votes: 351

Unused potential

A gaseous alien race that has remained without a mother planet seeks a refuge on Earth. They do not pose any threat and the only thing they are looking for is to inhabit the bodies of deceased people, because they can survive in a gaseous state only for a short time. A government organization is formed to transfer aliens into corpses and they are slowly integrating into society. But, as expected, not everyone agrees with the new situation and problems are inevitable.

This episode is very good in every aspect, from idea to realization, but 45 minutes is simply not enough for this kind of story to develop properly. It needs at least two hours movie, and has a serious potential for a great series. In this form, it is in range of the average "The X-Files" episode.


5. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: White Light Fever (1995)

TV-PG | 44 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Harlan Hawkes is selfish, rich and very old. A private team of top doctors care for him 24/7. He'll do anything to cheat death. His doctor is working on a treatment that might make Harlan immortal but Death intervenes to keep the balance.

Director: Tibor Takács | Stars: Bruce Davison, Sonja Smits, William Hickey, Jerry Wasserman

Votes: 321

You can cheat death until it decides to cheat back

Over a hundred years old billionaire covers all costs of experimental cardiological research for having doctors keeping him alive in return... forever? Cleverly using wealth and regulations, he manages to put himself in front of all, and even blackmails doctors to neglect other patients if needed. I suppose the episode aimed to condemn the selfishness and cowardice, but it did not cause this effect in me, and I think it has perfectly demonstrated the relativity of ethics and morality. William Hickey is excellent in the role of an old man who refuses to die, the effects are quite satisfactory, and the episode has a great atmosphere. After five episodes, I can say that this is the best series of this type I've seen so far.


6. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: The Choice (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Ten-year-old Aggie Travers is expelled from school after several incidents involving other students. She's very bright but her behavioral problems lead the school to determine she is a ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Sobel | Stars: Thora Birch, Megan Follows, Page Fletcher, Sandra Nelson

Votes: 326

Do not expect Carrie. This is more Disney-like.

From episode to episode this show suffers from the same sickness. Each episode brings a new excellent idea with almost infinite potential, then this potential gets wasted because 45 minutes is not nearly enough to get any of these ideas elaborated. This is one more story for which even movie wouldn't be enough and which is great material for at least one season of the series.

One in a million women carries a gene that allows them telekinetic skills. Through generations, they unite and find girls of their kind in order to train and protect them. In the past, they were victims of witch-hunts, and today they are hunted by a secret government organization, which carries out experiments and neutralizes them. Their survival is rather uncertain, until they come across a girl whose abilities are far above the usual ones. But when it gets really interesting... 45 minutes is up and the story is left untold.


7. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Virtual Future (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Dr. Jack Pierce realizes in shock that the VR device he's been developing allows its users to see into their future. His financier, industrialist Bill Trenton, abuses this power to run for the Senate. Jack has to stop him.

Director: Joseph L. Scanlan | Stars: Josh Brolin, Kelly Rowan, Bruce French, David Warner

Votes: 299

Waste of time

Yesterday I watched "Jonah Hex" with Josh Brolin in the lead role. Today I continued where I left off with the series "The Outer Limits" and, coincidentally, in the first episode that I watched, there's Josh Brolin in the main role again. Here, he's fifteen years younger and less experienced, and I didn't even recognize him until I looked at credits. Josh plays Jack, a young scientist working on perfecting virtual reality. Accidentally, he finds out that the side effect of his research is the ability to cast a glimpse a few minutes into the future. This brings him a job in a serious computer company, that gives him all necessary means in order to concentrate on this aspect of his research, perfect it and deliver a practical application. But as it always happens, everything that has practical application can be abused, and there is always someone who does not stumble over anything to fulfill his own goals. When abuse begins to enter the extreme, Jack realizes that it is his responsibility to stop evil. The story is unoriginal, sloppily elaborated and executed in an unimpressive and uninteresting way. I wasn't bored, but it left me completely indifferent.


8. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Living Hell (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

After Ben Kohler is shot in the head during a mugging, Dr. Jennifer Martinez gets permission to implant an experimental chip in his brain meant to regulate his breathing and heartbeat. The ... See full summary »

Director: Graeme Campbell | Stars: Elizabeth Peña, Stephen Shellen, Don S. Davis, Sam Robards

Votes: 263

A decent thriller with SF premise

Doctor saves the life of the man shot in the head by implanting an experimental chip into his brain. Soon the hallucinations start, in which he looks through the serial killer's eyes. He finds out that the killings have really happened and, of course, he becomes the main suspect. Idea and realization are nothing spectacular, but the story is quality and logically elaborated and has a pace adjusted to the duration of the episode, so it doesn't feel rushed or underdeveloped. Quite decent SF thriller.


9. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Corner of the Eye (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Father Jonascu is struck while ministering to the poor and looks up to see a vision of Hell - a leering demonic creature. An eye blink later he sees an ordinary patrol officer trying to ... See full summary »

Director: Stuart Gillard | Stars: Len Cariou, Louis Ferreira, Chris Sarandon, Bill Croft

Votes: 289

Messengers from God

The aliens are among us and offer us unlimited healing power. But what are they planning to take in return? In every aspect, this is an above average episode, but I think that in 45 minutes it could have been done much better.


10. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Under the Bed (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Police psychoanalyst Dr. Jon Holland and Detective Caitlin Doyle must solve the case of a missing boy, who according to his younger sister was eaten by the bogeyman, before whatever took him comes back for the sister.

Director: René Bonnière | Stars: Timothy Busfield, Barbara Williams, Laura Bruneau, Colleen Rennison

Votes: 280

There are creatures that lurk in the dark... and under the bed

One child disappears and the search is led by a local psychologist with an open mind and a skeptical policewoman, who quite resembles Mulder and Scully. In fact, by the story, characters, realization and the overall atmosphere, this could easily be an average "The X Files" episode.


11. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Dark Matters (1995)

TV-PG | 44 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A cargo ship is forced from hyperspace into a strange region of "dark matter" where some of the normal laws of physics seem not to apply - even the dead linger, unable to find their reward.... See full summary »

Director: Paul Lynch | Stars: Annette O'Toole, Michael Dolan, Allison Hossack, David Cubitt

Votes: 293

Religious space SF

The transport spaceship gets pulled from hyperspace and gets stuck in the curvature of space and time. The crew soon discovers two more ships, one military and one alien. Soon the crews of these ships appear on their ship in an immaterial state. Holograms? Ghosts? Energy residues?

The episode quite convincingly presents the technical and spiritual elements of the story, exploring morale, religion, and human nature through SF drama. Technically it's nothing special, since this is just an episode of a low-budget series, but the story is interesting and the acting is above average for this type of series. One of the main roles is played by Annette O'Toole, known for the role of Lana Lang in the first Superman series and Martha Kent, Superman's mother in the "Smallville".


12. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: The Conversion (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

An omniscient friendly stranger tries to convince a man on the run who tried to kill his corrupt backstabbing boss but ended up accidentally killing three bystanders instead that there is a way for him to redeem himself.

Director: Rebecca De Mornay | Stars: John Savage, Beau Starr, Rebecca De Mornay, Frank Whaley

Votes: 430

Your hand doesn't end where mine begins. It never ends.

A young businessman involved in financial manipulation ends up in prison, while his accomplices go unpunished and turn their back on him. After release from prison, he decides to retaliate, but things go wrong and he ends up seriously wounded and guilty of triple murder. On the run, a complete stranger approaches him and offers him a chance for redemption and a new beginning. The episode is very atmospheric and deals with the inner struggle of the individual between good and evil, selfishness and selflessness, instinct and self-control, material and spiritual. Although its mostly two men talking at the restaurant table, this is the best episode of the series so far, and it's unlikely they'll surpass it.


13. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Quality of Mercy (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Major John Skokes has been captured by the seemingly unbeatable aliens with whom humanity are at war. His companion is a young cadet captured on a training flight, Bree Tristan. Skokes must... See full summary »

Director: Brad Turner | Stars: Robert Patrick, Nicole de Boer, Mark McCracken, Kevin Conway

Votes: 512

Unbelievably good

I really did not expect something like this. The ratings I give to episodes of series of this type do not belong to the same scale at which I estimate movies. Simply, you have to give some slack to a low-budget SF TV series. But when this episode is concerned, there really is no need. This 45 minutes SF drama takes place in one room and with only two actors, but it was enough for authors to build a powerful atmosphere, quality characterization, and excellent development of a quite tense and emotional story. Some say that the final twist was obvious from the start, but I really did not expect it.


14. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: The New Breed (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A desperate dying man injects himself with experimental nanobots that can supposedly cure anything. It works, but then his body starts to hideously mutate. He asks his soon-to-be brother-in-law, who invented the nanobots, for help.

Director: Mario Azzopardi | Stars: Richard Thomas, Peter Outerbridge, Tammy Isbell, L. Harvey Gold

Votes: 333

What happens when the cure grows more fearsome than the disease

A terminal patient injects experimental nanobots and overnight the disease disappears, and he slowly turns into a superman. But what happens when nanobots have nothing more to fix?

This is another SF drama dealing with the consequences of human playing God. This time in the main roles are better-known actors, Richard Thomas and Peter Outerbridge. The story is interesting, nicely developed and, unlike most of the episodes of this and similar series, does not feel rushed. and for an additional atmosphere, it is enriched with a spicy sex scene and tastefully measured nudity of Tammy Isbell.


15. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: The Voyage Home (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

On the last day of their mission to Mars, three astronauts - Ed Barkley, Alan Wells and Pete Claridge - discover a cave with hieroglyphics on one wall. They also find a pod-like object but ... See full summary »

Director: Tibor Takács | Stars: Jay O. Sanders, Matt Craven, Michael Dorn, Akiko Morison

Votes: 276

"Alien" meets "The Thing"

From the title you can conclude that the story is totally unoriginal, but it's nicely developed in just 45 minutes. The episode is well acted and quite tense and unpredictable, but it is a spoiled by completely unnecessary and very bad CGI. It should have been left as an SF psychological drama-thriller, without a poor attempt at horror.

"The true measure of a hero is when a man lays down his life with the knowledge that those he saves will never know."


16. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Caught in the Act (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A bashful woman gets possessed by an incorporeal alien that feeds on sexual energy. A series of killings starts. Her boyfriend, his scientist friend and a skeptical cop try find a way to stop the alien without killing her in the process.

Director: Mark Sobel | Stars: Jason London, Saul Rubinek, Garry Chalk, Alyssa Milano

Votes: 355

Naked Alyssa Milano

An innocent girl, who saves herself for marriage, overnight transforms into a sexual beast that attacks whoever she encounters. Her boyfriend finds organic matter of unknown origin next to her bed and, after examination, he assumes that his girlfriend is possessed by some alien organism. When the guys from their surroundings begin to disappear, the police suspect a jealous boyfriend, and it's up to him and his biology professor to solve this mystery before it's too late. In the end, of course, love conquers all, even the alien on the killing spree.

This SF horror drama, despite poor production, is very watchable and interesting, and even a pathetic end does not spoil the general impression. The story is nicely packed in 45 minutes, holding the attention and has a good atmosphere. But the main advantage of this episode is definitely beautiful Alyssa Milano, whose transformation from an innocent girl into an evil succubus shows remarkable acting ability. But, let's be real, there was no need to write all this in order to make you watch "Caught in the Act". The headline was more than enough.


17. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: The Message (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Implants that should've allowed deaf Jennifer Winter to finally hear cause her to receive a binary message no one else can hear. Her husband thinks she's insane. Her friend on meds, Robert, thinks it's an alien distress signal.

Director: Joseph L. Scanlan | Stars: Marlee Matlin, Robert Wisden, Larry Drake, Ken Camroux-Taylor

Votes: 285

"The faintest of whispers, when spoken in silence, can resonate across the universe"

The hearing implant had not regained her hearing, but it enabled her to receive a binary SOS message from aliens in trouble. Her husband and doctors think it is schizophrenia, which rather complicates the situation. This SF drama is one of the best-written and most beautifully completed episodes not only of this series, but of anthological SF series in general, and Marlee Matlin completely charmed me with her performance. A feel-good episode that I warmly recommend.


18. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: If These Walls Could Talk (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Physicist and professional debunker Leviticus Mitchell agrees to help professional psychic Lynda Tillman investigate the abandoned mansion where her son and his girlfriend have mysteriously disappeared.

Director: Tibor Takács | Stars: Dwight Schultz, Alberta Watson, Tom McBeath, Molly Parker

Votes: 258

SF approach to haunted house theme

The son of divorced parents, whose mother forbids him seeing a troubled girl, uses an abandoned house to still see her. But one night after going to the house they both disappear without a trace. Police believe them to be runaways, but the mother does not give up on the conviction that her son is dead and takes matters into her own hands.

The episode is totally unoriginal, but based on previous experience I didn't expect it anyway, so I won't take lack of originality against it. This is a classic story about a haunted house, only instead of ghosts it uses a quasi-scientific outcome and this combination of horror and SF is quite interesting and additionally empowered by solid acting and effects unexpectedly good for this type of series. If you're not a picky nagger, it's quite enjoyable.


19. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: Birthright (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Senator Richard Adams is an attractive and popular politician who has been promoting a new synthetic fuel additive, a methane-based product from the Sendrax Corporation. The legislation he ... See full summary »

Director: William Fruet | Stars: Perry King, Mimi Kuzyk, John Novak, Ken Ryan

Votes: 244

"In other living creatures, the ignorance of themselves is nature, but in men, it is a vice." - Boethius (Roman philosopher)

So far, one of the most interesting premises, developed in a story that begins confusing and gradually unfolds, revealing little by little, until it slaps us with the unexpectedly sinister twist and leaves us with a feeling of hopelessness. I suppose the whole story is an allegory, in which aliens represent the leaders of the oil industry that are willing to do anything, including the destruction of the planet for future generations, in order to profit in their lifetime. However, at times the episode is a bit over the top and unconvincing, mostly because they once again chose explicitness instead of leaving some things for viewer's imagination. For that reason, it did not pull me in its atmosphere enough to leave a particularly strong impression.


20. The Outer Limits (1995–2002)
Episode: The Voice of Reason (1995)

TV-PG | 45 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Randall Strong tries desperately to convince a skeptical high level committee that various alien forces are trying to take over the human race. In desperation, he becomes unhinged.

Director: Neill Fearnley | Stars: Gordon Clapp, Lochlyn Munro, Don S. Davis, Daniel J. Travanti

Votes: 222


I hope that the reason for this episode is the lack of money for a more serious production, and not someone's idiotic idea to round off the season. The episode consists of a series of flashbacks on almost all of the episodes that precede it, by which a panicked war veteran tries to convince a military committee that the Earth is threatened by an alien invasion, and that the same is already underway. Not badly filmed, but essentially redundant and meaningless. They should have finished the season with the previous episode.


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