RCN Telenovelas (1992-2013)

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1. La potra zaina (1993– )


Soledad Ahumada is a beautiful woman educated as man rejects the claimants who him approach her. Daniel Clemente will bet that it can conquer her.

Stars: Gustavo Angarita, Aura Cristina Geithner, Celmira Luzardo, Álvaro Ruiz

Votes: 17

2. Café con aroma de mujer (1993– )

60 min | Drama, Romance

Teresa Suárez, nicknamed "Gaviota" (Spanish for "Gull"), and her mother Carmenza Suárez, work as harvesters and throughout the year they travel to different farmlands across Colombia ... See full summary »

Stars: Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Guy Ecker, Alejandra Borrero, Cristóbal Errazúriz

Votes: 346

3. Eternamente Manuela (1995– )

Manuela is happy with her boyfriend Mateo until the day they kill her parents. She flees and marries Francisco Grijalba, a macho and psychopath. Mateo swears to recover Manuela's love.

Stars: Braulio Castillo hijo, Aura Cristina Geithner, Alejandro Martínez, Carolina Sabino

Votes: 10

5. Las Juanas (1997– )


A delightful story ensues when the five illegitimate daughters of Don Calixto Salgero - all from different mothers and all named Juana - arrive in the town of Corosal to be near their ... See full summary »

Stars: Catherine Siachoque, Carolina Sabino, Rafael Novoa, Xilena Aycardi

Votes: 77

6. Carolina Barrantes (1998– )


Carolina Barrantes, the daughter of the despotic landowner Alfredo Barrantes, has cursed blood and being harassed by many people will fight alongside David for his love.

Stars: Gustavo Angarita, Manolo Cardona, Rafael Novoa, Adriana Ricardo

Votes: 6

9. Me llaman Lolita (1999– )

60 min | Drama

Lolita is an attractive girl who has been in love with Esteban, a man older than her, who could be her own father.

Stars: Marcelo Cézan, Marcela Gallego, Carla Giraldo, Manuela González

Votes: 41

10. Yo soy Betty, la fea (1999–2001)

TV-PG | 30 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

An outcast in a prominent fashion company, a sweet-hearted and unattractive assistant falls hopelessly in love with her boss.

Stars: Ana Maria Orozco, Jorge Enrique Abello, Natalia Ramírez, Lorna Cepeda

Votes: 2,077

12. Pobre Pablo (2000–2002)

60 min | Drama, Romance

Pablo, the bodyguard of a wealthy family, who lives with his mother and two siblings posing as a millionaire to win the heart of a rich young woman who lives in Miami, committed to Federico... See full summary »

Stars: Roberto Cano, Carolina Acevedo, Valentina Rendón, Diego Trujillo

Votes: 27

13. Milagros de amor (2002– )

Miguel Abril is a womanizer who just married gets into trouble and fleeing to a town takes the identity of a murdered priest. In town he falls in love with a beautiful widowed mother named Milagros and she from him.

Stars: Maritza Rodríguez, Gregorio Pernía, Edmundo Troya, Carlos Humberto Camacho

Votes: 11

15. La costeña y el Cachaco (2003– )

Comedy, Romance

Antonio Andrade is a Petroleum Engineer who is accustomed to life in the capital, to live surrounded by luxuries, but under certain circumstances is forced to move to the coastal city of ... See full summary »

Stars: Jorge Enrique Abello, Amada Rosa Pérez, Diego Trujillo, Carmenza Gómez

Votes: 80

16. Amor a la plancha (2003– )

Comedy, Drama

A domestic employee falls in love with her employer's ex-boyfriend.

Stars: Marcelo Cézan, Ramiro Meneses, Nicolás Montero, Kathy Sáenz

Votes: 23

17. Un ángel llamado Azul (2003– )

Family, Fantasy, Romance

Azul is the guardian angel of a girl named Abril and decides to become a human to protect her and her teacher Martina who is in love and who also has a curse that will make dying at age 25.

Stars: Carlos Benjumea, Leonor González Mina, Luigi Aycardi, Nórida Rodríguez

Votes: 20

20. Todos quieren con Marilyn (2004– )

Drama, Romance

Marilyn is the star at the bordello called The Divas. Juan Ignacio is close to marrying Lorenza; during his bachelor party the meets Marilynr and they fall in love.

Stars: Scarlet Ortiz, Jorge Reyes, Cristina Umaña, Alejandro López

Votes: 62

23. Amor de mis amores (2004– )

45 min | Romance

After losing her boyfriend in an accident, Lucia and her family start a new life in the city. There Lucia and Nicolás, owner of a cosmetics company, fall in love.

Stars: Adanely Núñez, Agmeth Escaf, Xilena Aycardi, Florina Lemaitre

Votes: 8

24. La viuda de la mafia (2004– )

Action, Drama, Romance

Diana Montes is a flight attendant who quit his career aside to raise a family. Her husband, Octavio, is a commercial pilot from a wealthy family. Diana with her husband and children engage... See full summary »

Stars: Carolina Gómez, Abel Rodríguez, Patrick Forster-Delmas, Katherine Porto

Votes: 63

25. Me amaras bajo la lluvia (2004– )

Romance, Drama

Being from different worlds; Julian Zamora, a talented writer; and Laura Falcon, a wealthy but sad woman, fate unites them the same day in which both bought the rings to their respective ... See full summary »

Stars: Lincoln Palomeque, Luis Fernando Ardila, Juliana Galvis, Juan Pablo Posada

Votes: 7

28. Juegos prohibidos (2005– )


Nacho and Luisa without caring the consequences bet that he can seduce a woman 10 years older than him. The victim of the bet is Jimena, a woman psychologically mistreated by her husband. ... See full summary »

Stars: Marcelo Dos Santos, Sebastian Martínez, Kathy Sáenz, Natalia Jerez

Votes: 36

29. Juego limpio (2005– )


I like fair play and all its characters

Stars: Lina Angarita, Gary Forero, Jonathan Cabrera, John Jairo Jaimes

Votes: 25

30. Los Reyes (2005– )


When Beto Reyes helps a depressed old woman he suddenly becomes the legal successor to her multimillionaire company and her mansion, much to the chagrin of vice-president and now neighbor Emilio Iriarte. A comical feud begins.

Stars: Enrique Carriazo, Diego Trujillo, Géraldine Zivic, Jacqueline Arenal

Votes: 121

31. La hija del mariachi (2006– )

45 min | Drama, Music, Romance

Rosario Guerrero is a mariachi, a singer of traditional Mexican music (rancheras), who works at the popular Bar Garibaldi in Bogota, Colombia. One night she finds Emiliano Sanchez-Gallardo ... See full synopsis »

Stars: Jason Chad Roth, Carolina Ramírez, Mark Tacher, Alejandra Borrero

Votes: 261

32. Hasta que la plata nos separe (2006– )

45 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Rafael Méndez and Alejandra Maldonado are salesmen from opposite sides of life. While Méndez depends on informal sales, and that without any higher education degree, Alejandra carries her ... See full summary »

Stars: Víctor Hugo Cabrera, Marcela Carvajal, Liliana Gonzalez, Lincoln Palomeque

Votes: 186

34. En los tacones de Eva (2006– )

Drama, Romance

Juan Camilo Caballero is a chauvinistic womanizer who will assume the identity of 'Eva', learning to be a woman in order to clear his name and regain the love of Isabella, the woman he truly loves.

Stars: Jorge Enrique Abello, Monica Lopera, Manuela González, Patrick Forster-Delmas

Votes: 53

35. Por Amor (2006–2007)

Drama, Romance

José Ángel Rivero is a rich man who falls in love with Azucena García, a humble girl, but both must face the opposition of Magdalena and Deborah.

Stars: Ana María Medina, Abel Rodríguez, Mónica Franco, Carolina Jaramillo

39. Marido a Sueldo (2007– )

Comedy, Drama

Emilia Cabal is a beautiful woman who, when she arrives at her company, leads her to success. But this attracts the envy of the other women who hire Emilia for a husband to distract her from her obligations.

Stars: Xilena Aycardi, Marcelo Cézan, Carolina Gómez, Daniel Kuzniecka

Votes: 19

40. Pura sangre (2007– )

45 min | Drama

Florencia and Eduardo have been in love since childhood. However, being separated by a malicious trick in middle of a conflict between two families; Eduardo, with the name of Marco, will return to take revenge and recover the love of Florencia.

Stars: Rafael Novoa, Marcela Mar, Kathy Sáenz, Pepe Sánchez

Votes: 101

42. La Dama de Troya (2008– )

45 min | Drama

Patricia and Sebastian are two young people who fall in love living the traps and intrigues of people who are close to them.

Stars: Cristina Umaña, Andrés Juan Hernández, Rolando Tarajano, Valentina Acosta

Votes: 33

43. Los protegidos (2008– )


Santiago Puerta is a criminalist agent who along with his family must enter a witness protection program of the Prosecutor's Office although fighting with his girlfriend Lina Santana to deliver a dangerous criminal to justice.

Stars: Mark Tacher, Verónica Orozco, Carlos Barbosa, Luis Eduardo Arango

Votes: 23

46. El penultimo beso (2009– )


Manolo returns in time 6 months ago, in order to save his girlfriend Noelia from a fatal destiny.

Stars: Camila Zarate, Kathy Sáenz, Kristina Lilley, Sebastian Martínez

Votes: 26

48. Las detectivas y el Víctor (2009– )


A married couple creates a detective agency.

Stars: Paola Rey, Gregorio Pernía, Joemy Blanco, Heidy Bermudez

Votes: 22