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2. Finding Rin Tin Tin (2007)

PG | 90 min | Family

The story of the legendary German Shepherd who was found by American pilot Lee Duncun in France during World War I, and later became the most famous animal star in Hollywood history.

Director: Danny Lerner | Stars: Tyler Jensen, Ben Cross, Gregory Gudgeon, Steven O'Donnell

Votes: 450

5. The Challenge of Rin Tin Tin (1958)

90 min | Western

The 101st Cavalry discover the survivors of an Apache raid on a wagon train: a young boy, Rusty, and his dog, the German shepherd 'Rin Tin Tin'. Both are both brought back to 'Fort Apache' ... See full summary »

Director: Robert G. Walker | Stars: Lee Aaker, Rand Brooks, James Brown, Joe Sawyer

Votes: 17

6. The Return of Rin Tin Tin (1947)

Approved | 65 min | Drama, Family

The bond between the boy and his dog is the only thing that could bring the boy out of his shell. The plot moves along as Villains plan to steal the dog.

Director: Max Nosseck | Stars: Rin Tin Tin III, Donald Woods, Robert Blake, Claudia Drake

Votes: 95

7. Law of the Wolf (1939)

Approved | 55 min | Crime, Drama, Western

Carl Pearson has been wrongly convicted of killing his brother. With the help of another convict, he breaks out of prison to try to clear his name and to try to find some valuable plans ... See full summary »

Director: Raymond K. Johnson | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Dennis Moore, Luana Walters, George Chesebro

Votes: 29

8. Fangs of the Wild (1939)

Not Rated | 52 min | Drama

Foxes are mysteriously disappearing from fox farms and Agent Don has been sent to investigate. Brad and Pete are the culprits and they are using a dog that can climb the security fence to ... See full summary »

Director: Raymond K. Johnson | Stars: Dennis Moore, Luana Walters, Tom London, Ted Adams

Votes: 34

9. Hollywood Cavalcade (1939)

Passed | 97 min | Comedy, Drama, History

Starting in 1913 movie director Connors discovers singer Molly Adair. As she becomes a star she marries an actor, so Connors fires them. She asks for him as director of her next film. Many silent stars shown making the transition to sound.

Directors: Irving Cummings, Buster Keaton, Malcolm St. Clair | Stars: Alice Faye, Don Ameche, J. Edward Bromberg, Alan Curtis

Votes: 336

10. Death Goes North (1939)

Approved | 56 min | Action, Crime, Mystery

Sergeant Ken Strange, of the Canadian Mounted Police, and his dog King, are on the trial of the murderer. Herbert Barlow's male secretary is the victim. Elsie Barlow, his niece, has ... See full summary »

Director: Frank McDonald | Stars: Edgar Edwards, Sheila Bromley, James McGrath, Jameson Thomas

Votes: 7

11. The Silver Trail (1937)

Approved | 58 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A wandering cowboy attempts to locate a pal who has struck it rich in mining. When he gets to town, no one seems to have heard of the friend. Our hero learns the truth with the aid of a female bandit.

Director: Bernard B. Ray | Stars: Rex Lease, Mary Russell, Ed Cassidy, Roger Williams

Votes: 51

12. Caryl of the Mountains (1936)

Approved | 68 min | Action, Crime, Romance

Funds are embezzled and a fur trapper is murdered. Rin Tin Tin to the rescue!

Director: Bernard B. Ray | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Francis X. Bushman Jr., Lois Wilde, Josef Swickard

Votes: 52

13. Vengeance of Rannah (1936)

Passed | 56 min | Mystery, Western

Insurance Agent Ted Sanders has been called in to investigate a robbery and murder. A deputy also arrives to investigate. But unknown to Ted, the Deputy is a fake and actually part of the ... See full summary »

Director: Bernard B. Ray | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Bob Custer, John Elliott, Victoria Vinton

Votes: 35

14. Tough Guy (1936)

Passed | 76 min | Action, Crime, Drama

An unhappy child, accompanied by his dog, runs away from home and is befriended by a gangster on the lam.

Director: Chester M. Franklin | Stars: Jackie Cooper, Joseph Calleia, Rin Tin Tin Jr., Harvey Stephens

Votes: 158

15. Skull and Crown (1935)

Approved | 56 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

Rin-Tin-Tin brings the killer of his mistress to justice.

Director: Elmer Clifton | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Regis Toomey, Jack Mulhall, Molly O'Day

Votes: 57

16. The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (1935)

Approved | 229 min | Action, Adventure

A 12 episode serial starring Rex, the King of the Wild Horses and Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr. Rex is brought from the island of Sujan, where he is worshiped as a God-Horse, to the U.S. to be trained ... See full summary »

Directors: Ford Beebe, B. Reeves Eason | Stars: Rex, Rin Tin Tin Jr., Kane Richmond, Norma Taylor

Votes: 71

17. The Test (1935)

Approved | 59 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A fur trapper catches another trapper trying to steal his furs. He stops the thief, but later on the furs are stolen anyway. Rin Tin Tin Jr. tracks down the thief to try to get the furs back.

Director: Bernard B. Ray | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Grant Withers, Grace Ford, Monte Blue

Votes: 36

18. Law of the Wild (1934)

Approved | 225 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Rex, a wild stallion, and Rinty, a police dog, are pals. Their master , John Sheldon, is framed for murder, and Alice Ingram plans to race Rex for money to pay for John's legal defense. ... See full summary »

Directors: B. Reeves Eason, Armand Schaefer | Stars: Rex, Rin Tin Tin Jr., Ben Turpin, Bob Custer

Votes: 59

19. The Wolf Dog (1933)

Passed | 240 min | Action, Adventure

Frank Courtney is the heir to great wealth, but his guardian Norman Bryan secretly plots to do the boy in and steal the inheritance. Only Frank's friend, radio operator Bob Whitlock, and ... See full summary »

Directors: Colbert Clark, Harry L. Fraser | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Frankie Darro, Boots Mallory, George J. Lewis

Votes: 24

21. The Lightning Warrior (1931)

Passed | 250 min | Adventure, Western

A Rin-Tin-Tin serial presented in 12 episodes. The mysterious Wolf Man is terrorizing settlers in a western town. With the help of Rinty, young Jimmy Carter unmasks the Wolf Man and foils ... See full summary »

Directors: Benjamin H. Kline, Armand Schaefer | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Frankie Darro, Hayden Stevenson, George Brent

Votes: 64

22. Rough Waters (1930)

Passed | 53 min | Drama

A police dog helps to track down two payroll robbers.

Director: John Daumery | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Lane Chandler, Jobyna Ralston, Edmund Breese

23. The Man Hunter (1930)

Passed | Action, Adventure, Romance

A dramatic story of love and intrigue in Darkest Africa along the Ivory Coast, where all the dangers of the tropics beset the white man and the white man's dog. Once Rinty gets acclimated ... See full summary »

Director: D. Ross Lederman | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Charles Delaney, Nora Lane, John Loder

Votes: 21

24. On the Border (1930)

Passed | 46 min | Drama, Family, Western

Farrell is taking advantage of the proximity of the rancho of Don Jose to the Mexican border by smuggling Chinese across the line into the United States. Dave, a border patrol officer ... See full summary »

Director: William C. McGann | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Armida, John Litel, Philo McCullough

25. The Lone Defender (1930)

Passed | 217 min | Action, Adventure, Mystery

A prospector is murdered by The Cactus Kid and his gang, who hope to find the murdered man's goldmine. The miner's dog, Rin-Tin-Tin, recognizes the killers, who thereafter seek to use the ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Thorpe | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Walter Miller, June Marlowe, Josef Swickard

Votes: 53

26. Show of Shows (1929)

Passed | 128 min | Musical

It's 1929. The studio gave the cinema its voice gave offered the audiences a chance to see their favorite actors and actresses from the silent screen era to see and for the first time can ... See full summary »

Director: John G. Adolfi | Stars: Frank Fay, William Courtenay, H.B. Warner, Hobart Bosworth

Votes: 328

27. Tiger Rose (1929)

Passed | 63 min | Drama

A mountie pursues a man wanted for murder.

Director: George Fitzmaurice | Stars: Monte Blue, Lupe Velez, H.B. Warner, Tully Marshall

Votes: 8

28. Frozen River (1929)

Passed | 61 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Rinty (Rin-Tin-Tin) rescues a young boy, Billy (Davey Lee) , lost in the woods and prevents a gang of crooks from stealing a cache of gold from Hazy (Josef Swickarf) a kindly old man.

Director: F. Harmon Weight | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Davey Lee, Raymond McKee, Nina Quartero

Votes: 7

29. The Million Dollar Collar (1929)

Passed | 62 min | Crime

Bill Holmes ( Matty Kemp ) rescues Rinty ( Rin-Tin-Tin ) from a car wreck not realizing that there is a stolen $50,000 diamond necklace hidden in the dog's collar. He discovers this fact ... See full summary »

Director: D. Ross Lederman | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Matty Kemp, Evelyn Pierce, Philo McCullough

31. Land of the Silver Fox (1928)

Passed | 58 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

In his first 'barking talkie", set in the far-North in the silver-fox trapping country, Rin-Tin-Tin plays a much-abused dog who is rescued by a young girl and he, in turn, provides ... See full summary »

Director: Ray Enright | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Leila Hyams, John Miljan, Carroll Nye

Votes: 12

32. Rinty of the Desert (1928)

Passed | 54 min | Family

Rinty (Rin-Tin-Tin), a dog of the desert, wanders into a big city and finds many reasons to turn his back on humanity. He is given a home by sweet June Marlow (Audrey Ferris) but he soon ... See full summary »

Director: D. Ross Lederman | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Audrey Ferris, Carroll Nye, Paul Panzer

33. A Race for Life (1928)

Passed | Action, Adventure, Drama

Danny O'Shea (Bobby Gordon) runs away from hone with his pet dog Rinty (Rin-Tin-Tin) and heads for a race track determined to become a famous jockey. Aided by Rinty he is soon riding in a big race.

Director: D. Ross Lederman | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Virginia Brown Faire, Carroll Nye, Robert Gordon

34. A Dog of the Regiment (1927)


During World War I, Rin-Tin-Tin finds that he must rescue his master, a fighter pilot, from his wrecked aircraft. He also has to help him escape his rival, who has ordered him shot so he ... See full summary »

Director: D. Ross Lederman | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Dorothy Gulliver, Tom Gallery, John S. Peters

35. Jaws of Steel (1927)

Passed | 60 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Rinty (Rin-Tin-Tin) has to live down a false accusation of being a vicious killer he does so by protecting a baby girl (Mary Louise Miller) from a multiplicity of hazards.

Director: Ray Enright | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Jason Robards Sr., Helen Ferguson, Mary Louise Miller

36. Tracked by the Police (1927)

Passed | 72 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

The Laguna Dam is to be built in Arizona,to supply water to desert-land unfit for cultivation or stock-raising. Rival companies bid for the building contract, which leads to violence and danger for Bob Owen and his dog Satan.

Director: Ray Enright | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Jason Robards Sr., Virginia Brown Faire, Tom Santschi

Votes: 26

38. While London Sleeps (1926)

Passed | 63 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Rinty is a police-dog (and faithful companion) assigned to a young Scotland Yard police-officer who covers the Limehouse district of London. The East India dock in Limehouse is the home of ... See full summary »

Director: Howard Bretherton | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Helene Costello, Walter Merrill, John Patrick

Votes: 12

39. A Hero of the Big Snows (1926)

Passed | 67 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

Rin-Tin-Tin is saved from the beatings of a trapper by Ed Nolan, a shiftless trapper himself, and 'Rinty" follows Nolan home to his cabin but refuses to enter. Nolan takes him to the home ... See full summary »

Director: Herman C. Raymaker | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Alice Calhoun, Don Alvarado, Leo Willis

Votes: 14

41. Clash of the Wolves (1925)

Passed | 74 min | Adventure, Romance, Western

A fire in the mountains drive a wolf pack into a nearby desert where they will terrorize the local residents.

Director: Noel M. Smith | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Nanette, Charles Farrell, June Marlowe

Votes: 231

42. Below the Line (1925)

Passed | 70 min | Action, Drama

The suggestion that a dog leads a dull life does not apply to that of Rin-Tin-Tin in the screen melodrama, "Below the Line," which is on view this week at Warner's. Rin-Tin-Tin has an ... See full summary »

Director: Herman C. Raymaker | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, John Harron, June Marlowe, Pat Hartigan

43. Tracked in the Snow Country (1925)

Passed | 70 min | Drama, Family

When Rin-Tin-Tin's master is found murdered, Rinty is accused of the crime. Knowing who the real murderer is, Rinty travels to the frozen country; of the Northwest to track him down and bring him to justice, while clearing his own name.

Director: Herman C. Raymaker | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, June Marlowe, David Butler, Mitchell Lewis

45. The Lighthouse by the Sea (1924)

Passed | 70 min | Family, Drama

A lighthouse keeper and his daughter are in trouble on two fronts--if the authorities find out he is going blind they will remove him, and a gang of liquor-smugglers is trying to destroy ... See full summary »

Director: Malcolm St. Clair | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, William Collier Jr., Louise Fazenda, Charles Hill Mailes

Votes: 30

46. Find Your Man (1924)

Passed | 70 min | Action, Drama

Rin Tin Tin witnesses a murder for which his master is blamed. Rinty knows who committed the crime, and sets out to track down the killer and clear his master's name.

Director: Malcolm St. Clair | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, June Marlowe, Eric St. Clair, Charles Hill Mailes

Votes: 13

47. Shadows of the North (1923)

Passed | 50 min | Western