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1. The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (1895)

Not Rated | 1 min | Short, History

This short film, one of the first to use camera tricks, depicts the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Director: Alfred Clark | Star: Mrs. Robert L. Thomas

Votes: 1,808

2. The Bride of Lammermoor: A Tragedy of Bonnie Scotland (1909)

Short, Drama

A young girl is being urged by her father to marry a Duke. She refuses and leaves the room, closely followed by the Duke who remains unseen. She enters the garden, where she meets her lover... See full summary »

Director: J. Stuart Blackton | Stars: Annette Kellerman, Maurice Costello

3. Rob Roy (1911)

Short, Romance

An outlawed clan leader rebels against George I.

Director: Arthur Vivian | Stars: John Clyde, Theo Henries, Durward Lely, W.G. Robb

4. The Little Minister (1913)

Short, Drama, Romance

Part One. To start a little in advance of our story, Lord Rintoul, of the English nobility, finds a little Gypsy girl three years old, who had been deserted by her parents. Fifteen years ... See full summary »

Director: James Young | Stars: Clara Kimball Young, James Young, Mrs. E.M. Kimball, Robert Gaillard

6. The Heart of Midlothian (1914)


A crofter's daughter has a child by an outlaw and is condemned to death when it is stolen by a midwife's mad daughter.

Director: Frank Wilson | Stars: Flora Morris, Violet Hopson, Alma Taylor, Stewart Rome

7. The Little Minister (1915)

Romance, Drama

A Lord's fiancée poses as a gypsy and falls in love with the new minister.

Director: Percy Nash | Stars: Joan Ritz, Gregory Scott, Henry Vibart, Fay Davis

9. Kilties Three (1918)

Drama, War

In Edinburgh a foundry owner weds a German spy's widow who becomes a nurse.

Director: Maurice Sandground | Stars: Bob Reed, Rowland Hill, Robert Vallis, Ernest Esdaile

10. The Little Minister (1921)

60 min | Drama

In 1840 Scotland, a young lass named Babbie revels in the country life and frolics with the locals, simple weavers whose livelihood is threatened by increasing industrialization. When Lord ... See full summary »

Director: Penrhyn Stanlaws | Stars: Betty Compson, George Hackathorne, Edwin Stevens, Nigel Barrie

Votes: 37

11. Rob Roy (1922)


A clan chief seeks revenge on the jealous Duke who outlawed him.

Director: W.P. Kellino | Stars: David Hawthorne, Gladys Jennings, Simeon Stuart, Wallace Bosco

Votes: 43

13. Bonnie Prince Charlie (1923)

Biography, Drama, History

In the Jacobite Rising of 1745, the Young Pretender Bonnie Prince Charlie leads an insurrection to overthrow the Protestant House of Hanover and restore his family, the Catholic branch of the House of Stuart, to the British throne.

Director: Charles Calvert | Stars: Gladys Cooper, Ivor Novello, Hugh Miller, A.B. Imeson

14. The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots (1923)

Drama, History

The Dauphin's widow weds a lord and is executed for plotting against the queen.

Director: Denison Clift | Stars: Fay Compton, Gerald Ames, Ivan Samson, John Stuart

16. Putting Pants on Philip (1927)

Passed | 20 min | Comedy, Short

Pompous J. Piedmont Mumblethunder, greets his nephew from Scotland, who arrives in kilts. He is immediately taken to a tailor for a pair of proper pants.

Director: Clyde Bruckman | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Chester A. Bachman, Don Bailey

Votes: 716

17. Annie Laurie (1927)

90 min | Drama, Romance

The story of the famous battle between the Scots clans of Macdonald and Campbell, and the young woman who comes between them, Annie Laurie.

Director: John S. Robertson | Stars: Lillian Gish, Norman Kerry, Creighton Hale, Joseph Striker

Votes: 351 | Gross: $0.43M

18. The Black Watch (1929)

Passed | 93 min | Adventure, Drama

Captain Donald King of the British Army goes to India just as World War I breaks out, convincing his comrades that he is a coward. In reality, he is on a secret mission to rescue British ... See full summary »

Director: John Ford | Stars: Victor McLaglen, Myrna Loy, David Torrence, David Rollins

Votes: 244

19. The Loves of Robert Burns (1930)

96 min | Biography, Musical

Biography of the ploughboy poet.

Director: Herbert Wilcox | Stars: Joseph Hislop, Dorothy Seacombe, Eve Gray, Nancy Price

20. 7 Till 5 (1933)

12 min | Documentary, Short

Add a Plot

Director: Norman McLaren

Votes: 73

21. Strike! (1934)

69 min | Drama

David Barr is the manager and chief designer of a British shipyard (when we still built ships). The shipyard is in financial trouble but Barr has a design for a new ship that will save them... See full summary »

Director: Michael Powell | Stars: Leslie Banks, Carol Goodner, Frank Vosper, Alfred Drayton

Votes: 201

22. The Little Minister (1934)

Approved | 110 min | Drama, Romance

In rural 1840's Scotland, Gavin Dishart arrives to become the new "little minister" of Thrums's Auld Licht church. He meets a mysterious young gypsy girl in the dens and to his horror ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Wallace | Stars: Katharine Hepburn, John Beal, Alan Hale, Donald Crisp

Votes: 631

23. The Ghost Goes West (1935)

Approved | 95 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

A haunted Scottish castle is dismantled and transported to Florida, bringing the family ghost along with it.

Director: René Clair | Stars: Robert Donat, Jean Parker, Eugene Pallette, Elsa Lanchester

Votes: 1,596

24. The 39 Steps (1935)

Not Rated | 86 min | Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller

A man in London tries to help a counter-espionage Agent. But when the Agent is killed, and the man stands accused, he must go on the run to save himself and stop a spy ring which is trying to steal top secret information.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Lucie Mannheim, Godfrey Tearle

Votes: 48,501

25. Mary of Scotland (1936)

Approved | 123 min | Biography, Drama, History

The recently widowed Mary Stuart returns to Scotland to reclaim her throne but is opposed by her half-brother and her own Scottish lords.

Directors: John Ford, Leslie Goodwins | Stars: Katharine Hepburn, Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, Douglas Walton

Votes: 2,159

26. Storm in a Teacup (1937)

Approved | 87 min | Comedy, Romance

A local politician in Scotland tries to break the reporter who wrote a negative story about him, and who is also in love with his daughter.

Directors: Ian Dalrymple, Victor Saville | Stars: Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Cecil Parker, Sara Allgood

Votes: 740

27. The Edge of the World (1937)

Passed | 74 min | Drama, History, Romance

A way of life is dying on an Outer Hebridean island fishing port, but some of the inhabitants resist evacuating to the mainland.

Director: Michael Powell | Stars: Niall MacGinnis, Belle Chrystall, John Laurie, Eric Berry

Votes: 1,532

28. Wee Willie Winkie (1937)

Approved | 100 min | Adventure, Family

Priscilla Williams, a young girl living with her widowed mother and paternal grandfather at the post he commands in northern India, becomes enamored of military life and embroiled in brewing rebellion against the crown in the early 1900's.

Director: John Ford | Stars: Shirley Temple, Victor McLaglen, C. Aubrey Smith, June Lang

Votes: 1,373

29. Kidnapped (1938)

Approved | 90 min | Adventure, Drama

In 1747, young David Balfour's life is threatened by his greedy uncle Ebenezer who wishes to become heir to the considerable Balfour estate.

Directors: Alfred L. Werker, Otto Preminger | Stars: Warner Baxter, Freddie Bartholomew, Arleen Whelan, C. Aubrey Smith

Votes: 256

31. Mony a Pickle (1938)

11 min | Animation, Short

A film advocating thrift by use of the Post Office Savings Bank.

Directors: Alberto Cavalcanti, Richard Massingham, Norman McLaren

Votes: 56

32. The Spy in Black (1939)

77 min | Thriller, War

A German submarine is sent to the Orkney Isles in 1917 to sink the British fleet.

Director: Michael Powell | Stars: Conrad Veidt, Valerie Hobson, Sebastian Shaw, Marius Goring

Votes: 1,848

33. The Heart of a Queen (1940)

103 min | Biography, Drama

While awaiting her unjust execution at the hands of the treacherous Queen Elizabeth I, the tragic Mary Stuart reflects at the series of cruel political machinations that set up her path to the scaffold.

Director: Carl Froelich | Stars: Zarah Leander, Willy Birgel, Maria Koppenhöfer, Lotte Koch

Votes: 72

34. Bombsight Stolen (1941)

Not Rated | 90 min | Comedy, Mystery, Thriller

Allied spies and Nazi Agents insinuate themselves at a Scottish cottage (converted to a wartime hospital) with interests on an inventor's nearly perfected bomb sight.

Director: Anthony Asquith | Stars: Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim, Jeanne De Casalis, Carla Lehmann

Votes: 935

35. The Ghost of St. Michael's (1941)

82 min | Comedy

A hapless teacher named Will Lamb is hired by a grim school in Scotland. The school soon starts to be haunted by a legendary ghost, whose spectral bagpipes signal the death of one of the ... See full summary »

Director: Marcel Varnel | Stars: Will Hay, Claude Hulbert, Felix Aylmer, Raymond Huntley

Votes: 412

36. Shining Victory (1941)

Approved | 80 min | Drama

In a Scottish sanitarium, a brilliant research psychiatrist works on a treatment for dementia precox. He falls for his altruistic female lab assistant and they begin a passionate tragic relationship.

Director: Irving Rapper | Stars: James Stephenson, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Donald Crisp, Barbara O'Neil

Votes: 532

37. A.J. Cronin's Hatter's Castle (1942)

102 min | Drama

James Brodie (Robert Newton) is the only hatter in a small area in Scotland. Ruthless in business as well as at home, he is a tyrant to his family and intimidating to everyone he knows. But... See full summary »

Director: Lance Comfort | Stars: Robert Newton, Deborah Kerr, James Mason, Emlyn Williams

Votes: 250

38. The Shipbuilders (1943)

Not Rated | 90 min | Drama

A generation of shipbuilders is nearly wiped out by the Great Depression, but a second Great War gets them back to work.

Director: John Baxter | Stars: Clive Brook, Morland Graham, Nell Ballantyne, Finlay Currie

Votes: 45

39. On Approval (1944)

Approved | 80 min | Comedy

Two wealthy Victorian widows are courted tentatively by two impoverished British aristocrats. When one of the dowagers suggests that her beau go away with her for a month to see if they are compatible, the fireworks begin.

Director: Clive Brook | Stars: Clive Brook, Beatrice Lillie, Googie Withers, Roland Culver

Votes: 550

40. I Know Where I'm Going! (1945)

Not Rated | 91 min | Drama, Romance

A young Englishwoman goes to the Hebrides to marry her older, wealthier fiancé. When the weather keeps them separated on different islands, she begins to have second thoughts.

Directors: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger | Stars: Wendy Hiller, Roger Livesey, George Carney, Walter Hudd

Votes: 7,369

41. The Body Snatcher (1945)

Approved | 78 min | Horror, Thriller

A ruthless doctor and his young prize student find themselves continually harassed by their murderous supplier of illegal cadavers.

Director: Robert Wise | Stars: Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Henry Daniell, Edith Atwater

Votes: 7,763

42. The Green Years (1946)

Approved | 127 min | Drama

An orphaned young boy is guided by his great-grandfather and strives to go to university to become a doctor. However, the boy's harsh grandfather stands in his way.

Director: Victor Saville | Stars: Charles Coburn, Tom Drake, Beverly Tyler, Hume Cronyn

Votes: 714

43. The Silver Darlings (1947)

84 min | Drama

Set on the rugged north-east coast of Scotland in the 1800s, Catrine is the wife of a dispossessed farmer who hates his new life as a herring fisherman. When he is press-ganged by the Royal Navy, she must face life without him.

Director: Clarence Elder | Stars: Norman Williams, Christopher Capon, Murdo Morrison, Helen Shingler

Votes: 63

44. The Brothers (1947)

Approved | 98 min | Drama

The MacFarishes and the Macraes are lifelong enemies living on a remote island in the Western Isles of Scotland. Mary Lawson is a Scottish orphan brought up in a convent who arrives on the ... See full summary »

Director: David MacDonald | Stars: Patricia Roc, Will Fyffe, Maxwell Reed, Finlay Currie

Votes: 102

45. Bonnie Prince Charlie (1948)

Passed | 98 min | Biography, Drama, History

In the Jacobite Rising of 1745, the Young Pretender Bonnie Prince Charlie leads an insurrection to overthrow the Protestant House of Hanover and restore his family, the Catholic branch of the House of Stuart, to the British throne.

Directors: Anthony Kimmins, Alexander Korda | Stars: David Niven, Margaret Leighton, Morland Graham, John Laurie

Votes: 207

46. Kidnapped (1948)

Approved | 81 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance