A9-Wildlife 2.

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See Amazon for descriptions of these DVDs:

1--Orangutan Diaries, 2 discs, BBC: http://www.amazon.com/Orangutan-Diaries 7

2---Fabulous Animals, Myths and Legends. http://www.amazon.com/Fabulous-Animals-Myths- 7

3---Nature: San Diego Zoo, http://www.amazon.com/Nature-Diego-F-Murray-Abraham 7

4--Waddlers & Paddlers http://www.amazon.com/Nature-Waddlers-Paddlers- 7

5--Hooked on Hummingbirds, http://www.amazon.com/Hooked-Hummingbirds-hummingbirds 8

6--Crane Song,http://www.amazon.com/Crane- 7

7--Green: Orangutans and deforestation. 8

8--Merlin Tuttle:Guardian Angel of Bats. Heroes of Nature series.

9. Uncaged.

10. Kid Guides: Zoos.

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1. Ashes and Snow (2005)

62 min | Documentary, Drama

Exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals.

Director: Gregory Colbert | Stars: Laurence Fishburne, Jeanne Moreau, Enrique Rocha, Ken Watanabe

Votes: 3,817

2. An Elephant Called Slowly (1970)

G | 91 min | Comedy, Action, Adventure

Bill and Ginny are invited by a naturalist friend to take care of his home in Africa while he is away, and they find themselves adopted by three orphan elephants.

Director: James Hill | Stars: Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers, Vinay Inambar, Joab Collins

Votes: 113

3. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Saving Otter 501 (2013)

TV-PG | 53 min | Documentary, Family

From PBS and NATURE - On a typical late summer day a baby sea otter washes up on the beach in Monterey, California - hungry, lost, injured. It's a tragic event, but not surprising. ... See full summary »

Directors: Mark Shelley, Bob Talbot | Star: Daniel Stern

Votes: 38

Otters in Monterey Bay.

4. Nature's Most Amazing Events (2009– )

49 min | Documentary

This is a documentary series looking at the most dramatic wildlife spectacles on our planet. We see the impact of the melting of the arctic ice in the summer, the annual return of the ... See full summary »

Stars: David Attenborough, Joe Stevens, Tom Fitz, Mike Holding

Votes: 2,916

BBC Earth. Wildlife around the world, moved by immense natural forces. Arctic wildlife,polar bears and seals/ Pacific Northwest, grizzlies and salmon/ Serengeti,wildebeest and lions/ South Africa's east coast, sardines and gannets/ Botswana Okavango Delta,elephants Alaska coastal waters, whales and sea lions after each episode, making of and filming challenges.

5. The Chances of the World Changing (2006)

Not Rated | 99 min | Documentary

An artist abandons his life's work to build an ark filled with hundreds of endangered animals. A story about time, death, art, love, and turtles.

Director: Eric Daniel Metzgar

Votes: 52

Turtles: conservation, hoarding, rescue

6. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Birds of the Gods (2011)

Documentary, Family

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Director: Harvey Jones | Star: David Attenborough

Votes: 54

New Guinea, South Pacific. Birds of New Guinea. Narrated by David Attenborough. Birds in gorgeous colors dance and display their beauty. How bird feathers are used in traditional dances of local people.

7. Nature (1982– )
Episode: An Original DUCKumentary (2012)

TV-G | 54 min | Documentary, Family

There are some 120 species of duck, representing a wide variety of shapes, sizes and behaviors. Some are noisy and gregarious, others shy and elusive. They are familiar animals we think we ... See full summary »

Director: Ann Johnson Prum | Star: Paul Giamatti

Votes: 56

Wood duck focus, many other ducks. Nice location filming, through the seasons. Didn't care for script.

8. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Extraordinary Birds (2000)

Documentary, Family

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Director: Tom Simon | Stars: Diane Cardea, Darshan Bhagat, Anita Nayar

Votes: 7

Hummingbirds that fly 5000 miles, owls, pelicans that predict monsoons, homing pigeons, falcons trained to work with dogs.

9. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air (2010)

Documentary, Family

Hummingbirds are the tiniest of birds, yet they are some of the toughest, most energetic creatures on the planet. Their unique flying abilities give them unmatched maneuverability, but at ... See full summary »

Star: F. Murray Abraham

Votes: 40

This is part of a 6 DVD set, and includes through number 62 below. Title of set: Extraordinary Birds. WNET.org. Nature and Questar Entertainment. 2010. Over 7 hours. Amazon carries this set. Only the DVD version, not Blu ray, has all discs.

10. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History (2006)

Documentary, Family

Nature: Chimpanzees - An Unnatural History by Allison Argo.

Director: Allison Argo | Star: Allison Argo

Votes: 8

Hundreds of Chimpanzees, caught in the wild, and separated from their family at a young age. Shipped to America, and used for experiments and testing, kept in small cages with no outdoor time. Rescue groups who give a few chimpanzees a peaceful retirement in the outdoors.

11. Chimpanzee (2012)

G | 78 min | Documentary, Family

57 Metascore

A 3-month-old chimpanzee is separated from his troop and is then adopted by a fully-grown male.

Directors: Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield | Star: Tim Allen

Votes: 5,704 | Gross: $28.97M

3 month old chimpanzee living in the forest, losing it's mother, and adopted by an unlikely family member.

12. Orangutan Diary (2007–2009)


A week at an orangutan rehabilitation centre in a rescue mission in Borneo.

Stars: Steve Leonard, Michaela Strachan

Votes: 13

250 hours, 600 Orangutans in care. 2-disc Orangutan Diaries, a BBC film. Rescue in Borneo.

13. Nature (1982– )
Episode: The Best of Nature: 25 Years (2007)

Documentary, Family

"Nature" celebrates 25 years on public television.

Director: Richard A. Fernandes | Stars: Michael McKean, Lynn Sherr

Votes: 15

Great highlights of 25 years of PBS Nature. Like the moon walking bird.

14. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Legendary White Stallions (2013)

TV-G | 54 min | Documentary, Family

From PBS - At the famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Lipizzaners and their riders have been keeping audiences in thrall for centuries. The school is a unique and elite university, ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Schlamberger | Star: F. Murray Abraham

Votes: 26

Lipizzaners at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Views of Vienna. History, back to the war horses of the Moors of North Africa. About the school and its traditions, and the life of the horses.

4-disc box set, America's Wildlife Survivors. 8 films. National Wildlife Federation series. Predators across the USA, and the poisoning and killing of them. Daryl Hanna narrates and travels to explore predator issues. Billy Ray Cyrus/ Eagles Kenny Loggins and Crosby/wolfs James Avery/coyotes Bridget Fonda/dolphins Sophie B. Hawkins/turtles Pam Houston/bears Alicia Silverstone/wildlife veterinarian

Part of America's Wildlife Survivors box set.

Part of America's Wildlife Survivors box set.

part of America's Wildlife Survivor box set. Grizzlies in America. Montana, Bitterroots.

20. Dark Water Rising: Survival Stories of Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescues (2006)

PG-13 | 75 min | Documentary

A dedicated and compassionate group of volunteer rescuers and animal welfare groups from around the world risked their lives to sledgehammer down doors and brave toxic floodwaters in a truly heroic effort to save nearly 10,000 animals.

Director: Mike Shiley | Stars: Aaron Minjares, Larry Roberts, Kim Upham

Votes: 25

21. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Katrina's Animal Rescue (2005)

Documentary, Family

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Star: Laura Dern

Votes: 12

22. Animal Rescue with Alex Paen (2007– )

60 min | Documentary

Based on the same format as "Emergency Call," this syndicated show, hosted by animal lover Alex Paen, featured actual footage and re-enactments of police, firemen, veterinarians, and other ... See full summary »

Star: Alex Paen

Votes: 17

23. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Silent Roar: Searching for the Snow Leopard (2005)

60 min | Documentary, Family

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Directors: Mitchell Kelly, Hugh Miles | Stars: James Fagan, Hugh Miles

Votes: 18

Snow Leopards in the rugged mountains, at high elevations.

24. Nature (1982– )
Episode: The White Lions (2012)

TV-G | Documentary, Family

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Star: Toby Leonard Moore

Votes: 19

White lions surviving in Africa. Filmed from being young cubs to adults. The hazards of being conspicuous white lions. 6/14

25. Nature (1982– )
Episode: The Vanishing Lions (2006)

Documentary, Family

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Star: Peter Coyote

Votes: 10

Why there are fewer lions.

27. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Underdogs (2006)

Documentary, Family

NATURE's Underdogs tells the poignant story of two misfits whose lives were turned around by people who saw their potential for greatness.

Director: Karen Walsh | Star: Henry Winkler

Votes: 6

Two troublesome dogs, until adopted by caring owners. A Bloodhound goes to work for the Police force. A sheepdog herds sheep.

28. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Braving Iraq (2010)

Documentary, Family

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Director: David Johnson

Votes: 12

Mesopotamia Marshland National Park, Iraq. 278 species of birds. Migratory path from Siberia to Africa.

29. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Echo: An Elephant to Remember (2010)

TV-PG | Documentary, Family

Echo, the remarkable matriarch of a family of elephants in Kenya's Amboseli National Park, was most studied elephant in the world, the subject of several books and documentaries, including ... See full summary »

Director: Mike Birkhead | Stars: Martyn Colbeck, Chris Morgan, Cynthia Moss

Votes: 32

In Kenya, a matriarch elephant.

30. The Farmer and the Horse (2010)

Not Rated | 77 min | Documentary, History, News

Farming in the Garden State is tough. It's even tougher without a tractor. In New Jersey, farmland is more expensive than anywhere else. It's not an easy place to try to start a career as a... See full summary »

Director: Jared Flesher

Votes: 7

Farming today with horse and plow.

31. The Snow Goose (1971 TV Movie)

60 min | Drama

An aging artist who lives a solitary life as a lighthouse keeper in an Essex fishing village assists a young orphan girl in caring for a wounded snow goose.

Director: Patrick Garland | Stars: Richard Harris, Jenny Agutter, Graham Crowden, Freda Bamford

Votes: 341

32. Sequoia (1934)

G | 71 min | Drama

Toni lives with her father, writer Matthew Martin, in the Sequoia forests of California. While walking, she finds and brings home, a small puma which she calls 'Gato' and a young fawn, ... See full summary »

Directors: Chester M. Franklin, Edwin L. Marin | Stars: Jean Parker, Russell Hardie, Samuel S. Hinds, Paul Hurst

Votes: 129

33. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Wild Balkans (2010)

TV-G | Documentary, Family

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Star: Alan Coates

Votes: 23

Brown Bears, numerous birds, otters, wolves. National Parks, wetlands. Farmers continue to use horses to plow. A gorge 10,000 miles deep, 50 miles long -deepest and longest in Europe. 6/14

34. American Serengeti (2010 TV Movie)

50 min | Documentary

A team of dedicated scientists take on the historic conservation project of rebuilding the great American plains. More than 200 years ago, the Great Plains were an American Serengeti. Since... See full summary »

Director: Andy Mitchell | Star: Tom Selleck

Votes: 23

Montana plains. Restoring the wildlife and their habitat. Prairie dogs, ferrets, buffalo, fish, more. Through the seasons, many views of young wildlife. National Geographic.

35. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Ireland (2004)

Documentary, Family

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Star: Jason O'Mara

Votes: 7

Red deer, dippers and other birds, stoats, otters, oysters. Yearly horse racing on the beach. Ancient stone fences and houses.

36. Ganges (2007 TV Movie)

148 min | Documentary

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Star: Sudha Bhuchar

Votes: 196

Ganges River.

37. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Kalahari: The Great Thirstland (2003)

Documentary, Family

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Director: Tim Liversedge | Star: Christopher Plummer

Votes: 7

The Great Thirstland and Kalahari: The Flooded Desert are on one DVD. Flamingos nesting.

38. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Kalahari: The Flooded Desert (2003)

Documentary, Family

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Director: Tim Liversedge | Star: Christopher Plummer

Votes: 15

River Delta providing water to the Kalahari. Frogs and other life bury underground, sometimes for years, until the next flood, then come to life.

40. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Tall Blondes (2002)

Documentary, Family

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Director: Kevin Bachar | Star: Lynn Sherr

Votes: 13


A team of scientists dissect a Giant Squid.

42. Colossal Squid (2008– )

44 min

In Colossal Squid, scientists in Antarctica study a rare living specimen of the deadly colossal squid. In Squid Invasion, expert diver Scott Cassell faces off against the Humboldt squid.

Star: Scott Cassell

Votes: 8

Colossal Squid and their differences from the Giant Squid.

Honey bees are disappearing.

44. Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe (2007– )


Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe looks at some of the most remote spots on the planet. Explore spectacular glaciers, stunning deserts, colorful rainforests, and awe-inspiring mountain ... See full summary »

Stars: Art Wolfe, Byambadorj Altanhuyag

Votes: 56

Wildlife in 25 locations around the world. 4 disc set, 13 hours of run time.

45. Nature (1982– )
Episode: River of No Return (2012)

TV-G | 54 min | Documentary, Family

This film is a journey of exploration into one of America's best kept secrets

Votes: 62

Idaho river with the Dipper bird, otters, wolves highlighted.

46. Nova (1974– )
Episode: Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest? (2014)

TV-G | 53 min | Documentary

From PBS - What makes an animal smart? Many scientists believe the secret lies in relationships. Throughout the animal kingdom, some of the cleverest creatures -- including humans -- seem ... See full summary »

Director: Andrew Thompson | Stars: Frans de Waal, Kathleen Dudzinski, Justin Gregg, Brian Hare

Votes: 32

Dolphins, monkeys, chimpanzees, elephants.

47. Nova (1974– )
Episode: Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses (2014)

TV-G | 53 min | Documentary