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1. The Well (2015)

96 min | Drama

Set during the Algerian War of Independence. In the film, the French army surrounds a southern Algerian village where they believe an enemy is being hidden and force the inhabitants to either confront the issue or die of thirst.

Director: Lotfi Bouchouchi | Stars: Nadia Kaci, Laurent Maurel, Layla Metssitane, Ourais Achour

Votes: 411

2. Monsieur Lazhar (2011)

PG-13 | 94 min | Comedy, Drama

82 Metascore

At a Montréal public grade school, an Algerian immigrant is hired to replace a popular teacher who committed suicide in her classroom. While helping his students deal with their grief, his own recent loss is revealed.

Director: Philippe Falardeau | Stars: Mohamed Fellag, Sophie Nélisse, Émilien Néron, Danielle Proulx

Votes: 18,525 | Gross: $2.01M

3. Chouf (2016)

108 min | Crime, Drama

Chouf: it means "look" in Arabic, but it is also the name of the watchmen in the drug cartels of Marseille. Sofiane is 20. A brilliant student, he comes back to spend his holiday in the ... See full summary »

Director: Karim Dridi | Stars: Sofian Khammes, Foued Nabba, Oussama Abdul Aal, Zine Darar

Votes: 302

7. Algeria: The Nameless War (2003)

85 min | Documentary

Agnieszka Lukasiak travels to Algeria and falls in love with an Algerian man whose very traditional family disapproves of their relationship. The film follows Lukasiak's interactions with ... See full summary »

Director: Agnieszka Lukasiak

Votes: 16

8. Algeria, Unspoken Stories (2007)

155 min | Documentary, Drama

A collection of memories recalling Algeria's war of independence.

Director: Jean-Pierre Lledo

Votes: 31

9. The Repentant (2012)

87 min | Crime, Drama

Thanks to the "civilian agreement" law, an Islamist is pardoned and reinstalled in society. He soon understands law doesn't erase the crimes he committed.

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Nabil Asli, Adila Bendimerad, Khaled Benaïssa, Rokia Abdelali

Votes: 141

10. The Rooftops (2013)

92 min | Drama

On the structure of the five daily prayers of the Muslim rite, the film tells us a day like any other in Algiers lived from various terraces of the buildings.

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Adila Bendimerad, Nassima Belmihoub, Ahcène Benzerrari, Aïssa Chouat

Votes: 68

11. Bab El Oued City (1994)

93 min | Comedy, Drama

Follows the conflict between a young Algerian man and the local Islamic fundamentalists.

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Nadia Kaci, Mohamed Ourdache, Hassan Abidou, Mabrouk Ait Amara

Votes: 178

12. Omar Gatlato (1977)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

A somewhat cynical but realistic look at the alienation of men in Algerian society.

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Boualem Benani, Aziz Degga, Farida Guenaneche, Rabah Leghaa

Votes: 118

13. Harragas (2009)

95 min | Drama

Set in the northern Algerian port city of Mostaganem. The title refers to the hordes of refugees, the 'Harragas', who smuggle themselves out of the country via any means possible. Here we ... See full summary »

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Lamia Boussekine, Nabil Asli, Samir El Hakim, Seddik Benyagoub

Votes: 123

14. Hassan, Terrorist (1968)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

Living in Algiers in 1956 is no bed of roses. Especially when you are a meek little fellow called Hassan who, to stay out of trouble, is all things to all people and whose only act of "... See full summary »

Director: Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina | Stars: Tayeb Abou El Hassan, Mahieddine Bachtarzi, Balvet, Abou Djamel

Votes: 51

15. Divine Wind (2018)

96 min | Drama

Algerian desert drama becomes a seesaw of love and death when two young jihadists meet to bomb an oil refinery.

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Abdelatif Benahmed, Hacène Benzerari, Sarah Layssac, Mohamed Oughlis

Votes: 20

16. Normal! (2011)

111 min | Drama

After the December riots and the first peaceful marches in Algeria, while the Arab Spring begins in Tunisia and Egypt, Fouzi wants to gather his actors to show them the unfinished editing ... See full summary »

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Nadjib Oulebsir, Adila Bendimerad, Nabil Asli, Mina Lachter

Votes: 15

17. Hi Cousin! (1996)

98 min | Comedy

Salut Cousin! is the tale of two Algerian cousins and their mishaps in the racially volatile environment of Paris.

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Gad Elmaleh, Messaoud Hattau, Magaly Berdy, Ann-Gisel Glass

Votes: 273

18. Bab el web (2005)

99 min | Comedy

Kamel and his younger brother live in Bab el Oued, a popular district of Algiers. Kamel is embittered and rather taciturn while jollier Bouzid escapes the drab reality of his life chatting ... See full summary »

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Samy Naceri, Faudel, Julie Gayet, Hacène Benzerari

Votes: 103

19. Madame Courage (2015)

90 min | Drama

Omar, a futureless teenager, loves his dose of Madame Courage. He forgets his struggle, feels invincible and steals what he wants. That is, until he encounters Selma.

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Adlane Djemil, Lamia Bezoiui, Leila Tilmatine, Faidhi Zohra

Votes: 106

20. La baie d'Alger (2012 TV Movie)


The writer Louis Gardel remembers his youth in Algerie.In 1955 Louis is 15 years old and he lives with his grandmother Zoe.Zoe is friend with the president Steiger, leader of the French ... See full summary »

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Catherine Jacob, Solal Forte, Anthony Sonigo, Margaux Chatelier

Votes: 43

21. L'autre monde (2001)

95 min | Crime, Drama, War

53 Metascore

A young French-Algerian woman travels to Algeria in search for her fiance. Determined to find his whereabouts, she is facing political and religious obstacles in a country that is struggling with the aftermath of a civil war.

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Marie Brahimi, Karim Bouaiche, Nazim Boudjenah, Michèle Moretti

Votes: 54

22. Morituri (2007)

116 min | Crime, Drama

In the civil war that tears apart Algeria in the 1990s, police chief Brahim Llob hunts down Islamists extremists on a daily basis. Having become the favorite target for them, it is with ... See full summary »

Director: Okacha Touita | Stars: Miloud Khetib, Azzedine Bouraghda, Boualem Benani, Ahmed Benaissa

Votes: 18

23. Outside the Law (2010)

R | 138 min | Crime, Drama, War

59 Metascore

A drama about the Algerian struggle for independence from France after WWII.

Director: Rachid Bouchareb | Stars: Jamel Debbouze, Roschdy Zem, Sami Bouajila, Chafia Boudraa

Votes: 3,514

24. Days of Glory (2006)

R | 120 min | Drama, War

82 Metascore

During WWII, four North African men enlist in the French army to liberate that country from Nazi oppression, and to fight French discrimination.

Director: Rachid Bouchareb | Stars: Samy Naceri, Roschdy Zem, Sami Bouajila, Jamel Debbouze

Votes: 13,547 | Gross: $0.32M

25. Mel Watni (2005)

109 min | Drama

the story of a mother of 5 daughters and one mentally ill son during the black decade of Algeria (1990-2000), struggling through life with the danger extremist terrorists.

Director: Fatima Belhadj | Stars: Salah Aougrout, Kamel Bouakkaz, Chafia Boudraa, Amel Himeur

26. Carnaval fi Dachra (1994)

120 min | Comedy

Makhlouf Bombardier, decides to be elected mayor of a dechra (village). So he surrounds himself with his partners to organize a great campaign for his election. Bombardier became the mayor ... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Oukassi | Stars: Athmane Ariout, Salah Aougrout, Lakhder Boukhers, Khider Hmida

Votes: 157

27. Inspector Tahar's Holiday (1972)

110 min | Comedy

L'inspecteur Tahar (Hadj Abderrahmane) et son adjoint que l'on appelle l'Apprenti (Yahia Ben Mabrouk), s'efforcent résoudre les enquêtes qui leurs sont confiés.

Director: Moussa Haddad | Stars: Hadj Abderrahmane, Yahia Ben Mabrouk, Salah El Mahdi, Zohra Faïza

Votes: 103

28. Patrouille à l'Est (1971)

115 min | Action, Drama, History

A patrol of the National Liberation Army must convoy a French soldier taken prisoner to the Tunisian border.

Director: Amar Laskri | Stars: Hacène Benzerari, Mohamed Hadj Smaïn, Brahim Hadjadj, Mohamed Hamdi

Votes: 47

29. Hassan Taxi (1982)

110 min | Comedy

Hassen, tired and worn out by the long years of post-independence, gets a taxi license as a former fighter, traveling through the streets of Algiers and experiencing the most incredible adventures.

Director: Mohamed Slimane Riad | Stars: Rouïched, Robert Castel, Mustapha Chougrani, Lucette Sahuquet

Votes: 27

30. L'inspecteur Tahar Marque le But (1977)

117 min | Comedy, Crime, Sport

A simple case of a car accident in the city of Oran turns into a real criminal investigation led by Inspector Tahar and his sidekick apprentice.

Director: Kaddour Brahim Zakaria | Stars: Hadj Abderrahmane, Yahia Ben Mabrouk, Zoubida Ben Bahi, Boumedienne Sirat

Votes: 5

31. L'opium et le baton (1969)

135 min | Action, Drama, War

An Algerian doctor decides to leave the troubles in Algiers and goes back to his hometown, a small village lost in the mountains. There, however, the situation is explosive as well, as the ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmed Rachedi | Stars: Marie-José Nat, Sid Ali Kouiret, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jean-Claude Bercq

Votes: 74

32. Mostefa Ben Boulaid (2008)

163 min | Action, Biography, Drama

The film revolves around the life of the martyr Mustapha Ben Bouleid (1917-1956), who was a member of the Algerian National Movement, who worked with his comrades to explain the idea of the... See full summary »

Director: Ahmed Rachedi | Stars: Djamel Allam, Sami Allem, Fares Ben Hachani, Ahmed Benaissa

Votes: 21

33. Buamama (1985)

178 min | Biography, Drama, History

The story of the film revolves around the epic of Sheikh Bouamama, a leader of the national resistance in Algeria during the French colonial era. The events are taking place in southwestern... See full summary »

Director: Benamar Bakhti | Stars: Sid Ahmed Agoumi, Athmane Ariout, Mahmoud Aziz, Robert Bazil

Votes: 67

34. Chronicle of the Years of Fire (1975)

177 min | Drama

The beginings of the Algerian Revolution as seen through the eyes of a peasant.

Director: Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina | Stars: Yorgo Voyagis, Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina, Leila Shenna, Cheikh Nourredine

Votes: 440

35. The Battle of Algiers (1966)

Not Rated | 121 min | Drama, War

96 Metascore

In the 1950s, fear and violence escalate as the people of Algiers fight for independence from the French government.

Director: Gillo Pontecorvo | Stars: Brahim Hadjadj, Jean Martin, Yacef Saadi, Samia Kerbash

Votes: 49,009 | Gross: $0.06M

36. Mascarades (2008)

Not Rated | 94 min | Comedy

Mounir Mekbek lives with his family in a small village in the heart of the Algerian countryside. Very proud and sure of himself, he has only one dream- to finally be appreciated by his ... See full summary »

Director: Lyès Salem | Stars: Lyès Salem, Sarah Reguieg, Rym Takoucht, Merouane Zmirli

Votes: 334

37. The Man from Oran (2014)

128 min | Drama, History

During the first years of Algeria's independence, Djaffar and Hamid embrace a bright and promising future. After several decades, secrets and betrayals drive them apart.

Director: Lyès Salem | Stars: Lyès Salem, Khaled Benaïssa, Djemel Barek, Amal Kateb

Votes: 162

38. Papicha (2019)

106 min | Drama

Algiers, 1997. Terrorist wanting an Islamic and archaic state are everywhere. Women are oppressed, in a seek to take control of their bodies, clothing and public space. Young student Nedjma is passionate about making a fashion show.

Director: Mounia Meddour | Stars: Lyna Khoudri, Shirine Boutella, Amira Hilda Douaouda, Yasin Houicha

Votes: 518

39. Ramdam (2017)

90 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

In a small mosque located in the south-west of France, a child's drawing representing a masked character is controversial: super hero or jihadist? Amine, Imam by profession, will have to manage the unmanageable...

Director: Zangro | Stars: Sid Ahmed Agoumi, Anissa Allali, Adama Bathily, Younes Boucif

40. Beur blanc rouge (2006)

88 min | Comedy

Brahim attends the French/Algeria football game,and it's a disaster.

Director: Mahmoud Zemmouri | Stars: Yasmine Belmadi, Karim Belkhadra, Julien Courbey, Nozha Khouadra

Votes: 97

41. Délice Paloma (2007)

134 min | Drama

When it comes to surviving in today's Algeria, no scam is too daunting for the woman who has adopted her country's name. If they're pretty and lacking in principles, her recruits can make a... See full summary »

Director: Nadir Moknèche | Stars: Biyouna, Nadia Kaci, Aylin Prandi, Daniel Lundh

Votes: 246

42. Cousins (2004)

32 min | Short

Driss, an Algerian emigrant who has settled down in France, is back to Algiers for his month's holiday. What joy it is to hug his relatives and friends, to get to know Nedjma, his cousin ... See full summary »

Director: Lyès Salem | Stars: Lamia Cherfouh, Zineb Kortebi, Antar Chedadi, Rachida Messaoudène

Votes: 22

43. Gates of the Sun (2014)

90 min | Action

An Algerian secret agent has to destroy an undercover paramilitary organization that plans to strike against the country and its people.

Director: Jean-Marc Minéo | Stars: Zakaria Ramdane, Smaïn, Lorie Pester, Sofia Nouacer

Votes: 244

44. Algerie from Above (2015 TV Movie)

88 min | Documentary

Flying around Algeria, the north African country.

Directors: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Yazid Tizi

Votes: 72

45. Les hors-la-loi (1969)

107 min | Drama

Very very very very good movie. Excellent music from « Georges Moustaki» Takes place before the independence Algerian war. Shows how people restart to fight after a 100 year of colonization And after the end of «emir Abdelkader».

Director: Tewfik Fares | Stars: Sid Ahmed Agoumi, Cheikh Nourredine, Mohamed Chouikh, Malek Kateb

Votes: 9

46. The Citadel (1988)

96 min | Drama