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1. Sherlock (2010– )
Episode: The Six Thatchers (2017)

TV-14 | 88 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Sherlock takes on the case of finding out who is going around and smashing six unique head statues of late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Director: Rachel Talalay | Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves

Votes: 21,590

2. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)

PG-13 | 132 min | Action, Adventure, Thriller

73 Metascore

The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name.

Director: Brad Bird | Stars: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton

Votes: 445,346 | Gross: $209.40M

3. The Mechanic (2011)

R | 93 min | Action, Thriller

49 Metascore

An elite hitman teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.

Director: Simon West | Stars: Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland, Tony Goldwyn

Votes: 147,214 | Gross: $29.12M

4. Hammer House of Horror (1980)
Episode: Charlie Boy (1980)

52 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A carved African fetish with voodoo powers has a dangerous mind of its own.

Director: Robert Young | Stars: Leigh Lawson, Angela Bruce, Marius Goring, Frances Cuka

Votes: 393

5. Hammer House of Horror (1980)
Episode: Rude Awakening (1980)

52 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A real estate broker finds himself having dreams that seem to be incredibly real. They are so real, in fact, that he begins to wonder which is the dream and which is reality.

Director: Peter Sasdy | Stars: Denholm Elliott, James Laurenson, Pat Heywood, Lucy Gutteridge

Votes: 412

6. Sherlock (2010– )
Episode: The Lying Detective (2017)

TV-14 | 89 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Sherlock goes up against the powerful and seemingly unassailable Culverton Smith - a man with a very dark secret indeed.

Director: Nick Hurran | Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves

Votes: 24,288

7. Hammer House of Horror (1980)
Episode: Children of the Full Moon (1980)

52 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A married couple, lost in the woods, stumble across a creepy mansion and its inhabitants - an overly-kind old women and deadly wolf children that scour the country-side looking for victims.

Director: Tom Clegg | Stars: Christopher Cazenove, Celia Gregory, Diana Dors, Robert Urquhart

Votes: 427

8. Hammer House of Horror (1980)
Episode: The Thirteenth Reunion (1980)

52 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Ruth, the reporter for the women's section of a magazine, is assigned by her editor to participate in the ten-weeks course of a new weight-loss organization called "Think Thin". According ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Sasdy | Stars: Julia Foster, Dinah Sheridan, Richard Pearson, Norman Bird

Votes: 405

9. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)

PG-13 | 131 min | Action, Adventure, Thriller

75 Metascore

Ethan and his team take on their most impossible mission yet when they have to eradicate an international rogue organization as highly skilled as they are and committed to destroying the IMF.

Director: Christopher McQuarrie | Stars: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg

Votes: 330,546 | Gross: $195.04M

10. Star Trek Beyond (2016)

PG-13 | 122 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

68 Metascore

The crew of the USS Enterprise explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy, who puts them, and everything the Federation stands for, to the test.

Director: Justin Lin | Stars: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana

Votes: 220,642 | Gross: $158.85M

11. Silence (I) (2016)

R | 161 min | Drama, History

79 Metascore

In the 17th century, two Portuguese Jesuit priests travel to Japan in an attempt to locate their mentor, who is rumored to have committed apostasy, and to propagate Catholicism.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano

Votes: 95,298 | Gross: $7.10M

12. Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

R | 139 min | Biography, Drama, History

71 Metascore

World War II American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.

Director: Mel Gibson | Stars: Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer

Votes: 409,193 | Gross: $67.21M

13. Denial (II) (2016)

PG-13 | 109 min | Biography, Drama

63 Metascore

Acclaimed writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt must battle for historical truth to prove the Holocaust actually occurred when David Irving, a renowned denier, sues her for libel.

Director: Mick Jackson | Stars: Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall, Andrew Scott

Votes: 18,399 | Gross: $4.07M

14. Taboo (2017– )
Episode: Episode #1.1 (2017)

TV-MA | 55 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

After being presumed dead, James Delaney resurfaces in London seeking revenge for the death of his father and inheriting the family shipping empire, which threatens the ambitions of his half-sister and the East India Company.

Director: Kristoffer Nyholm | Stars: Tom Hardy, Edward Fox, Martin Wimbush, Larrington Walker

Votes: 5,588

15. Taboo (2017– )
Episode: Episode #1.2 (2017)

TV-MA | 58 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Despite Delaney's return to London setting tongues wagging, he enlists allies in his quest to reclaim his legacy, while an unexpected arrival at the reading of the will disrupts his plans and reveals the nature of his inheritance.

Director: Kristoffer Nyholm | Stars: Richard Dixon, Jonathan Pryce, Tom Hardy, David Hayman

Votes: 4,106

16. Taboo (2017– )
Episode: Episode #1.3 (2017)

TV-MA | 61 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Delaney receives medical help from an unexpected source, before outwitting the East India Company, which turns its attentions to Delaney's new ally, Lorna.

Director: Kristoffer Nyholm | Stars: Donovan Louie, Evelyn Van Marle, Alfie Mackay, Ruby-May Martinwood

Votes: 3,472

17. Hammer House of Horror (1980)
Episode: Carpathian Eagle (1980)

52 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Murder victims are being found with the hearts cut out. A police detective is assigned to find and stop the killer.

Director: Francis Megahy | Stars: Anthony Valentine, Suzanne Danielle, Siân Phillips, Barry Stanton

Votes: 370

18. Jason Bourne (I) (2016)

PG-13 | 123 min | Action, Thriller

58 Metascore

The CIA's most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past.

Director: Paul Greengrass | Stars: Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel

Votes: 201,649 | Gross: $162.43M

19. The Accountant (2016)

R | 128 min | Action, Crime, Drama

51 Metascore

As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities, and the body count starts to rise.

Director: Gavin O'Connor | Stars: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal

Votes: 250,105 | Gross: $86.26M

20. Split (IX) (2016)

PG-13 | 117 min | Horror, Thriller

62 Metascore

Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities. They must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th.

Director: M. Night Shyamalan | Stars: James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula

Votes: 401,957 | Gross: $138.29M

21. The Last Days on Mars (2013)

R | 98 min | Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi

46 Metascore

A group of astronaut explorers succumb one by one to a mysterious and terrifying force while collecting specimens on Mars.

Director: Ruairi Robinson | Stars: Liev Schreiber, Elias Koteas, Romola Garai, Olivia Williams

Votes: 34,395 | Gross: $0.02M

22. Hammer House of Horror (1980)
Episode: Guardian of the Abyss (1980)

52 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A scrying glass puts an antiques exporter in the path of a woman fleeing from devil worshipers and the evil hypnotist who leads them.

Director: Don Sharp | Stars: Ray Lonnen, Rosalyn Landor, John Carson, Paul Darrow

Votes: 370

23. A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

R | 99 min | Action, Drama, Western

65 Metascore

A wandering gunfighter plays two rival families against each other in a town torn apart by greed, pride, and revenge.

Director: Sergio Leone | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volontè, Marianne Koch, Wolfgang Lukschy

Votes: 189,239 | Gross: $14.50M

24. For a Few Dollars More (1965)

R | 132 min | Western

74 Metascore

Two bounty hunters with the same intentions team up to track down a Western outlaw.

Director: Sergio Leone | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Gian Maria Volontè, Mara Krupp

Votes: 222,094 | Gross: $15.00M

25. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

R | 178 min | Western

90 Metascore

A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.

Director: Sergio Leone | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee Van Cleef, Aldo Giuffrè

Votes: 663,282 | Gross: $6.10M

26. Taboo (2017– )
Episode: Episode #1.4 (2017)

TV-MA | 61 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

The plot against Delaney puts Lorna in danger, Delaney enlists help for a scheme of his own, and an invitation to an opulent ball leads to unexpected consequences.

Director: Kristoffer Nyholm | Stars: Tom Hardy, Jessie Buckley, Morgan Walters, Jason Watkins

Votes: 3,557

27. The Butterfly Effect (2004)

R | 113 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

30 Metascore

Evan Treborn suffers blackouts during significant events of his life. As he grows up, he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life by reading his journal.

Directors: Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber | Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Melora Walters, Elden Henson

Votes: 440,310 | Gross: $57.94M

28. The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006)

R | 92 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Nick Larson discovers a supernatural way to alter his life and travel back in time to key moments in his life by looking at photographs.

Director: John R. Leonetti | Stars: Eric Lively, Erica Durance, Dustin Milligan, Gina Holden

Votes: 33,815

29. Taboo (2017– )
Episode: Episode #1.5 (2017)

TV-MA | 56 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A duel at dawn takes a surprising turn, Zilpha is met with darkness, the East India Company is under investigation, and Delaney faces a race against time to keep his plot a secret.

Director: Anders Engström | Stars: Tom Hardy, Jessie Buckley, Jefferson Hall, Oliver Powell

Votes: 3,048

30. The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)

R | 90 min | Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Sam Reide uses his power to time travel to solve the mystery of his girlfriend's death.

Director: Seth Grossman | Stars: Chris Carmack, Rachel Miner, Melissa Jones, Kevin Yon

Votes: 18,352

31. Hammer House of Horror (1980)
Episode: Growing Pains (1980)

TV-14 | 53 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

After the death of their son William Morton, the diplomat Laurie Morton and her husband, the scientist Terence Morton adopt a boy, James. From the moment James moves to Morton's house in the country on, weird things happen with the family.

Director: Francis Megahy | Stars: Barbara Kellerman, Gary Bond, Norman Beaton, Tariq Yunus

Votes: 349

32. Taken 3 (2014)

PG-13 | 108 min | Action, Thriller

26 Metascore

Accused of a ruthless murder he never committed or witnessed, Bryan Mills goes on the run and brings out his particular set of skills to find the true killer and clear his name.

Director: Olivier Megaton | Stars: Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen

Votes: 173,936 | Gross: $89.26M

33. John Wick (2014)

R | 101 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

68 Metascore

An ex-hit-man comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that killed his dog and took everything from him.

Directors: Chad Stahelski, David Leitch | Stars: Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe

Votes: 510,652 | Gross: $43.04M

34. Fear Itself (2008–2009)
Episode: Eater (2008)

TV-14 | 41 min | Horror

Nothing is as it seems when a rookie cop is assigned to watch over a serial killer known as the "Eater".

Director: Stuart Gordon | Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Russell Hornsby, Stephen Lee, Stephen R. Hart

Votes: 870

35. Fear Itself (2008–2009)
Episode: Spooked (2008)

TV-14 | 44 min | Horror

A private eye has to face his demons while on a stakeout in a haunted house.

Director: Brad Anderson | Stars: Eric Roberts, Cynthia Watros, Jack Noseworthy, Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

Votes: 779

36. Taboo (2017– )
Episode: Episode #1.6 (2017)

TV-MA | 63 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

When his plot is betrayed and Zilpha takes drastic action against her husband, Delaney faces all out chaos, complicated further by a family revelation and the increasingly desperate East India Company.

Director: Anders Engström | Stars: Tom Hardy, David Hayman, Ruby-May Martinwood, Louis Ashbourne Serkis

Votes: 3,033

37. Fear Itself (2008–2009)
Episode: Community (2008)

TV-14 | 42 min | Horror

A young couple move into a secure gated community and discover its horrifying secret.

Director: Mary Harron | Stars: Brandon Routh, Shiri Appleby, Barbara Tyson, John Billingsley

Votes: 678

38. Twin Peaks (1990–1991)
Episode: Pilot (1990)

Unrated | 94 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

The small northwest town of Twin Peaks, Washington is shaken up when the body of the Homecoming Queen, Laura Palmer, is discovered washed up on a riverbank, wrapped in plastic.

Director: David Lynch | Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook

Votes: 13,449

39. Twin Peaks (1990–1991)
Episode: Traces to Nowhere (1990)

TV-14 | 46 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Agent Cooper enjoys the comforts of the Great Northern Hotel. Bobby Briggs and Mike Nelson are released from jail. Doctor Hayward hands over the autopsy report on Laura Palmer.

Director: Duwayne Dunham | Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook

Votes: 4,042

40. Twin Peaks (1990–1991)
Episode: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer (1990)

TV-14 | 47 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Ben Horne's brother, Jerry, arrives in Twin Peaks; together they travel to One Eyed Jack's and meet with the madam, Blackie O'Reilly. Audrey leaves a clue for Cooper. Deputy Hawk finds a bloody towel near the crime scene.

Director: David Lynch | Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook

Votes: 4,250

41. Twin Peaks (1990–1991)
Episode: Rest in Pain (1990)

TV-14 | 47 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Cooper meets with Audrey, who confesses to leaving him the note about One Eyed Jack's. Cooper tells Truman he can't remember who the killer was in his dream, but insists the dream is a code to solving the crime.

Director: Tina Rathborne | Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook

Votes: 3,551

42. Taboo (2017– )
Episode: Episode #1.7 (2017)

TV-MA | 57 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A tragic event leads to the betrayal of Delaney, who must use all of his wits and strength to salvage his plans.

Director: Anders Engström | Stars: Tom Hardy, Franka Potente, Richard Katz, Stephen Graham

Votes: 3,147

43. The Exorcist III (1990)

R | 110 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

48 Metascore

A police Lieutenant uncovers more than he bargained for as his investigation of a series of murders, which have all the hallmarks of the deceased Gemini serial killer, leads him to question the patients of a psychiatric ward.

Director: William Peter Blatty | Stars: George C. Scott, Ed Flanders, Brad Dourif, Jason Miller

Votes: 24,202 | Gross: $26.10M

44. Arrival (II) (2016)

PG-13 | 116 min | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

81 Metascore

A linguist works with the military to communicate with alien lifeforms after twelve mysterious spacecraft appear around the world.

Director: Denis Villeneuve | Stars: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg

Votes: 565,506 | Gross: $100.55M

45. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

R | 86 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

65 Metascore

A father and son, both coroners, are pulled into a complex mystery while attempting to identify the body of a young woman, who was apparently harboring dark secrets.

Director: André Øvredal | Stars: Brian Cox, Emile Hirsch, Ophelia Lovibond, Michael McElhatton

Votes: 89,895

46. Taboo (2017– )
Episode: Episode #1.8 (2017)

TV-MA | 56 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Delaney delivers an ultimatum, arrangements for immediate departure begin, while Strange has a final ace to play.

Director: Anders Engström | Stars: Oona Chaplin, Tom Hardy, Jonathan Pryce, Danny Ligairi

Votes: 3,866

47. The Legend of Hell House (1973)

PG | 95 min | Horror

Physicist Lionel Barrett and his wife lead a team of mediums into the Belasco House, which is supposedly haunted by the victims of its late owner, a six-foot-five serial killer.

Director: John Hough | Stars: Roddy McDowall, Gayle Hunnicutt, Pamela Franklin, Clive Revill

Votes: 11,584

48. Chinatown (1974)

R | 130 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

92 Metascore

A private detective hired to expose an adulterer finds himself caught up in a web of deceit, corruption, and murder.

Director: Roman Polanski | Stars: Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, John Huston, Perry Lopez

Votes: 282,486 | Gross: $29.20M

49. Twin Peaks (1990–1991)
Episode: The One-Armed Man (1990)

TV-14 | 47 min