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With some of their recommended work

1. John Alton

Camera_department | An American in Paris

Starting out in 1924 as a lab technician at MGM, John Alton left there for Paramount to become a cameraman. He traveled to France and then to South America, where he wrote, photographed and directed several Spanish-language films. Returning to Hollywood in 1937, he soon achieved a reputation as one...

T-Men Bury Me Dead Amazing Mr. X Raw Deal Hollow Triumph He Walked by Night Canon City Devil's Doorway Big Combo Slightly Scarlet (in color!)

2. Nicholas Musuraca

Cinematographer | Out of the Past

Italian-born Nicholas Musuraca's first job in the film business was as a chauffeur to early pioneering producer/director J. Stuart Blackton. Having a knack for photography, he worked behind the cameras in a variety of jobs before finally becoming a cinematographer (or, as they were called in those ...

Stranger on the Third Floor Spiral Staircase Out of the Past Val Lewton horror films

3. Siu-Keung Cheng

Cinematographer | San taam

Siu-Keung Cheng was born on July 21, 1952 in Hong Kong. He is a cinematographer and director, known for Mad Detective (2007), The Mission (1999) and Election (2005).

A lot of Johnnie To's films

4. Joseph MacDonald

Cinematographer | The Sand Pebbles

Versatile Mexico City-born cinematographer Joseph Patrick MacDonald was initially trained as a mining engineer at the University of Southern California. He served a lengthy apprenticeship, starting as assistant cameraman at First National in the early 1920's before eventually graduating to first ...

Street with No Name Niagara

5. Russell Metty

Cinematographer | Spartacus

Cinematographer Russell Metty, a superb craftsman who worked with such top directors as John Huston, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg and Orson Welles, was born in Los Angeles on Septmeber 20, 1906. Entering the movie industry as a lab assistant, he apprenticed as an assistant cameraman and ...

Ride the Pink Horse Kiss the Blood Off My Hands Touch of Evil

6. Stanley Cortez

Cinematographer | The Night of the Hunter

Stanley Cortez was born Samuel Krantz in New York City, New York, the son of Sarah (Lefkowitz) and Moses/Morris Krantz, Austrian Jewish immigrants. His famous actor brother, born Jacob Krantz, changed his name to Ricardo Cortez in order to acquire a more suitably romantic Hollywood image. Stanley ...

The Magnificent Ambersons Night of the Hunter Shock Corridor The Naked Kiss

7. Lee Garmes

Cinematographer | Shanghai Express

One of the most innovative of pioneer cameramen, Lee Garmes started his career on the East Coast with the New York Motion Picture Company, but was soon persuaded by the director Thomas H. Ince to join him in Hollywood. Garmes quickly climbed his way up the ladder, from painter's assistant to prop ...

Morocco Shanghai Express Scarface Crime Without Passion The Scoundrel None Shall Escape Love Letters Duel in the Sun Nightmare Alley

8. John F. Seitz

Cinematographer | Double Indemnity

Distinguished veteran cinematographer John F. Seitz had eighteen patents for various photographic processes to his name. These included illuminating devices, processes for making dissolves and the matte shot, which he perfected during filming of Rex Ingram's Trifling Women (1922). Seitz started ...

Sullivan's Travels This Gun for Hire Double Indemnity The Big Clock Invaders from Mars

9. Robert Burks

Cinematographer | Vertigo

The favorite cinematographer of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock began working at Warner Bros. when he was 19 years old. He climbed his way up from camera operator to assistant camera man and eventually took over the Special Photographic Effects unit at Warners on Stage 5 in 1944. He became an ...


10. Elwood Bredell

Cinematographer | Black Friday

Indiana-born, son of stage actress Mary Palmer Nields and silent screen actor Val Paul (1886-1962), 'Woody' Bredell began his career in films as a lab technician. He worked as a still photographer at RKO and Paramount (1931-34), later joining Universal, as director of photography, 1937-46; then ...

Phantom Lady The Killers (1946) The Unsuspected

11. Kenneth Anger

Director | Fireworks

Kenneth Anger grew up in Hollywood and started out as a child actor, but his interest in filmmaking was evident at an early age: he made his first film, "Who's Been Rocking My Dreamboat?", at age 9. Anger developed into one of the pioneers of the American underground film movement. His gritty, ...

Eaux d'artifice Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome

12. Charles Lang

Cinematographer | Sabrina

One of the outstanding cinematographers of Hollywood's Golden Age, Lang spent most of his career at Paramount (1929-1952), where he contributed to the studio's well-earned reputation for visual style. Lang was educated at Lincoln High School in L.A., then proceeded to the University of Southern ...

Peter Ibbetson Midnight (1939) The Cat and the Canary (1939) The Ghost Breakers The Uninvited Desert Fury The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Sudden Fear The Big Heat Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

13. John L. Russell

Cinematographer | Psycho

Orson Welles always said that Russell was the greatest camera operator in Hollywood's history.

Moonrise The Man from Planet X The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms City That Never Sleeps Make Haste to Live Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode Breakdown Psycho

14. Robert De Grasse

Cinematographer | Vivacious Lady

Coming from a show-business family (his brother Joseph De Grasse was a director and his uncle Sam De Grasse was an actor), De Grasse entered the business as an assistant cameraman while still a high school student, and showed such promise that he was made a full-time cinematographer by age 21. He ...

The Leopard Man Tall in the Saddle Crack-Up Follow Me Quietly

15. Arthur Edeson

Cinematographer | Casablanca

Arthur Edeson is an American cinematographer who was a pioneer of his craft. His career spanned four decades and encompassed many films now regarded as classics.

Born in New York in 1891, Edeson first worked as a still photographer. In 1911 he entered the movie business at Eclair Studios, a ...

The Big Trail All Quiet on the Western Front Frankenstein Casablanca The Mask of Dimitrios Nobody Lives Forever

16. Franz Planer

Cinematographer | Roman Holiday

Descended from a wealthy family of landowners in what was then Austria-Hungary, Franz Planer understood the importance of photography as an art form early in his life. He first stood behind the camera as a portrait photographer, working out of Vienna from 1910. He soon branched out, filming ...

The Face Behind the Mask The Chase Criss Cross 99 River Street 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

17. Leon Shamroy

Cinematographer | Cleopatra

Leon Shamroy, born Leon Shamroyevsky, was an American film cinematographer. He is best known for The Black Swan (1942),Wilson (1944), Leave Her to Heaven (1945), David and Bathsheba (1951), The Robe (1953), Cleopatra (1963), The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965) and Planet of the Apes (1968).

He and ...

Leave Her to Heaven Cleopatra (1963)

Murder My Sweet Woman on the Beach

19. Milton R. Krasner

Cinematographer | An Affair to Remember

Milton Krasner entered the film industry as an assistant cameraman in 1917, and while working at the Vitagraph and Biograph studios in New York City was promoted to camera operator. Graduating to lighting cameraman in 1933, he was assigned mostly second features until the mid-'40s, when his ...

The Woman in the Window

20. Ernest Laszlo

Cinematographer | Logan's Run

Ernest Laszlo, the Academy Award-winning cinematographer best known for his creative collaborations with directors Robert Aldrich and Stanley Kramer, was born on April 23, 1898, in Budapest, Hungary, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

After emigrating to the US, he worked as a camera operator...

DOA Kiss Me Deadly

21. Lucien Ballard

Cinematographer | The Wild Bunch

Lucien Ballard, the cinematographer best known for his collaboration with director Sam Peckinpah on such films as The Wild Bunch (1969), was born in Miami, Oklahoma. Ballard became a wanderer after dropping out of the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania and the University of Oklahoma, journeying ...

Berlin Express

22. Burnett Guffey

Cinematographer | Bonnie and Clyde

Entering films in 1923 as an assistant cameraman, Burnett Guffey was picked by John Ford to handle second-unit photography on The Iron Horse (1924). After that film, however, Guffey returned to his assistant cameraman position, a job he held until 1928, when he became a camera operator. In that ...

Screaming Mimi

23. Winton C. Hoch

Cinematographer | The Quiet Man

Winton C. Hoch was born on July 31, 1905 in Storm Lake, Iowa, USA. He is known for his work on The Quiet Man (1952), Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964) and The Searchers (1956). He died on March 20, 1979 in Santa Monica, California, USA.

3 Godfathers (1948)

24. Joseph F. Biroc

Camera_department | The Towering Inferno

Joseph Biroc was destined to become one of the most versatile cinematographers in Hollywood, working on films of almost every genre. He started as a lab assistant in 1918, based at Paragon Studio, located in America's first 'film capital', Ft.Lee, New Jersey. From there, he moved on to the ...

It's a Wonderful Life Forty Guns

25. Eduard Tisse

Cinematographer | Bronenosets Potemkin

Eduard Tisse was born on April 13, 1897 in Libava, Grobina uyezd, Courland Governorate, Russian Empire as Eduard Kazimirovich Tisse. He was a cinematographer and director, known for Battleship Potemkin (1925), Ivan the Terrible, Part I (1944) and The Immortal Garrison (1956). He died on November 18...

Ivan the Terrible, parts I and II

26. Eugen Schüfftan

Cinematographer | The Hustler

Eugen Schüfftan moved from his motherland, Germany, to France in 1933 to escape the rising Nazi movement. He moved to the US in 1940 and became a member of Local 644, the East Coast cinematographers chapter of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE). He invented the ...

Port of Shadows Eyes without a Face

27. Bruce Baillie

Director | Quick Billy

Bruce Baillie was born on September 24, 1931 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA. He is a director and cinematographer, known for Quick Billy (1971), Quixote (1965) and The Cardinal's Visit (1980).

Mr. Hayashi Castro Street

28. Jean Rouch

Director | Moi, un noir

Jean Rouch was born on May 31, 1917 in Paris, France. He was a director and cinematographer, known for I, a Negro (1958), Madame L'Eau (1993) and Six in Paris (1965). He was married to Joselyne Lamothe. He died on February 18, 2004 in Birni N'Konni, Niger.

La cimetiere dans la falaise Touru et Bitti

29. Charles Rosher

Cinematographer | Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Among the foremost technical innovators in his field, a charter member of the American Society of Cinematographers, English-born Charles Rosher had initially aimed for a diplomatic career. Fortunately, he chose a different career option and attended lessons in photography at the London Polytechnic ...

Sunrise The Red Danube Scaramouche (1952)

I Wake Up Screaming Canyon Passage

31. Georges Périnal

Camera_department | The Thief of Bagdad

Active in French films from 1913. In the 20's and early 30's, enjoyed a successful collaboration with directors 'Jean Gremillon' and René Clair. After 1933, spent most of his time in England with Alexander Korda's London Films at Denham Studios. First major international success with The Private ...

Four Feathers (1939) Colonel Blimp The Fallen Idol

32. Joseph H. August

Cinematographer | Gunga Din

Renowned cinematographer Joseph August began his film career not as a cameraman but as a wrangler--he was born and raised in Colorado--at Inceville, the studio begun by pioneering producer/director Thomas H. Ince. He soon switched careers, becoming an assistant to cinematographer Ray C. Smallwood. ...

The Devil and Daniel Webster (All That Money Can Buy) Portrait of Jennie

33. Elgin Lessley

Cinematographer | Sherlock Jr.

Elgin Lessley was born on January 10, 1883 in Higbee, Missouri, USA. He was a cinematographer and actor, known for Sherlock Jr. (1924), The Navigator (1924) and Our Hospitality (1923). He was married to Blanche Olmstead and Blanche May Olmstead Schultz Maxwell (her 3rd marriage). He died on ...

A lot of Buster Keaton's films

34. Fritz Arno Wagner

Cinematographer | M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder

Regarded as one of the foremost exponents of cinematic expressionism in the 1920's, Fritz Arno Wagner was trained at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris and began in the film industry working for Pathé Freres in 1910. Within just two years, he was promoted to head Pathé's offices in Vienna, and, ...

Testament of Dr. Mabuse

Apache Drums

36. Russell Carpenter

Cinematographer | Avatar 2

Russell Carpenter was born on December 9, 1950 in Van Nuys, California, USA as Russell Paul Carpenter. He is known for his work on Avatar 2 (2021), Titanic (1997) and Ant-Man (2015).


Judex (1963)

38. Setsuo Kobayashi

Cinematographer | Nobi

Setsuo Kobayashi was born in 1920 in Japan. He is known for his work on Fires on the Plain (1959), Oh! The Nomugi Pass (1979) and Princess from the Moon (1987).

An Actor's Revenge Blind Beast

The Cat and the Canary (1927) Lonesome

40. G.W. Bitzer

Cinematographer | Logging in Maine

G.W. Bitzer was born on April 21, 1872 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA as Johann Gottlob Wilhelm Bitzer. He was a cinematographer and director, known for Logging in Maine (1906), Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916) and Levi & Cohen, the Irish Comedians (1903). He was married ...

Musketeers of Pig Alley Birth of a Nation Intolerance

41. James Wong Howe

Cinematographer | Seconds

Master cinematographer James Wong Howe, whose career stretched from silent pictures through the mid-'70s, was born Wong Tung Jim in Canton (now Guangzhou), China, on August 28, 1899, the son of Wong How. His father emigrated to America the year James was born, settling in Pasco, Washington, where ...

Out of the Fog Kings Row

42. Russell Harlan

Cinematographer | To Kill a Mockingbird

Born Russell September 16, 1903 in Los Angeles, California to Frank and Bertha Harlan, who hailed from Iowa and Missouri. Russell was raised in Los Angeles along with his younger brother Richard (b. 1911). His paternal grandmother Sarah J. Harlan also lived with the family.

Harlan started in the ...

The Thing from Another World Lust for Life Witness for the Prosecution To Kill a Mockingbird

43. Claude Renoir

Cinematographer | The Spy Who Loved Me

Apprenticed under noted cinematographers Christian Matras and Boris Kaufman and shot or co-shot several films directed by his uncle, Jean Renoir. Renoir did the photography for one of his uncle's cinematic apogees, _Une partie de campagne (1936)_ and was the camera operator for the tragic, ...

The Spy Who Loved Me

44. J. Roy Hunt

Cinematographer | I'm Still Alive

J. Roy Hunt's personal papers and other ephemera are part of the Special Collections of the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills

I Walked with a Zombie Crossfire

45. Paul Vogel

Cinematographer | The Time Machine

American cinematographer, who spent almost his entire career (only interrupted by wartime military service) at MGM. For the first twelve years (1936-48), he worked mainly on short subjects and documentaries, including the "Crime Does Not Pay" series.

High Wall Lady in the Lake A Lady without Passport The Tall Target

46. Norbert Brodine

Cinematographer | Letter to Loretta

Gained first experience in his chosen field by working in a camera shop. With the U.S. Army Signal Corps during World War I. Following studies at Columbia University, active as a still photographer, becoming a motion picture cinematographer by 1919. At Pathe/RKO in 1929, then MGM (1930-1933), ...

Somewhere in the Night Thieves' Highway

47. Karl Struss

Cinematographer | Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Oscar-winning cinematographer Karl Struss was born on November 30, 1886, in New York City. He became a professional photographer after studying photography with Clarence H. White and became part of the group associated with the great photographer Alfred Stieglitz. His photographs, which he ...

Ben Hur (1925) Sunrise Island of Lost Souls Journey into Fear

48. William H. Daniels

Cinematographer | Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Oscar-winning director of photography William Daniels was a master of black-and-white cinematographer most famous for the 21 films he shot that starred the immortal Greta Garbo between 1926 and 1939. Among the Gabro classics he lensed were The Torrent (1924), Flesh and the Devil (1926), Love (1927)...

Greed The Mortal Storm Lured

49. Frank Redman

Cinematographer | Men Against the Sky

Member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).

This Land Is Mine Criminal Court

50. Karl Freund

Cinematographer | Key Largo

Karl Freund, an innovative director of photography responsible for development of the three-camera system used to shoot television situation comedies, was born on January 16, 1890, in the Bohemian city of Koeniginhof, then part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire (now known as Dvur Kralove in the Czech...

Metropolis Dracula The Seventh Cross

51. Victor Milner

Cinematographer | Reap the Wild Wind

Pioneering cinematographer Victor Milner acquired his fascination with the celluloid media during the days of the nickelodeon. After working as a lab assistant for a film equipment manufacturer, he joined Pathe Weekly News in the capacity of projectionist and newsreel cameraman. Among other events,...

Unfaithfully Yours Dark City

52. Armand Thirard

Cinematographer | Le salaire de la peur

Armand Thirard was born on October 25, 1899 in Mantes-sur-Seine, Seine-et-Oise [now Mantes-la-Jolie, Yvelines], France as Armand Henri Julien Thirard. He was a cinematographer and actor, known for The Wages of Fear (1953), Diabolique (1955) and Remorques (1941). He died on November 12, 1973 in ...

Hotel du Nord Quai des Orfevres Diabolique

53. Aleksandr Burov

Cinematographer | Tikhie stranitsy

Aleksandr Burov was born in 1958. He is a cinematographer and actor, known for Whispering Pages (1994), The Wedding (2000) and Alexandra (2007).

Second Circle Father and Son

54. Christopher Doyle

Cinematographer | Paranoid Park

Christopher Doyle was born on May 2, 1952 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He is a cinematographer and actor, known for Paranoid Park (2007), Hero (2002) and 2046 (2004).

Days of Being Wild

55. Emmanuel Lubezki

Cinematographer | Gravity

Lubezki began his career in Mexican film and television productions in the late 1980s. His first international production was the 1993 independent film Twenty Bucks (1993), which followed the journey of a single twenty-dollar bill.

Lubezki is a frequent collaborator with fellow Mexican filmmaker ...

Sleepy Hollow

56. Kazuo Miyagawa

Cinematographer | Yôjinbô

Kazuo Miyagawa was born on February 25, 1908 in Kyoto, Japan. He is known for his work on Yojimbo (1961), Rashomon (1950) and Brother (1960). He died on August 7, 1999 in Tokyo, Japan.

Rashomon Miss Oyu Ugetsu Sansho the Baillif Yojimbo

57. Luciano Tovoli

Cinematographer | Professione: reporter

Luciano Tovoli was born on October 30, 1936 in Massa Marittima, Grosseto, Italy. He is known for his work on The Passenger (1975), The General of the Dead Army (1983) and Single White Female (1992).


58. Roger Pratt

Cinematographer | Twelve Monkeys

Roger Pratt was born on February 27, 1947 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England as Roger James Edward Pratt. He is known for his work on Twelve Monkeys (1995), Chocolat (2000) and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994).

Batman (1989)

59. Harris Savides

Cinematographer | Elephant

Harris Savides was born on September 28, 1957 in New York City, New York, USA. He was a cinematographer, known for Elephant (2003), Zodiac (2007) and American Gangster (2007). He was married to Medine Chenet. He died on October 9, 2012 in Manhattan, New York City.


60. Jean Rabier

Camera_department | Les quatre cents coups

Began as an industrial artist before joining the film industry as a camera operator in 1948.

Le bonheur (1965)

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