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1. Crime Scene University (2008– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary

Forensic students at Penn State University work together in two seperate groups to solve a fictional crime scene in which takes place at the forensic house.

Star: Robert Shaler

Votes: 5

2. OC Crime Catchers (2011– )

26 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

A true crime TV magazine exposing Orange County's dark side. Episodes feature criminal profiles, cold cases, and unsolved crimes.

Stars: Jeff Love, Karen Borders, John Chia-Lin Chang, Al Daniels

Votes: 5

3. The F.B.I. Files (1998–2009)

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Biography, Crime

Real FBI cases are recounted through reenactments and interviews with law enforcement and forensic scientists.

Stars: James Kallstrom, Anthony D. Call, Bob Featherer, Susan Rae

Votes: 797

4. Cold Blood (2008–2012)

60 min | Documentary, Crime, Mystery

A murder has been committed... But as the evidence piles up, so does the confusion. Cold Blood returns you to the crime scene so you can examine all the clues for yourself. Can you piece ... See full summary »

Stars: Don Berns, Alfonso Guerra, Perry Norton, Peter Capaldi

Votes: 161

5. The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science (1996–2005)

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Crime, Mystery

True stories of crime investigations using forensic science.

Stars: Gene Galusha, Scott Rollins, Natalie Cassell, Jim Meisner Jr.

Votes: 424

6. North Mission Road (2003– )

30 min | Drama, Crime, Mystery

Documentary style show that details "unique and compelling" cases of the Los Angeles County Coroner Department. The name of the show is based on the road on which the office of the Los Angeles County Coroner is located.

Stars: J. Woodward Palmer, Kia Fisher, Jason Vaughn, Zondra Wilson

Votes: 57

7. She-Wolf of London (1990–1991)

60 min | Comedy, Horror, Mystery

A female American graduate student in London is bitten by a werewolf, then teams up with an English professor to investigate supernatural occurrences.

Stars: Neil Dickson, Kate Hodge, Scott Fults, Dorothea Phillips

Votes: 326

8. Secrets of the Dead (2000– )

56 min | Documentary, History, Mystery

Mysteries involving notable historical events, people and locations are scientifically examined.

Stars: Liev Schreiber, Jay O. Sanders, Salima Ikram, Piers Gibbon

Votes: 421

9. Killer Instinct (2011– )

60 min | Documentary

FBI Agent Mark Safarik returns to challenging cases he faced while a part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. He explains how he came to the conclusions he did about the crimes and ... See full summary »

Stars: Mark E. Safarik, Lara Del Arte, Joel Clark Ackerman, Michael Acosta

Votes: 33

10. Conviction (2008– )

Documentary, Crime

California State Prison Solano. In a place where any sign of weakness can get you killed, five murderers are about to bare their souls. For six months, five inmates enter a therapy group as... See full summary »

Stars: Chad Ridgely, Gina Limbrick, Jeff Barehand, Fred Cowie

Votes: 13

11. Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America (2006)

441 min | Documentary, History

Ten acclaimed documentary filmmakers offer a fresh, compelling look at 10 pivotal moments in American history and their often unforeseen repercussions.

Stars: Mark Riccadonna, Michael L. Colosimo, David Nasaw, Geoffrey Roecker

Votes: 36

12. Murder She Solved (2010– )

Documentary, Crime

Murder She Solved: True Crime, an eight-episode, one hour documentary series, tells the true stories of female crime solvers who, against all odds, have solved some of the most daunting ... See full summary »

Stars: John Aguero, Ann-Marie Blommaert, Trevor Crosby, Allen Dubberly

Votes: 34

13. Secrets and Mysteries (1983–1989)

30 min | Documentary

An examination of unnatural phenomena, such as UFOs, serial killers, dream interpretations, etc.

Stars: Edward Mulhare, Donald Cyr, John Andreson, John Fleck

Votes: 28

14. America's Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil (2009– )

Not Rated | 300 min | Documentary, Crime

Wars have terrorized entire populations for thousands of years. The American West was home to ruthless killers who were idolized in fiction and folklore. Evil evolved to a hideous new form ... See full summary »

Stars: Tom Kimball, Paula Adler, Len Castor, Reginald Clifford

Votes: 137

15. Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case (2012– )

Documentary, Crime, Drama

Baffling crimes and the clues that lead to the killer. Chilling reenactments of the victim's last days and the toll the deaths took on family and friends along with interviews and ... See full summary »

Stars: Perry Norton, Colin Price, Brian McDonald, Frederick Whittaker-Dus

Votes: 108

16. F2: Forensic Factor (2003– )

60 min | Crime, Drama

Presenting the world's best CSI's, armed with the latest investigative tools in the hunt to catch elusive criminals. Each episode explores one baffling case, revealing the amazing science ... See full summary »

Stars: John Robinson, Sveta Kohli, Brad Siciliano, JoAnn Nordstrom

Votes: 73

17. Deadly Devotion (2013– )

TV-PG | 43 min | Documentary, Crime

This season of DEADLY DEVOTION reveals a family's clash with Scientology over their son's medical treatment; the story of a Jehovah's Witness with serious cold feet; the ungodly actions of ... See full summary »

Stars: Rick Pasqualone, Keith Mackler, Jessica Shea Alverson, Justin Walker White

Votes: 100

19. Canadian Case Files (2005– )

1,196 min | Crime

Inside every crime is a story waiting to be told. Canadian Case Files goes to the heart of these stories, investigating real-life Canadian criminal cases in a 30-minute format that is riveting, sharp and to the point.

Stars: Wyatt Bowen, Art Hindle, Vlasta Vrana, André Bouchard

Votes: 12

20. 100 Years of Horror (1996– )

Unrated | 343 min | Documentary, Horror

Clips from Horror Films.

Stars: Christopher Lee, Roger Corman, Hugh Hefner, Fred Olen Ray

Votes: 315

21. Monitor (1958– )


Arts magazine.

Stars: Huw Wheldon, John Berger, Jonathan Miller, John Betjeman

Votes: 74

22. P.O.V. (1988– )


POV, a cinema term for "point of view," is television's longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction films. Since 1988, POV has presented more than 300 of the best, boldest and most... See full summary »

Stars: Angela Davis, Deann Borshay, Peter Dinklage, Mohamed Bangura

Votes: 139

23. Omnibus (1967–2003)

Not Rated | Documentary, Biography, Music

Arts documentary series with concerts and experimental dramatizations.

Stars: Humphrey Burton, David Collings, Michael Hordern, Terry Gilliam

Votes: 143

24. Frontline (1983– )

TV-MA | 60 min | Documentary

Investigative journalist documentaries.

Stars: Will Lyman, Sarah Childress, Arun Rath, Priyanka Boghani

Votes: 1,442

25. Nature (1982– )

60 min | Documentary, Family

Documentary series exploring various global wildlife issues and subjects.

Stars: F. Murray Abraham, Chris Morgan, George Page, David Attenborough

Votes: 505

26. American Experience (1988– )

Not Rated | 60 min | Documentary, Biography, History

A series showcasing documentaries on American history.

Stars: David McCullough, David Ogden Stiers, Oliver Platt, Michael Murphy

Votes: 1,428

27. Independent Lens (1999– )


Different celebrity host present a new independent documentary.

Stars: America Ferrera, Terrence Howard, Stanley Tucci, Mary-Louise Parker

Votes: 440

28. American Masters (1985– )

TV-14 | 90 min | Documentary, Biography

Since its premiere in 1986, this Emmy-winning documentary series has presented hundreds of hours comprising profiles of outstanding American cultural artists. Past subjects have included ... See full summary »

Stars: Martin Scorsese, Tony Bennett, Peter Bogdanovich, Lee Grant

Votes: 690

29. National Geographic Explorer (1985– )

120 min | Documentary, History

A weekly series of short documentary segments funded by the National Geographic Society and done in the style of the National Geographic Specials. In 2003, the show was re-branded National ... See full summary »

Stars: Salvatore Vecchio, Peter Coyote, Lisa Ling, Gerald Durrell

Votes: 247

31. Hollywood Greats (1977– )

40 min | Documentary, History

Documentary series profiling various Hollywood stars of yesteryear and more recent times.

Stars: Barry Norman, Jonathan Ross, George Cukor, David Thomson

Votes: 88

32. America Undercover (1983– )

TV-MA | Documentary

A series that features original and previously released documentaries which look at contemporary issues with strong social relevance.

Stars: Lee Grant, Marlene Sanders, Richard Kiley, Michael Baden

Votes: 250

33. A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss (2010– )

177 min | Documentary

Mark Gatiss examines the history of the horror film, from classic Hollywood monsters to Hammer's glory days and beyond.

Stars: Mark Gatiss, John Carpenter, Michael Roberts, Barbara Steele

Votes: 620

34. Bloodsucking Cinema (2007 TV Movie)

TV-MA | 56 min | Documentary

The sound of flapping bat wings, an empty coffin, glistening fangs, tiny punctures on the neck, the sensual taste of blood, a blank reflection, fear of the cross, and death from daylight. ... See full summary »

Director: Barry Gray | Stars: Uwe Boll, Everett Burrell, John Carpenter, David S. Goyer

Votes: 152

35. Tales from the Script (2009)

Not Rated | 105 min | Documentary

War stories and life lessons from the industry's top writers.

Director: Peter Hanson | Stars: Allison Anders, Jane Anderson, Doug Atchison, John August

Votes: 1,404 | Gross: $0.01M

36. Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation (2001 Video)

Unrated | 56 min | Documentary, Horror

A compilation of clips from 17 classic slasher films.

Stars: Andrew Robinson, Grace Kirby, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley

Votes: 1,127

37. Terror in the Aisles (1984)

R | 84 min | Documentary, Horror, Thriller

A compilation of scenes from many science fiction, crime drama and horror films of the 1930s through 1980s.

Director: Andrew J. Kuehn | Stars: Donald Pleasence, Nancy Allen, Fred Asparagus, Lainie Cooke

Votes: 1,646 | Gross: $10.00M

38. Century of Cinema (1995–1998)
Episode: Cinema of Unease: A Personal Journey by Sam Neill (1995)

52 min | Documentary

A personal journey through Sam Neill's childhood and memories.

Directors: Sam Neill, Judy Rymer | Stars: Timothy Balme, Melanie Lynskey, Elizabeth Moody, Sam Neill

Votes: 118

39. AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills: America's Most Heart-Pounding Movies (2001 TV Special)

89 min | Documentary

A look at the 100 most thrilling films in over 100 years of American cinema.

Director: Gary Smith | Stars: Anne Archer, Linda Blair, Ernest Borgnine, Sandra Bullock

Votes: 416

40. Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream (2005)

TV-14 | 86 min | Documentary

From 1970-1977, six low budget films shown at midnight transformed the way we make and watch films.

Director: Stuart Samuels | Stars: John Waters, Ben Barenholtz, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Alan Douglas

Votes: 1,372

41. Being Different (1981)

100 min | Documentary

A tribute to the spirit and humanity of people who are physically different from the average: very tall and very large men and women, a bearded woman and her long-time husband, Siamese ... See full summary »

Director: Harry Rasky | Stars: Billy Barty, Sandra Elaine Allen, Jo-Ann Cantilla, Louise Capps

Votes: 75

42. Family Secrets (2003– )

30 min | Documentary

Family Secrets is a raw, compelling and honest account of the impact of secrets on families and their lives. The series takes viewers on an intensely personal, humourously nervous and emotionally moving journey into the private world of family relationships.

Star: Donald D'Haene

43. Deadly Sins (2012– )

TV-PG | Documentary, Crime

A docudrama that examines the true evils that push people beyond the limits of the law and reveals crimes driven by the most basic of human instincts.

Stars: Darren Kavinoky, Mhari Sandoval, Justin Michael Woods, John Smutny

Votes: 358

44. Web of Lies (2014– )

43 min | Documentary, Crime

Dangerous online interactions.

Stars: Nathan Wiley, Cherise Silvestri, Raven Cinello, Russell Bentley

Votes: 522

45. Murder Comes to Town (2014– )

Documentary, Crime

"Things like that don't happen here," they always say. These are the shocking murder mysteries that haunt small town America. We'll discover the dark secrets that lie just beneath the outwardly wholesome surface of America's heartland.

Stars: Joe Alaskey, Anthony D. Call, Carey Jones, Marcy Conway

Votes: 332

46. Deadly Women (2008– )

TV-PG | 43 min | Documentary, Crime

True stories of female killers.

Stars: Lynnanne Zager, Candice DeLong, Janis Amatuzio, Paul Godfrey

Votes: 1,444

47. A Crime to Remember (2013– )

Documentary, Crime

A look back at famous cases from the past.

Stars: Marc A. Hermann, Michelle McNamara, John Mirabella, James Zeiss

Votes: 786

48. Evil Lives Here (2016– )

43 min | Documentary, Biography, Crime

A TV series where individuals share their perspectives of loved ones who performed horrific acts of crime

Stars: T.J. Craig, Brian Vadim, David Wenzel, Hillary Hamilton

Votes: 495

49. Nightmare Next Door (2011– )

60 min | Documentary, Crime

Tells the tales of mysterious murders that rocked small-town America.

Stars: Greg Diefenbach, James Davenjay, Tom Gambrill, Peter Muggleworth

Votes: 726