List of all Yugoslav feature films (Lista svih jugoslovenskih igranih filmova)

by dragan-crnomarkovic | created - 16 Mar 2015 | updated - 23 Aug 2017 | Public

This list contains all Yugoslav feature films, released in the period from 1945 to 1992

(Lista sadrzi jugoslovenske igrane filmove snimljene u periodu od 1945. do 1992. godine)

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1. Slavica (1947)

100 min | Drama, War

Slavica, Marin and a group of operants hide the newly built ship from the Italian occupation forces. They end up arrested, but the partisans rescue them and they take part in the string of actions.

Director: Vjekoslav Afric | Stars: Dubravko Dujsin, Milica-Carka Jovanovic, Irena Kolesar, Marijan Lovric

Votes: 92

2. This People Will Live (1947)

92 min | Drama, War

The uprising against fascists in West Bosnia starts with enthusiasm, and local folks help partisans in every possible way. A village girl of Serbian ethnicity joins the resistance movement,... See full summary »

Director: Nikola Popovic | Stars: Vera Ilic-Djukic, Fran Novakovic, Milica-Carka Jovanovic, Sinisa Ravasi

Votes: 19

3. Immortal Youth (1948)

110 min | War

Actual and dramatic events from the underground activity of the youths of Belgrade, against the German invaders and the local traitors.

Director: Vojislav Nanovic | Stars: Milos Brankovic, Ivanka Veljkovic, Rade Markovic, Irena Kolesar

Votes: 14

4. Life Is Ours (1948)

93 min | Drama

Milan leaves his home and joins the "youth brigade", a group of young people who worked on a railway track. Tragedy strikes when Milan is injured operating one of the mechanical drills that... See full summary »

Director: Gustav Gavrin | Stars: Borislav Gvojic, Bahrija Hadzi Osmanovic, Slobodan Kolakovic, Jovan Antonijevic-Djedo

Votes: 6

5. Sofka (1948)

98 min | Drama

In order to save her family from financial collapse, a young woman named Sofka marries 12-year-old son of a wealthy merchant. Grown up in different times and milieu, her husband shows no understanding for such move of hers.

Director: Rados Novakovic | Stars: Milivoje Zivanovic, Vera Gregovic, Marija Crnobori, Tomislav Tanhofer

Votes: 22

6. On Our Own Land (1948)

110 min | Drama, War

Set in the small Slovenian village , it tells the story of its residents who lived under German occupation after Italian defeat in 1943. While helping the partisans, the residents looked forward to upcoming liberation.

Director: France Stiglic | Stars: Lojze Potokar, Franc Presetnik, Mileva Zakrajsek, Stefka Drolc

Votes: 147

7. Uncle Zvane (1949)

110 min | War

Uncle Zvane is assigned by the underground People's Committee of a village to deliver a number of oxes to the Partisans in the Gorski Kotar Mountains. The story tells how the old man overcomes the difficulties, and succeeds.

Director: Vjekoslav Afric | Stars: Dragomir Felba, Vladimir Medar, Nada Mladjenovic, Bosko Boskovic

Votes: 27

8. The Factory Story (1949)

85 min | Drama

Shortly after country's liberation, one of few factories tries to enhance its production. A group of reactionary individuals fails to stop its work and building of new production units.

Director: Vladimir Pogacic | Stars: Marija Crnobori, Strahinja Petrovic, Ljubisa Jovanovic, Tito Strozzi

Votes: 14

9. Majka Katina (1949)

91 min | Drama

The plot takes place during the Civil War in Greece, and it shows the fight of communist partisans, against the pro-Western, monarchist government. During the shooting, there was a discord ... See full summary »

Director: Nikola Popovic | Stars: Nada Skrinjar, Jugoslav Nalis, Bert Sotlar, Jovan Milicevic

Votes: 6

10. The Flag (1949)

99 min | Drama, War

Story about famous ballet dancer Marija who was horrified by the terror of Ustasha regime, and joined the partisans.

Director: Branko Marjanovic | Stars: Sonja Kastl, Marijan Lovric, Joza Gregorin, Antun Nalis

Votes: 10

11. The Lake (1950)

90 min | Drama

Bad weather, farmers who do not allow the dumping of their estate, and people who are willing to sabotage for ideological reasons, disrupt the building of hydro-power on the Neretva river. ... See full summary »

Director: Radivoje 'Lola' Djukic | Stars: Milivoje Zivanovic, Vera Ilic-Djukic, Jovan Milicevic, Bert Sotlar

Votes: 15

12. The Red Flower (1950)

110 min | War

Story of Jugoslav prisoners of war in Germany during Second World War. Based on novel "Farewell in October" by Oto Bihalji-Merin.

Director: Gustav Gavrin | Stars: Dragomir Felba, Milivoje Zivanovic, Milan Puzic, Bojan Stupica

Votes: 14

13. The Magic Sword (1950)

101 min | Fantasy, Adventure

Evil Bas-Celik is terrorizing people, but only the magic sword can harm him. A young hero goes on the dangerous quest to find that sword.

Director: Vojislav Nanovic | Stars: Rade Markovic, Vera Ilic-Djukic, Milivoje Zivanovic, Marko Marinkovic

Votes: 317

14. The Blue 9 (1950)

95 min | Comedy, Sport

Fabris, a center-forward and the key player of the harbor town's football team, is a selfish individualist who is believed that he's irreplaceable in the first squad. He's also a womanizer ... See full summary »

Director: Kresimir Golik | Stars: Irena Kolesar, Jugoslav Nalis, Antun Nalis, Ljubomir Didic

Votes: 61

15. The Last Day (1951)

90 min

A group of former members of the Gestapo participates in espionage activities, helped by a group of locals, dissatisfied with the new authorities. However, members of the Yugoslav secret ... See full summary »

Director: Vladimir Pogacic | Stars: Marija Crnobori, Zoran Ristanovic, Sonja Hlebs, Karlo Bulic

Votes: 11

16. The Boy Mita (1951)

108 min | Drama, War

Instead of going to Belgrade, a boy called Mita joins illegal movement. Germans, who occupied Belgrade in the meantime, start to hunt down communists. Many of them are killed, but Mita ... See full summary »

Director: Rados Novakovic | Stars: Rastislav Jovic, Maja Dimitrijevic, Aleksandar Ognjanovic, Ljubisa Jovanovic

Votes: 11

17. Major Bauk (1951)

117 min | Action, War

Partisans resist the terror of Italian fascists and Serbian Chetniks in the South-East of Bosnia and Herzegovina during WWII.

Director: Nikola Popovic | Stars: Milica-Carka Jovanovic, Marijan Lovric, Bogdan Kuzet, Joza Gregorin

Votes: 16

18. Bakonja fra Brne (1951)

104 min | Comedy

A young man's fight between love and the monastic discipline.

Director: Fedor Hanzekovic | Stars: Misa Mirkovic, Milan Ajvaz, Josip Petricic, Vaso Kosic

Votes: 56

19. Trieste (1951)

81 min | Drama, War

Despite all actions taken in attempt to conquer Trieste, Gestapo forces fail to do so. The surrender of Italian fascist state gives partisans an open way in seizing the power with the help of domicile population.

Director: France Stiglic | Stars: Mira Bedenk, Angelo Benetelli, Sandro Bianchi, Vjekoslav Bonifacic

20. Kekec (1951)

97 min | Adventure, Family

In an alpine valley lies an idyllic village. High up in the mountains, facing each others across live two men: a "good grandpa" and an "evil man". The first is herbe picker Kosobirin, the ... See full summary »

Director: Joze Gale | Stars: Matija Barl, Frane Milcinski, Franc Presetnik, Zdenka Logar

Votes: 768

21. Svi na more (1952)

84 min | Comedy

Seaside in the summer: a meeting place of all sorts of people and professions. Elderly Mr Paja and two youths, Zorica and Mirko, experience many adventures in accordance with their own respective age and desires.

Director: Sava Popovic | Stars: Milan Ajvaz, Milena Dapcevic, Milan Puzic, Jozo Laurencic

Votes: 10

22. Hoja! Lero! (1952)

106 min

The council of an old Slavic tribe makes unrighteous decision by giving the best looking girl Voljenka to Kohan the warrior. Voljenka is in love with Dalibor, who tries to prove his courage... See full summary »

Director: Vjekoslav Afric | Stars: Dorotea Matulic, Joza Gregorin, Marijan Lovric, Mato Grkovic

Votes: 30

23. U oluji (1952)

92 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

Rose is a young woman who lost her husband in WW2, leaving her and their daughter behind. She gets close with his good-natured brother Drago. However, an unscrupulous smuggler Vincenzo is ... See full summary »

Director: Vatroslav Mimica | Stars: Mia Oremovic, Dragica Malic, Dragomir Felba, Antun Nalis

Votes: 55

24. Ciguli Miguli (1952)

104 min | Comedy

Ivan Ivanovic, a party functionary, arrives in a provincial town as a temporary replacement for a cultural official. The newcomer is fanatically eager to reform the town's cultural life in ... See full summary »

Director: Branko Marjanovic | Stars: Ljubomir Didic, August Cilic, Viktor Bek, Martin Matosevic

Votes: 64

25. Frosina (1952)

88 min | Drama, War

Frosina is one of the many Macedonian wives whose husbands are economic emigrants abroad. Marriage does not bring them a family, only the burden of life itself. After her husband's short ... See full summary »

Director: Vojislav Nanovic | Stars: Meri Boskova, Aco Jovanovski, Ljuba Arsova, Ilija Dzuvalekovski

Votes: 48

26. Life in Kajzar (1952)

100 min | Drama

A post-WW2 story about the village largely involved in wine-making business. The peasants who claimed possessions of lands, woods, and churches after communist party seized the power hold a... See full summary »

Director: France Stiglic | Stars: Janez Albreht, Miha Baloh, Rusa Bojc, Metka Bucar

27. Opstinsko dete (1953)

72 min | Comedy

While everybody show off by giving a child to community's custody, and make career in the process, the child remains alone and neglected.

Director: Mladomir 'Purisa' Djordjevic | Stars: Viktor Starcic, Elma Karlowa, Aleksandar Stojkovic, Milan Ajvaz

Votes: 24

28. Ciganka (1953)

96 min | Drama

Burdened with prejudices, Haji-Toma kills his son who wants to marry a beautiful Gypsy girl Kostana, who is then forced to marry the man she's not in love with.

Director: Vojislav Nanovic | Stars: Radomir 'Rasa' Plaovic, Elma Karlowa, Milivoje Zivanovic, Rastislav Jovic

Votes: 16

29. Bila sam jaca (1953)

70 min | Drama, War

Instead of running away from enemy raid, a female partisan-doctor decides to stay and help one of their wounded children.

Director: Gustav Gavrin | Stars: Sava Severova, Mira Stupica, Nikola Popovic, Rade Brasanac

Votes: 11

30. Daleko je sunce (1953)

102 min | War

Down under the constant attacks of the German and Bulgarian forces, headquarters one of the partisan detachment in the midst of a severe winter and snow and difficult terrain, with many ... See full summary »

Director: Rados Novakovic | Stars: Branko Plesa, Rade Markovic, Dragomir Felba, Jozo Laurencic

Votes: 26

31. Nevjera (1953)

80 min | Drama, Romance

A story about a young man tempted to kill his rival for a girl, only to find out that he may be his illegitimate son. The story is set in XIX century Dubrovnik.

Director: Vladimir Pogacic | Stars: Marija Crnobori, Milivoje Zivanovic, Viktor Starcic, Severin Bijelic

Votes: 17

32. Stone Horizons (1953)

89 min

The year is 1940, Croatian coast, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Jakov, a poor peasant from hinterland, and his daughter Mala, go to the city, trying to find a job to repay a debt...

Director: Sime Simatovic | Stars: Irena Kolesar, Marko Soljacic, Boris Tesija, Viktor Bek

Votes: 15

33. Sinji galeb (1953)

91 min | Drama

A young boy, Ive, and his friends set sail on the sea in order to try and repay his father's debts. They name their boat "Sinji galeb". Soon, the pirate Lorenco and his gang notice the children on their boat.

Director: Branko Bauer | Stars: Josip Batistic, Viktor Bek, Franjo Benkovic, Demeter Bitenc

Votes: 67

34. Vesna (1953)

96 min | Comedy, Romance

Three students try to pass their final exam by reluctant task of wooing their professor's daughter, but the unlucky winner, decided by a coin toss, will completely forget about studying once he meet her.

Director: Frantisek Cáp | Stars: Metka Gabrijelcic, Franek Trefalt, Jure Furlan, Janez Cuk

Votes: 521

35. The Upstarts (1953)

135 min | Drama

Film about moral decay of Trieste elite during 1890s based on novel by Slovenian writer Janko Kersnik.

Director: Bojan Stupica | Stars: Vladimir Skrbinsek, Elvira Kralj, Ljudevit Pristavec, Ciril Medved

Votes: 11

36. Sumnjivo lice (1954)

85 min | Comedy

A small town is disturbed by the arrival of a "suspicious person", an unknown man wanted by the local authorities. During the hunt, it turns out that the suspect is no one else than the ... See full summary »

Directors: Predrag Dinulovic, Soja Jovanovic | Stars: Mihajlo 'Bata' Paskaljevic, Rade Markovic, Milivoje 'Mica' Tomic, Mihajlo Viktorovic

Votes: 62

37. Legends of Anika (1954)

87 min | Drama, Romance

Released in the USA with English subtitles. Mihailo, the son of the village gunsmith, is seduced by the wife of an elderly tavern-keeper. When the husband discovers them together, the wife ... See full summary »

Director: Vladimir Pogacic | Stars: Milena Dapcevic, Bratislav Grbic, Ljubinka Bobic, Mirko Milisavljevic

Votes: 53

38. The Last Bridge (1954)

102 min | Drama, War

A German nurse gets sent to the front because she gives medical aid to a wounded Serbian partisan during World War II.

Director: Helmut Käutner | Stars: Maria Schell, Bernhard Wicki, Barbara Rütting, Carl Möhner

Votes: 326

39. Stojan Mutikasa (1954)

99 min | Drama

1893, city of Mostar, Herzegovina, Austro-Hungarian Empire. Stoyan, a poor country boy comes to town and starts to work for a rich but crooked and greedy store owner.

Director: Fedor Hanzekovic | Stars: Dusan Janicijevic, Sveta Milutinovic, Lucka Simonutti, Salko Repak

Votes: 31

40. Koncert (1954)

96 min | Drama, Music, War

The story about piano that changes many owners through the decades, now in the possession of girl who tries to master the instrument.

Director: Branko Belan | Stars: Nada Skrinjar, Sonja Sagovac, Miroslav Petrovic, Branko Spoljar

Votes: 60

41. Esalon doktora M. (1955)

91 min | Drama, War

Continuing their exploits against the Yugoslav National Liberation Army, the Ballists attack an echelon of wounded warriors led by Dr. M. He takes the wounded to a nearby town. Aware that ... See full summary »

Director: Zivorad 'Zika' Mitrovic | Stars: Nadja Regin, Severin Bijelic, Marijan Lovric, Ilija Dzuvalekovski

Votes: 28