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1. A Month of Sundays (2001)

PG-13 | 92 min | Drama

The story of a teenage girl who kidnaps her grandfather to keep him from being placed in a nursing home. The getaway turns into a quest to locate a son who vanished many years before.

Director: Stewart Raffill | Stars: Rod Steiger, Sally Kirkland, Michael Paré, Dee Wallace

Votes: 103

2. Lesser Prophets (1997)

R | 92 min | Crime, Drama

The police have three bookies under surveillance, but they escape and set up shop elsewhere. By chance, one of the police finds them; instead of turning them in, he demands money that his ... See full summary »

Director: William DeVizia | Stars: Michael Badalucco, Zachary Badalucco, Amy Brenneman, Dayton Callie

Votes: 376

3. Women at West Point (1979 TV Movie)

120 min | Drama

The story of the first women to enter the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and how they--and the school--faced the resultant problems.

Director: Vincent Sherman | Stars: Linda Purl, Leslie Ackerman, Jameson Parker, Andrew Stevens

Votes: 73

4. Very Mean Men (2000)

93 min | Comedy, Crime

A bartender wants rid of an obnoxious drunk but not until the drunk has left a decent tip. So the bartender tells the story of two mobster families, the Minettis who work out of an Italian ... See full summary »

Director: Tony Vitale | Stars: Matthew Modine, Martin Landau, Ben Gazzara, Scott Baio

Votes: 143

5. Tough Guys (1986)

PG | 104 min | Comedy, Crime

Two elderly gangsters are released from prison only to find they have trouble fitting in as old men who still take no guff from anyone.

Director: Jeff Kanew | Stars: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Charles Durning, Alexis Smith

Votes: 6,173 | Gross: $21.46M

6. White Lies (1998 TV Movie)

R | 92 min | Action, Drama

How can a smart middle class girl suddenly turn into a devoted right wing debater? That's what happens with Catherine when she meets the charismatic leaders of the neo-nazi organization NIM.

Director: Kari Skogland | Stars: Sarah Polley, Tanya Allen, Jonathan Scarfe, Lynn Redgrave

Votes: 469

8. Lockdown (2000)

R | 105 min | Drama, Thriller

Avery (Jones) returns to college as a competitive swimmer after getting his life back on track. But his life takes another unexpected turn when he and his two friends (Bonds, Casseus) are wrongly accused of murder and end up in prison.

Director: John Luessenhop | Stars: Richard T. Jones, De'aundre Bonds, Gabriel Casseus, Master P

Votes: 2,342 | Gross: $0.45M

9. The Right Temptation (2000)

R | 95 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

A detective falls for the man she's supposed to be investigating; dire complications follow.

Director: Lyndon Chubbuck | Stars: Kiefer Sutherland, Rebecca De Mornay, Dana Delany, Adam Baldwin

Votes: 1,029

10. Heart of the Beholder (2005)

R | 106 min | Drama

Videocassette tape rental store owners fight against a religious fanatic group for the right to keep their controversial film on the shelves for sale.

Director: Ken Tipton | Stars: Carrie Armstrong, Conrad Bachmann, Priscilla Barnes, April Barnett

Votes: 303

11. Life (I) (2015)

R | 111 min | Biography, Drama

59 Metascore

A photographer for LIFE Magazine is assigned to shoot pictures of James Dean.

Director: Anton Corbijn | Stars: Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan, Peter Lucas, Lauren Gallagher

Votes: 6,884

12. The Beach Boys: It's OK (1976 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 60 min | Comedy, Music

The Beach Boys' television special includes interview segments, comedy sketches, and concert footage from Brian Wilson's 1976 return to the concert stage.

Director: Gary Weis | Stars: Dan Aykroyd, The Beach Boys, John Belushi, Bobby Figueroa

Votes: 34

13. The Beach Boys: It's OK (1976 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 60 min | Comedy, Music

The Beach Boys' television special includes interview segments, comedy sketches, and concert footage from Brian Wilson's 1976 return to the concert stage.

Director: Gary Weis | Stars: Dan Aykroyd, The Beach Boys, John Belushi, Bobby Figueroa

Votes: 34

14. Night of the Wolf (2002 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 89 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A woman finds herself trapped in the woods with the one animal she fears most--the wolf. As an alliance with the wolf grows, so does her will to survive.

Director: David S. Cass Sr. | Stars: Anne Archer, Robert Urich, Michael Shamus Wiles, Peter Dobson

Votes: 162

15. Man of the House (I) (2005)

PG-13 | 100 min | Comedy, Crime

35 Metascore

A Texas Ranger must protect a group of cheerleaders who have witnessed a murder.

Director: Stephen Herek | Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Christina Milian, Kelli Garner, Cedric the Entertainer

Votes: 22,096 | Gross: $19.70M

16. The Man in the Attic (1995 TV Movie)

R | 90 min | Biography, Drama, Romance

Based on a true story. An older woman hides her younger lover in the attic of her house for years without her husband suspecting.

Director: Graeme Campbell | Stars: Anne Archer, Len Cariou, Neil Patrick Harris, Alex Carter

Votes: 222

17. The Last of His Tribe (1992 TV Movie)

PG-13 | 91 min | Drama, Romance

Ishi, the last Yahi Indian of California, must leave his homeland and learn to navigate the world of the white man in order to survive.

Director: Harry Hook | Stars: Jon Voight, Graham Greene, David Ogden Stiers, Jack Blessing

Votes: 399

18. Eminent Domain (1990)

PG-13 | 106 min | Drama

A high-ranking Polish politburo member is banished from the party, and must find out why. Set in 1979 Poland before the Solidarity events.

Director: John Irvin | Stars: Donald Sutherland, Anne Archer, Paul Freeman, Anthony Bate

Votes: 313 | Gross: $0.15M

19. Mandela's Gun (2016)


Set in 1962 MANDELAS GUN is a political thriller, based on Mandelas African Odyssey. As Commander-in-Chief of the Liberation Army Umkhonto we Sizwe (the MK) he undergoes military training ... See full synopsis »

Director: John Irvin | Stars: Tumisho Masha, Khaled Benaïssa, Nick Boraine, Francis Chouler

Votes: 16

20. Waltz Across Texas (1982)

PG | 99 min | Drama

A cosmopolitan East Coast geologist (Anne Archer) drills for oil and finds love with a Texas wildcatter (Terry Jastrow).

Director: Ernest Day | Stars: Anne Archer, Terry Jastrow, Noah Beery Jr., Richard Farnsworth

Votes: 165

21. Paradise Alley (1978)

PG | 107 min | Drama

53 Metascore

Three Italian-American brothers, living in the slums of 1940's New York City, try to help each other with one's wrestling career using one brother's promotional skills and another brother's con-artist tactics to thwart a sleazy manager.

Director: Sylvester Stallone | Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Lee Canalito, Armand Assante, Frank McRae

Votes: 4,362

22. Billy Lone Bear (1996 Video)


An honest cop named Billy Bear hides from the IRA in an Indian reservation. The problem is, the IRA's assassin is a bad cop. On the reservation, Billy turns the table on the assassin.

Director: Sonny Landham | Stars: Charles Napier, Sonny Landham, Frank Stallone, Brion James

Votes: 21

23. Beneath Clouds (2002)

Not Rated | 90 min | Drama, Romance

Lena is the daughter of an Aboriginal mother and Irish father and Vaughn is a Murri boy doing time in a minimum security prison in North West NSW. Dramatic events throw them together on a journey with no money and no transport.

Director: Ivan Sen | Stars: Dannielle Hall, Damian Pitt, Jenna Lee Connors, Terry Dahlstron

Votes: 911

24. Bogwoman (1997 TV Movie)

84 min | Drama

In 1958 Ireland, family problems force a Donegal woman to the city of Derry; a city in turmoil as the Irish nation suffers and revolts from the brutal British invading forces.

Director: Tom Collins | Stars: Rachael Dowling, Peter Mullan, Sean McGinley, Noelle Brown

Votes: 168

25. Brides of Christ (1991)


Diane, a young woman growing up in Australia in the mid 1960s, walks away from her fiancé to join a convent after being sure she has a calling to the faith. The Catholic Church and its ... See full summary »

Stars: Brenda Fricker, Sandy Gore, Josephine Byrnes, Lisa Hensley

Votes: 572

26. Fatal Memories (1992 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 120 min | Drama

Fact based story about a woman who after 20 years starts having memories of her own molestation by her father and the murder of one of her childhood playmates by him.

Director: Daryl Duke | Stars: Shelley Long, Helen Shaver, David McIlwraith, Sara Botsford

Votes: 98

27. Date Night (2010)

PG-13 | 88 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

56 Metascore

In New York City, a case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous.

Director: Shawn Levy | Stars: Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mark Wahlberg, Taraji P. Henson

Votes: 147,331 | Gross: $98.71M

28. Dead Bodies (2003)

Not Rated | 88 min | Comedy, Drama, Horror

The return of a vengeful ex-girlfriend sets into motion a series of gruesome events for a hapless Irish bachelor in director Robert Quinn's grim black comedy.

Director: Robert Quinn | Stars: Andrew Scott, Katy Davis, Eamonn Owens, Darren Healy

Votes: 892

29. Echoes (1988– )

60 min | Drama, Romance

Life in the small Irish town of Castle Bay in the 1950s.

Stars: Barbara Brennan, Bernie Downes, Eric Erskine, Robert Hines

Votes: 37

30. Five Fingers (2006)

R | 87 min | Drama, Thriller

In Morocco to assist with the creation of a food charity, a Dutchman is abducted by a terrorist.

Director: Laurence Malkin | Stars: Mimi Ferrer, Laurence Fishburne, Touriya Haoud, Isa Hoes

Votes: 7,619

31. Goodnight for Justice (2011 TV Movie)

PG | 88 min | Western

When John Goodnight was a boy he watched in the weeds as his entire family was killed in a ruthless outlaw attack. Now as a circuit judge of the western territories Goodnight travels the west protecting the innocent from injustice.

Director: Jason Priestley | Stars: Luke Perry, Lara Gilchrist, Ron Lea, Adrian Hough

Votes: 531

32. Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts (2013 TV Movie)

PG | 86 min | Western

John Goodnight crosses paths with a stagecoach under attack and comes to the rescue of its passengers, one of whom is a beautiful woman who may or may not have been a prisoner being ... See full summary »

Director: Martin Wood | Stars: Luke Perry, Ricky Schroder, Katharine Isabelle, Ted Mann

Votes: 299

33. Goodnight for Justice: The Measure of a Man (2012 TV Movie)

PG | 86 min | Western

The story of John Goodnight continues.

Director: Kristoffer Tabori | Stars: Luke Perry, Cameron Bright, Stefanie von Pfetten, Teach Grant

Votes: 222

34. Jimmy's Hall (2014)

PG-13 | 109 min | Biography, Drama, History

63 Metascore

During the Depression, Jimmy Gralton returns home to Ireland after ten years of exile in America. Seeing the levels of poverty and oppression, the activist in him reawakens and he looks to re-open the dance hall that led to his deportation.

Director: Ken Loach | Stars: Barry Ward, Francis Magee, Aileen Henry, Simone Kirby

Votes: 5,445 | Gross: $0.56M

35. Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (2015)

R | 95 min | Action, Crime, Drama

33 Metascore

The inside story of the planning, execution, rousing aftermath, and ultimate downfall of the kidnappers of beer tycoon Alfred "Freddy" Heineken in 1983, which resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual.

Director: Daniel Alfredson | Stars: Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten, Anthony Hopkins

Votes: 18,348

36. Mr. and Mrs. Loving (1996 TV Movie)

PG-13 | 105 min | Biography, Drama, Romance

A moving and uplifting drama about the effects of interracial marriage in the 1960s. Friends since childhood, and loved by both families, this couple are exiled after their wedding and have... See full summary »

Director: Richard Friedenberg | Stars: Timothy Hutton, Lela Rochon, Ruby Dee, Bill Nunn

Votes: 537

37. Revenge on the Highway (1992 TV Movie)

97 min | Thriller

At his wedding Claude Sams has an argument with his son about his life-style; in anger Paul leaves. Together with a friend he sets out for Vegas to search for a job. While changing a tire ... See full summary »

Director: Craig R. Baxley | Stars: Stacy Keach, Lisa Banes, Tom Bower, Thomas Wilson Brown

Votes: 165

38. Birds of Passage (2001)

R | 115 min | Adventure, Thriller, Action

Victims of China's "One-Child" policy. A Quest for freedom in the South China sea. Birds of Passage is a story of survival as a crew of renegades and a cargo of 200 orphans (all girls) with... See full summary »

Director: Neil Hollander | Stars: Stacy Keach, Charlotte de Turckheim, Stefan Nelet, Linda Wang

Votes: 28

39. Shades of Truth (2015)


The Pope's reputation is now being rehabilitated in a film based on 100,000 pages of documents and testimonies concerning the underground work done by Pius XII to help Jews.

Director: Liana Marabini | Stars: Christopher Lambert, Giancarlo Giannini, Gedeon Burkhard, Marie-Christine Barrault

40. Eye of the Stalker (1995 TV Movie)

95 min | Drama, Thriller

A college student is stalked by a disturbed older man.

Director: Reza Badiyi | Stars: Joanna Cassidy, Jere Burns, Dennis Burkley, Lucinda Jenney

Votes: 208

41. Cold Night Into Dawn (1997)

95 min | Thriller

FBI Agent Parr is going through a bad spell: his partner and best friend has just retired, and his wife has just left him. While investigating a robbery at a gun shop by a paramilitary gang... See full summary »

Director: Serge Rodnunsky | Stars: Michael Ironside, Kawena Charlot, Anthony Michael Hall, David Chung

Votes: 50

42. Certain Prey (2011 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 85 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief, Lucas Davenport, has to face off against a duo unlike any he's ever encountered; a lethal hit woman and a ferociously cunning killer determined to hunt him down.

Director: Chris Gerolmo | Stars: Mark Harmon, Lola Glaudini, Tatiana Maslany, Kate Greenhouse

Votes: 1,131

43. Hitler's Madman (1943)

84 min | Drama, War

Story of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, Nazi SS commander, by Czech partisans and the reprisals inflicted by the Nazis on the Czechs.

Director: Douglas Sirk | Stars: Patricia Morison, John Carradine, Alan Curtis, Howard Freeman

Votes: 650

44. Saving Lincoln (2013)

Not Rated | 101 min | Biography, Drama, History

21 Metascore

The true story of Abraham Lincoln and his bodyguard, U.S. Marshal Ward Hill Lamon. This unique film features sets created from actual Civil War photographs.

Director: Salvador Litvak | Stars: Tom Amandes, Lea Coco, Penelope Ann Miller, Bruce Davison

Votes: 257

45. Winnie Mandela (2011)

R | 104 min | Biography, Drama, History