Special Skills

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Episodes of the IMDb Original Series "Special Skills."

Special Skills (2020-)

Bobby Moynihan Teaches Jay To Inline Skate | 5:20

Jay Pharoah and Bobby Moynihan killed it as castmates on "SNL." Now they almost kill each other when Bobby tries to teach Jay to inline skate.

Special Skills (2020-)

Zulay Henao Teaches Jay Hand to Hand Combat | 5:48

When Jay Pharoah wants to learn how to perform a military choke hold, he goes right to the source: Zulay Henao, a former soldier in the Army. And no, she doesn't hold back demonstrating on Jay.

Special Skills (2020-)

Anthony Anderson Teaches Jay To Golf | 7:45

Anthony Anderson has never golfed in one of his roles, but he's used the game to get some roles. Watch as he passes his knowledge -- and golfing game -- on to Jay Pharaoh, who hits the links in style.

Special Skills (2020-)

Rhys Darby Teaches Jay Sound Effects | 5:12

Jay Pharoah is a master of impressions. Rhys Darby is a master of sound effects. Together they'll make beautiful music—with their mouths.

Special Skills (2020-)

Gabby Douglas Teaches Jay Gymnastics | 5:59

Gabby Douglas is a 3-time Olympic gold medal winner in gymnastics. So, it should be no problem for Jay Pharoah to keep up with her on the mat, right?

Special Skills (2020-)

Bobby Flay Teaches Jay To Be A TV Chef | 4:49

Jay Pharoah is ready to expand his skills and become a TV Chef. Who better to learn from than world-renowned chef Bobby Flay? Turns out cooking on TV is not so easy.

Special Skills (2020-)

Tony Hawk Teaches Jay to Skateboard | 7:18

When Jay Pharoah wants to become the most versatile actor in the world, he turns to experts to teach him the skills he needs. First up: legend Tony Hawk teaches Jay to skateboard.

Special Skills (2020-)

Celebrities Want You to Watch "Special Skills" With Jay Pharoah | 1:00

We are so excited for Jay Pharoah's new show "Special Skills" - but don't take our word for it. Check out these stars who are already fans!

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