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First Full Trailer for Western 'Out of Liberty' Directed by Garrett Batty

"How long are you going to keep protecting them, Sam?" Samuel Goldwyn Films has debuted an official trailer for a western titled Out of Liberty, which hasn't played at any film festivals but is opening in a few select theaters starting this September. Set in winter in 1839 in the town of Liberty, Missouri (now a suburb of Kansas City), the film is about a local jailer who is tasked with watching Missouri's most wanted men as they await their upcoming hearing. Caught between the local Missourians' increased effort to remove the prisoners, and the prisoners' desperate efforts to survive, Sam Tillery is pushed beyond what any lawman can endure. The full cast includes Jasen Wade, Brandon Ray Olive, Corbin Allred, Adam Johnson, Larry Bagby, Shawn Stevens, Jake Van Wagoner, and Brock Roberts. It's described as an "intense, evocative western, with an outcome you have to see to believe." This seems like a solid thriller.
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Saratov to expand nationwide

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Saratov to expand nationwide
Saratov Films, Three Coin Productions and Purdie Distribution announced on December 10 they will expand the limited run of the thriller.

The Saratov Approach opened on October 9 through Purdie Distribution and has grossed more than $1.4m after four weeks on an average of 33 screens.

It is currently playing across Utah and Idaho and will receive a nationwide platform release commencing on January 10 2014

Garrett Batty wrote and directed and also produced alongside Jake Van Wagoner.

Corbin Allred, Maclain Nelson, Nikita Bogolyubov and Alex Veadov star in the story of missionaries in Russia whose abduction sets in motion a chain of events nobody could have expected.
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Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed – review

A competently put-together film about American paratroopers dropped into France after D-Day, but it comes across like a diet-lite Saving Private Ryan

Ten years ago, Canadian director Ryan Little gave us Saints and Soldiers, a modestly conceived, old-fashioned second world war movie about four American soldiers and a British Tommy struggling to rejoin their divisions in hostile territory after escaping the 1944 Malmedy massacre of Us PoWs by the SS during the Battle of the Bulge. Now Little has given us a sequel, with the same wholesome, Christian tinge, about American paratroopers dropped into France after D-Day and in roughly the same perilous situation. Little makes the best of a limited budget, and this is well-acted, especially by his leading man (and star of the previous film), Corbin Allred. But there is something weirdly inert about this film, a kind of diet or lite version of Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan.
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