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Filmmaker Carlos Carvalho Dies After Being Hit in the Head by Giraffe in On-Set Accident

Award-winning filmmaker Carlos Carvalho died Wednesday after succumbing to injuries stemming from an on-set accident with a giraffe.

Announcing the filmmaker’s death on Thursday, South African film crew agency CallaCrew wrote that Carvalho had been filming at Glen Afric Country Lodge in Hartbeespoort, South Africa when he “had a fatal run-in with a giraffe on set.”

Although Carvalho, 47, was “flown to Milpark Hospital” in Johannesburg, the filmmaker died at 8:50 p.m. local time on Wednesday.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to Carlos’ family and friends during this very sad time. He will be sorely missed,” CallaCrew continued.
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South African Filmmaker Head-Butted by Giraffe Dies at 47

  • The Wrap
Filmmaker Carlos Carvalho died after being head-butted by a giraffe while shooting a film in South Africa. He was 47.

“It is with a very sad heart that we have to announce the passing of Carlos Carvalho, one of our favourite Dop’s,” his film crew agency CallaCrew, announced on Facebook after his death Wednesday. ”Carlos was filming a feature at Glen Afric [sic] and had a fatal run in with a giraffe on set. He was flown to Milpark Hospital but succumbed to his injuries 20:50 last night.”

Carvalho was in South African filming in a game lodge when an attempt to get a close-up of a giraffe ended with the animal head-butting him, sending him flying, The Telegraph reported. He was transported to the Johannesburg hospital, where he died of massive head injuries.

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Drikus Van Der Merwe, a member of the film crew, told The Telegraph, “We started shooting close ups of its body and its feet. Then while Carlos was looking through the camera eyepiece Gerald [the giraffe] swung his neck and hit him against his head.”

He added, “It came out of nowhere and Carlos didn’t even see it coming. He wasn’t aware of the danger.”

Richard Brooker, whose family owns the Glen Africa Country Lodge, told The Telegraph that the giraffe will not be put down, as he “did nothing wrong.”

Among the films Carvalho worked on as a camera operator, cinematographer or director of photography are “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” “Darkest Hour,” “Wonder Woman,” “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” and “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

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Kane Hodder Explains The Challenges Of Making Friday The 13th: The Game

Being a lifelong lover of horror, I’ve naturally indulged in the genre outside of movies and literature. To be honest, the video game medium might be my favorite to explore this avenue just because of how immersive it is and how it transports you to a different world like no other.

But for the longest time, there weren’t many franchises that did it well outside of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, at least in my view. Fortunately, though, we’ve seen a turnaround with the likes of Dead Rising, Dead Space, The Evil Within, Until Dawn and, of course, Friday the 13th: The Game.

Considering how popular Jason Voorhees’ latest foray into the gaming realm has proven to be amongst the fanbase, I knew I had to touch on it when interviewing Kane Hodder last weekend at Astronomicon. And as he shared his experience of making the game,
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The Full Friday The 13th Part 3 Documentary Is Now Available

When the Internet huddles together to rank all 12 slasher films in the famous Friday the 13th franchise, Steve Miner’s Part 3 typically finds itself rooted to the bottom of the list.

Originally released in 1982, Miner’s widely derided threequel drew the ire of horror fans for its hokey 3D effects, as studio executives scrambled for a way to lure viewers back to Camp Crystal Lake for another round of frivolous teenage fun and gruesome, over-the-top kills.

By that token, Friday the 13th Part 3 delivered in spades – remember the scene in which Jason Voorhees pops out an eyeball? Chills – even if Steve Miner’s follow-up will always be remembered as a derivative continuation of the superior Friday the 13th Part 2.

However that may be, director Kevin R. Phipps has produced a 40-minute documentary designed around Part 3. Aptly titled Friday the 13th Part 3: The Memoriam Documentary, it’s essentially a horror-tinged love letter to Richard Brooker,
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Watch New ‘Friday the 13th Part 3’ Documentary Right Now, For Free!

Watch New ‘Friday the 13th Part 3’ Documentary Right Now, For Free!
Documentaries His Name Was Jason and Crystal Lake Memories already dug deep into the Friday the 13th franchise, but this latest ones shine the spotlight on one of the films rather than the entire series: Friday the 13th: Part 3. Particularly, it’s a video love letter to the late Richard Brooker, who played Jason in the film. As of this past […]
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‘Friday the 13th Part 3’ Documentary Gets Release Date; Will Be Free!

‘Friday the 13th Part 3’ Documentary Gets Release Date; Will Be Free!
Documentaries His Name Was Jason and Crystal Lake Memories already dug deep into the Friday the 13th franchise, but this next one is set to shine the spotlight on one of the films rather than the entire series. Cause why not?! Friday the 13th Part 3: The Memoriam Documentary will pay tribute to the late Richard Brooker, who played Jason Voorhees in […]
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Three Posters Released For Friday the 13th Part 3 In Memoriam Documentary

In 2013, Richard Brooker, who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 3, passed away. Several years prior to his passing, the Higgins Haven cabin, where much of that film was shot, was burned to the ground. To honor… Continue Reading →

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Impressions & Photos of Sideshow Collectibles’ Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Part 3 Sixth Scale Figure

Although it wasn’t his first on-screen appearance, Friday the 13th Part 3 introduced the hockey mask version of Jason Voorhees that we all know and love today, and it also showed us an ever-evolving Jason who was as resourceful as a boy scout with his wide range of weapons. Sideshow Collectibles captures everything that’s great and scary about Part 3 Jason with their new sixth scale figure of the Crystal Lake killer, and they sent one our way to check out.

As per usual with a Sideshow Collectibles release, the box art for this sixth scale figure could be displayed on its own, with blood spatter and moonlit woods making an eerie backdrop to Jason’s imposing stance, complete with a machete in hand.

The real treat, of course, lies within the box, and I practically expect to hear Harry Manfredini’s iconic score when I crack open the lid.
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August 30th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Deathstalker / Deathstalker II Double Feature

While horror is riding high theatrically side this week, August 30th’s genre home entertainment releases are a bit on the quieter side, with only a handful of titles coming our way. Scream Factory is releasing the sword and sorcery movies Deathstalker and Deathstalker II on a double feature Blu-ray, and for you cult film fans out there, Vinegar Syndrome has given Evils of the Night an HD overhaul.

Other notable home entertainment titles for the week of August 3oth include Blood Redd, Dreadtime Stories, Walking Dead in the West, and a serial killer themed three-movie combo pack from Rlj Entertainment.

Deathstalker / Deathstalker II (Double feature Blu-ray available exclusively on Shout! Factory’s website)

Deathstalker (1983)

Deathstalker (Richard Hill) is a mighty warrior chosen to battle the evil forces of a medieval kingdom who sets off on a journey to the most challenging tournament in the land. To the
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Blu-ray Cover Art & Release Details for The Velvet Vampire, Time Walker, Up From The Depths & More

Over the next two months, Scream Factory’s releases include five Blu-rays limited to 1,000 units apiece. Each release will highlight an obscure and underseen sci-fi, horror, or fantasy film from the ’70s and ’80s, and the cover artwork and details on each Blu-ray have been revealed.

Deathstalker Double Feature (August 30th): “Deathstalker (1983)

Deathstalker (Richard Hill) is a mighty warrior chosen to battle the evil forces of a medieval kingdom who sets off on a journey to the most challenging tournament in the land. To the winner will go the throne of the evil wizard, the ultimate mystical power and the love of the beautiful Princess Codille (Barbi Benton). But first Deathstalker must prove himself worthy of his legacy . . . and treachery lurks at every turn.

Deathstalker II (1987)

Deathstalker II (John Terlesky) has a mission: to save the kingdom from the wicked grip of the immoral wizard Jerak and his queen Sultana,
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New Look at Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th: The Game

  • DailyDead
Jason Voorhees and his machete will return to Camp Crystal Lake this fall when Gun Media releases Friday the 13th: The Game on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. At this weekend's Pax South event in San Antonio, new images of the game's Friday the 13th Part III version of Jason were revealed.

Shared on the game's Facebook page, these new images (pictured below) show the video game's depiction of Jason's appearance in the third Friday the 13th film (in which he was played by the late Richard Brooker). Kane Hodder, who played the Camp Crystal Lake killer from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood to Jason X (four films in total) is portraying Jason once again via motion capture technology.

This won't be the only version of Jason gamers will encounter on panicked sprints through the woods, as several types of the slasher will be available to stalk the screen.
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Friday the 13th Part III Behind-the-Scenes Photos Revealed

In addition to showing Jason Voorhees donning the hockey mask for the first time (courtesy of Shelly), Steve Miner's Friday the 13th Part III is memorable for its farmhouse frights, as all hell breaks loose at Higgins Haven in the final act, including Chris Higgins driving an axe into Jason Voorhees' skull. Following up on the behind-the-scenes photos of Friday the 13th Part III’s alternate ending that were unveiled last Halloween, another batch of unique photos from the early ’80's horror film's set have now been revealed, this time going behind-the-scenes of the movie's theatrical ending.

Director Steve Miner and the late Richard Brooker (Jason Voorhees) are featured in the Friday the 13th Part III behind-the-scenes stills revealed by, with two images showing Brooker relaxing and reading a magazine while decked out in his Jason Voorhees costume, including the axe embedded in his hockey mask.
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Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical to open in London next year

Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical to open in London next year
New stage musical Bend It Like Beckham will have its world premiere at the Phoenix Theatre in London's West End next spring.

Gurinder Chadha will direct the adaptation of her own 2002 hit movie, with original music by Howard Goodall and lyrics by Charles Hart and a new book by Paul Mayeda Berges and Chadha.

"Developing Bend It Like Beckham for the stage has been the most enjoyable creative process of my career so far," Chadha said.

"It was always my intention to build on the film and to present its themes and storylines to live audiences in an exciting new dynamic way."

She continued: "I have been inspired by musicals ever since I was a little girl, now with Bend It Like Beckham, such a familiar story to so many, I believe we are presenting a totally new kind of musical - part West End, part London Punjabi, but wholeheartedly British.
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Exclusive: John Schneider Talks Smothered - Part 1

Written and directed by John Schneider (“The Dukes of Hazzard”), Smothered is a kooky horror comedy bursting with blood-soaked cameos from the genre’s greatest icons such as Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, R. A. Mihailoff, Malcolm Danare, and Don Shanks.

When the bogeymen find themselves on the other side of the blade – wielded by a big-busted blonde, no less – they pull out all the stops.

We got a chance to chat with Schneider one to one, and here’s what he had to say about cinematically killing these guys off one by one. And be sure to check back tomorrow for my partner in crime, Doctor Gash's, follow-up interview.

Dread Central: You’ve assembled a really great cast for Smothered. Can you talk about how you approached them to play parodies of horror villains, and what some of the reactions were?

John Schneider: I've known Kane and Malcolm for years.
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San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - Incredible Packaging for Neca's Video Game Jason

Neca has found a way to make the Dread Central staff want its Friday the 13th video game Jason collectible even more. Wait until you guys see this! And someone call an ambulance for Matt. He's been stuck in a state of constant masturbation since the announcement!

Neca's San Diego Comic-Con 2013 exclusive - 8-Bit Jason from the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System Friday the 13th video game - actually comes packaged in a replica box of the Nes game! Wanna talk about cool? This is cool!

The fully articulated 7-inch figure comes with some pretty cool glow-in-the-dark features. And for those wondering, under that mask he's rocking the Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D Richard Brooker look! A fitting tribute to the recently departed actor. This is sure to become a crown jewel in many Friday collections.

Let the drooling begin! This is nothing short of an absolute Must Have!

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon!
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The Genre Loses A Jason! – Rip Richard Brooker

Friday the 13th Part III star and convention circuit staple Richard Brooker has passed away.

Richards former business manager Eric Branden announced his passing on Facebook and the fan out pouring has been immediate and huge. The cause of death has not been announced but it appears to have been very unexpected. Richard is known by horror fans around the globe as Jason Voorhees but not just any Jason, the first Jason to wear … Continue reading →
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R.I.P. Friday the 13th Actor Richard Brooker

  • FEARnet
R.I.P. Friday the 13th Actor Richard Brooker
Actor Richard Brooker, best known for playing Jason Voorhees in the third Friday the 13th film died earlier today from an undisclosed illness. He was 54.

Born in England, Brooker was a trapeze artist and horse trainer who traveled with circuses around the world. His first film role was in Friday the 13th 3, and only led to two other film roles in DeathStalker and Deep Sea Conspiracy. He went on to work in all aspects of production, both filmed and live. Brooker has coordinated stunts, produced live horse shows, produced daily television shows, directed 42 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy, and various technical aspects of the entertainment industry. In 2006, Brooker won a Primetime Technical Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for the Vid-Wave Boxx, a "digital point to multi-point video transmission system for video assist and camera monitoring."

Brooker's turn as Jason Voorhees was one of the most memorable in franchise history,
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Friday the 13th Part III’s Richard Brooker has Died

We’re sad to report that actor Richard Brooker passed away earlier today, at the age of 59. The actor/stuntman is best known for playing Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part III, and was a frequent guest at horror conventions around the world where many fans had a chance to meet him.

There are no details on the cause of his death at this time, but the news was confirmed by his business manager, Eric Branden:

“It is my sad obligation to tell all of you that my first client and dear friend Richard J. Brooker past away earlier today. There are many words spoken and there are so many words left unspoken. I’m still shocked so excuse me that I leave you with only this few words only. My prayers go out to his family all over the world.”

Our thoughts are with his friends and family,
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Jason Voorhees Actor/Stuntman Richard Brooker Has Passed Away

We are deeply saddened to report that horror icon Richard Brooker has passed away today. Born in 1954, Brooker was best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th Part III, and he will go down in horror history as the first Jason to don the trademark hockey mask. Details regarding his death are unknown at the moment, however it was reported yesterday that Booker posted on his Facebook page that he wasnt feeling well. This…
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Rip Richard Brooker

Extremely sad news has hit the internet regarding one of the finest actors to ever play the horror mega-icon Jason Voorhees. It's with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to Friday the 13th Part 3's Richard Brooker.

The news started spreading like wildfire across Facebook moments ago, and we have confirmed with Brooker's management that it is indeed true. Richard was born in 1954 and was taken from us at an all too young age.

Aside from being the very first actor to ever officially don the infamous hockey mask as Jason, Brooker also appeared in James Sbardellati's sword and sandal flick Deathstalker and many horror documentaries such as Never Sleep Again, His Name Was Jason, and the upcoming Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th.

Richard was also a staple on the convention scene and, as anyone who has met him can easily attest,
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