Australian websites becoming more user-friendly with occasional “outbreaks of style”

Australian websites are moving away from heavy load times to more user-friendly slide-show formats, according preliminary trends from sites entered into the Australia Web Industry Association’ annual awards.

The announcement:

Modern Australian web sites are trending towards a single big-image slide-show, according to the Web Industry Association.

The Association runs the Australian Web Awards and the Crowdies; a crowd-sourced award where ratings of web site are done ‘by the man on the street and the woman on the laptop’.

Although the awards are still open, the Association has identified nine trends in the design of sites already nominated.

Simplicity. Even ‘portal’ sites like newspapers have less crowded home pages now.

Length. Sites are featuring longer home pages, encouraging users to scroll down for more content, rather than clicking to new pages. This is a reaction to users’ impatience with load times.

Usability. Sites are becoming easier to navigate. Complex, multi-level
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