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  • (1926) Stage: Appeared (as "Joe Bullitt"; credited as Elisha Cook; Broadway debut) in "Hello, Lola" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book / lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly. From "Seventeen" by Booth Tarkington. Based on the stage adaptation of "Seventeen" by Hugh Stanislaus Stange and Stannard Mears. Music by William Kernell. Musical Director: Charles Sieger. Directed by Seymour Felix. Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre: (moved to Maxine Elliott's Theatre from 8 Feb 1926 to close): 12 Jan 1926-20 Feb 1926 (47 performances). Cast: Avis Adair, Earl Atkinson, Edythe Baker, Sylvia Carol, Dorothy Casey, Kittye Casey, Lillian Clerke, Cullen Clewis, George Crouch, Don DeFrancis, Nanette Flack, Jay C. Flippen (as "Genesis"), Ben Franklin, Bert Gardner, Ben Hendricks Jr., Richard Keene, Constance Lahleet, Nancy Lea, Frances Mildern, Albert Miller, Betty Noi, Dorothy Palmer, Virginia Ray, Diddie Read, Beatrice Reiss, Wyn Richmond (as "May Parcher"), Howard Shea, Cora Stephens, Wally Stewart, George E. Stone (credited as Georgie Stone; as "Johnnie Watson"), Margaret Brooke Sullivan, Larry Vale, Katherine Vercelle, Louise Vercelle, Marjorie White, Harry Wood, Emma Wyche. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1926) Stage: Appeared (as "Dick Wilton") in "Henry-Behave" on Broadway. Comedy/farce. Written by Lawrence Langner. Directed / produced by Gustav Blum. Nora Bayes Theatre: 23 Aug 1926-Nov 1926 (closing date unknown/96 performances). Cast: Walton Butterfield (as "Clement Courtney"), Charlyne Courtland (as "Lavinia Courtney"), John Cumberland (as "Henry Wilton"), Charles De Bevoise (as "Archibald Musgrove"), Gail De Hart (as "Blanche Wilton"), Waldo Edwards (as "Arthur Courtney"), Violet Hill (as "Susan"), Loraine Lally (as "Beatrice Beamish"), Gladys Lloyd (as "Evelyn Hollis"), Beresford Lovett (as "Alton B. Stevens"), James Newcombe (as "Frank Adair"), Pat O'Brien (as "Anthony Alexander"), Edward G. Robinson (as "Westsott P. Bennett"), Darrell Starnes (as "Policeman"), Mary Walsh (as "Geraldine Tussant"), Justina Wayne (as "Kate Wilton"), Carrie Weller (as "Mrs. Huxley"), Irene Young (as "Adelaide Musgrove"), Jacob Zollinger (as "George").
  • (1928) Stage: Appered in "Her Unborn Child" on Broadway. Written by Howard McKent Barnes and Grace Hayward. Directed by Melville Burke. Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre: 5 Mar 1928-Apr 1928 (closing date unknown/47 performances). Cast: Margaret Byers, William Corbett, Pauline Drake, Theodore Hecht, Ivy Mertons, Lea Penman (as "Miss Conover"), Effie Shannon. Produced by Majestic Productions. Inc.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Juan de Dios") in "The Kingdom of God" on Broadway. Written by Gregorio Martínez Sierra. Translated by Helen Granville-Barker and Harley Granville-Barker. Directed by E.M. Blyth. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 20 Dec 1928-Mar 1929 (closing date unknown/92 performances. Cast: George Alison (as "Don Lorenzo"), Patrice Amati (as "The Dumb Girl"), Ethel Barrymore (as "Sister Gracia, age 19" / "Sister Gracia, age 29" / "Sister Gracia, age 70"), Phyllis Blake (as "Sister Juliana" / "Cecilia"), Susan Blake (as "Lula"), Joan Carvel (as "Lorenza"), Lenore Chippendale (as "Maria Isabela" / "Sister Manuela"), Lionel Dante (as "Jose"), Madeline Delmar (as "Margarita"), Marcel Dill (as "Vincente"), 'Ernestine Gaines' (QV) (as "Candelas"), Georgia Harvey (as "Quica"), William B. Mack (as "Liborio"), Gertrude Maitland (as "Sister Cristina"), Bernard Max (as "Victor"), Georgie Drew Mendum (as "The Innocent"), McKay Morris (as "Enrique"), Leslie Orleans (as "Ramon"), Harry Plimmer (as "Trajano"), Charles Powers (as "Morenito"), Eleanor Powers (as "Paquita"), Ralph Roberts (as "Gabriel" / "Policarpo"), Anita Rothe (as "Sister Manuela"), Jeannette Sherwin (as "Sister Dionisia"), Edward Teene (as "Alphonse"), Jane Towneley (as "Engracia"). Produced by Lee Shubert. NOTE: This was the first production to open at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre.
  • (1930) Stage: Appeared (as "Stan Price") in "Many a Slip" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Edith Fitzgerald and Robert Riskin. Directed by Robert Riskin. Little Theatre: 3 Feb 1930-Mar 1930 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Tom Brown (as "Ted Coster"), Malcolm Duncan (as "William Coster"), Maude Eburne (as "Smithy"), Douglass Montgomery (as "Jerry Brooks"), Dorothy Sands, Sylvia Sidney (as "Patsy Coster"). Produced by Lew Cantor.
  • (1931) Stage: Appeared in "Privilege Car" on Broadway. Melodrama.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Francis DeMarco") in "Lost Boy" on Broadway. Drama. Written by T.C. Upham. Directed by James Light. Mansfield Theatre: 5 Jan 1932-Jan 1932 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: William Balfour (as "Mr. Gilkey"), Edgar Barrier (as "Joe Hebert"), Charles Berre (as "Dick"), Ralph W. Chambers (as "Gould"; Broadway debut), Ruth Chorpenning (as "Mrs. Demarco"), George Colan (as "Mr. Demarco"), Mooney Diamond (as "Toivo"), Joseph Eggenton (as "Mr. Bullock"), Clyde Franklin (as "Dr. Stewart"), John Garfield (credited as Jules Garfield; as "Bill"; Broadway debut), George Price (as "Judge Donnelly"), George Rogers (as "Mr. Felch"), Richard Ross (as "Albert"), Alexander Smith (as "Policeman"), Gilbert Squarey (as "Jimmy"), Ann Thomas (as "Aggie Demarco"), Carrie Weller (as "Mrs. Hazelton"), Peter Xantho (as "Court Stenographer"). Produced by Burton Harfod.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Ed Martin") in "Merry-Go-Round" on Broadway. Written by Albert Maltz and George Sklar. Directed by Walter Hart. Provincetown Playhouse: 22 Apr 1932-Jun 1932 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: John Bell, Harry Bellaver (as "Butch"), Jack Bennett, Doan Borrup (as "Mayor Manning"), Dorothy Braun, Joseph Carewe, Dan Carey, Horace Casselberry, Jean Clarendon, Robert Crozier, Diane Crystal, Frank Dae (as "Police Commissioner Garvey"), Viola Frayne, Robert H. Gordon, Glorian Gray, Dorothy Howard, Frank Howson, Harold Huber (as "Jig Zelli"), Frank Layton, Ian Maclaren, Nina Melville, Robert J. Mulligan, Kermit Murdock, Lawrence C. O'Brien, Kempton Race, Ruth Thomas, Thomas F. Tracey (as "Dr. Koenig"), Mel Tyler, Edward Vickery. Produced by Michael Blankfort and Walter Hart.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Honey Rogers") in "Chrysalis" on Broadway. Written by Rose Albert Porter. Directed by Theresa Helburn. Martin Beck Theatre: 15 Nov 1932-Dec 1932 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: Arling Alcine, Wihelmina Barton, Humphrey Bogart (as "Don Ellis"), Fannie Bourke (credited as Fan Bourke; as "Blondie"; final Broadway credit), Lalive Brownell, Lily Cahill, Kathleen Comegys (as "Mrs. Haron"), Gilberte Frey, Jessie Graham, Georgie Lee Hall, Thurston Hall (as "Judge Halman"), Hazel Hanna, Florence Heller, Henrietta Kaye, Elia Kazan (as "Louis"; Broadway debut), George Kinsey, Frank Layton, Phyllis Loughton, Jean MacIntyre, Kathryn McClure, Jock Munro, Mary Orr, Osgood Perkins (as "Michael Haverill"), Beta Rothafel, Toni Sorel, Harry D. Southard, Margaret Sullavan (as "Lyda Cose"), Russell Thayer, June Walker (as "Eve Haron"), Harold Woodall, Edmund Ziman. Produced by Martin Beck. Produced in association with Lawrence Langner and Theresa Helburn.
  • (1933) Stage: Appeared (as "Ed Rimplegar") in "Three-Cornered Moon" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Gertrude Tonkonogy [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design by Arthur P. Segal. Directed by Alfred De Liagre Jr. Cort Theatre: 16 Mar 1933-May 1933 (closing date unknown/76 performances). Cast: Paula Bauersmith (as "Jenny"), John Eldredge, Ruth Gordon (as "Elizabeth Rimplegar"), Ben Lackland (as "Kenneth Rimplegar"), Cecilia Loftus (as "Mrs. Rimplegar"), Eunice Stoddard (as "Kitty"), Richard Whorf (as "Donald"). Produced by Richard Aldrich and Alfred De Liagre Jr.
  • (1935) Stage: Appeared in "Crime Marches On" on Broadway. Farce.
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared (as "Bird") in "Come Angel Band" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Dudley Nichols and Stuart Anthony. Directed by Melville Burke. 46th Street Theatre: 18 Feb 1936-Feb 1936 (closing date unknown/2 performances). Cast: Arthur Barrows, Burke Clarke, Frank Conlan, Curtis Cooksey (as "Fate Shannon"), Clarice Cornell, J. Hammond Dailey, Joseph Eggerton, Victor Esker, Elvin Field, Joyce Gates, Arthur Griffin, J. Louis Johnson, Lester Lonergan III, Eleanor Lynn, Frederick Maynard, Edgar Nelson, Robert Pitkin, Robert Taber, George R. Taylor, Walter Wagner, Iris Whitney (as "Beulah Shannon"), Frank Wilcox (as "Sheriff Garr"), Robert Woods. Produced by Eugene Walter.
  • (1963) Stage: Appeared (as "Giuseppe Givola") in "Arturo Ui" on Broadway. Written by Bertolt Brecht (from "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui"). Book adapted by George Tabori. Incidental music by Jule Styne. Music orchestrated by Ray Ellis. Production Design by Rouben Ter-Arutunian. Make-up Supervisor: Mitchell Erickson. Lighting Assistant: Martin Aronstein. Directed by Tony Richardson. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre: 11 Nov 1963-16 Nov 1963 (8 performances + 5 previews that began on 6 Nov 1963). Cast: Christopher Plummer (as "Arturo Ui"), Michael Constantine (as "Dogsborough"), Roger De Koven (as "The Actor"), Hugh Franklin (as "Clark"), Henry Lascoe (as "Butcher"), Lionel Stander (as "Manuele Giri"), Murvyn Vye (as "Ernesto Roma"), Sandy Baron (as "Bowl" / "Priest" / "Ensemble"), Leonardo Cimino (as "Fish" / "Ensemble"), Oliver Clark (as "Young Dogsborough"), James Coco (as "O'Casey" / "Ensemble"), George Cotton (as "Mulberry"), James Frawley (as "Flake" / "Ensemble"), Harold Gary (as "Arturo Ui's Bodyguard"), Louis Guss (as "Ragg" / "Ensemble"), Chuck Haren (as "Inna" / "Ensemble"), Diane Higgins (as "Ensemble"), Dossie Hollingsworth (as "Dockdaisy"), Bobby Dean Hooks (as "Ensemble"), John Karlen (as "Shorty" / "Ensemble"), Frank Loren (as "Ensemble"), Gubi Mann (as "Ensemble"), John Marriott (as "Jim Crocket" / "Ensemble"), Paul Michael (as "The Barker" / "Goodwill"), David O'Brien (as "Defense Counsel" / "Ensemble"), Tom Pedi (as "Arturo Ui's Bodyguard"), Antony Ponzini (as "Ensemble"), Beah Richards (as "The Woman"), Madeleine Sherwood (as "Betty Dullfeet"), William Shust (as "Sheet" / "Ensemble"), Jim Stark (as "Ensemble"), Glenn Stensel (as "Doctor" / "Ensemble"), Warren Wade (as "Gaffles" / "Judge"), Robert Weil (as "Ignatius Dullfeet"). Produced by David Merrick. Associate Producer: Neil Hartley.
  • (1955) Unsold pilot: Appeared in a pilot for a western series to be called "Indian Agent".
  • (1966) Unsold pilot: Appeared in a sitcom pilot called "McNab's Lab" (aka "Summer Fun").

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