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  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • A Little Night Music (1973). Musical/Romantic Comedy. Music by Stephen Sondheim. Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Book by Hugh Wheeler. Suggested by the film "Smiles of a Summer Night" by Ingmar Bergman. Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick. Musical Director: Harold Hastings. Assistant to Mr. Hastings: Arthur Wagner. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Costume Design by Florence Klotz. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Choreographed by Patricia Birch. Directed by Harold Prince. Shubert Theatre (moved to The Majestic Theatre from 17 Sep 1973- close): 25 Feb 1973- 3 Aug 1974 (601 performances + 12 previews). Cast: Len Cariou (as "Frederik Egerman"), Hermione Gingold (as "Madame Armfeldt"), Glynis Johns (as "Desiree Armfeldt"), George Lee Andrews (as "Prid, Madame Armfeldt's butler") [Broadway debut], D'Jamin Bartlett (as "Petra") [Broadway debut], Despo Diamantidou [credited as Despo] (as "Malla, Desiree Armfeldt's maid"), Patricia Elliott (as "Countess Charlotte Malcolm"), Beth Fowler (as "Mrs. Segstrom"), Laurence Guittard (as "Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm"), Judy Kahan (as "Fredrika Armfeldt [Broadway debut], Mark Lambert (as "Henrik Egerman") [Broadway debut], Barbara Lang (as "Mrs. Anderssen"), Victoria Mallory (as "Anne Egerman"), Teri Ralston (as "Mrs. Nordstrom"), Benjamin Rayson (as "Mr. Lindquist"), Gene Varrone (as "Mr. Erlanson"), Will Sharpe Marshall (as "Bertrand, a page"), Sherry Mathis (as "Osa") [Broadway debut]. Understudies: Despo (as "Madame Armfeldt"), Beth Fowler (as "Countess Charlotte Malcolm/Petra"), Len Gochman (as "Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm/Frederik Egerman"), Barbara Lang (as "Desiree Armfeldt"), Will Sharpe Marshall (as "Frid/Henrik Egerman"), Sherry Mathis (as "Anne Egerman/Fredrika Armfeldt"). Replacement actors during Shubert Theatre run: Sheila K. Adams (as "Fredrika Armfeldt") [Broadway debut]. Replacement actors during Majestic Theatre run: William Daniels (as "Frederik Egerman") [from 25 Feb 1974- ?], Dick Sabol (as "Frid, Madame Armfeldt's butler"). Produced by Harold Prince. Produced in association with Ruth Mitchell. Note: Filmed as A Little Night Music (1977).
  • Cabaret (1966). Musical/drama. Book by Joe Masteroff. Based on the play "I Am a Camera" by John Van Druten. Based on stories by Christopher Isherwood. Music by John Kander. Lyrics by Fred Ebb. Musical Director: Harold Hastings. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Dance arrangements by David Baker. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt. Choreographed by Ronald Field. Directed by Harold Prince. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Imperial Theatre 7 Mar 1967- 2 Oct 1968, then moved to The Broadway Theatre from 7 Oct 1968-close): 20 Nov 1966- 6 Sep 1969 (1165 performances + 21 previews that began on 2 Nov 1966). Cast: Bert Convy (as "Clifford Bradshaw"), Jack Gilford (as "Herr Schultz"), Joel Grey (as "Master of Ceremonies"), Jill Haworth (as "Sally Bowles"), Lotte Lenya (as "Fraulein Schneider"), Peg Murray (as "Fraulein Kost"), Edward Winter (as "Ernst Ludwig"), Jere Admire (as "Bobby, Kit Kat Boy"), Barbara Alston (as "Frenchie, Kit Kat Girl"), Ray Baron (as "Bartender"), Bruce Becker (as "German Sailor"), Steven Boockvor (as "German Sailor"), Frank Bouley (as "Maitre D'"), Roger Briant (as "German Sailor"), Kathie Dalton (as "Texas, Kit Kat Girl"), Mary Ehara (as "One of "Two Ladies"), Sol Frieder (as "Herr Erdmann"), Pat Gosling (as "Maria, Kit Kat Girl"), John Herbert (as "Max"), Howard Kahl (as "Custom Official"), Tresha Kelly (as "Telephone Girl"), Mara Landi (as "Frau Wendel"), Miriam Lehmann-Haupt (as "Frau Kruger"), Bert Michaels (as "Victor, Kit Kat Boy"), Eugene Morgan (as "Herr Wendel"), Jayme Mylroie (as "Greta"), Ed Nolfi (as "German Sailor"), Rita O'Connor (as "One of "Two Ladies") Marianne Selbert (as "Fritzie, Kit Kat Girl"), Robert Sharp (as "Felix"), Bonnie Walker (as "Rosie, Kat Girl"), Lynn Winn (as "LuLu, Kit Kit Girl"). Replacement actors during run included: Penny Fuller (as "Sally Bowles"; during vacation), Melissa Hart (as "Sally Bowles") [from 28 Jul 1969-?], Ken Kercheval (as "Clifford Bradshaw"), Mara Landi (as "Fraulein Kost") [during vacation]. Replacement actors during Broadway Theatre run: Bill Allsbrook (as "German Sailor"), Ray Baron (as "Felix"), Chevi Colton (as "Frau Wendel"), Tandy Cronyn (as "Sally Bowles") [from 30 Jun 1969- ?], Jay Fox (as "Victor, Kit Kat Boy"), Rhoda Gemignani (as "Fraulein Kost"), Anita Gillette (as "Sally Bowles") [from 4 Nov 1968- ?], Chele Graham (as "Rosie, Kit Kat Girl"), Melissa Hart (as "Sally Bowles") [from 28 Jul 1969- ?], Curtis Hood (as "German Sailor"), Ken Kercheval (as "Clifford Bradshaw"), Larry Kert (as "Clifford Bradshaw") [from 9 Dec 1968- ?], Sandy McPherson (as "Frenchie, Kit Kat Girl"), Tod A. Miller (as "German Sailor"), Ralph Nelson (as "German Sailor"), Lenora Nemetz (as "Fritzie, Kit Kat Girl"), Joan Paige (as "Maria, Kit Kat Girl"), Carol Perea (as "Marlene"), Carol Petrie (as "Hulda"), George Reinholt (as "Ernst Ludwig"), Martin Ross (as "Master of Ceremonies"), Robert Scherkenbach (as "Victor, Kit Kat Boy"), Lorraine Serabian (as "Frau Wendel"), Ken Sherber (as "Bartender"), Doug Spingler (as "German Sailor"), Fran Storey (as "Hulda"), Michael Toles (as "Bobby, Kit Kat Boy"), George Voskovec (as "Herr Schultz"), Bonnie Walker (as "One of 'Two Ladies'"), Susan Willis (as "Fraulein Schneider") [from 3 Jun 1969- ?], Erica Yohn (as "Frau Wendel"). Standbys: Despo Diamantidou [credited as Despo] (as "Fraulein Schneider"), Judy MacMurdo (as "Sally Bowles"). Understudies: Chevi Colton (as "Fraulein Kost"), Robert Scherkenbach (as "Master of Ceremonies"). Produced by Harold Prince. Produced in association with Ruth Mitchell.
  • (July 3 to 12, 1975) She played her mother in Jean Anouilh's play, "Ring Round the Moon," in a Williamstown Theatre Festival production at the Adams Memorial Theatre Main Stage at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts with Beverly Barbieri (Ball Guest); Louis Beachner (Joshua); Richard Boyd (Ball Guest); Blythe Danner (Isabelle); Denise Dewenter (Ball Guest); Mildred Dunnock (Madame Desmortes); Scott Ference (Ball Guest); Anita Grumish (Ball Guest); Dan Hamilton (Patrick Bombelles); Douglas James (Ball Guest); Frank Langella (Hugo & Frederic); Dennis Lenahan (Ball guest); Kenneth MacMillan (Messerchmann); Joseph Maher (Romainville); Linda McGuire (Diane Messerschmann); Joan Pape (Capulet); Robert Picardo (ball guest); Jan Ross (Lady India); Dawn Spare (ball guest); Ralph Stalter (General) and Christine Van Dohlin (ball guest) in the cast. Nikos Psacharopoulos was artistic director and director. Tony Straiges was setting designer. Carrie F. Robbins was costume designer. Richard Devin was lighting designer. William Penn was composer. Rick Ralston was stage manager. Peggy Peterson was assistant stage manager. This production was dedicated to the memory of Will Steven Armstrong.

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