Full Release Details for Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark (1988) Limited Edition Blu-ray

Last year, German distributor Cinespectral Films announced their plans to honor the Queen of Halloween with a limited edition, all-region Blu-ray of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1988), and today they've released the full details and pre-order information for the anticipated home media release.

Limited to 3,000 overall items, the Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Blu-ray / DVD is available in three different cover art versions (limited to 1,000 apiece) and is slated for an April 24th release. Pre-orders are now open, and you can check out the full list of special features and cover art selections below. To learn more, visit Movie2Shop and Cinespectral Films.

Press Release: Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark Finally Busts Out In A Strictly Limited Collector’S Edition Blu-Ray Set On April 24th 2017! 3000 Copies Only!

Cinespectral Films proudly presents the 1988 cult comedy: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark for the first time ever on Blu-ray, in glorious all-new restored High Definition.
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Blu-ray Review: Sanctuary: The Complete Fourth Season

Genre: Sci-Fi | Fantasy | Mystery

Directors: Martin Wood, Damian Kindler, Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Steven A. Adelson, Lee Wilson

Writers: Damian Kindler, Alan McCullough, James Thorpe, Gillian Horvath

Cast: Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Ryan Robbins, Christopher Heyerdahl, Agam Darshi, Pascale Hutton

Discs: 4

Running Time: 585 minutes plus extras

Aspect Ratio:(Bd) 1080p High Definition 1.78:1/(DVD) 16×9 (1.78:1)

Audio: (Bd) DTS-hd Master Audio/(DVD) 5.1 Surround Sound


Amanda Tapping returns as Dr. Helen Magnus in the amazing fourth and final season of the hit Syfy series and Primetime Emmy nominee for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, promising bigger myths and greater surprises than ever before! Entertainment One presents Sanctuary: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD and blu-ray – the most cutting-edge and groundbreaking season yet from one of television’s most consistently inventive series. The four-disc set features all 13 episodes from the fourth season, plus extensive behind-the-scenes featurettes and a multitude of otherworldly bonus features.
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Exclusive: Damian Kindler Looks Back at Two Seasons of 'Sanctuary'

Since it debuted as a short-lived Internet series in 2007, the Vancouver-shot show Sanctuary has gone from strength to strength.

The series follows the adventures of a group of monster-hunters led by the 150-year-old Dr. Helen Magnus. Magnus, played by Amanda Tapping, is assisted by her protégé, Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) . At various times this pair have also joined forces with Jack the Ripper (a.k.a. John Druitt, played by Christopher Heyerdahl), a sarcastic vampire named Tesla (Jonathon Young), James Watson (supposedly the original inspiration for Sherlock Holmes and played by Peter Wingfield), a computer genius stricken with a form of lycanthropy (Henry Foss, played by Ryan Robbins) and Bigfoot (we were asked to keep his true identity a secret).

These characters illustrate the imaginative mash-up of legends, literature and sci-fi that characterizes Sanctuary. The show has elements reminiscent of The X-Files, Supernatural, Hellboy and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.
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Sanctuary Season 3 Finale (Episodes 12 & 13): Kali

We're approaching the two part season finale of Syfy's Sanctuary Season 3. In the finale, an ancient cult connected to Big Bertha rocks the foundations of the Sanctuary. Sanctuary is created by Damian Kindler. The show is executive produced by Damian Kindler, Sam Egan, Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood, Keith Beedie and N. John Smith. The two part finale, 'Kali, kicks off this Friday, Jan. 15th at 9/8 C. [jambovideo id="177279" wide="yes" /] About Sanctuary Sanctuary follows the adventures of the beautiful, enigmatic and always surprising Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping), a brilliant scientist who holds the secrets of a clandestine population — a group of strange and sometimes terrifying beings that hide among humans. Along with her new recruit, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne), her quirky tech wiz Henry (Ryan Robbins) and her fearless daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), Magnus seeks to protect this threatened phenomena as well as unlock the mysteries behind their ...
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'V' Episode 1.02: 'There Is No Normal Anymore'

Episode Title: "There Is No Normal Anymore"

Written By: Scott Peters & Sam Egan

Synopsis: FBI Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) must decide whether or not to hide their knowledge of the Visitors' true intentions — a particularly difficult decision for Erica given the fact that she had to kill former partner Dale (Alan Tudyk), who was secretly a Visitor. Journalist Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) attempts to control the public perception of Visitor spokesperson Anna (Morena Baccarin), while secret Visitor Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut) tries to find a way to repair his damaged flesh.

Don't Trust Anyone: Tonight's episode reinforced the theme that everybody is suspect — after all, if you can't trust Alan Tudyk's face, then who can you trust? There are already some suspicious characters in my mind including Agent Malik (Rekha Sharma, one of the elite final five on "Battlestar Galactica") and Father
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[DVD Review] Knights of Bloodsteel

At the end of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring I remember being awestruck for two reasons. One it was a cinematic experience to behold and I had just beheld it; it was refreshing and exhilarating. The second feeling was a pang of instantaneous remorse when the first name sprawled across the scene for the end credits.

“That’s it?! What?! No! More!”

I had just sat through a 3 hour film which had left me wanting more. I was not and am not an avid Tolkien fan and even resented the man slightly going in to the film. By the end, Peter Jackson had made us amiable acquaintances. That’s what a good film does, it draws you in to a new world, makes you feel and then spits you back out with little pieces of it still attached to your mind. Keep that in mind: I
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Syfy and Space Seek 'Sanctuary' on October 9

Canada's Space Channel has officially announced the date that it will open the doors of Sanctuary, the Vancouver-shot supernatural/sci-fi series starring Amanada Tapping (Stargate Sg-1, Stargate Atlantis). The second season will premiere on Friday, October 9 at 9 pm Et. That is the same day that Season 2 begins on Syfy in the United States (at 10/9C).

The Space Channel picked up Sanctuary in Canada after the first season was broadcast  on The Movie Network. In an interview that did with Martin Wood, the co-writer, executive producer and director on the series praised Tmn for its help in facilitating the show's leap from a series of Webisodes to television. Space has now taken on Season Two as part of its policy of supporting Canadian fantasy productions. In addition to airing episodes, the CTV-owned channel will also make them available on its website.

Sanctuary follows the adventures of scientist Dr. Helen
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Beware Visitors Bearing Gifts: In the Press Room with "V" Executive Producers Scott Peters and Jace Hall

Wondering just what to expect from the revival of V? I caught up with creator/executive producer Scott Peters--who also created USA's much-missed sci-fi series The 4400--and executive producer Jace Hall in the press room for V last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. As for when we can expect to see V hit the small screen (it was originally announced by ABC as a midseason series), Peters had a bit of news that will come as a pleasant surprise for fans eagerly awaiting the launch. "We're told November," said Peters. "We haven't gotten an exact date yet but what's great for us is that it was originally announced at Upfronts as a January show. I think we're pretty excited by the response that people are giving to it and, for whatever reason, they are pulled it up a few months and made us nervous for a second because,
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"Sanctuary" interview with Amanda Tapping

We conference with Amanda Tapping, star of Sci Fi channel's "Sanctuary" which has its premiere this Friday, October 3rd at 9/8C! Tapping talks about how "Sanctuary" came about, moving from the Sam character in the "Stargate Sg-1" series, what's exciting about the storyline to her her and if she's pleased with the first season and more. Also in the cast are Robin Dunne, Emilie Eullerup, Chtistopher Heyerdahl and Ryan Robbins. Read the whole interview! What's the show about? Sanctuary blazes a trail across the TV landscape with never-before-seen production technology. Starring Amanda Tapping, best known to fans as the brilliant Col. Samantha Carter on Stargate Sg-1, Sanctuary is the first series to shoot extensively on green screen, using virtual sets and extraordinary visual effects. Sanctuary follows the adventures of the beautiful, enigmatic and always surprising Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping), a brilliant scientist who holds the secrets of a clandestine population
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