The Apprentice: 21 things that happen in every single episode

The Apprentice is back this week and we are so ready for a new batch of entrepreneurs spouting nonsense and selling rubbish. Now that this is the 11th series, though, we've spotted a few things that seem to keep happening:

1. A candidate says: "That was myself, Lord Sugar"

The Word Is 'Me'.

2. Narrator Mark Halliley finishes a long and winding sentence with a candidate's name

"Searching for fishfingers and goggles in a backstreet in London with time running out, project manager... Derek."

3. There's a helicopter shot of the city

And the Shard still doesn't look finished.

4. Karren Brady complains about the candidates wasting a lot of time

She'll be bringing that up in the Boardroom.

5. Lord Sugar says "resoomay"

(Hoping and praying he doesn't ever say "CV".)

6. The candidates talk into the bottom of their phones

"Don't hold it that way!" as the late, great Steve Jobs once said.

7. Lord Sugar
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