The Orchard End Murder (1981) – The DVD Review

Review by Roger Carpenter

So here is a rather unique little film. Put together as a short second feature for the monstrous 1981 hit Dead and Buried, The Orchard End Murder runs right at 50 minutes and, while greatly fictionalized, was based on an actual murder.

The story centers on a young woman, Pauline Cox (Tracy Hyde), who wanders off from her boyfriend’s cricket match to explore an apple orchard. She makes her way through the orchard into the yard of the railway gatekeeper who invites her in for tea. As she is enjoying the break from the heat, a huge mountain of a man—who happens to have a mind as small as his muscles are large—walks in. He works in the orchard and does odd jobs for the gatekeeper, himself a bit of a pariah because of his hunched back. As the tea break becomes more and more
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