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Interviews (5)

Starlog (US) October 2008, Iss. 369, pg. 70-73, by: Pat Jankiewicz, "Incredible Experience"
Starlog (US) March 1991, Iss. 164, by: Edward Gross, "The Alien Nation That Might Have Been"
Starlog (US) January 1990, Iss. 150, by: Edward Gross, "American Dream, Alien Dreamers"
Starlog (US) September 1988, Vol. 12, Iss. 134, pg. 10-13,+58, by: Peter Bloch-Hansen, "Kenneth Johnson: Man Behind the Machine"
Starlog (US) March 1986, Vol. 9, Iss. 104, pg. 52-54, by: Edward Gross, "Kenneth Johnson - 'V': What Could Have Been"

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