Symphony of the Soil Opens in L.A. Nov. 8

Filmed across four continents the film explores the importance and unknown facts about soil as leading soil scientists, farmers, and activist share their knowledge to provide a broad picture of the issues surrounding the precious resource beneath our feet.

Deborah Koons Garcia’s film focuses on soil as a miraculous and transformative substance, which, with the right care and research, could help solve some of humanity's biggest environmental concerns including climate change, dead zones, water scarcity and world hunger.

Deborah Koons Garcia’s award-winning documentary Symphony of the Soil will be released theatrically in Los Angeles by Lily Films on November 8th at the Laemmle Music Hall.

The filmmaker also points to the indifference shown towards the subject, and how it is a resource often taken for granted and ignored. She combines these serious concerns with a skillful mix of art and science in which soil is revealed to be a living organism, and the foundation of life on earth.

Symphony of the Soil premiered at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital in 2012. This powerful film received an award from The Life Sciences Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic, the Merit Award for Scientific Information from the Montana Cine International Film Festival, and the Cinema Verde Film Festival Food Award. In January 2013, Deborah Koons Garcia received the John de Graaf Environmental Filmmaking Award at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

Best known for the documentary The Future of Food, on genetically engineered crops and the corporate control of food, the documentarian continues to create films that tackle pressing issues that affect human's relationship with the environment and that will define the survival of future generations.

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Symphony of the Soil is an Educational Endurance Test with Familiar Takeaways

How many dirt metaphors can a viewer endure? The answer, unfortunately, is about 45 minutes' worth. Symphony of the Soil is a feature-length documentary that concerns itself with such universalities as ecosystem sustainability, food production, and environmental conservation, all through the study of soil and its precipitous decay. From the food we eat to the ground we walk on, soil makes it happen. The economic theory of diminishing returns extends to factual retention, and is of particular consideration when it comes to academically inclined environmental documentaries. Despite director Deborah Koons Garcia's mighty effort to create a stimulating and visually engaging product, Symphony plays mostly like a taped lecture. It's a hard sell from the outset, a...
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Free Documentary of the Week: 'The Future of Food'

Film examines agricultural revolution transforming what's for dinner.

The advent of the agricultural corporation has dramatically changed the food industry and resulted in the near-extinction of one of America's most time-honored ways of living: farming. "Agri-businesses" aren't far from owning copyrights on specific crops; meaning growing certain types of tomatoes would be no different than manufacturing iPods.

'The Future of Food', directed by Deborah Koons Garcia (widow of legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia), gives an eye-opening look at the revolution that's responsible for the genetically modified vegetables and grains that fill store shelves, and how science is quietly changing the food we consume.

Filmed on location across the farms of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., 'The Future of Food' is a call to awareness for consumers unaware about what they are really eating. Watch the film in full, or snag it onto your own site, from

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