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49ers Honoring Joe Montana and Dwight Clark with 'The Catch' Statue

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The 49ers are paying tribute to the guys behind the most famous play in the team's history -- erecting a 2-piece "The Catch" statue at Levi's Stadium featuring Joe Montana and Dwight Clark.  Clark died in June at the age of 61 after his battle with Als -- and it seems the 49ers are pushing the plans forward to honor him as quickly as possible. The team is also wearing #87 stickers on their helmets this year.
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E-40: I Love Jimmy Garoppolo, Next Great 49ers Qb!

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[[tmz:video id="0_u7jaz84s"]] Is Jimmy Garoppolo gonna be the next big thing for the 49ers? Yup. Like, as big as Joe Montana or Steve Young?? Yup. That's E-40 -- a Huge 49ers fan -- weighing in on the hottest Qb in football ... after Garoppolo crushed it in his first 3 starts for Sf. We got the Bay Area rap legend out at Kendrick Lamar's charity concert in L.A. ... and while he didn't say too much, it was
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10 Best Super Bowls Of All Time

The Super Bowl is the biggest game in American Football and one of the biggest annual sporting events in the world. However often a person watches American football, they all have their own favourite Super Bowl or that moment that they will always remember.

For anyone unaware of how the Super Bowl works or why there are often two different teams in the game each year it is pretty simple.

The NFL is divided into the Afc and the Nfc and each year the champions of each division meet in a one off game called the Super Bowl. February 2nd 2013 will be Super Bowl Xlviii (48) where Afc Champions the Denver Broncos will take on the Nfc Champions the Seattle Seahawks at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey.

Of the previous 47 Super Bowls there have been some high and low scoring matches, some incredible moments, some upsets and some blow outs
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The After Dark Film Festival Adds Todor Chapkanov's Asylum to Its Lineup: First Trailer

The After Dark Film Festival will host eight new indie horror features this year. After Dark has already announced that Paul Soter's Dark Circles and the Irish themed Red Clover will participate. Also taking part is Todor Chapkanov's Asylum. This looks like a bloody title involving the supernatural, spirituality and a whole institution run amok. The story is simple. When a troupe of soldiers are sent in a la Aliens, they find the fight of their lives. The first trailer for Asylum is available. In the clip, a small army group must face hundreds of escaped patients. Even the staff seems infected with a powerful and seductive force. Have a look at the clip inside, with the launch of After Dark 2 coming soon. Director: Todor Chapkanov. Cast: Jason Wong, Stephen Rea, Bruce Payne, Caroline Ford, Hristo Shopov, Steve Toussaint, Valentin Ganev, and Joe Montana. The first trailer for
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[TV] The Simpsons: The Complete Twentieth Season

Mike Scully, The Simpsons’ show runner from seasons nine through twelve, said something in 2007 that has made me regret the show’s consistent decline in quality even more.

“Lower your quality standards. Once you’ve done that you can go on forever.”

That became the formula for propelling The Simpsons through countless seasons that many devoted fans might say should never have happened. So, here we are at season twenty. If you’ve been avidly tracking Simpsons season releases you’ll know this one was releases out of order, as the next should have been season 13. So what gives? The twentieth anniversary. Did you watch the Morgan Spurlock-led special? Good, because it’s not on this set. No, my dear readers, what we have here is a set supposedly released to celebrate the event plastered on its cover, but which fails to do so with any material on the actual discs.
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Guest voices announced for new season of The Simpsons

What do Sarah Silverman, Jackie Mason, Bob Costas, and the late Eartha Kitt have in common?

They are all going to be guest voices on the upcoming season of The Simpsons.

In the season premiere episode, comedian Seth Rogen will be the voice of a celebrity fitness trainer with the difficult task of trying to get Homer Simpson into shape. Rogen is also a co-writer for that episode.

Speaking of difficult tasks, it can't be easy being Bart Simpson's new girlfriend. The talented Sarah Silverman will be voicing that role.

Jackie Mason will be returning as the voice of Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, the father of Krusty the Clown. Mason won an Emmy for this role in 1992. Krusty, meanwhile, will fall in love with an actress on his show, voiced by Anne Hathaway.

Jonah Hill will be playing a prankster, and Neve Campbell, a Wiccan. Other guest voices include Angela Bassett,
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