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  • (1948 - 1977) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1948) Stage Play: Skipper Next to God. Written by Jan De Hartog. Chants and cantoral selections by Abe Newborn. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Maxine Elliott's Theatre (moved to The Playhouse Theatre from 30 Jan 1948- close): 4 Jan 1948- 27 Mar 1948 (93 performances). Cast: John Garfield (as "Joris Kuiper, Captain"), Wallace Acton (as "South American Consul"), Joseph Anthony (as "Richters, Ship's Doctor"), Florence Anglin (as "Passenger"), Wolfe Barzell (as "Rabbi"), John Becher (as "Meyer, Mate"), Joe Bernard (as "Passenger"), Nola Chilton (as "Passenger"), Richard Coogan (as "American Naval Officer"), Carmen Costi (as "Officer of South American Military Police"), Allan Frank (as "Passenger"), Frances Gaar (as "Passenger"), Jabez Gray (as "Bruinsma, Captain of the Amsterdam"), Ruth K. Hill (as "Passenger"), Harry Irvine (as "The Clergyman"), Peter Kass (as "Second Jew"), Bill Lazarus (as "Passenger"), Michael Lewin (as "First Jew"), John Marley (as "Passenger"), Simon Oakland [credited as Si Oakland] (a Willemse, Ship's Doctor of the Amsterdam") [Broadway debut], Edwin Ross (as "Passenger"), John Shellie (as "Chief Davelaar, 1st Engineer"), Robert White (as "Henky, Messroom Boy"), Paul Wilson (as "Passenger"). Replacement actors: Robert Brown (as "Passenger"), Harry Hess (as "The Clergyman"), Eugene Stuckmann (as "Dutch Naval Officer"). Produced by Blevins Davis and The Experimental Theatre Inc.
  • (1948) Stage Play: Light Up the Sky. Comedy.
  • (1949) Stage Play: Caesar and Cleopatra. Comedy (revival).
  • (1952) Stage Play: The Shrike. Drama. Written by Joseph A. Kramm. Scenic Design by Howard Bay. Lighting Design by Howard Bay. Costume Design by Edith Lutyens. Directed by Joseph A. Kramm. Cort Theatre: 15 Jan 1952- 31 May 1952 (161 performances). Cast: Judith Evelyn (as "Ann Downs"), José Ferrer (as "Jim Downs"), Somar Alberg (as "Dr. Schlesinger"), James Hawthorne Bay (as "Perkins"), Mary Bell (as "Miss Wingate"), Isabel Bonner (as "Dr. Barrow"), William Bush (as "Grossberg"), Kendall Clark (as "Dr. Bellman"), Joe Comadore (as "Joe Major"), Vincent Donahue (as "Patient"), Jeanette Dowling (as "Miss Hansen"), Stephen Elliott (as "Dr. Kramer"), Billy M. Greene (as "William Schloss"), Phyllis Hill (as "Miss Cardell"), Philip Huston (as "Don Gregory"), Arthur Jarrett (as "Tom Blair"), Will Kuluva (as "John Ankoritis"), Will Lee (as "Sam Tager"), Martin Newman (as "George O'Brien"), Edward Platt (as "Harry Downs"), Tom Reynolds (as "Fleming"), Leigh Whipper (as "Frank Carlisle"). Replacement actors during run: Mary Fletcher (as "Miss Hansen"), Simon Oakland, Eugenia Rawls, Mary Jane Shea (as "Miss Cardell"). Produced by José Ferrer. Produced in association with Milton Baron. Note: Produced on film by Universal-International as The Shrike (1955).
  • (1955) Stage Play: Inherit the Wind. Drama.
  • (1956) Stage Play: The Great Sebastians [A Melodramatic Comedy]. Melodrama/comedy. Written by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey. Assistant Director: James Adams. Directed by Bretaigne Windust. Cast: Lynn Fontanne (as "Essie Sebastian"), Alfred Lunt (as "Rudi Sebastian"), Ben Astar (as "General Otokar Zandek"), Martin Brandt (as "Second Security Policeman"), Michael Egan (as "Second Soldier"), Doris Fesette (as "Marie Balzar"), Anne Francine (as "Colonel Bradacova"), Susan Frank (as "Manya"), Arny Freeman (as "Josef"), Grant Gordon (as "Novotny"), Peter Gumeny (as "First Soldier"), Ted Gunther (as "Corporal"), Ben Hammer (as "Pavlat"), Joseph Holland (as "Bacilek"), Sheppard Kerman (as "Third Soldier"), Edward Moor (as "Dr. Balzar"), Peg Murray (as "Vlasta Habova"), Simon Oakland (as "Sergeant Javorsky"), Burns Oliver (as "First Security Policeman"), Eugenia Rawls (as "Sophie Cerny"), José Ruben (as "Karel Cerny") [final Broadway credit]. Replacement actor: Sy Travers (as "First Security Policeman"). Produced by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.
  • (1963) Stage Play: Have I Got a Girl for You! Comedy.
  • (1969) Stage Play: Angela. Comedy. Written by Sumner Arthur Long. Scenic Design by Robert Randolph. Directed by Jack Ragotzy. Music Box Theatre: 30 Oct 1969- 1 Nov 1969 (4 performances + 4 previews). Cast: Geraldine Page (as "Angela Palmer"), Simon Oakland (as "Brian Palmer"), Tom Ligon (as "Jeff Dolan"), Angelo Mango (as "T.V. Repairman"), Michaele Myers (as "Alice"), Judith Searle (as "The Women") [final Broadway role]. Standby: Dale Helward (as "Jeff Dolan"). Understudies: Howard Fischer (as "Brian Palmer/T.V. Repairman"), Michaele Myers (as "Angela Palmer") and Judith Searle (as "Alice"). Produced by Elliot Martin Productions and Michael Ellis. Associate Producer: Samuel Bronstein.
  • (1971) Stage Play: Twigs [Production was composed of the following shows: Emily, Celia, Dorothy, Ma]. Emily: Written by George Furth. Incidental music by Stephen Sondheim. Celia: Written by George Furth. Incidental music by Stephen Sondheim. Dorothy: Written by George Furth. Incidental music by Stephen Sondheim. Ma: Written by George Furth. Incidental music by Stephen Sondheim. Directed by Michael Bennett. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Plymouth Theatre from 5 Jan 1972- close): 14 Nov 1971- 23 Jul 1972 (289 performances + 7 previews that began on 9 Nov 1971). Shows/Cast: Emily: Sada Thompson (as "Emily"), Nicolas Coster. Celia: Sada Thompson (as "Celia"), Conrad Bain (as "Swede"), Simon Oakland (as "Phil"), Sada Thompson (as "Dorothy"), Larry Haines (as "Lou"), Walter Klavun. Ma: Sada Thompson (as "Ma"), MacIntyre Dixon (as "Priest"), Robert Donley (as "Pa"). Standbys: Bobo Lewis (as "Ma") and Jon Richards (as "Pa"). Understudy: Ned Farster (as "Priest"). Produced by Frederick Brisson. Produced in association with Plum Productions Inc.
  • (1977) Stage Play: The Shadow Box. Drama. Written by Michael Cristofer. Directed by Gordon Davidson. Morosco Theatre: 31 Mar 1977- 31 Dec 1977 (315 performances + 5 previews that began on 26 Mar 1977). Cast: Joyce Ebert (as "Maggie"), Patricia Elliott (as "Beverly"), Geraldine Fitzgerald (as "Felicity"), Rose Gregorio (as "Agnes"), Laurence Luckinbill (as "Brian"), Simon Oakland (as "Joe") [final Broadway role], Mandy Patinkin (as "Mark"), Josef Sommer (as "The Interviewer"), Vincent Stewart (as "Steve"). Replacement actors: Mary Carver (as "Felicity") [from 30 Apr 1977- ?], Timothy Crowe (as "The Interviewer"), Gwyda DonHowe (as "Beverly") [from Aug 1977- ?], Thomas Hill (as "Joe"), Clifton James (as "Joe") [from 23 May 1977- ?], Stephen Keep (as "The Interviewer"), David Rasche (as "Mark"), Sloane Shelton (as "Maggie"), Josef Sommer (as "Brian") [from Aug 1977- ?], Georgia Southcotte (as "Felicity"), Dai Stockton (as "Steve"). Standbys: Victor Garber (as "Mark"), Stephen Keep (as "Brian"), Richard Kuss (as "Joe/The Interviewer"), Pamela Lincoln (as "Agnes/Beverly"), Sloane Shelton (as "Felicity"), Georgia Southcotte (as "Maggie"), Dai Stockton (as "Steve"), Claudette Sutherland (as "Agnes/Beverly"). Produced by Lester Osterman, Ken Marsolais, Allan Francis and Leonard Soloway. Associate Producer: Philip Getter and Bernard Stuchin.

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