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  • Appeared in numerous theater productions both in New York and in regional theater. She appeared in several Broadway productions receiving three Tony Award nominations as Best Leading Actress in a Play: Sweet Bird of Youth (1960), Agnes of God (1982) and Blithe Spirit (1987)
  • Early in her career, she worked on several radio shows. First as a character actress on such shows as "Escape" and later a guest star on such shows as "Suspense" and "Theatre Guild on the Air."
  • Absurd Person Singular (1974). Comedy. Written by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Eric Thompson. Music Box Theatre: 8 Oct 1974- 6 Mar 1976 (591 performances + 7 previews that began on 1 Oct 1974). Cast: Larry Blyden (as "Sidney") [died during production run; replaced by Paul Shyre], Sandy Dennis (as "Eva"), Richard Kiley (as "Ronald"), Geraldine Page (as "Marion"), Tony Roberts (as "Geoffrey "), Carole Shelley (as "Jane"). Standbys: Wayne Carson (as "Geoffrey/Ronald/Sidney"), Marilyn Clark (as "Eva/Jane/Marion"). Replacement actors during production run: Marilyn Clark (as "Jane") [from 4 Aug 1975- ?], Curt Dawson (as "Geoffrey") [from 12 May 1975- ?], Dalton Dearborn (as "Ronald") [from 4 Aug 1975- ?] (as "Sidney") [from 24 Oct 1975- ?], Carol Lynley (as "Eva") [from 26 Jun 1975- ?], Sheila MacRae (as "Marion") [from 25 Aug 1975- ?], Paul Shyre (as "Sidney") [from 19 May 1975- ?], Betsy von Furstenberg (as "Eva") [from 12 Jan 1976- ?], Fritz Weaver (as "Ronald") [from 10 Mar 1975- ?]. Standbys: Dalton Dearborn (as "Ronald"), Martha Randall (as "Marion"), Naomi Riordan (as "Eva/Jane"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Philip Langner and Armina Marshall) and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Produced in association with Michael Codron. Note: Music Box Theatre owned and operated by Irving Berlin [who had no direct involvement in this production] and Select Theatres Corporation.
  • The Immoralist (1954). Drama. Written by Augustus Goetz and Ruth Goetz. Based on the novel by Andre Gide. Scenic Design by George Jenkins. Costume Design by Motley. Lighting Design by Abe Feder. Directed by Daniel Mann. Royale Theatre: 8 Feb 1954- 1 May 1954 (96 performances + 8 previews). Cast: Louis Jourdan (as "Michel"), Geraldine Page (as "Marcelline"), Charles Dingle, James Dean (as "Bachir"), Bill Gunn, John Heldabrand, Paul Huber (as "Dr. Garrin"), Adelaide Klein. David J. Stewart. Produced by Billy Rose.
  • (1956) She acted in N. Richard Nash's play, "The Rainmaker," at the St. Martin's Theatre in London, England with Wilfred Lawson and Sam Wanamaker in the cast. Sam Wanamaker and Minster were director.
  • (1959) Stage Play: Sweet Bird of Youth. Drama. Written by Tennessee Williams. Incidental music by Paul Bowles. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Anna Hill Johnstone. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costumes for Miss Page created by Theoni Vachlioti Aldredge. Assistant Scenic Design: Hugh Hardy. Associate Designer to Mr. Mielziner: John Harvey. Directed by Elia Kazan. Martin Beck Theatre: 10 Mar 1959- 30 Jan 1960 (375 performances). Cast: Sidney Blackmer (as "Boss Finley"), Paul Newman (as "Chance Wayne"), Geraldine Page (as "Princess Kosmonopolis"), Martine Bartlett, Kenneth Blake, Hilda Brawner, Bruce Dern (as "Stuff"), Duke Farley, Ron Harper, Diana Hyland (as "Heavenly Finney"), James Jeter, Monica May, Charles McDaniel, John Napier, Logan Ramsey, Patricia Ripley, Madeleine Sherwood, Glenn Stensel, Earl Sydnor, Rip Torn (as "Tom Junior"), Charles Tyner, Milton J. Williams. Replacement actors: Jack Betts (as "Page"), Norman Burton (as "Bud"), Duke Farley (as "Hatcher"), John Karlen (as "Tom Junior"), Kip McArdle (as "Miss Lucy"), Anne Ramsey (as "Maid"), Robert Readick (as "Tom Junior"), Hack Rightor (as "Scotty"), Patricia Sales (as "Violet/Maid"), Glenn Stensel (as "Stuff"), Rip Torn (as "Chance Wayne"). Produced by Cheryl Crawford. Note: Nominated for Tony Award (Best Direction + 2 others; no wins).
  • (1982) Stage Play: Agnes of God. Drama. Written by John Pielmeier [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design by Eugene Lee. Costume Design by Carrie Robbins. Lighting Design by Roger Morgan. Hair Design by Lyn Quiyou. Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. Music Box Theatre: 30 Mar 1982- 4 Sep 1983 (599 performances + 12 previews that began on 19 Mar 1982). Cast: Elizabeth Ashley' (as "Doctor Martha Livingstone"), Geraldine Page (as "Mother Miriam Ruth"), Amanda Plummer (as "Agnes"). Understudies: Sally Klein (as "Agnes"), Susan Riskin (as "Doctor Martha Livingstone/Mother Miriam Ruth"). Replacement cast: Diahann Carroll (as "Doctor Martha Livingstone"), Mia Dillon (as "Agnes"), Carrie Fisher (as "Agnes"), Lily Knight (as "Agnes"), Maryann Plunkett (as "Agnes"). Produced by Kenneth Waissman, Lou Kramer and Paramount Theatre Productions. Note: Filmed as Agnes of God (1985).
  • (1964) Stage Play: The Three Sisters. Drama (revival). Written by Anton Chekhov. New English version by Randall Jarrell. Directed by Lee Strasberg [final Broadway credit]. Morosco Theatre: 22 Jun 1964- 3 Oct 1964 (119 performances + 14 previews that began on 8 Jun 1964). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Chebutykin, Army doctor"), Barbara Baxley (as "Natalya Ivanovna, Andrei's fiancée/wife"), William Burns (as "Carnival person"), Tamara Daykarhanova (as "Anfisa, the nanny"), John Harkins (as "Fedotik, Second Lieutenant"), Marcia Haufrecht (as "Carnival person"), Gerald Hiken (as "Andrei Prozorov"), Sandra Kaufman (as "Carnival person"), Shirley Knight (as "Irina, Andrei's sister"), Robert Loggia (as "Solyony, Captain") [Broadway debut], Salem Ludwig (as "Ferapont, Courier for the City Council"), 'Janice Mars' (as "Maid/Musician"), 'Kevin McCarthy' (as "Vershinin, Lt. Colonel, Battery Commander"), Brooks Morton (as "Adjutant/Carnival person/Musician"), James Olson (as "Baron Tuzenbach, Lieutenant"), Geraldine Page (as "Olga, Andrei's sister"), David Paulsen (as "Rode, Second Lieutenant")[Broadway debut], Albert Paulson (as "Kulygin, Masha's husband"), Delos V. Smith Jr. (as "Carnival person"), Kim Stanley (as "Masha, Andrei's sister"), James Tolkan (as "Carnival person"), Nadyne Turney Carnival person"). Understudies: Janice Mars (as "Anfisa"), Joan Potter (as "Masha"), Delos V. Smith Jr. (as "Ferapont"), James Tolkan (as "Solyony") and Nadyne Turney (as "Maid"). Replacement cast during run: Peggy Feury (as "Olga, Andrei's sister"), Janice Mars (as "Anfisa, the nanny"), Geraldine Page (as "Masha, Andrei's sister"), Nadyne Turney (as "Maid"), Michael Wager (as "Andrei Prozorov"). Understudy: Nadyne Turney (as "Anfisa"). Produced by The Actors Studio (Lee Strasberg: Artistic Director. Cheryl Crawford: Executive Producer. Roger L. Stevens: General Administrator).
  • (January 12, 1983) Guest on "Tom Cottle: Up Close".
  • (1969) Stage Play: Angela. Comedy. Written by Sumner Arthur Long[final Broadway credit]. Scenic Design by Robert Randolph. Directed by Jack Ragotzy. Music Box Theatre: 30 Oct 1969- 1 Nov 1969 (4 performances + 4 previews). Cast: Geraldine Page (as "Angela Palmer"), Simon Oakland (as "Brian Palmer"), Tom Ligon (as "Jeff Dolan"), Angelo Mango (as "T.V. Repairman"), Michaele Myers (as "Alice"), Judith Searle (as "The Women") [final Broadway role]. Standby: Dale Helward (as "Jeff Dolan"). Understudies: Howard Fischer (as "Brian Palmer/T.V. Repairman"), Michaele Myers (as "Angela Palmer") and Judith Searle (as "Alice"). Produced by Elliot Martin Productions and Michael Ellis. Associate Producer: Samuel Bronstein.
  • (1979) She acted in James Prideaux's play, "Slightly Delayed," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Anne Jackson and Kevin McCarthy in the cast.
  • (1984) She acted in John Pielmeier's play, "Agnes of God," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Sandy Dennis in the cast.
  • (1968) She acted in Lillian Hellmans' play, "The Little Foxes," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Richard A. Dysart in the cast.
  • (March 28, 1955) She acted in N. Richard Nash's play, "The Rainmaker," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Darren McGavin, Joseph Sullivan, John Crawford, Bert Remsen, Ted Jacques, and Cameron Prud'Homme in the cast. Ralph Alswang was set designer. Bolasni was costume designer. Joseph Anthony was director. Ethel Linder Reiner was producer.
  • (December 2, 1957) She acted in Terrance Rattigan's play, "Separate Tables," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (April 8, 1968) She acted in Lillian Hellman's play, "The Little Foxes," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Betty Field in the cast.
  • (1958) She acted in Terrence Rattigan's play, "Separate Tables," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Basil Rathbone in the cast. John O'Shaughnessy was director.
  • (1978) She acted in Lillian Hellman's play, "The Little Foxes," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Sandy Dennis and Rip Torn in the cast. Philip Minor was director.
  • (July 1968) She acted in Lillian Hellman's play, "The Little Foxes," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Richard Dysart, Betty Field and John Beal in the cast.
  • (July 1979) She acted in James Prideaux's play, "Slightly Delayed," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Anne Jackson, Kevin McCarthy and Michael Higgins in the cast.

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