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Interviews (7)

Vancouver View Magazine (CA) January 1 2012, Vol. 10, Iss. 14, pg. 64, by: Paul Duchart, "VIP Opening Gala at Vancouver Fashion Week"
LEO Awards (CA) February 10 2009, by: Sonny Wong, "LEO Awards Nominee"
Tacoma News (US) August 23 2008, by: News tribune Staff, "Tacoma Film Festival Announces Winners"
Seattle Times (US) August 17 2008, by: Tom Keogh, "Film fest of local docs, shorts and features to take off"
The Weekly (US) July 10 2008, by: Brian Miller, "Inside the Fence"
The Olympian (US) June 16 2008, by: Molly Gilmore, "GPS, hunts for treasure"
Home Media Magazine Review (US) February 13 2008, by: John Latchem, "GPS The Movie"

Articles (15)

Vancouver View (CA) 2012, Vol. 10, Iss. 14, pg. 64, by: Paul Duchart, "Opening Gala at Vancouver Fashion Week"
The Daily (US) August 25 2010, by: By Dan Cypra, "Shark Out of Water Poker Movie Released"
Carbon Poker (US) November 25 2009, by: Comb Over-Under, "Poker Movie: Shark Out of Water - Review and Interview"
High Times (AU) November 17 2009, by: John Borro, "Shark Out Of Water Movie Released"
ESPN The Magazine (US) November 17 2009, by: Andrew Feldman, "Antonius wins largest pot in online poker history"
Poker Player (US) November 17 2009, by: CPR Poker, "Shark Out of Water: A Poker Film"
Centralia Chronicle (US) August 14 2008, by: Kevin Westrick, "Suspenseful Thriller"
LA Weekly (US) June 17 2008, by: Miriam Jacobson, "Fool For Love"
Sitting Duck (US) January 17 2008, by: Mathew Green, "South Sound Scorceses"
South Puget Sounds Weekly Volcano (US) June 12 2007, by: Jamie Forsythe, "Movie Positioning-gps not just for cars anymore"
Playback (CA) August 28 2006, by: Tamsen Tillson, "Starting an Indie Career"
Backstage West (US) November 29 2004, by: Rob Kendt, "The Wicked Stage"
The Ubyssey (CA) September 2003, Vol. 85, by: John Hua, "Queer as married folk"
Hollywood North (CA) 2002, by: John H. Foote, "Making It The Hard Way"
Playboard (CA) March 2001, Vol. 35, Iss. 10, pg. 8, by: Don Chambers, "Love has many faces..."

Pictorials (2)

The daily (US) August 25 2010, by: Dan Cypra, "Shark Out of Water Poker Movie Released"
Hollywood Weekly (US) 2004, by: Lili Ramirez, "Fool For Love-You're a Fool Not To See It"

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