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The Princess Switch: 10 Bts Things We Didn’t Know About The Holiday Movie

Hallmark better sleep with its eyes open because Netflix is creeping in with the Christmas cheer. In 2018, Netflix released an original holiday movie called The Princess Switch, starring High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens and Nashville standout Sam Palladio.

In this holiday-themed film, we see Hudgens star as two different people: apparent relatives who look exactly alike, Stacy DeNovo and Lady Margaret Delacourt. Stacy is a baker who heads to the fictional country of Belgravia for a Christmas baking competition. While she's there, she runs into Lady Margaret who is due to marry the Prince of Belgravia that winter. The two decide to switch places so Lady Margaret can get a sense of what life is like without the royal title. Well, Netflix hit this movie out of the park and had oodles of Easter eggs and fun Bts secrets fans would love to know.

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10 Best Vanessa Hudgens Movies

Ever since beginning her film career at the age of 14 (with a minor role in the Academy-Award-nominated teen drama Thirteen), Vanessa Hudgens has steadily become a very lucrative actress. Her first big role was starring in the hit D-com High School Musical, earning her a reputation as a talented actress.

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From there she was able to successfully land several bankable film roles, starring in an array of action films and crime thrillers, and more recently she's also appeared in a couple of well-received Netflix Christmas specials. But which of her many great films is her best? For us, of course, the only way to find out is with a list!
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A Sequel to The Knight Before Christmas Could Focus on This Supporting Character

  • Popsugar
Get ready, everyone: Netflix's The Knight Before Christmas might have a sequel on the way. The latest holiday rom-com from Netflix features Vanessa Hudgens as Brooke, a modern-day science teacher who meets Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse), a medieval knight who has been magically sent to the future. Of course, magic and romance ensue, and as it turns out, there are already ideas in motion for what could come in a sequel.

Director Monika Mitchell revealed her idea for a The Knight Before Christmas sequel to Glamour - and it's probably not quite what you'd think. While the natural progression for a sequel might see more of Cole's adaptation to the modern world, or perhaps cast Brooke back in time for a reversal of the original, Mitchell suggests that a different focus might be ahead:

"Of course I can see a sequel. I think Harry Jarvis is definitely involved because
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Indie Producers Face a TV Movie Squeeze, but Streamers Are Looking to Buy

  • Variety
When Hallmark Channel contacted American Cinema Intl. president Chevonne O’Shaughnessy about producing a movie set in the Amish community, she immediately sent an outline for one. Aci had already produced three Amish-themed movies for other outlets, so she figured she’d quickly be brought on board.

But O’Shaughnessy says Hallmark didn’t call her back. And she couldn’t figure out why — but then started watching the channel. After going on a Hallmark movie binge, “all of a sudden it hit me,” she says. “I didn’t have a dog. So I added a dog. And I got a call back. It was that simple.”

The TV movie business is a fickle one, even in this era of Peak TV and new streaming services. The independent producers behind made-for-tv films must navigate tiny budgets, narrow audiences with specific tastes, outlets that want to own those titles and just a
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Bad Boys for Life Poster Has Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Ready to Ride or Die

  • MovieWeb
Bad Boys for Life Poster Has Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Ready to Ride or Die
We have a brand new poster for Bad Boys for Life. Sony Pictures decided to drop this one-sheet as the release date for this one is creeping up fast. It's been more than 16 years since we last saw Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on screen together as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. They're finally reuniting for one last action-packed ride and, as this poster states, they're ready to ride together and die together, if it comes to that.

The poster sees the duo standing together, guns in hand, with some palm trees in the background lit up firey red. Mike and Marcus look to be all business here, with very grim looks on their faces, much like we saw in the latest Bad Boys For Life trailer. The first poster also came with the same tagline, but was a little more minimalistic. This one has more going on, but it
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Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Whitehouse on Their Netflix Christmas Romance ‘The Knight Before Christmas’

The Netflix holiday romance movie The Knight Before Christmas, follows Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens), a science teacher who’s been disillusioned by love until she suddenly crosses paths with medieval knight Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse), transported to present-day Ohio by a magical sorceress. In the spirit of the holiday season, Brooke helps Sir Cole navigate the modern world, as he attempts to fulfill the mysterious mission of figuring out his one true quest, in order to return to his home and time period. And as Brooke and Sir Cole grow closer, they each inspire to other to wonder what it …
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Must See Movies of 2020

David Crow Don Kaye Dec 2, 2019

With 2020 right around the corner, we take an early preview of what's coming to theaters next year.

While many of the best movies of this year haven't been released yet, it's time to start looking forward to all the great movies we have to look forward to in 2020. There are bound to be some surprises, both pleasant and otherwise, with the movie releases of 2020, but for now, these are the upcoming films that should be on everyone's radar.

Video of Dolittle - Official Trailer Dolittle

January 17

Robert Downey Jr. is going to begin his Iron Man retirement by talking to animals. Utilizing that Marvel clout to greenlight an ambitious, big budget adaptation of Hugh Lofting’s Doctor Dolittle stories, Downey’s taking a gamble. That’s pretty impressive when one considers the Hollywood pedigree (and horror) of that title. Once upon a time, another movie
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Deadmau5 Premieres New Song ‘Coasted’

Deadmau5 Premieres New Song ‘Coasted’
Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, has been touring with a new live show, Cube V3, this past year. On Thursday, the electronic dance producer shared one of his new songs from the show, “Coasted,” following the released of “Satrn” earlier this month.

Cube V3 is a continuation of Deadmau5’s Cube live series, which debuted at Coachella in April 2010 and helped launch the producer into fame. This iteration of the show — which debuted this past March and features a central cube that can rotate 360 degrees — will continue touring North America into
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How ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ Fits Into Netflix’s ‘Interconnected’ Holiday Movie Universe

  • The Wrap
(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Netflix’s “The Knight Before Christmas.”)

Netflix launched its latest original Christmas movie, “The Knight Before Christmas” on Thursday, one of six it has set to roll out this holiday season. This film, starring Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse, is connected to those others — and the streaming services season flicks from previous years — with little shout-outs.

Eagle-eyed viewers probably noticed that Sir Cole (Whitehouse) is seen watching “Holiday in the Wild” — one of Netflix’s 2019 offerings, starring Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe — and Brooke’s (Vanessa Hudgens) parents brought her a Christmas ornament from Aldovia — the fictional country where the “A Christmas Prince” franchise takes place — when she was a child.

Hudgens says these Easter eggs are what brings “The Knight Before Christmas” into the Netflix Holiday Movie Universe (we’re dubbing it the Nhwu right now).

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Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse talk Netflix & Knight Before Christmas!

  • JoBlo
While Thanksgiving is just around the corner, Netflix is bringing a few holiday treats to those looking for a little escape from all the real world insanity. One such fantastical romance tells the story of The Knight Before Christmas. This very merry feature introduces us to a medieval English knight who is transported into the modern world. The film stars the always delightful Vanessa Hudgens, the lovely Emmanuelle Chriqui and a charming leading man in the form of Josh…
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Alexandra Shipp, Vanessa Hudgens and Robin de Jesus join Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tick, tick… Boom! adaptation

After casting Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge) in the lead role last week, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Mary Poppins Returns) has just added three more to his directorial debut for Netflix, tick, tick… Boom!. Starring alongside Garfield in the musical adaptation will be Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Dark Phoenix), Vanessa Hudgens (The Princess Switch) and Robin de Jesus (Broadway’s The […]

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‘Klaus’ Film Review: Animated Santa Claus Origin Story Nails the Magic Better than the Comedy

  • The Wrap
If I’ve learned anything as a Christmas-movie historian, it’s that it’s very easy to get Santa Claus origin stories wrong. Lean too hard into the explanations, and you strip away the wonder. Focus too much on whether or not people should believe in Santa, and you paint yourself into a quasi-theological corner.

The animated “Klaus” — opening in theaters before its upcoming Netflix debut — skillfully avoids both of these traps, crafting a how-it-all-began saga with storybook visuals and genuine bursts of real feeling. It’s far more successful with holiday magic than it is with character-based comedy, but that’s not enough of a flaw to keep young audiences (and their parents) from potentially turning this feature into a cherished annual tradition.

Despite the title, “Klaus” isn’t based on the popular graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora — although with a postman and a schoolteacher among its principal characters,
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Olivia Wilde, Kevin Bacon, Jillian Bell, Vanessa Hudgens Among the Napa Valley Film Festival Honorees

  • Variety
Olivia Wilde, Kevin Bacon, Jillian Bell, Vanessa Hudgens Among the Napa Valley Film Festival Honorees
The ninth annual Napa Valley Film Festival’s tribute program kicks off Nov. 14 at the Lincoln Theater in Yountville with on-stage conversations with each honoree. Versatile veteran actor Kevin Bacon (“City on a Hill”) will receive the Charles Krug Legendary Actor honor, while actor Jillian Bell (“Brittany Runs a Marathon”) will be on hand to receive the Spotlight Award and actor and musician Vanessa Hudgens will be honored with the Blackbird Vineyards Visionary award.

On Nov. 15, actor and filmmaker Olivia Wilde will be on-hand for a conversation after she receives the Raymond Vineyards Trailblazer Award.

Rising stars will feted Nov. 16 at the third annual Rising Star Showcase presented by Materra | Cunat Family Vineyards as Kelsey Asbille, Dean-Charles Chapman, Jacob Elordi (“Euphoria”), Kelvin Harrison Jr., Liana Liberato and Mena Massoud.
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Napa Valley Film Festival Uncorks New Leadership, Rising Stars

  • Variety
Nestled in the rolling vineyards and Instagram-worthy towns, the Napa Valley Film Festival kicks off its ninth edition with a new leader, and a renewed mandate to build on its success. Nvff runs Nov. 13-17 in Napa, Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga.

Entertainment industry veteran Tom Tardio took over as CEO in July, and reports to the Cinema Napa Valley board of directors, which also expanded its ranks over the summer.

But that doesn’t mean the festival, which has cultivated deep roots in the local community, is going too corporate.

“We have over 400 volunteers in the community that work all of the venues,” says Tardio. “Whole Foods supports the volunteers. That to me is a small town coming together for a five-day festival. That to me is unique.”

A potent mix of wine, food and film, Nvff programs a competition section — chosen from about 1,000 entries — and also plays host to awards season hopefuls.
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Netflix Movies Are the New Made-for-tv Movies — but Don’t Call Them Schlock

  • Indiewire
At the inaugural Afm Television Conference, Motion Picture Corporation of America chairman and CEO Brad Krevoy had good news for the audience attending the November 11 panel Made-for-tv Movies: Expanding Opportunities for Independent Filmmakers. “The next five years are going to be boom times,” said the producer of more than 150 films ranging from “Dumb and Dumber” to Netflix’s “The Knight Before Christmas.”

It’s a hopeful message, if an unfamiliar one: The American Film Market has long faced decline in the face of a disintegrating DVD market. However, Krevoy is now an integral part of Netflix’s romcom frenzy with titles like like “A Christmas Prince.” The third installment of the franchise drops on the platform next month.

Tony Vassiliadis, COO of MarVista Entertainment, said he is eyeing the moment when Netflix’s Disney and Fox licenses expire. By his estimate, that accounts for 10 percent of the Netflix library, and
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Watch Vanessa Hudgens Perform HSM's "Breaking Free" During "Sober" Karaoke

Watch Vanessa Hudgens Perform HSM's
She's still a Wildcat at heart! Vanessa Hudgens revisited High School Musical, the 2006 Disney Channel film that made her famous, by singing its hit "Breaking Free" during a karaoke night over the weekend. The 30-year-old actress posted a video of her "totally sober" performance on Instagram on Sunday. "Um. Here's a really bad, aggressive, and totally sober [laughing emoji] [embarrassed face emoji] [praying emoji] version of breaking free," she wrote. "Yep. That happened lol it hurts my ears but also makes me laugh lol...the 'ooo yeah.' Dear lord lol." In less than an hour after Hudgens posted the video on Instagram, almost half a million people liked...
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Movie Trailers This Week: 'The Invisible Man,' 'The Banker,' 'Soul'

Movie Trailers This Week: 'The Invisible Man,' 'The Banker,' 'Soul'
Elisabeth Moss stars in The Invisible Man from director Leigh Whannell. The film's debut trailer premiered this week along withThe Banker, directed by George Nolf and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Nia Long and Nicholas Hoult.

The first trailer for Wendy debuted, directed by Benh Zeitlin and starring Shay Walker, Tommie Lynn Milazzo and Stephanie Lynn Wilson. Pixar's Soul released a teaser and features vocal talents from Tina Fey and Jamie Foxx.

A new trailer for Bad Boys for Life debuted this week. The film stars Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Vanessa Hudgens.

Watch all the latest trailers below.
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Vanessa Hudgens Falls For a Time Traveler in Netflix's The Knight Before Christmas Trailer

  • Popsugar
It's not Christmas quite yet, but nevertheless, Netflix has decided to give us all a gift: the trailer for the streaming giant's upcoming rom-com starring Vanessa Hudgens, The Knight Before Christmas.

Although we'd already gotten a sneak peek at plenty of festive photos from the holiday film, the new footage gives us a better idea of what to expect. The film, as you can probably assume from the title, indeed involves a medieval knight named Sir Cole (Poldark's Josh Whitehouse) who is sent by a sorceress to present day and meets a jaded science teacher, Brooke (Hudgens), who's all but given up on love.

Brooke agrees to help the confused and overwhelmed Cole navigate the ups and downs of the modern age - Will he learn how to drive? Become obsessed with Love Island? - and try to figure out how they can send him back home. But, as luck would have it,
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25 High School Musical Secrets Revealed That Will Make You Want to Do Jazz Squares

It's the start of something new... Are you ready to meet a new generation of East High Wildcats? Disney is betting on it, with the the iconic franchise making its highly anticipated return in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which officially launches on Nov. 12 on Disney+, Disney's new streaming service.  But this isn't your millennial's version of HSM, which launched the careers of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, and shattered ratings records for Disney Channel, no, it's a fresh take, with a bunch of tongue-in-cheek references, modern updates and original songs as a new crop of characters at East High, where HSM was filmed, decide to do High School Musical as their...
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