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Today in Soap Opera History (December 26)

1986: In the series finale of Search for Tomorrow, Stu asked, "What is it, Jo? What is it you're searching for?"

Jo's reply: "Tomorrow. And I can't wait.""History speaks to artists. It changes the artist's thinking and is constantly reshaping it into different and unexpected images."

Anselm Kiefer

"Today in Soap Opera History" is a collection of the most memorable, interesting and influential events in the history of scripted, serialized programs. From birthdays and anniversaries to scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...

1941: After being canceled by the network, NBC Radio aired what was intended to be the final episode of radio soap opera The Guiding Light. The network received 75,000 protest letters and the show returned 11 weeks later on March 16, 1942, running for four and a half more years on NBC Radio before being canceled again. CBS Radio
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Today in Soap Opera History (December 26)

1966: Sft's Joanne and Stu celebrated Christmas with family and

friends. 1986: In the final scene of Search for Tomorrow,

Stu asked, "What is it, Jo? What is it you're searching for?"

Jo's reply: "Tomorrow. And I can't wait.""History is a vast early warning system."

Norman Cousins

"Today in Soap Opera History" is a collection of the most memorable, interesting and influential events in the history of scripted, serialized programs. From birthdays and anniversaries to scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...

1941: After being canceled by the network, NBC Radio aired what was intended to be the final episode of radio soap opera The Guiding Light. The network received 75,000 protest letters and the show returned 11 weeks later on March 16, 1942, running for four and a half more years on NBC Radio before being canceled again. CBS Radio
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'Amazing Race' Winner -- My Government Name Sucks

  • TMZ
Season 4 'Amazing Race' winner Reichen Lehmkuhl can't stand his last name because it's too hard to pronounce ... which raises the question -- why can he stand his first name? Reichen, who once dated Lance Bass, filed a name change petition with the L.A. County Superior Court ... asking to chop his last name in half ... from Lehmkuhl to Kuhl. Reichen explained in his legal docs, "I don't like my last name. It is
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Viennale unveils 2014 highlights

  • ScreenDaily
Viennale unveils 2014 highlights
Vienna film festival to include a tribute to Viggo Mortensen and a retrospective on John Ford.Scroll down for list of higlights

Highlights of the 52nd Vienna International Film Festival (Oct 23-Nov 6) have been unveiled, including buzz titles from Cannes and Sundance as well as a tribute to actor Viggo Mortensen and a retrospective on director John Ford.

The feature film programme includes Jean-Luc Godard’s Goodbye to Language 3D, Olivier Assayas’s Clouds of Sils Maria and the Dardenne brothers’ Two Days, One Night. Other titles include Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash, Ruben Ostlund’s Turist and Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank.

In the documentary line-up, highlights include Nick Cave doc 20,000 Days On Earth, from directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard; Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery; and Tessa Louise Salome’s Mr Leos Carax.

The Viennale will pay tribute to American-Danish actor Viggo Mortensen, whose films range from The Lord of the Rings trilogy to David Cronenberg features
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Briefs: Zachary Quinto Prank Calls Jesse Tyler Ferguson, “Days” Finally Sets The Date, And Previewing The Return Of “Revenge”

Birthday shoutouts go to Jared Leto, (above) who is 42, Reichen is 40, David Sedaris is 57, and Tiffany Brissette is 39.

First, a housekeeping note. We’re on a limited Holiday schedule this week. We’ll be back tomorrow with a Meme, Briefs, Puzzler, Liveblog, and a couple of special posts.

There have been a lot of dates talked about, but it is absolutely official: Chandler Massey‘s last day on Dool is Thursday, Jan. 2nd, and Guy Wilson‘s first episode is Wednesday Jan. 8th.

TV Line has an extended preview of the return of Revenge on January 5th.

Utah Ag’s Office delays appeal to U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage

The 13 Most Fearless Teens Of 2013.

28 Of The Queerest Christmas Songs.

Here’s a late Christmas gift.

And another one. Prince Harry is keeping his beard (at least through the holidays).

Zachary Quinto has a sleepover with Susan Blackwell, and
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TV on Tap: John Stamos Joins “Necessary Roughness” and a “Sabrina” Reunion


Cartoon Network has ordered a second season of Teen Titans Go!. That makes me happy since Tara Strong’s annoyed line delivery as Raven is easily one of the funniest things on TV.

I do love how the New Teen Titans are becoming so iconic.

ABC Family has found a host for its spelling competition Spell-Mageddon, picking Silver Spoons and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro.

Remember that hot guy Louie Ck hung out with (and kinda seemed to fall in love with) in that episode of Louie? FX has found a new role for him. Deadline reports that Miguel Gomez has joined the pilot The Strain, a vampire drama pilot from Guillermo del Toto and… er, Carlton Cuse.

That was one unforgettable Louie episode.

Vikings added two for its second season with Linus Roache and Alexander Ludwig joining the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ludwig will
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"A-List: New York" Star Austin Armacost Gets a Second Act... As An Underwear Model

Though The A-List: New York was essentially a slow-motion, more obviously manipulated version of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it's not the most unbearable show to think about in retrospect. I even have a fondness for the petty theatrics of Reichen Lehmkuhl, Mike Ruiz, Rod-i-ney, and the gamely naked Austin Armacost. Yes, it was sleaze, but it was harmless sleaze.

Since Logo's series went off the air in 2011, Armacost -- billed on the show as Lehmkuhl's ex-boyfriend -- has apparently been keeping up the body that earned him so much attention over two seasons. We caught up with him on a photo shoot in the Hollywood hills for DNA Magazine featuring some skimpy Andrew Christian skivvies (as well as aussieBum, 2xist, & Body Tech), and we thought we'd see how much he still enjoys the attention. Newsflash: He does. And he's pretty upfront -- and, honestly, really nice -- about it!
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'Glee' Star Joins Amway Boycott

'Glee' Star Joins Amway Boycott
"Glee" star Jane Lynch has joined the ongoing boycott against Amway after the Michigan-based direct selling company's president was revealed to have made a personal donation to an anti-gay marriage group.

Lynch, who is openly gay and married to clinical psychologist Lara Embry, "grabbed the pen out of my hand and signed away," according to former Republican presidential candidate and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (Lgbt) rights advocate Fred Karger, who asked for the actress's support of the boycott he launched in August, according to Michigan Live.

The postcard bearing Lynch's signature has reportedly since been sent to Amway president and owner Doug DeVos. Other high-profile names attached to the boycott include reality TV star Reichen Lehmkuhl, who is also openly gay.

Karger, who serves as president of the Lgbt advocacy group Rights Equal Rights foundation, says his boycott extends to Amway's parent company and all all other businesses affiliated with DeVos' family business,
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"The Real L Word" recap: Episode 307 – "Dream Come True"

Tags: The Real L WordThe Real L Word recapsIMDb

Welcome back to your weekly Real L Word recap, where I make you relive the train wreck you just experienced hours ago. The last two episodes followed the cast’s adventures at Dinah Shore weekend, a weekend of unholy pool parties that is all:

Kibbles and tits! Kibbles and tits!

And anyone sober was all:

Every Showtime subscriber last week made this face as well

So then to cope they were all:

Pretty much everyone in the cast groped or made out with one another, Cori got drunk, Lauren and Kiyomi smushed, Romi and Sara yelled at each other, and everyone – whether or not they had been drinking – ended up with a hangover.

This week, the cast is reintegrated into civilian life. Hooray! Episode 307 begins with Whitney and Sara speeding like homing pigeons to the matchmaking service that first brought them together in Season 1: Lax.
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8 Celebrities Who Have Dated Reality Stars

Ever since finding out Big Brother's Janelle Pierzina supposedly dated Vampire Diaries star Iam Somerhalder back in the day, I couldn't help but wonder which other reality stars have swooped up big-named celebrities as beaus.

Check out 8 other couples who are one-half reality bred.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Reality Show: Dax was on Punk'd back when Ashton Kutcher was still wearing trucker hats. Remember that?

Current Status: Engaged and living next to Justin Bieber


Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung

Reality Show: Jamie was a castmember on The Real World: San Diego in 2004 before landing TV and movie roles.

Current Status: Together as of April 2012. And quiet about it.


Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett

Reality Show: Jacinda was the Aussie castmember on The Real World: London in 1995.

Current Status: Married with a kid, and Jacinda is currently guest-starring on Gabriel's show Suits


Scott Wolf and Kelley Limp
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The 9 Most Annoying Gay Reality TV Stars Ever

Remember when we tallied the 8 Most Annoying Gay Male Characters in TV History? That turned out to be very cathartic for me, and I thank you for joining me on that annoying journey. But the saga isn't over yet: Now we're counting off the nine most annoying reality TV stars in history, and I may need your help in naming offenders 10-150. Contribute those in the comments.

Word of caution: "Annoying" is sometimes an awesome trait. Definitely not always, but I make notice of the reality stars who rightfully wear the honor of "most annoying" like a badge of honor.

1. Survivor's Colton Cumbie

Yeah, nothing about this guy deserves a badge of honor. Can you believe there was a time when we'd have considered Richard Hatch one of the most annoying gay contestants on a reality series? Oh, our innocence! Survivor: One World's Colton Cumbie was a racist,
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Ben Harvey: R.I.P., Gay TV: A Not-So-Sad Reality

  • Aol TV.
Ben Harvey: R.I.P., Gay TV: A Not-So-Sad Reality
Gay TV as we know it is dead.

Just as MTV pulled the plug on music programming in the '90s, the network's younger, swishier cousin, Logo, has decided to say goodbye to its original raison d'être: gay-focused television. One reaction has been to bemoan the news and call Logo a traitor for walking out on its community. But given the current state of Logo's programming, the decision just may be a blessing in disguise for the gay rights movement.

None of Logo's upcoming series include gay characters in "lead" roles, according to a press release announcing coming programming changes, first revealed by Queerty. Instead, the network has opted to green-light only female-friendly, gayish knock-offs of the reality shows Toddlers & Tiaras and Mob Wives, with show titles like Eden Wood's World and Wiseguys. Even RuPaul's Drag U is getting a revamp to reach a more mainstream audience. In other words,
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Before Kristy McNichol, Five Other Teen Idols Who Came Out

Before Kristy McNichol, Five Other Teen Idols Who Came Out
A Grammy winner. A big-screen leading man. A boy-band favorite. Kristy McNichol, the popular teen star of the 1970s and 1980s, who through a rep Tuesday to People, said she was a lesbian, is in good company. Here are five other teen idols who opened up—and came out: 1. Lance Bass: While he was riding the boy-band wave with Justin Timberlake and the rest of 'N Sync, Bass felt he'd wipe out the group if he discussed his sexuality. "It would overpower everything," he said in 2006 when, with 'N Sync on hiatus, and amid incessant rumors, he revealed he was in a relationship with Amazing Race alum Reichen Lehmkuhl. 2. Ricky Martin: From the moment the former Menudo...
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Marry, Hump, or Dump! Men of "Fright Night"

From left to right: Colin Farrell, David Tennant and Anton Yelchin

This week's players all star in the remake of Fright Night, which premieres in theaters this Friday. Which of them would you...

Anton Yelchin

This Russian actor plays Charley, who suspects that his new neighbor might be a vampire. In addition to Fright Night, you may have seen him in Terminator: Salvation, Charlie Bartlett, and Star Trek (as Chekov).

Colin Farrell

Colin plays bloodsucking neighbor Jerry Dandridge, and has also starred in Phone Booth, S.W.A.T., and Colin Farrell’s Sex Tape. In 2012, he’ll be appearing in another remake, Total Recall.

David Tennant

We in the States mostly know him as the tenth Doctor Who, but he’s also been in a variety of other TV shows, movies, and stage productions. In Fright Night, he plays experienced vampire hunter Peter Vincent.

Now that you've voted, please share your reasoning in the comments!
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Turn It Down: 10 Reality Star Music Singles, Revisited

Slander my name in all the papers that’s what you wanna do

But you keep watching I’ll keep glowing that’s what I’ll do for you

Got me feeling all these feelings and it’s driving me insane

Paparazzi watching me do my thing

- Melissa Gorga, “On Display”

Just when you thought the Apocalypse couldn’t get any closer without actually happening, on Friday Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Melissa Gorga declared war on the American public with her debut single, “On Display.” In the track, the fame-hungry reality star tackles just what it means to be a pseudo-wealthy, delusionally self-obsessed F-list TV personality in 2011, and I’ll be damned if she didn’t succeed:

Of course, Gorga is far from the first, or even the 20th, reality show cast member to throw their proverbial hat into the ring of wannabe pop stardom. And while “On Display” is certainly,
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Marry, Hump, or Dump! Men of "The A-List: New York"

From left to right: Reichen Lehmkuhl, Mike Ruiz and Rodiney Santiago

This week's players can be seen in parent company Logo's A-List: New York. Which of them would you...

Reichen Lehmkuhl

The Amazing Race winner and Lance Bass's former flame, Reichen is a model, actor, and aviation-themed jewelry designer who recently had some...sensitive photographs leaked on to the Internet.

Rodiney Santiago

The newly single Rodiney is a bisexual Brazilian model who frequently finds himself at odds with the often unlikable Austin Armacost.

Mike Ruiz

Mike is a model and photographer who has appeared on a veritable cavalcade of reality shows, including Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List and America's Next Top Model.

Now that you've voted, please share your reasoning in the comments!

Last week's poll...

Marry Tyler Hoechlin

Hump Colton Haynes

Dump Tyler Posey

You'll find previous contests here.
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Lance Bass Wants to Get Married

Lance Bass Wants to Get Married
Now that same-sex marriage is legal in New York, Lance Bass is certain that someday he'll tie the knot. "I definitely want that. I'm a Southerner. We dream of having the family and the kids, and the parents want grandkids, that's all they care about, give me some grandbabies," the entertainer, 31, tells the Daily Beast. Since his public breakup with Reichen Lehmkuhl in 2006, Bass has been seen and photographed with plenty of man candy, including Cedric Martinez from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But he hasn't officially considered any of these guys to be his boyfriend, because, he says,
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Straight Guys in Love!

Love Is In The Air! Between All The Straight Guys!

While the concept of the "bromance" is nothing new — the term was coined back in the late 90s — observing the popular culture the past couple of weeks, I can't help but feel something has changed when it comes to straight guys expressing their affection for each other. Yes, I know gay guys can be in bromances, both with other gay guys and straight guys, but that's not what I'm addressing here. And, yes, I know there have been touching examples before, but something does seem different.

What exactly? I'd say it's not just how commonplace they've become, but the depth of feeling which these straight guys are now expressing for each other. What, in my opinion, was often kind of a jokey thing in the past, (or a little bit of wishful thinking on the part of fans — see Hawaii Five-0
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The Gay List

One of our favorite mantras around the AfterElton offices is “because visibility matters.” Indeed, the idea that gay and bisexual men need to be visible, both to ourselves and to the wider culture, is one of the principle reasons even exists. After all, it is only by being visible to family, friends and the world that we’ve been able to overcome the stereotypes and bigotry used to justify discrimination against the Glbt community.

That quest for visibility explains why we have done so many polls including the AfterElton Hot 100, the Fifty Greatest Gay Movies, the Top 50 Gay TV Characters, and the 50 Best Gay Books. After all, it’s not as if Entertainment Weekly is going to ask gay and bisexual men which guys we think are the hottest, which movies mean the most to us or, in the case of our latest poll, which celebrities we most admire.
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Mega Python vs. Gatoroid Premiere Photos (Starring Debbie Gibson & Tiffany)

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid Premiere Photos (Starring Debbie Gibson & Tiffany)
The 80s were alive and well in New York tonight as generational stars descended onto NYC’s famed Ziegfeld Theater for the premiere of Syfy’s Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid, starring 80s singers Debbie Gibson (“Only in My Dreams”, “Foolish Beat”) and Tiffany (“I Think We’re Alone Now”).

First to arrive on the red carpet was Alan Thicke and Julie McCullough of Growing Pains and everyone’s favorite high school nerd Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from Saved by the Bell. Downtown Julie Brown also made an appearance looking as downtown and fabulous as ever with her step-daughter Gianna Schuermann. MTV Hosts Julie Alexandria and Kevin Manno showed up to support their 80s icons along with Reichen Lehmkuhl and Derek Saathoff of Logo’s The A List.

Other invited attendees included singer Tommy Page, Taylor Dane and Doug E. Fresh.

See the gallery of 80s stars and friend below:

Mega Python vs.
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