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Murderball (2005) We're not going for a hug. We're going for a f*cking gold medal. Synopsis Murderball is the story of the U.S. Paralympics Rugby Team, also known as Wheelchair Rugby, also known as Murderball. This documentary follows the U.S. gearing up for the 2004 games after a crushing defeat to their rivals, Canada, in the previous world tournament. Teammates Mark Zupan, Scott Hogsett, Bob Lujano and Andy Cohn are the main focus on the U.S. team, whereas Canada coach/former U.S. gold medalist Joe Soares is the movie's "antagonist." Along the way, Zupan reunites with the man that put him in a wheelchair, Joe deals with some health problems, and newly paralyzed Keith Cavill learns how to cope with his new life situation. Why We Love It Don't read that synopsis and think that Murderball is some touchy-feely documentary to make you feel sorry for those people in wheelchairs. This
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Sff: Part IV

  • The Sydney Film Festival has now entered its second and final week, and with the city covered in advertising, I have yet to encounter a screening as busy as last year’s screening of Hero. The second week promises a lot more with Mean Creek (2004)Mean Creek
[/link], Rock School and one which I’m hoping what will be the biggest draw of the festival, Me and You and Everyone We Know. The documentary is certainly a focus this year at the Sff with at least two strands of the program devoted to it while other docs pop up in more fictional dominated strands. It’s no surprise that a documentary was one of the two particular films that brought the first week to a dramatic close and I’m sure will linger in the minds of their audiences. Samaritan GirlSamaritan Girl is one of two new films from Korean director Ki-duk Kim
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