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Year: 2007

Director:  Chris R. Notarile

Cast:  Brandon Slagle, Niki Rubin, Stephen Muzzonigro, Charles Cyphers, Rachael Robbins

On his birthday, young Nicholas brutally murders his parents with a hammer.  His sister is able to restrain him and he is sentenced to spend his life in mental institution.  As he is probed by his doctor on a regular basis, it becomes apparent that there is more to Nick's madness than meets the eye.  He has been possessed by a malevolent force called "The Dollman."  And the Dollman has been biding his time, slowly and methodically planning his escape from the institution.  Twenty years after the brutal murder, he escapes to head back to his small hometown to finish his rampage, with his two surviving sisters as his main focus.

Apparently, director and writer Chris R. Notarile adapted Methodic from remake to Halloween that he wrote and planned to film.  Rob Zombie beat him to the punch,
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Screamkings sets out to create a one of a kind trilogy with "Road Hell"

A place to stop to get off the road. Check into a clean and simple place where Each room has its own story to tell … a story that ends in hell.

Screamkings Productions in partnership with Untold Horror presents a one of a kind compilation entitled "Road Hell" featuring Edward X. Young (Sea Of Dust), Andrew Fitch, Niki Rubin (Frat House Massacre), Austin Dossey (Sculpture), James Hazelton and Jaclyn Marfuggi. Road Hell provides a clever and twisted take on classic horror themes delivered in an edgy and alternative style that both are know for.

A trilogy of stories, each of which emerges from the rooms of a decrepit motel run by the lecherous, Dickey Sussex (John Link). A loving couple (James Hazelton and Jaclyn Marfuggi) are deeply, madly, passionately in hate. Upon stopping at the roadside inn, the bizarre desk clerk hands them three keys. The first one leads them
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TV's The Flash stars in superhero filmmaker's new thriller Daddy's Girl

Director Chris R. Notarile is probably best known in geekdom for his short films featuring comic book characters.

In 2006, he wrote and directed Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange, starring Niki Rubin as the feline felon; Joker, starring Bryan Bockbrader and with Deanna Miller as accomplice Harley Quinn; and I'm Power Girl Dammit!!! with Tawnya Manion as the title character, Guile Branco as Bizarro (an opposite version of Superman) and Sarah Durning as Oracle (a later identity of Batgirl).

Last year he returned to the superhero genre with a new short called Elektra (The Hand & The Devil) with Kim Santiago as Elektra and Adam Shorsten as Daredevil.

Next in the pipeline for Chris is a twisted suspense thriller called Daddy's Girl. It's his second feature film following 2007's Methodic about a boy possessed by a demonic presence called The Dollman.

The filmmaker has now released a trailer, poster and synopsis for the film,
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Frat House Massacre, Pig Hunt, Baby screenings

• Screamkings Productions has announced that its new shocker Frat House Massacre (pictured) will have its first U.S. screening next Wednesday, February 4. It’ll be showing at New York City’s Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue) as part of the NewFilmmakers New York series.

The movie begins at 8 p.m., and director Alex Pucci and cast members Jon Fleming, Niki Notarile and Rane Jameson will attend and hold a Q&A. Scripted by Draven Gonzalez, Frat House Massacre is supposedly based on true events and is set in 1979, following two brothers as they join the Delta Iota fraternity and find themselves enmeshed in sex, drugs and brutal hazing that leads to torture and murder. Veteran Italian composer Claudio Simonetti provided the score. You can check out the movie’s official website here.

• While it continues to search for a distributor, Jim Isaac’s new film Pig Hunt has been set
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