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Indie Film The Breaking Point Gives Big Hollywood Movies A Run For the Money in iTunes Pre-orders

Fresh off the launch of iTunes pre-orders on April 18, 2017,  the Joe Gawalis psychological thriller film was in the top 30's in pre-orders yesterday.  Not a surprise, because this is a story that can happen to all of us, but God willing, never will.   Protagonist Jim Thompson, superbly played by James K. Fulater, is an everyday guy whose life spins completely out of control when everything is rigged against him.  His American Dream of having it all, i.e. the beautiful wife, the two kids, a nice house in the suburbs and a great job, comes crashing down. Also starring in the gripping film are William DeMeo, known for Back In The Day (2016) and the upcoming The Life and Death of John Gotti,...

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