BBC Asian Network celebrates A Summer of Music

This summer, the BBC Asian Network is bringing the biggest, best and newest Asian music around to audiences across the UK. From huge stars to live broadcasts from some of the biggest events in the calendar, the Asian Network will be at the heart of the action.

Mark Strippel, Head of Programmes for the Asian Network, said: “BBC Asian Network is a leading platform for championing new British-Asian and global South-Asian music. Our events this summer, from our New Music Day at Maida Vale to London Mela and the Proms live from the Royal Albert Hall, demonstrate the unparalleled range, depth and quality of our output. The station is a central part of the BBC music portfolio and our position is stronger and clearer than ever. We have some amazing content to deliver to our audience this year.”

The jam-packed calendar of events kicked off today (July 3) at the Asian Network New Music Day.
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Mad Men 4.01 "Public Relations" Recap


- Henry wants to marry Betty

- Don and co are fired. Start own ad agency

- Joan answers phone with 'Sterling Cooper Draper Price, how may I help you?'

Season Four begins with a question: "Who is Don Draper?" The question is asked by Jack, a journalist doing a piece on Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Don doesn't want to open up, throwing out bland and rehearsed soundbites. This results in a terse interview, Jack struggling to get any relevant information. Luckily, Roger and Pete show up to 'save the day,' putting Jack ill at ease. This leads Jack to bump his leg, revealing it to be a prosthetic. He's a veteran of the Korean War, and recieves a smug 'thanks for your sacrifice' comment from Pete. The bigger picture becomes clear to Jack after he's given a business card by Roger, and he quickly leaves.
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