Movie Review - Megan is Missing (2011)

Megan is Missing, 2011.

Directed by Michael Goi.

Starring Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn and Dean White.


Megan is an outgoing, confident 14-year-old whilst her best friend, Amy, 13, is not so self-assured. Megan meets a boy online, Josh, and agrees to meet him. Next thing Amy knows, Megan is gone. In pursuit of finding her best friend, Amy tells the police about Josh – but then Amy goes missing too…

Megan is Missing has caused some controversy since its release, banned in New Zealand for ‘glorifying young sexuality’. Elsewhere, mothers are taking away their children’s computers, outright banning them from spending time on the Internet.

The debate about protecting children from the Web is pretty controversial in itself. We have come to rely on technology and connecting to the Internet for all manner of reasons, be them completely innocent, like checking a fact for homework, or something a lot more sinister like ‘Josh’ has in mind.
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Megan Is Missing

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Year: 2011Director: Michael GoiCast: Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn, Dean Waite

Told “found footage” style through a series of webcam conversations and footage from a digital camcorder, the lives of Megan and Amy, two teenage girls who are best friends, are documented in the days leading up to both of their disappearances. When Amy’s camcorder is discovered in a park trash can, the viewer witnesses their fates.

As equally thought provoking as it is heart-wrenching and brutal, Megan is Missing, should immediately become required viewing for every parent of every teenager who spends even the most modest amount of time on social networking sites such as Facebook; the film is supposedly based on true events. It begins innocently enough with a front row peek into the lives of the two teenage girls. Through their playful videotaping and webcam conversations, it becomes obvious that these are two very typical teenagers. Megan is the more popular,
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Michael Goi's 'Megan Is Missing' - Must See!

Megan is missing is a film Directed and Written by Michael Goi starring Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn and Dean Waite. The film is all shot as seen through the lenses of webcams, mobile phones and hand held video cameras which capture the day to day lives, secrets, partying, drug use and tragic loss of one girl and the hunt to find her of another! Storyline: Megan Stewart, 14, and her best friend Amy Herman, 13, though opposites in personality, are…
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DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for May 3, 2011

Well, this week doesn’t fare much better than last. However, you can pick up the first Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration From Dusk Till Dawn as well as some other flicks that may tickle your fancy. Read beyond the break for all the media from the crypt.

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The Crow: City of Angels

Format: Blu-Ray


This fast-moving, action-packed sequel to The Crow explodes on screen with hot stars
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