The Newsroom, Ep 2.02: “The Genoa Tip” adds some much needed dimension to some characters, despite not living up to season premiere

Jeff Daniels

The Newsroom, Season 2, Episode 2: “The Genoa Tip″

Written by Dana Ledoux Miller, Adam R. Perlman, and Aaron Sorkin

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

Airs Sundays at 10:00 Pm Et on HBO

The second season premiere of The Newsroom last week hinted at a major catastrophe that engulfs the station, but buried amidst the discussions of the events that led to lawyerly intervention was the question of why Will McAvoy and the news crew would take on such a volatile story in the first place. This week’s episode dives deeper into the psyche of the individuals who comprise the news team, and their emotional and psychological state leading up to the Genoa revelation, in an episode that unfortunately brings back large chunks of previously problematic storylines, but nonetheless gives a better idea of what makes certain characters tick.

The varied professional scenarios that engulfed Will, Don, and Maggie
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