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Bunheads: Creator Would Love a Revival But Is Doubtful

Could Bunheads be coming back? Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told Entertainment Weekly she'd bring the cancelled ABC Family series back "in a heartbeat" if she could.

Bunheads starred Sutton Foster as a Las Vegas showgirl who winds up teaching ballet in a small town. Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles, and Bailey Buntain also starred. The series was cancelled in 2013 after only one season.

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Bunheads: Gilmore Girls Boss Game for Revival

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Tie your hair up and pull up your tights. Gilmore Girls creator and revivalist, Amy Sherman-Palladino is more than ready and willing to make a Bunheads TV series revival. A comedy-drama, Bunheads was cancelled by ABC Family (now Freeform), in 2013, after one season.

Starring Sutton Foster, the Bunheads TV show features a Las Vegas showgirl who marries in haste and ends up teaching dance with her new mother-in-law. The cast of Bunheads also includes: Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles, Bailey Buntain, and Emma Dumont.

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Bunheads: Cast of Cancelled Series Dance Touching Farewell

Bunheads was cancelled long after the last episode of the ABC Family series was filmed so the cast and crew weren't able to give the show a proper series finale.

Series co-creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and some of the show's performers have now filmed a touching "last dance" to say thank you to the fans for all of their support.

The Bunheads video was directed by Sherman-Palladino and the dance was choreographed by Marguerite Derricks. It appropriately references back to memorable dances from the 18-episode series.

The piece stars Julia Goldani Telles (Sasha), Bailey Buntain (Ginny), and Jeanine Mason (Cozette), and also features Matisse Love, Ra’Jahnae “Rae Rae” Patterson, Colleen Craig, Maine Kawashima, Eli Gruska, Adam Bernstein, Edgar Khachaturov, Kara Hess, Micah Moch, Helen Pai, and Jackson Douglas.

Kaitlyn Jenkins, who played Boo, appears but doesn't perform
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Watch Bunheads’ Farewell Dance

  • Vulture
Watch Bunheads’ Farewell Dance
Remember when Bunheads got canceled? That was the worst. Now at least there's this brief dance from the show's creator and cast to help you process your feelings. The video, directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino, does not include Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Liza Weil, or Stacey Oristano, and Kaitlyn Jenkins (who played the best bunhead, Boo) doesn't dance because she's injured. And Boo's excellent dweeby boyfriend isn't there, either. And neither is the ghost of Hubbell! If this weren't so lovely otherwise, it would be a massive bummer. Anyway, good-bye again, Bunheads.
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The 'Bunheads' perform one last dance

The 'Bunheads' perform one last dance
The Bunheads could have staged a revolt when news came that the beloved ABC Family show was not returning for a second season. We would have been right there with them.

But the ballerinas chose to bow out elegantly — with an emotional dance choreographed by Marguerite Derricks and directed by showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino. Featuring stars Julia Goldani Telles (Sasha), Bailey Buntain (Ginny), and Jeanine Mason (Cozette), the dance references various numbers seen throughout season one, including Sasha’s incredible “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” routine. Kaitlyn Jenkins, who played Boo, does not appear in the video due to an injury. Also absent are Sutton Foster,
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'Bunheads' video: 'A Farewell to Bunheads' dance

"Bunheads" may be over, but the kids are still dancing. A video put together by the series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino gives us a dance compilation called "A Farewell to Bunheads."

The video was filmed on Aug. 17, long after ABC Family canceled the single-season show. In it, the young dancers who made up Miss Fanny's studio wander into a fairly empty room and then proceed to perform. Those who watched the dance numbers obsessively should catch more than one reference to several "Bunheads" pieces. Sasha's "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" dance, for example, gets the repeat treatment.

Most of the young dancers and actors from the series are here. Bailey Buntain (Ginny), Julia Goldani Telles (Sasha), Kaitlyn Jenkins (Boo, who unfortunately couldn't perform because of an injury) and Jeanine Mason (Cozette) are joined by those seen mostly in the background of the show itself: Matisse Love, Ra'Jahnae "Rae Rae" Patterson, Colleen Craig, Maine Kawashima,
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'Bunheads' says farewell in dance form

  • Hitfix
'Bunheads' says farewell in dance form
No *you* stop crying and watching the final "Bunheads" dance.   Geez.   "Bunheads," which won a Television Critics Association Award for Youth Programming, was cancelled by ABC Family last month, but in this final farewell dance, fans get the chance to bid adieu to Sasha and Ginny and Boo, as well as a number of supporting bunheads.   The video, which premiered on Buzzfeed, was directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino and choreographed by Marguerite Derricks and is set to Elton Johns "Blues for Baby and Me."   Although Sutton Foster was unavailable and Kaitlyn Jenkins couldn't perform due to an injury,...
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Bunheads: Season One Ratings

ABC Family hopes to attract big ratings with Bunheads, a new drama about a Vegas showgirl (Sutton Foster) who ends up widowed and teaching dance in a small town far from the Strip. The rest of the cast includes Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles, Bailey Buntain, Emma Dumont, Kelly Bishop, and Alan Ruck.

Here are the updated TV ratings for Bunheads, the best way to tell if this new TV series will be cancelled or renewed for a second season. The first season of Bunheads typically airs on Monday nights on ABC Family.

Want to see how the rest of the ABC Family shows are doing?

These figures will be updated as the weeks progress so be sure to bookmark and return to this page:

Update: Bunheads has been cancelled after one season.

Final season averages:
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Network: ABC Family

Episodes: 18 (hour)

Seasons: One

TV show dates: June 11, 2012 -- February 25, 2013

Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Sutton Foster, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles, Bailey Buntain, Emma Dumont, Kelly Bishop, and Alan Ruck.

TV show description:

Tired of her life as a chorus girl in Las Vegas, Michelle Simms (Sutton Foster) reluctantly agrees to marry Hubbell Flowers (Alan Ruck) on a whim. He loves her dearly and promises to give her a better life, away from The Strip.

Hubbell brings her to his small hometown, where she is not exactly greeted with open arms. Hubbell's overbearing mother, Fanny (Kelly Bishop), is appalled by the news of their marriage, and frowns on the idea of Michelle moving in with them. Fanny later hosts a wedding reception, where Michelle meets the colorful locals and
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'Bunheads' canceled by ABC Family after one season

ABC Family has canceled the beloved but ratings-challenged dramedy "Bunheads" after a single season. The series was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino and starred two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster (who really, seriously, totally deserved an Emmy nomination for her work).

"Bunheads" wrapped its first season back in February but ABC Family took its time making any official decision about the show's future, reportedly in order to see how new summer series -- including "The Fosters" and "Twisted" -- performed in the ratings. The network canceled another bubble show, "The Lying Game," last week.

Related: Five reasons ABC Family should renew "Bunheads"

The first season of "Bunheads" averaged a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demo and 1.25 million total viewers overall. The series also starred "Gilmore" alum Kelly Bishop and a quartet of immensely promising young actresses: Julia Goldani Telles, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Bailey Buntain and Emma Dumont.

"'Bunheads' is a wonderful series
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Emmys 2013 wishlist: Sutton Foster of 'Bunheads'

We'll make this easy: You simply can't have a category called Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and not include Sutton Foster from ABC Family's "Bunheads." It would just be stupid.

But the Emmy nominations are no strangers to stupid, and Foster is a real long shot for a nomination this year. Not because she doesn't deserve it, but because she's on a network Emmy voters never pay attention to and in a show that's barely even supported by that network.

ABC Family couldn't be bothered to submit "Bunheads" for Emmy consideration in any category (it's glaringly obvious that Foster justifiably submitted her own name on the ballot, which performers are free to do). So, we're not hopeful.

Unless, by some miracle, enough voters actually saw anything that Foster did over the course of "Bunheads'" increasingly rich 18-episode first season. As washed up showgirl-turned-small town dance teacher Michelle,
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'Bunheads' Season 2: 5 reasons ABC Family needs to renew this show

Last night, ABC Family's "Bunheads" aired its "winter finale" -- the last episode in the show's current order of 18 episodes -- and without any official word from the network about the show's future, it may have also been the series finale. That would be a shame.

The dramedy from "Gilmore Girls" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is a gem, but judging by the ratings it remains something of a well-kept secret. Prior to last night's episode, the show has been averaging 1.27 million viewers and a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demo. Those are not embarrassing numbers by cable TV standards, but they're well under ABC Family's biggest hit, "Pretty Little Liars," and also a dropoff from "Bunheads" lead-in "Switched at Birth."

"Bunheads" fares better in the young female demos prized by the network, but judging strictly by overall viewership no one would be surprised if ABC Family threw in the towel.
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‘Bunheads’ Season Finale: Sutton Foster Reveals Michelle’s ‘New Door’

Trouble in Paradise? Sutton tells HollywoodLife.com to expect a season finale that will leave viewers asking, ‘Now what?’

Showgirl-turned-widow-turned-mentor Michelle (Sutton Foster) has faced her fair share of trials on the first season of ABC Family’s Bunheads — from a disapproving mother-in-law to a disagreeable pantsuit — but she tells HollywoodLife.com to brace for Michelle’s biggest trial yet on the Feb. 25 season finale: an uncertain future! “What I find interesting about the finale is that it opens a whole new door,” Sutton tells us. “A whole new avenue is being opened up, so we’re sort of leaving viewers thinking, ‘Now what?’”

Sutton promises a cliffhanger of sorts, though she wants to make one thing very clear: “It’s not like someone’s actually dangling over a cliff.” (Thanks for clearing that up!)

“On the finale,” she explains, “Michelle goes on an open call for a Broadway musical.
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'Bunheads' exclusive dance clip: 'It's Not a Mint' - Get out the hard hats

With just two episodes left in the winter run of "Bunheads" on ABC Family, the characters are about to face some dramatic situations. Tonight's "It's Not a Mint" will see all the central characters gathered together in the dance studio when a nearby fire threatens Paradise.

But in this exclusive clip the focus is on dance, as Boo (Kaitlyn Jenkins), Sasha (Julia Goldani Telles), Melanie (Emma Dumont) and Ginny (Bailey Buntain) participate in an elaborate and unconventional group number set to New Wave band Sparks' 1982 single "I Predict."

We're guessing Fanny (Kelly Bishop) wasn't involved in the creation of this one. Check out the clip above and the full episode tonight at 9 p.m. Et on ABC Family.
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Creator/Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino Talks Bunheads, Casting the Highly Specific Characters, Knowing Her Endgame, Writing Movies and More

On the ABC Family series Bunheads, Michelle Simms (played by Tony Award winner Sutton Foster) had a promising career as a classically–trained professional dancer, but was drawn to the lights of Las Vegas where things pretty much stalled out. After unexpectedly finding herself in the coastal town of Paradise, Calif., teaching at the local dance studio owned by Fanny Flowers (Kelly Bishop), she realizes that laying down roots might not be such a bad idea after all. The show also stars Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles, Bailey Buntain and Emma Dumont. During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, show creator/executive producer/writer/director Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls) talked about how this show came about and came together, the challenges in finding the perfect actors to play very specific characters, that every show is an evolution, the logistics of shooting the dance numbers, especially when they have dialogue on top of the performance,
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'Bunheads' winter premiere spoilers: Dance, romance and what's next for Boo, Sasha, Ginny and Melanie

"Bunheads" was one of the most refreshing surprises of the summer season, and now the show returns to ABC Family's schedule for eight more episodes beginning tonight (Jan. 7).

That means more of the sparkling wit and idiosyncratic style of creator Amy Sherman-Palladino ("Gilmore Girls") that separates "Bunheads" from everything else on ABC Family's schedule. And more of the delightfully screwed-up former showgirl Michelle (two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster) sparring with feisty mother-in-law Fanny (Kelly Bishop).

It also means more of the four young ballet students who give the show its name (and were just starting to come into their own when the initial run of 10 episodes ended in August): Julia Goldani Telles as rebellious prodigy Sasha, Kaitlyn Jenkins as passionate and good-natured Boo, Bailey Buntain as bubbly Ginny, and Emma Dumont blunt-talking tomboy Melanie.

Zap2it talked to all four of the actresses about what's ahead in
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"Bunheads": Las Vegas Showgirl Teaches Ballet

Sneak Peek new key art supporting the comedy-drama TV series "Bunheads", created by Amy Sherman-Palladino ("Gilmore Girls") and Lamar Damon, starring Sutton Foster, following a Las Vegas showgirl who gets married on a whim and winds up teaching alongside her new mother-in-law at her ballet school :

"...'Michelle Simms', a former ballerina 'bunhead' winds up in  a Las Vegas showgirl. Seeing her life and career at a dead end, she impulsively takes up the offer of marriage from her persistent admirer, 'Hubbell Flowers' (Alan Ruck), and moves to his sleepy coastal town, 'Paradise'. 

"Once there, Hubbell is killed in a car accident and Michelle struggles to adjust to life in a small town and teaching alongside her mother-in-law, 'Fanny' at her ballet school, the 'Paradise Dance Academy'..."

Cast also includes Kaitlyn Jenkins as 'Boo Jordan', Julia Goldani Telles as 'Sasha Torres', Bailey Buntain as 'Ginny Thompson' and Emma Dumont as 'Melanie Segal'.
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Bunheads Return Poster: Ready to Dance?

  • TVfanatic
Are you ready to dance your buns off, ABC Family fans?

The network has unveiled a poster in honor of its January return, featuring young stars Kaitlyn Jenkins (Boo), Julia Goldani Telles (Sasha), Bailey Buntain (Ginny) and Emma Dumont (Melanie) front and center.

What can viewers expect from the back half of Bunheads Season 1?

It picks up where the summer finale left off, not long after Michelle has left Paradise and her students and returned to Las Vegas.

We do know she comes back, however, and we also know Liza Weil of Gilmore Girls fame will guest star on the January 14th installment as Truly's sister. Other than that? We'll be tuning in along with the rest of you to find out!
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Bunheads: ABC Family Orders More Episodes

This Monday night marks the finale of Bunheads but it won't be the last episode. ABC Family has ordered additional episodes of the freshman dramedy.

Bunheads revolves around a Las Vegas showgirl (Sutton Foster) who ends up widowed and teaching dance in a small town far from the Strip. The rest of the cast includes Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles, Bailey Buntain, Emma Dumont, Kelly Bishop, and Alan Ruck. To date, the TV show has averaged a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.37 million total viewers.

In addition to today's good news for Bunheads fans, ABC Family renewed Melissa & Joey, Switched at Birth and Baby Daddy for new seasons and cancelled Jane By Design.

Rather than give Bunheads a new season order, the cable channel execs have instead given Bunheads a full first season instead. It's unknown how
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Bunheads 1.08 Preview Clips - "Blank Up, It's Time"

Bunheads 1.08 Preview Clips - "Blank Up, It's Time"

Richard Grant guest stars on Tonight's Bunheads airing on ABC Family at 9Pm Et/Pt.  Grant plays Fanny's long distance boyfriend, whose surprise visit isn't the only thing unexpected on tonight's episode.

Burbank, CA (July 12, 2012) - Fanny welcomes an old friend while Michelle makes a new one in "Blank Up, It's Time," an all-new episode of ABC Family's original series "Bunheads," airing Monday, August 6th (9:00 - 10:00 Pm Et/Pt).

Michelle is thrown for a loop when she discovers Fanny has a longtime, long-distance boyfriend (guest star Richard Gant, "Men of a Certain Age"). And Fanny surprises Michelle again by inviting her to see a play.

Meanwhile, Sasha's rebellious behavior starts to affect Fanny's class. Fanny responds by giving Boo a coveted role in an upcoming performance.

"Bunheads" is executive produced by Amy Sherman-Palladino. The series stars Sutton Foster, Kaitlyn Jenkins,
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