[DVD Review] Teenage Paparazzo

I first fell in love with Adrian Grenier in 1999 when he played Chase Hammond, Melissa Joan Hart’s love interest in Drive Me Crazy. How can a lady resist that perfectly coiffed hair, chiseled features and piercing eyes? In 2004, he won America over with his role as the handsome movie star Vincent Chase on HBO’s Entourage. The show’s success has allowed Grenier to work as he sees fit, selectively choosing roles and dedicating his time to projects of passion. Teenage Paparazzo is Grenier’s exploration of the way in which celebrity infiltrates all aspects and all ages of society.

While Grenier may be the filmmaker here, he is also the celebrity who acts as the catalyst for the story. When 13-year-old aspiring photographer Austin Visschedyk takes his first paparazzi picture of Adrian Grenier, a spark is ignited, launching him into the world of celebrity tabloid photos and glamour.
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