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First Position DVD Review

Director: Bess Kargman

Starring: Aran Bell, Rebecca Houseknecht, Joan Sebastian Zamora, Miko Fogarty, Jules Fogarty, Michaela Deprince, Gaya Bommer Yemini

Extras: Full performances, Trailers

Rating: PG

Running Time: 90 minutes

First Position follows six young dancers as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix in New York City.

It may be easy to dismiss the documentary from the get go (because let’s face it, the average film goer is not really the audience for the ballet) but Bess Kargman has chosen an unconventionally interesting subject for her feature debut. There are a mixture of subjects; from an 11-year-old child prodigy that could give Billy Elliot a run for his money, to a teenage girl who was adopted from war-torn Sierra Leone by an elderly Jewish couple. While ballet might not be everybody’s cup of tea, everyone can relate to the subject of chasing your dreams, and First Position
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Interview: Filmmaker Beth Kargman Creates Her ‘First Position’

Chicago – The delicate sensibility in the documentary “First Position” would probably had not existed if first-time filmmaker Beth Kargman had not wanted to see the movie herself. As a former ballet dancer, she wanted to go behind the performance for portraits of young dancers as dedicated artists.

First Position” follows six different competitors in the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix, which focuses on ballet dancers ages 9-19. There are situations that are expected – the intensity of a parent who accommodates and sacrifices, the instructor taskmaster in the studio and the hours of obsessive rehearsal. But when the individual kids are spotlighted, a new truth emerges. Life has a different path for these talents, and each journey has an artistic interpretation within it.

Rebecca Houseknect Waits Backstage in ‘First Position

Photo credit: Sundance Selects

There is the poignant story of a war orphan from Africa turned ballerina, when an adoptive family
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Film Review: Ballet is a Fierce, Youthful Art in ‘First Position’

Chicago – In general, one of the essential rites of passage for girls in childhood are ballet lessons and costumed recitals. What about those exceptional talents who stick with the art? Director Bess Kargman creates a documentary about the elite youth within the beauty and truth of the dance, “First Position.”

Rating: 3.5/5.0

The title refers to the stance that every new ballet student learns, and in Kargman’s document, symbolizes the career beginnings of the cream of the youth crop. No matter what your opinion or connection to the art form is, this film enhances the appreciation of the hard work and dedication that these children endure. There are several surprises, with both the expected stereotypes and outside-the-box participants. Everything is beautiful at the ballet.

Kargman follows six different competitors in the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix, which focuses on ballet dancers ages 9-19. There are types that are expected – the
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First Position” from director Bess Kargman stars Aran Bell, Gaya Bommer Yemini, Michaela Deprince, Jules Jarvis Fogarty, Miko Fogarty, Rebecca Houseknecht and Joan Sebastian Zamora.

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First Position (2011) Movie Trailer: Bess Kargman

First Position Trailer. Bess Kargman‘s First Position (2011) movie trailer stars Aran Bell, Gaya Bommer Yemini, Michaela Deprince, Jules Jarvis Fogarty, Rebecca Houseknecht, and Joan Sebastian Zamora. First Position‘s plot synopsis: “Follow in the inspirational footsteps of six talented ballet dancers (ages nine to nineteen) as they struggle to maintain form in the face of injury [...]

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