[DVD Review] Let's talk About Sex

Let’s Talk About Sex couldn’t have picked better timing to emerge on DVD, with the current controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood. In a move that conservatives are dubbing anti-abortion but progressives see through as being anti-contraception or even anti-women, there’s a panic in the system that America’s sex education outreach is dangerously behind the curve, especially when it comes to dealing with teenage sexuality—an aspect of human society that many Americans are finding hard to acknowledge or talk about, let alone improve. This documentary examines its negative impact in the lives of American teenagers, and particularly the failure of abstinence programs.

Director James Houston is an Australian expat who works as a fashion photographer in New York City. In his line of work, he constantly encounters sex being flaunted on various American media and pop culture, which made him wonder why such a prominent thing is still considered taboo to discuss.
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