Things Are Getting Better! And So Unbelievably Fast...

Watching an episode of Glee every week usually results in my having at least one Omfgtisfg! moment. (That stands for Oh My F***ing God This is So F***ing Gay!) Whether it's Kurt coming out to his dad, an episode about bullying, or Blaine serenading Kurt, it's pretty much guaranteed that something will happen on Glee that makes me marvel about how much has changed when it comes to Glbt issues in the U.S.

This week's Omfgtisg moment didn't actually happen in the episode, but rather came during the first commercial break when the Google Chrome "It Gets Better" ad aired. To say it was nothing short of extraordinary is an understatement. We're talking about one of the most influential corporations in the world coming out and endorsing one of the most important gay projects ever . And not in some insignificant way like a five second "CBS Cares" spots.
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