The Ultimate Silver Screen Mixtape – “Malcolm X” – “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Welcome to The Ultimate Silver Screen Mixtape, a collection of many all time best musical moments in cinema. What I’m striving for here is an overhaul of moments that are elevated, punctuated or immortalized by the film’s soundtrack. That said; let’s jump right in!

I’ve only heard one Sam Cooke song in my life but I think many, if not most of you, will agree that “A Change Is Gonna Come” is an immensely moving piece of music on its lonesome. In the United States, it has been appropriated as symbolic of the Civil Rights era, and its not surprising that Mr. Cooke wrote and performed it precisely as a response to several incidents that beset him in those middle years of the movement. Pieces like “A Change Is Gonna Come” have consequences when contrasted with images, and Spike Lee certainly knew the stakes when he
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